#OpTellTale – Jews & Freemasons make themselves a threat to the human race for a New World Order


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After sex the UFO subject is the second most searched for subject on the Internet, Jews control multiple highly censored search engines including but not restricted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Startpage. If you want to simply read, watch a video or view some pornography using the Internet you have to go via the Jews to do so. If you bypass Jewish search engines and go directly to a web site they often have scripts which run in the background that send your information to Google. Some of the websites you may use in your daily life are owned, moderated and censored by the Jewish community.

Speaking from experience I can inform you that every websites I have visited over the last 6 years who have censored or attempted to bully me have been either Jewish owned or moderated. Jewish websites are heavily biased and being used as political weapons, some of them include but are not restricted to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LiveLeaks, Wikileaks, WordPress, Project Avalon as well as others. The mentioned websites have repeatedly and intentionally either destroyed years of work in an attempt to demoralize people, changed wording in articles I have written, gang stalked me and verbally abused me, as well as other methodologies of intentional targeting for simply telling the truth.

Other websites that are edited by members of the Jewish community such as Wikipedia have attempted to bully me off their website when I pointed out factual information they have intentionally kept out of articles such as Queen Elizabeths blood relation to 3 original Bavarian Illuminati members.

Brief Religious Framework

Before I get into the meat and bones of the subject matter I need to give you a brief history lesson, you need to have a basic understanding of what is meant by Jews in this document.

As an Agnostic/Atheist when I speak with Freemasons they always claim nobody knows where Freemasonry began, if I was naive I would just take their word for it. According to Freemasons and Jews Freemasonry was born in Israel with King Solomon, that’s why he is at the center of Freemasonry. Solomon worshiped Astarte the Queen of Heaven who was worshiped by the Jews in ancient times according to the Jewish Encyclopedia.

In Morals & Dogma, Pike (1871) writes “All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it : everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Bcehme, Swedenborg, Saint Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols“.

In Transcendental magic, its doctrine and ritual, Lévi (1896) and Waite (2011) write “All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabbalah and return therein; whatsoever is grand or scientific in the religious dreams of all the illuminated, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint Martin, &c., is borrowed from the Kabbalah; all masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols. The Kabbalah alone consecrates the alliance of universal reason and the divine Word; it establishes, by the counterpoise of two forces apparently opposed, the eternal balance of being; it only reconciles reason with faith, power with liberty, science with mystery; it has the keys of the present, past, and future!“.

Gardner (2005) writes that Freemasonry began in England in 1717, Bessel (1989) writes that “Jews were actively involved in the beginnings of Freemasonry in America. There is evidence they were among those who established Masonry in 7 of the original 13 states: Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. A Jewish Mason, Moses Michael Hays, helped introduce the Masonic Scottish Rite in America. Hays was also Deputy Inspector General of Masonry for North America in 1768, and Grand Master of Massachusetts from 1788 to 1792. Paul Revere served under him as Deputy Grand Master. There were several other Jews who held the title of Deputy Inspector General of Masonry in the late 1700’s: Solomon Bush in Pennsylvania, Joseph Myers in Maryland and later in South Carolina, and Abraham Forst of Philadelphia in Virginia in 1781. Another Jewish Grand Master was Moses Seixas in Rhode Island from 1791 until 1800. There were many other American Jewish Masons in early American history, including one in George Washington’s original Fredericksburg Lodge. Jewish Masons played an important part in the American Revolution, with 24 of them serving as officers in George Washington’s army“.

Stories of the ruler of Israel King Solomon are at the heart of modern freemasonry, they relate to Solomons Temple in Jerusalem where the Ark of the Covenant was housed in the Sanctum Santorum (Holy of Holies). In a documentary on the Knights Templar, PBS America (2014) state that Solomons Temple is Jewish.

Fellman (2013) states that “In the Masonic world Jerusalem has always been regarded as the birthplace of Freemasonry; according to its tradition, there were Masonic lodges in the Holy Land at the time of the erection of King Solomon’s Temple. Lodges are known there from the middle of the 19th century. During the Ottoman regime, six lodges were established in the country. The first regular one was founded in Jerusalem in May 1873, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Canada“.

Rabbi Wise (1855) states that “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from the beginning to the end, with the exception of only one by-degree and a few words in the obligation“.

Falconer (2014) teaches that “references to the construction of King Solomon’s temple at Jerusalem have been included in the rituals of the operative freemasons since ancient times. In operative lodges the layout of the lodge room in each of the several degrees symbolizes either a stone yard or the temple building at one of the various stages of construction. As he participates in each of the several degrees, the candidate progressively represents the various types of stone used in the building, until ultimately he represents the plan of the temple. The ceremonial for each degree is based on the preparation and usage of the relevant stone during construction and ultimately on the application of the plan to achieve completion of the temple”.

Again, as an Agnostic when I speak with Christians and Catholics they always seem to ignore the fact that Jesus Christ was a Jewish Rabbi and that Mary, Jesus mother, was also Jewish.

Jesus mother the Virgin Mary, was a Jewish woman from Galilee, northern Israel, she give birth to Jesus allegedly through divine intervention according to the New Testament, which as an Agnostic I personally find impossible to believe, in the Quran, miraculously fatherless, simply by Gods will, through a virgin birth. Catholics believe Jewish Rabbi Jesus Christ is God the Son, who became man for humanity, they believe Jesus Christ is truly God, the second person of the trinity, he became man in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

To the followers of the Catholic Church, Mary was conceived by normal biological means, ie through intercourse between a man and a woman, but at the time of her conception it is alleged her soul was acted upon by God, something which has no way to prove for a fact if it is true or not.

According to Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary Dale Allison in ancient Jewish custom it is possible the Virgin Mary could have been engaged to be married at as young as 12 years old, although Allison makes no claim that this did happen. Lets just be honest with ourselves here grown ups, way back in ancient times it was a little different than the rules and regulations we have now days, unless you follow the Babylonian Talmud which clearly states sex with children as young as 3 years old is normal.

Many scholars agree that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi from Galilee, a region in northern Israel.

Jews wrote the entire Old Testament and the New Testament with a possible exception of the apostle Luke. Jesus was a Jew, he lived as a Jew and followed Jewish religious practices, he refused to abolish Biblical Judaism.

The bible was written by 40 Jewish men and is heavily plagiarized with stories from ancient Mesopotamia.

According to the British Museum, the Assyrian version of the Old Testament flood story was identified in 1872 by George Smith, an assistant in The British Museum. They write “The Assyrian King Ashurbanipal (reigned 669-631 BC) collected a library of thousands of cuneiform tablets in his palace at Nineveh. It included letters, legal texts, lists of people, animals and goods, and a wealth of scientific information, as well as myths and legends” (British Museum, 2014).

The best known of these was the story of Gilgamesh, a legendary ruler of Uruk, and his search for immortality. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a huge work, the longest piece of literature in Akkadian (the language of Babylonia and Assyria). It was known across the ancient Near East, with versions also found at Hattusas (capital of the Hittites), Emar in Syria and Megiddo in the Levant” (British Museum, 2014).

This, the eleventh tablet of the Epic, describes the meeting of Gilgamesh with Utnapishtim. Like Noah in the Hebrew Bible, Utnapishtim had been forewarned of a plan by the gods to send a great flood. He built a boat and loaded it with all his precious possessions, his kith and kin, domesticated and wild animals and skilled craftsmen of every kind” (British Museum, 2014).

Utnapishtim survived the flood for six days while mankind was destroyed, before landing on a mountain called Nimush. He released a dove and a swallow but they did not find dry land to rest on, and returned. Finally a raven that he released did not return, showing that the waters must have receded” (British Museum, 2014).

According to Preece (2014), a 1500 to 2000 year old Gospel has been discovered in Turkey, it was reportedly discovered 14 years ago (as of 2014) in the year 2000, the book is said to be written on animal hide, it is thought to be an authentic version of the Gospel of Barnabas, a disciple of “Jewish Rabbi” Jesus Christ. It was transferred by the Turkish government to the Ethnography Museum of Ankara by a police escort.

Barnabas was one of Jesus Jewish disciples, in the discovered book it claims that Jesus was not actually crucified, instead the book tells a story how Jesus ascended to heaven alive and it was extremist Jew Judas Iscariot who was crucified instead, Iscariot is said to be a member of Sicarii, “the most radical Jewish group, some of whom were terrorists“. The 1500-2000 year old book states that “Jewish Rabbi” Jesus Christ from Galilee, northern Israel was not actually the son of God, but simply a Jewish prophet who preached the word of God.

According to Preece (2014), Basij Press claims the text was written in the 5th or 6th century and it predicted the coming of the Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam. It comments the Christian world denies the existence of the Gospel, if the document is genuine then they are essentially blocking out recorded religious history to fit in with their own world view, lying to themselves and other followers. The report says “The discovery of the original Barnabas Bible will now undermine the Christian Church and its authority and will revolutionize the religion in the world“. “The most significant fact, though, is that this Bible has predicted the coming of Prophet Mohammad and in itself has verified the religion of Islam“. Turkish authorities believe the text is genuine.

Mormonism is a Christianity offshoot, which is an offshoot from Judaism, it is the predominant religious tradition of the Latter Day Saint movement. It was founded by Joseph Smith in the 1820s and has a following of 15 million members. Modern Mormonism represents a new non-Protestant faith that was taught by Mr Smith in the 1840s. After Smith died and conflicts occurred a lot of the Mormon community followed Brigham Young to western America, re-branding themselves as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church)

It doesn’t just end there, the Church of Satan was created by Anton LaVey, according to his official autobiography LaVey was Jewish and involved in Israeli arms smuggling (Barton, 1992).

Howard Stanton Levey or Anton Szandor LaVey was born on April the 11th, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, America to Michael Joseph Levey and Gertrude Augusta Coultron. His maternal grandmother was Luba Kolton born in Lupescu – Primakov, from a Gypsy father and a Jewish mother (Barton, 1992).

The Law of Return 5710-1950 was enacted by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, on July 5, 1950.[2] The Law declares the right of Jews to come to Israel: “Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh.” Follow-up legislation on immigration matters was contained in the Nationality Law of 1952. The Law of Return was modified in 1970 to extend the right of return to non-Jews with a Jewish grandparent, and their spouses“.

The law since 1970 applies to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative denominations—not secular—though Reform and Conservative conversions must take place outside the state, similar to civil marriages)“.

(Wikipedia, 2014)

Augusta LaVey and her husband Joe, a liquor distributor, raised Tony as they would any other bright, even-tempered boy, attempting to instill useful middle-class values without pressing any particular religious dictates on him. By the time he was seven, he grew absorbed with tales of the supernatural and occult which would obsess him for the rest of his life. Unable to fully understand what he read because of his younger age, he consulted his maternal grandmother, Luba Kolton (born Lupescu – Primakov, from a Gypsy father and a Jewish mother), who regaled Tony with the mysteries of her Transylvanian homeland — superstitions passed from generation to generation and incorporated in the greatest vampire legend of all, Dracula” (Barton, 1992).

Every day I think less and less of what others are going to think. I don’t care what people say about me. What are they going to say? That I’m mad? That I’m wrong about the way the world really is? That I’m an evil, murderous mastermind? That I’m too extreme? That I’m a greasy, slimy, Jew – Gypsy roustabout who looks at the world through a carny’s eyes? They can think what they like. At least I’m not pretentious and I’m not stupid” (Barton, 1992).

LaVey recalls, “The whole thing was very much like the escapades in old movies like The Woman on Pier 13. There were two main rendezvous spots in San Francisco, a Jewish Community Center and a Workers’ Collective downtown, where fellows would come in off the boat and went right down to meet contacts in the library of one of these places. I would be hired to play for a fashion show or variety show, then I’d get through and go right down to the docks where crates of guns were being loaded onto ships to Israel. Many of the guns were ones that had been ‘liberated’ during the war by American soldiers and were slated as DEWAT [deactivated war trophies]. But before they had a chance to be officially deactivated they were cosmolined up and sent to Israel. They’d wind up in a crate marked ‘menorahs’ or something–mostly German MP 40’s and P-38’s, but even Japanese Nambus, anything could get their hands on. Afterwards, I’d get letters of praise from the fashion show organizers saying how much I’d added to their presentation; little did they know what I’d been doing after their show” (Barton, 1992).

Those Zionist gunrunners could best be called ideological mercenaries. They had a sense of, ‘Well, what I’m doing may not make a hell of a lot of difference, but at least I’m doing what I know best.’ Many seemed more concerned about refining and perfecting innovative weapons technology they were experimenting with than who their new relay or explosive was blowing up, though. I met Zionists that were right out of European prisons–not Nazi concentration camps, other prisons–that had lines of bullet scars up the backs of their legs from machine gun fire. By that time they were sort of ambivalent about the Nazis. Many of them had been decorated in World War I on the side of Germany, then fought in Spain against Germany, only to form dubious alliances with Nazis against the British in Palestine, then were fighting to affirm the new state of Israel. There was always a lot of that–more than people have, until recently, even wanted to hear. There’s a book called Zionism in the Age of the Dictators that confirms many of my suspicions about exactly what was going on between Zionism and Nazi Germany” (Barton, 1992).

I felt a culmination of that whole episode in my life many years later, shortly after The Satanic Bible came out. I met with Assaf Dayan, actor son of Israel’s legendary Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, and he was glowing about the book, agreed with every in it. He said it was exactly the philosophy they practiced, were forced to practice, in modern Israel” (Barton, 1992).

Ashtoreth or Astarte is the Greek name of the Mesopotamian Semitic goddess Ishtar who was worshiped by King Solomon the man at the heart of Freemasonry.

Phoenicia (2014) writes that the Baal cult was practiced in Israel which led to an amalgamation of religions where religious prostitution and the practice of child sacrifice was practiced. The Jewish Encyclopedia write that the Assyrian (Babylonian) “bēl”, was originally the same word as Baal, “implies especially lordship over men“. “The origin of the Worship of Ba’al among the Hebrews can only be settled by tracing it among the Semites in general and especially among the Babylonians. Here the name (Bel) is that of one of the earliest and most honored of national deities. Bel was the special god of Nippur, perhaps the oldest of Babylonian cities“. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Baal was a sun god, it was popular belief that Yhwh himself was regarded as the chief of the Ba’als.

In the Old Testament the old Semitic mother-goddess Ashtoreth is called Ashtarte in Phenicia, Ishtar in Babylonia, and Athtar in Arabia.

The Jewish Encyclopedia write that in Phenicia “Ashtarte was the chief goddess of the Sidonians, among whom she was worshiped as an independent divinity, and also under the name “Ashtarte of the name of Baal,” as a counterpart of Baal“. In North Africa, Ashtoreth was known as Tanith.

At several different shrines in Babylonia and Assyria Ashtarte was worshiped as Ishtar, in one of the oldest and most important shrines known as Erech, she was called Nanâ. At Agade she was worshiped as the spouse of Shamash while at Babylon she was the spouse of Marduk. At the latter shrine, she was named Zarpanit. In Assyria, at Nineveh, and Assur Ashtarte was regarded as the spouse of Assur. “From the reign of Sennacherib onward the Ishtar of Arbela is regarded as distinct from the other Ishtars. She had no spouse, was mother, and a goddess of war“.

In Arabia she was known as Athtar, and in southern Arabia was a masculine deity. In Abyssinia Athtar was known as Astar. At Eryx Ashtarte was symbolized in the form of a dove, while at Mecca she was symbolized as a gazelle. In Sabæa Ashtarte was identified with the sun and the morning star while at Mecca and Assyria, she was symbolized with Venus and at Zidon, symbolized with the moon.

Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. Her symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove, and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. According to the Oxford Dictionary Lucifer means “The planet Venus when it rises in the morning“. An example of Astarte symbolism can be seen on the Eye of the big brother house.

uk1993dePentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Bythorn, Cambridgeshire 3rd September 1993

(Pringle, 1993)


Pentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire 14th Aug 2008

(Pringle, 2008)


Pentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Bishops Canning, Wiltshire 12/13th Jul 1997

(Pringle, 1997)

uk1998clPentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Near Silverstone Racecourse, Buckinghamshire 10th July 1998

(Pringle, 1998)


Hexagram, Star of David, Symbol of Saturn, Satan and/or Lucifer – Devil’s Den near Clatford, Wiltshire 19th July 1999

(Pringle, 1999)


5 Pointed stars or pentagrams with a broken pentagram – Silbury Hill, Wiltshire 23rd July 2000

(Pringle, 2000)

uk2001boPentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Chilbomb Down, Hampshire 14th July 2001

(Pringle, 2001)


All Seeing Eye – Highclere, Hampshire 21st July 2002

(Pringle, 2002)


Pentagram and 5 pointed stars – Green Street – Avebury, Wiltshire 6th Jul 2003

(Pringle, 2003)

uk2003bkPentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire 13th July 2003

(Pringle, 2003)


All Seeing Eye – Silbury Hill, Wiltshire 9th July 2005
(Pringle, 2005)

uk2007bmPentagram or 5 pointed star in a circle represents Venus (Lucifer) a symbol for the Mesopotamian goddess Astarte wife of Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil – West Kennett, Wiltshire 25th July 2007

(Pringle, 2007)

Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.

During the 18th dynasty Astarte arrived in Ancient Egypt along with other deities who were worshiped by northwest Semitic people native to the land. She was often paired with the goddess Anat and worshiped as a warrior goddess.

In the Contest Between Horus and Set, these two goddesses are daughters of the Egyptian God Ra and are given in marriage to the god Set or Seth the Egyptian religions devil.

Carus (1900), Hart (2005) and Lindemans (2014) write that Set or Seth is the first born of Geb and Nut or Re and Nut, born in Ombos in Upper Egypt, generally regarded as his birthplace and home of his cult. Set or Seth’s cult was also located in the north eastern region of the Nile delta. He had 3 siblings, they are Osiris, Isis and Nephthys. Pike (1871) and Lindemans (2014) write that Set or Seth is sometimes known as the husband and brother of Nepthys although more commonly associated with the Semitic goddesses Astarte and Anat. Set or Seth is the enemy of his brother Osiris and Horus who is the son of Osiris and his older sister Isis (Pike, 1871), Hart (2005) and Lindemans (2014) writes that Seth attacked Osiris in the land of Gahesty and murdered him at his cult centre on the river bank of Nedyet.

Isis also known as Isia to the Greeks is the wife and older sister of Osiris, when Set or Seth murdered his brother Osiris, Isis, sister to both Set & Osiris, went on a journey to gather the scattered pieces of Osiris’s body. After Isis collected the pieces she wrapped them together with several layers of fabric and then resurrected Osiris, at which point they conceived his son and heir Horus. The memory of this event was celebrated yearly amongst the Egyptians.

Schnoebelen (1991) writes “In Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer“.

According to Pike (1871) the following was inscribed on the tomb of Isis “I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury. No one can destroy the laws which I have established. I am the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the Gods. I am the wife and sister of Osiris the King. I first made known to mortals the use of wheat. I am the mother of Orus the King. In my honor was the city of Bubaste built. Rejoice, O Egypt, rejoice, land that gave me birth!

According to Pike (1871) the following was inscribed on the tomb of Osiris “I am Osiris the King, who led my armies into all parts of the world, to the most thickly inhabited countries of India, the North, the Danube, and the Ocean. I am the eldest son of Saturn : I was born of the brilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which composes light. There is no place in the Universe where I have not appeared, to bestow my benefits and make known my discoveries“.

Pike (1871) believed that “The Prophet Amos explicitly asserts that the Israelites, in the desert, worshipped, not Jehovah, but Moloch, or a Star-God, equivalent to Saturn. The Gods El or Jehovah were not merely planetary or solar. Their symbolism, like that of every other Deity, was coextensive with nature, and with the mind of man“.

Hitchcock (2007) writes that the Star of David or the Hexagram was used by ancient mystery religions as the symbol of Molech which is the name of the owl worshiped at Bohemian Grove and, Astaroth (derived from the Phoenician goddess Astarte). The Hexagram is commonly referred to as a symbol of Satan. As well as being a symbol of Satan the Hexagram is also used as a representation of Saturn another name for Satan and/or Lucifer.

Thelemic community Communitas Saturni believe that “In its higher octave, Saturn is the Guardian of the Threshold at the last frontier to the realm of the divine. In this capacity, Saturn is equivalent to Lucifer as the Light Bearer = Prometheus who brought the fire to mankind because he really loved humanity in contrast to god Zeus. In its lowest octave, Saturn is equated with Satan; is then seducer, persisting within the ego and a bar to resolve karmic entanglements” (Communitas Saturni, 2014).


The oldest known form of the Prince of Darkness, the archetype of isolate self-consciousness, is the Egyptian god Set, whose Priesthood can be traced to Predynastic times. Images of Set have been dated to ca. 3200 BCE, with astronomically-based estimates of inscriptions dating to 5000 BCE“.

Set is a more complex figure than that of the Judeo-Christian Satan. Satan, the archetype of rebellion against cosmic order and stasis, may be the symbol for many people’s initial commitment to initiation, but this symbol is too closely linked to conventional religions and their moral codes to be an effective representation of the richness, subtlety, and complexity of the Left-Hand Path“.

In ancient Egypt Set went through periods of immense popularity alternating with total denunciation. Set in the Predynastic and Archaic periods was an essentially positive deity introduced from the east as a god of the extension of existence. As such he was god of expanding borders and radical changes of being-particularly birth, circumcision/initiation, death in battle, and rebirth through the Opening of the Mouth ceremony. As early as the Second Dynasty he appears in royal iconography, on the serekh of Peribsen (“Hope of All Hearts”) and Khasekhemwy (“The Two Powers Appear”)“.

Popular among easterners-his first cult site being Pelusium in the eastern Nile Delta-Set’s worship spread west and south to border regions, where he was identified with local gods of initiation. Examples of such cult sites are the oasis of Dakhleh where Set shared with the local god Igai the title “Lord of the Desert”, and the Libyan settlement of Ombos, wherein Set was identified with the local god Ash in the Second Dynasty“.

Set’s worship as a circumpolar/stellar deity suffered a decline with the rise of solar worship in the Fourth Dynasty. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the last early monuments connected with the idea of a Setian afterlife as well as a solar one. The Great Pyramid had a special air shaft for the king’s akh to fly to the star alpha Draconis, the pole star of Old Kingdom Egypt. Unlike the sun and the stars that appear to rise and set (mythologized as birth and death) the Pyramid Texts assert that the Ikhemw-sek, the “imperishable ones” or circumpolar stars, are the realm of the royal soul“.

During the Middle Kingdom Set was reduced to a symbol of Upper Egypt in the iconography of the sema tawy and the Heb-Sed festival. It was around this time that Set was first blamed for the murder of Osiris, a Semitic god of agriculture whose cult arrived in the Third Dynasty“.

No matter how “evil” Osirians might portray Set as being, his essential function-of going out and expanding the borders of existence and then returning that Chaotic energy to the center-persisted in Egyptian thought. It is the darkness that binds together the Egyptian light. The murder of Osiris is the destruction of the fetters of society, of accepting self-change and cultivation over the forces that lead to self-stagnation“.

The Hyksos, foreigners who invaded and ruled Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period (Dynasties XIII-XVII, roughly 1785-1580 BCE) actively identified themselves with Set and established their capital at an ancient Setian site, Avaris. The Hyksos were great horsemen, and the horse (like the ass) was identified with Set. Indeed not until the Hyksos dynasties was the horse, which had been known in Egypt for at least the prior two centuries, portrayed in Egyptian art“.

The second native blooming of Setian thinking may have begun in the Eighteenth Dynasty, but certainly it reached its peak in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties, when a family of Setian Priests from Tanis became the pharaonic line. During this time of expanding borders, Set was extraordinarily popular, as can be seen from pharaohs’ names such as Seti (“Set’s man”) and Setnakt (“Set is Mighty”). The cult of the stellar afterlife re-emerged: complex “astronomical ceilings” adorn the tombs of the pharaohs of this period-and of no other“.

Two Setian texts survive from this period. First, the Tale of Two Brothers tells how Set (identified with the god Bata) undergoes a series of metamorphoses (Xeperu) that change him from a farmhand to a star in the Constellation of the Thigh (our “Big Dipper”). Thus Set represents the individual who through his own hard work, magical skill, and the use of the resistance of the world Becomes divine“.

The second text is the Book of Knowing the Spiral Force of Ra and the Felling of Apep. This protective formula, which Rameses III, son of Setnakt, inscribed on certain border monuments, shows two Setian particularities. First, it recounts how an unnamed god comes into being in the psychic (subjective) realm as the god Xepera. Second, the spell gives the magician one of the powers of Set: the ability to slay Apep, the dragon of delusion. Set again serves as a role model, in that each Setian seeks to end delusions in life“.

With the coming of the Twenty-Second Dynasty, Egypt entered its long decline. Set became a tremendously unpopular deity. His worship ceased everywhere except the oases and the city of Thebes. His cult was absorbed into others, primarily that of Montu, warlord of Thebes. The negative aspects of isolation and destruction were emphasized. Set-heh, the god of the void called the future, became a scapegoat in rites of execration-foreshadowing the role of the Satan in the Judeo-Christian West“.

The third blooming came with the arrival of the Greeks in Egypt. It is in this period that Hellenic notions of independence and self-worth began to revive operant and initiatory aspects of the New Kingdom Set cult. The success of Graeco-Egyptian magic, despite Roman persecution, saw an expansion of both the philosophical and magical aspects of this tradition as far north as Britain“.

The Third Century of the Common Era marked the height of Setian Hermeticism. But with the imposition of Christianity as the Roman imperial religion, individualism was again despised. Egyptian (Coptic) Christianity identified Set with Satan, and he almost disappeared as a figure in Egyptian magic“.

The fourth blooming of Setian thought began in the nineteenth century with certain archaeological discoveries, but became explicit in 1975 with the reconsecration and founding of the modern Temple of Set and proclamation of the Word of the AEon of Set. Xeper< (kheffer) is an Egyptian verb which means “Come Into Being” or “Become”. This word reflects the consciousness-worshiping nature of our religion and the source of ultimate responsibility in all things-the self“.

So what we have is Judaism which came first, then Freemasonry, then Christianity, then Catholicism and then Satanism, they all came from Judaism, without Judaism none of these religions would have been created.

Now you have a brief understanding of what is meant by Jews in this document, it means Judaism, Freemasonry, Christianity, Catholicism and Satanism, we can move on to the UFO subject.

UFOs & Extraterrestrials

I personally believe that it’s possible some victims are being taken from their homes, that some people are being tested on without their consent against the Nuremberg Code, that some people are being made to have sex with animals and children.

I believe it’s possible that some people are being taken up into a vehicle of some sort and implanted with tracking devices.

The Vril Society

A little known occult group may have been the inspiration for one of the most terrifying ideologies of the 20th century, it formed a dark fellowship that was established nearly 100 years ago. It seems that its original members believed that they could live below the Earths surface and, fly to distant stars. Their power would be a mysterious substance called Vril, they also believed that one day they would take over the world, they came very close.

The mysterious group claimed influence in the highest ranks of the German power structure of the 1930s, this dark fellowship may have been a Nazi cult.

The stories of histories dark fellowships strike fear into many hearts, but what are the truths behind the stories. Throughout history there have been secret organizations striving for influence in political circles, but if the bizarre legends about the Vril society are true, the organization is particularly unsettling.

The Vril Society is the most mysterious German secret society ever in history, they were originally founded before the the second world war and, their influence reaches out even till today” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Its members are said to have included senior figures in the Nazi party like Hermin Goring, Heinrik Himmler and, even Adolf Hitler.

The Vril Society was a dark fellowship, they sought to achieve the mastery of the Aryan race” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Before they were able to influence the Nazis, Vril occultist worked in complete secrecy doing anything to promote Aryan power.

What they did, that ranged from straight forward political assassinations trying to invoke the spirits of the dead, good old fashioned, what one one might call sexual orgies and, more sinisterly human sacrifice” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Michael Fitzgerald is one of just a few historians willing to identify the secrets of the Vril society, few records exist, but he claims first hand sources.

Some of my information about the Vril society has come from direct sources, some of them swore me to secrecy during their lifetime and, have now died” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

So he is now free to offer his assessment.

Vril Society is a group of people founded at the end of the first world war and, it included many people who were to go on to become prominent in the Nazi party” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Like any secret society it had its secret practices, but what made the Vril Society so unique was its members obsession with an intangible power force called Vril.

This power was universal energy, it could do anything, all currents of harm and, healing and, so on were enclosed within it. It’s similar to the Indian concept of Prana in many ways or the Chinese concept of Chi” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Chinese philosophers believed that Chi is the life energy that runs through us all, the Vril Society believed they could harness this energy.

And they believed that Vril power could be used to gain material power” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And so they were frantically searching for this Vril force” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Dutchman Theo Paijmans has dedicated 25 years of his life to studying the Vril Society.

My research has established that certain bureaus in Nazi Germany were frantically searching for this new energy” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Obtaining supernatural power might require supernatural efforts.

They sort the power of Vril through a variety of different means, there were naturally meditative practices which were obviously the mainstay of most of their activities” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

But they weren’t meditating to gain inner peace.

The theory is that they practiced these meditation techniques in order to further the strength of the Vril in themselves” (Author Theo Paijmans).

If it was a strength that could potentially dominate the world wouldn’t the members of the Vril society done more than esoteric meditation to obtain it?

They were also very involved with what one might call loosely sex magic” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

There is an enormous history of sexual magic going back to witches and witches using sexual powers, this is nothing new” (Author Alexander Berzin).

Members of the society are said to have used the magic of sex to summon the power of Vril.

There were some sexual practices that went on in the Vril Society” (Author Alexander Berzin).

This carnal method of harvesting Vril was less magical and, closer to an excuse for swapping partners.

They were swingers” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Group sex and, meditation couldn’t really be considered evil, and were not exactly unique in the early twentieth century. But the Vril society may have had more sinister rituals.

The darkest side of the Vril was undoubtedly their belief which dates back many thousands of years that to sacrifice a young child will give more power than anything else if you were turning to the darkness and, that is what they did” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

After the first world war many illegitimate and, orphaned children lived in Bavaria, children’s whos disappearance would go unnoticed and, legend had it the Vril of a child was the most concentrated and, most powerful.

They were seen as being gateways between the astral and, the material world in a way that adults were not, so consequently they were ideal victims for human sacrifice” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Human sacrifices to harness an intangible energy, where did this Vril notion come from? The bizarre concept had been hijacked and, distorted from a science fiction novel.

After the first world war a bizarre cult called the Vril Society flourished in Germany, it took its name from a supernatural force Vril that could bestow immense power on anyone who could harness it. The concept of Vril was expounded in a book published in 1871 called ‘The coming race’ written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

In that book he describes an underground race called the Vril-ya” (Author Theo Paijmans).

And they have complete mastery of the Vril force.

And with that they can do almost anything” (Author Theo Paijmans).

It was pure science fiction but it captured an audience and, made them firm believers in Vril.

And he falls through a crack and, finds himself in a subterranean world inhabited by a race of super beings called the Vril-ya, who live down there and, who have access to this magical energy, this strange electro fluid called Vril“. “Gives them the power to do almost anything, they can use it to heal, they can use it to kill” (Anonymous).

They can also destroy mankind in the blink of an eye” (Author Theo Paijmans).

And anyone who harnessed this power could wield it.

The protagonist finds out in the course of the novel that a child could use Vril to destroy an entire city” (Anonymous).

So imagine if this Vril existed and, got into the wrong hands. Could it be that some aspects of Nazi philosophy stem from ideas in a science fiction novel?

Lytton’s novel ‘The coming race’ in many respects precursor-ed at least some of the ideology that led to the final solution” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

This superior race which is explicitly linked to the Aryan races can manifest, it can control and, this just struck a chord in Europe particularly” (Anonymous).

And following the devastation suffered from World War 1 some Germans desperately wanted to associate themselves with such a superior race.

Perhaps nobody could believe that this science fiction was fiction” (Anonymous).

The end of the book comes with a very serious warning” (Author Theo Paijmans).

These subterranean keepers of the Vril could destroy mankind.

Should they come up and decide they wanted to colonize the surface of the planet, we would be doomed” (Anonymous).

It may seem a kind of tabloid truth that one would expect to find in sensational newspapers, but the Vril society really were consciously dedicated to the service of evil and, by their impact on the founders of the Nazi party they installed that evil into the senior leadership of what was to become the most evil regime in the twentieth century” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Most sources say that the Vril Society was founded in 1918 at a mysterious meeting in the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden. It was a holiday center and, would later house the country retreat of Adolf Hitler. It is said that in a mountain lodge a group of occultists and, high ranking German nationalists secretly gathered to create a powerful inner circle called the All German Society for Metaphysics otherwise known as the Vril Society.

Essentially it was founded by two people, Rudolf von Sebottendorf” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Von Sebottendorf had been very active in the occult movement, he was a Freemason, and alchemist, and a founder of the Thule Society. Their belief in a mythical civilization was a precursor to Nazi Aryan ideas.

His real name was Adam Glauer and, he was the so of an engine driver but he gave himself, awarded himself a title of nobility” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

In creating the Vril Society von Sebottendorf was joined by a man who would darkly influence world history.

The other main person within it was Dietrich Eckart” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

He was said to have strong powers of persuasion particularly in his anti-semitic writings.

Dietrich Eckart was Hitlers closest personal friend between 1918 and, his death in 1923” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Eckart believed he was paving the road for Germany’s own savior.

He was in many respects a mad genius, its no accident he spent a great part of his time in and, out of mental institutions” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

The founder of the Vril went by a very curious name” (Author Theo Paijmans).

John the Baptist.

And we all know that in the Bible John Baptist is sort of paver of the road for the true messiah” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Eckart was also one of the master minds behind the Nazi party.

Eckart saw Hitler as the German Messiah, he saw him as the man sent to save the country” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And he wasn’t the only Vril founder who felt that way, it has been suggested that these two men were joined by two women. Mediums responsible for finding the hidden occult truths and, harvesting Vril.

In those days it was the golden age of what was known as physical medium-ship, where not only were they forever moving objects and, table turning and, levitating, but also they used to produce a substance called as ectoplasm out of their bodies” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

One of these mediums is said to have predicted the new German Messiah.

During her state of trance she declared that the apparition she had given form to was going to be the next German Messiah who she proceeded to name as Adolf Hitler” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

So the Vril Society may have indeed paved the way for the person that they would promote as the countries Messiah, their next step would have been to secure his ultimate weapon, Vril.

They believed that that would give them power” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

This occult group of German Nationalists may have grown quickly to become an elite inner circle of the Nazi party.

Many of the top leaders including Hitler himself were members of the Vril Society. Karl Harrer Anton Drexler and, Dietrich Eckart are three of the most important figures in the transition from the Vril Society to the Nazi Party” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Eckart was considered to be the darkest of them all and, dedicated to Hitlers success.

He did have certain perverse gifts, not least of which was to train Hitler in the use of what one might loosely call the power over human heart and, the human mind” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Hermann Göring commander of the Lufftwaffe was said to be a member.

It is virtually certain that he was introduced to it in around 1920 probably by Dietrich Eckart” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Alfred Rosenberg minister of the Third Reich probably a member.

Rosenberg believed that the Aryan race was superior to every other of course and, you know, he believed that Jesus was not Jewish but an Aryan” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Rudolf Hess deputy Führer another likely member.

Hess believed everything, he used to sleep with magnets under his bed to try and, draw off harmful emanations” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Martin Bormann chief of the Nazi Party chancellery also thought to be a member.

Martin Bormann was probably considered the most evil one, he was an avowed and, open Satanist. He was quite categorical about his desire to exterminate Christianity as well as Judaism, because he saw Christianity as simply as he called it, a Jewish perversion” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And the most senior Nazi in the Vril Society, Adolf Hitler himself.

Hitler was by definition a dark person, but he took advantage of the dark fellowship of the Vril Society for his own ends” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Hitler is said to have used the frenzy surrounding this occult group to his advantage, manipulating its members.

Not one of the members had an iota of his ruthlessness and, in a sense intelligence” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Hitler used any means that he could including the occult fanaticism of the era as a tool to help his rise to the top.

And he saw the whole thing consciously as a means to an end which was the transformation of Germany and, the establishment of himself as its leader” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

But he did have some deep occult beliefs of his own.

He believed to considerable extent that occult forces or what everyone likes to call them, Vril bearer, had some kind of reality” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Some believe his first occult exposure happened just before World War 1 in Vienna when he met a man named Lanz von Liebenfels.

Von Liebenfels thought Hitler was a natural medium” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Von Liebenfels was obsessed with the Aryan occult, he was known to frequent ancient town of Karnten in Austria where the Germans defeated the Romans in the first century.

He invented a whole new religion that he called Ariosophy” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And he made his bizarre beliefs known publicly.

He published a magazine called Ostara which was full of racial ramblings and bizarre occult philosophy” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Hitler was allegedly an avid reader of Liebenfels pamphlet.

He actually physically advocated that the Jews should be killed simply for being Jewish” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

With this racist teaching Hitler was one step closer to Vril and, the final solution. But how is it possible that a dark fellowship as bizarre as the Vril Society could even exist, let alone contribute to the most evil regime in modern history?

It had an influence on world history out of all proportion” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

The confusion surrounding the era offers clues to the Vril Societies influence.

It was a very convoluted time, there were a multitude of secret societies” (Author Theo Paijmans).

From about 1888 well into the 1920s hundreds of secret societies formed, reformed and, gave birth to new and, even more secret sub groups. Some were dangerous nationalistic orders like the Serbian black hand society responsible for the assassination of the arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

Black Hand society was largely responsible for the first world war” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And many of the eras dark fellowships were simply racist, sharing the sentiments of Lanz von Liebenfels who believed Aryans were Gods.

He also believed that the Jews were literally children of the Devil” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

The thirty years leading to the formation of the Vril Society was an era obsessed with the strange combination of racial solidarity and, the occult.

Magic and, occult ideas dominated thinking of virtually every class of society in the late nineteenth century” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

But of all the mystic of the time, one persons writings may have been the genesis of the phenomenal occult frenzy, Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

I would say that Blavatsky provided the metaphysical framework that has gathered together the vast, vast streams of the ancient wisdom into a coherent system” (Theosophist Edi Bilimoria).

Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 and, established herself as a kind of sage in the occult realm. Theosophists believe in a combination of Asian and, occult ideas to promote the concept of a superior Aryan race.

“She traveled throughout the world for spiritual reasons” (Author Alexander Berzin).

Madam Blavatsky wrote, well several books, but the particularly influential one was the ‘Secret Doctrine’” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

It was based on knowledge she acquired in India and, Tibet.

She claimed that she got her teachings from secret messages from Mahatma’s in the Himalayas” (Author Alexander Berzin).

This ground breaking book written in 1885 did something no other book had ever done, it combined science and, religion.

Some branches of late nineteenth century European philosophy drew inspiration from a combination of the occult and, eastern mysticism. One leading proponent of these concepts was Madam Petrovna Blavatsky who managed to combine the precepts of both religion and, science.

Suddenly science like with Darwin had seemed to destroy the possibility of religion and, Blavatsky was saying, ah you can still believe in evolution yet be religious because this is how it works, you know” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Her writings included anti-semitic notions that fueled later groups like the Vril Society.

The ‘Secret Doctrine’ had an extreme racist view” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Some interpret her writings to say that semitic people had not evolved as far as the Aryans, but she was actually writing of the ancient Aryans whos Indo-Iranian name means noble, they had simply migrated further than other races and so they were more evolved.

The misrepresentation of Aryan means ‘we are the master race’” (Theosophist Edi Bilimoria).

Blavatskys ancient Aryans were not the same as Hitlers twentieth century Aryan race.

The ‘Secret Doctrine’ clearly have anti-semitic and, racist undertones” (Author Theo Paijmans).

This is the danger of letting out high level truths because of the danger of misrepresentation” (Theosophist Edi Bilimoria).

The ‘Secret Doctrine’ was written as a spiritual teaching and, a kind of esoteric study of evolution, not an inspiration for the master race.

But the racial aspects are the ones that appear particularly obviously appeal to the Nazis” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

The world has shown the ghastly effects of twisting what is sacred knowledge and, perverting it to ones own personal aims” (Theosophist Edi Bilimoria).

When the Vril Society was founded, Blavatskys teachings were more popular in Germany than anywhere else in the world.

Seriously it was that influential on German thought, it really was” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Like the coming race, Blavatskys book was misunderstood and, its ideas were twisted to support the many other racist philosophy’s rampant in Europe. So by 1918 the time was ripe for the formation of the Vril Society and, the search for ultimate power.

The Vril Society saw this power as a kind of metaphysical petrol.

The Germans needed it because Germany as we know did not have fossil fuel reserves, they had a method of creating synthetic fuels but they were in desperate need for other energy’s” (Author Theo Paijmans).

In addition to their occult methods for finding this energy they began an actual quest for the all important Vril. They followed in Blavatskys footsteps to Tibet. Vril Society member Karl Haushofer organized expeditions to Tibet starting in 1923, their mission, contacting the Aryan forefathers in the cities deep underneath the Himalayas, they would certainly be the guardians of the Vril. And, by the third trip, they were measuring the skulls of the locals, convinced the Tibetans were the Aryan ancestors. Eventually Hitler formed a Nazi organization to track the Aryan race.

They spent more money on that than the United States spent on the development of the atomic bomb” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

That would be 20 billion dollars in todays terms.

For work that frankly produced no tangible results” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And so in the end the Germans left” (Author Alexander Berzin).

But whether they found Vril there or not the Germans did bring back one very important thing from Tibetan culture, something Blavatsky had waxed poetic about in the ‘Secret Doctrine’.

Within its mystical precinct lies the master key which opens the door of every science, physical as well as spiritual” (Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky).

How could Madam Blavatsky have known this mystical figure would become the symbol of hate?

A great many of the Vril society members were conscious Satanists” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And these evil men were emblazoned with a symbol, the Swastika, its mystical resonance was of great interest to the Vril Society and, by 1920 it would virtually belong to the Nazis. Previously though the Swastika had been a symbol of luck and, good fortune in Asia.

A lot of persons these days forget that before it became an ominous symbol in Nazi Germany the Swastika was to be found everywhere” (Author Theo Paijmans).

It was originally meant as a symbol good fortune, it took on a very tangible meaning that of the letter ‘G’ and, for Freemasons the word geometry.

Well not only did it stand for geometry and, math and, so on, but it stood for Nordic, the old Norse Gods, it was a symbol of Thor” (Author Alexander Berzin).

There was a village in Canada called Swastika and, they had a female hockey team called the Swastikas with the Swastika embroidered on their skirts and, it makes very lovely photos” (Author Theo Paijmans).

By 1920 it was no longer a benign symbol, in adopting the Swastika the Nazis did make one significant alteration.

Hitler and his cohorts did a funny thing, they changed the direction of the Swastika” (Author Theo Paijmans).

It no longer turned to the right.

His concept of the Swastika was very influential” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Hitlers Swastika turned in the opposite direction to the left and, the left hand path is synonymous with evil.

The left hand path which is something that clearly derives from Roman mythology and, in fact all mythologies where evil Gods are centered on the left side and, the good Gods are centered on the right side” (Author Theo Paijmans).

This is Hitlers Swastika in 1920, it quickly became in-bedded in Nazi culture and, a variation of it has become known as a sign of the Vril Society. It’s found here in Wewelsburg castle the home of Heinrich Himmler commander of the SS and, a suspected member of the Vril Society.

He was frantically searching for various means of winning the war and, in the end one can say it turned him insane, although in my opinion the seeds of his insanity were already there” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Himmler of course was probably the most lunatic of any senior Nazi party member” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

He was mystical, he was a dreamer” (Author Theo Paijmans).

He was a real junky for every cult and, wacky idea going” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And he was an architect of Nazi ideology.

There are fascinating photos and, this I have never understood, of Himmler with his twelve year old daughter visiting a concentration camp, a death camp, now who on Earth would take his daughter to a death camp” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Perhaps only a man obsessed with absolute power would do that and, such a man would be the perfect candidate to renovate a sixteenth century castle as a Vril center piece.

Within this castle we find a richness of symbols, of signs and, of occult things of significances that point towards his, well the fulfillment of his dreams” (Author Theo Paijmans).

The north tower holds the darkest symbols.

The north tower clearly is the embodiment of all that Himmler felt was dear and, precious to him and, it points towards an occult significants in his philosophy’s” (Author Theo Paijmans).

A feature of the tower was the Solar Wheel or Black Sun the occult symbol for the Vril Society.

Clearly this Sun Wheel meant a great deal to Heinrich Himmler, what the Solar Wheel exactly was who can tell” (Author Theo Paijmans).

It was however likely to impress members of the SS visiting the castle.

The SS was seen by Himmler as being part of a mystical order” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Himmler wanted an imposing headquarters for his SS cohorts, he performed weddings and, funerals for them here.

It’s alleged that even the full black mass was said to have been performed at Wewelsburg on two or three occasions” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

But if that ultimate Satanic ritual was celebrated at Wewelsburg it would have been undertaken in another part of the tower, the crypt. In this bizarre room with its excellent acoustics Himmler created a frightening arena for his elite SS men. There were pedestals around the sides placed possibly for attending rituals and, Vril society meetings and, a peculiar space in the center probably for Himmler himself.

But this is funny, in the sense that, if this is the center where the acoustics work the best and, the most, then what was the purpose of the center meant for? Would that have been the place where Heinrich Himmler told about his wildest dreams?” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Was this nightmarish place the focus of all things Vril? Did Himmler have it constructed to be the place where the most despicable rituals could take place?

This is of-course is one of these things that one will not know for certain” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Was it here that Himmler held his notorious Vril experiments?

This quack doctor called Rascher who used to literally freeze prisoners until they were on the point of death and, then he would put naked prostitutes against their bodies to see if that would revive them and, then if so they were then instructed to have sex with them and, then all the temperatures would be taken. Himmler called it animal magnetism but it was essentially Vril based” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Himmler may have been searching for Vril through sexuality.

Course it was ridiculous because fifty percent of the male subjects used to die, the experiments were undoubtedly inspired by Himmlers subscription to the notion of Vril” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Were these experiments held here in Himmlers center, or elsewhere within the castle walls? Unfortunately, there are no written records or living eye witnesses to reveal with certainty exactly what occurred within the walls of Himmlers Wewelsburg.

The Vril Society was unique among the secret societies of the era, one reason was that it included women as members.

Every woman in the Reich stands ready as any man to fight and, die in service of the father land and, you know, this is true, this is true. There were probably more women than there were men in many respects” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

It is very important to realize because a lot of the masonic groups were male only and, a lot of the esoteric groups were male only” (Author Theo Paijmans).

But not in the Vril Society, after all the females in the coming race were superior to the males.

Women were seen really in a way as being like almost divine” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Women would have been welcomed because their feminine energy was required to properly attain Vril, but Hitlers personal view was far more practical.

He actually felt that women were actually the soul of the nation and, that they were going to carry on the legacy of National Socialism” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

It is believed that two women became senior leaders of the Vril Society.

Countess Von Reventlow was possibly the most well known one” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And it’s possible that her prominence led to her death, she suffered a mysterious and, fatal bicycle accident in 1918 shortly after the Vril Societies inauguration.

She got executed” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Countess Von Reventlows assassins were members of the German Communists party, people strongly apposed to the National Socialists.

Ludendorff’s wife who was the only other one that was of comparable importance she broke with the Vril society at a fairly early stage” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

That may have been when her husband Erich Ludendorff became disillusioned with politics and, left the Vril Society and, the Nazi party in 1923.

Most of the women in the Vril Society served two primary purposes.

Sex was seen as a national duty” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Following World War 1, one primary purpose of women in Germany was to replace the lost soldiers by having many German babies.

There was actually a huge drive towards birth to increase productivity” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And the prospect of making babies took on an element of fun at the time.

Anything that could be an escape or fun would be good” (Author Alexander Berzin).

The Vril Society may have taken fun a step further into sex for occult power.

To combine power with pleasure it was kind of like nationalization of the sexual instinct” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

And in a dark fellowship sexual instinct might invite sexual magic.

Women in the Vril Society were often mediums” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

In an era obsessed with the occult there were many practicing mediums and, mediums were typically women. With secret societies dabbling in the occult rampant throughout Germany in the 1930s successful mediums were in great demand and, the Vril Society held such women in high esteem.

They were considered to be particularly receptive channels between the ordinary world and, the astral world” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Well it sounds like a fascinating and, novel concept, but clearly it is not. I mean in Germany we have female mediums doing exactly that” (Author Theo Paijmans).

They didn’t have any political influence in any way and, that what they essentially did was try and channel in the Vril power and, then translate it out into the rest of the people in the room, a kind of psychic photosynthesis one might say” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

One bizarre legend suggests that the female founders of the group were receiving messages about Vril from other galaxies.

Well, it’s been alleged that the Vril Society was able to contact beings from Aldebaran and, so on, that depends on your point of view” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

It’s not strange that these ideas would evolve or mutate into ideas of long haired women communicating with people underneath the Earth and, other planets, why not? It makes a better story, it’s more fun” (Author Alexander Berzin).

The idea of two long haired mediums communicating with other galaxies through automatic writing was not so outrageous in 1918.

There was this fascinating book that I held in my hand just yesterday, it was published in 1823 and it’s called ‘Voyages to the sun, the moon and, other planets’ and, it was written by a female medium at that time, 1823. So clearly the idea that two female mediums are involved in communicating with an interstellar civilization on Aldebaran in 1970 is not new ” (Author Theo Paijmans).

And long hair also had a long tradition.

The long hair of the women is partly a throw back of course to the old days to the valkyries maidens and, so on” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

I wonder how much of this is borrowing themes from Vargner” (Author Alexander Berzin).

Naturally not all women of the Vril Society were long haired beauties, but all of the Vril Society legends like everything surrounding the organization were larger than life. Exaggeration was part of the plan and, that exaggeration included Heinrich Himmlers nightmarish castle.

This all could have been a stage prop, a setting, a fitting setting for Himmlers plans and, Himmlers evil dreams, it’s a very clever ploy of propaganda” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Propaganda was an integral part of the entire Nazi culture.

Ensuring that the Third Reich would survive of our darkest dreams” (Author Theo Paijmans).

So what was real and, what if anything has become of the Vril Society?

The problem with researching the Vril Society today is that clearly this concept attracts people of unsavory character” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Today there are many people still obsessed with Nazis, Hitler and, the most evil side of the occult, they intermingle legend, fantasy and, propaganda with the scarce facts. Some also believe in the possibility that intergalactic flight could be achieved through the Vril Society.

The Nazis were at the very last two years of the war working on secret projects” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

Their ultimate scheme was the flying disc project, a concept based on Vril Society ideas.

We can clearly read in the 1930 pamphlets published by the Vril society that yes there were blueprints, theres even a whole chapter explaining what an ideal spaceship might look like to them if the right technology was being used” (Author Theo Paijmans).

The Vril sources were actual blueprints” (Historian Michael Fitzgerald).

I do know that devices for both with the technology that the Vril Society was propagating well before the second world war” (Author Theo Paijmans).

We don’t know for sure whether Nazi scientists created flying saucers, but the Vril Society did envision them.

Am I skeptical of the whole Nazi UFO myth, yes, on the other hand there are certain things that I still find hard to discount” (Author Theo Paijmans).

But the evidence has vanished.

The strange thing is that we know that these devices were built, but we can’t find them anywhere anymore” (Author Theo Paijmans).

It has even been suggested that Vril technology was adapted for the US and, Russian space programs.

I don’t think so, I think they would be further at it than anyone else on this planet” (Author Theo Paijmans).

So we’re left to wonder what became of Vril technology and, what became of the Vril Society.

Well, the irony of history is that Nazi Germany towards the end of the world war pretty much evolved into becoming the Vril-ya themselves” (Author Theo Paijmans).

In some ways Hitlers Nazis did become subterranean society, they built bunkers connecting one Nazi member to another and, countless tunnels containing weapons factories.

They did this as is the official stance because allied bombers were bombing German cities and, German factories into smithereens day after day, night after night” (Author Theo Paijmans).

One place where they built weapons was the tunnel complex in Nordhausen.

We know that they built their V1’s and, V2’s there” (Author Theo Paijmans).

Hundreds of very real V1 and, V2 rockets built underground sored through the skies to destroy their enemies, it has been said the ‘V’ stands for Vril, if true, Nazis and, the Vril-ya have become one.

My theory is that the search for this force changed themselves into, well, the carriers of the force” (Author Theo Paijmans).

More than sixty years after the fall of the Third Reich where are the remanence of the Vril Society, are they gone, or are they ancient relics hiding away somewhere, does a new regime exist among us still plotting and, scheming?

When you look at the tapestry of signals that I am receiving and, I have received over the years one can say that yes,there is still a Vril Society but not comparable to what it was once before” (Author Theo Paijmans).

There still could be devotees of a fictional power amongst us today.

Vril in itself if it had been there yesterday it still is here today” (Author Theo Paijmans).

And Vril belief does still exist.

Every atom is basically 99% Vril energy” (Robert Blumetti).

Today in America a small religious organization exists called the church of Vrilology where Bob the Vril master calls on the Norse Gods for Vril balance. Though they seem a bit different than the norm, the church of Vrilology is not the reminiscent of the evil Vril Society, they’re simply a group of people trying to find there way to the light.

What we teach is to develop a relationship between the subconscious and, the conscious so that we can through the conscious mind take the Vril energy and, transform it into what we want in our lives” (Robert Blumetti).

The original occultist members of the Vril Society were at the other end of the spectrum looking directly and, deeply into the darkness to harvest and, execute ultimate power.

Nazi UFOs

In an Austrian Royal Atlantis Film Documentary, UFO – Secrets of the Third Reich, its narrator Donald Arthur says that skeptical scientists point to three explanations for the UFO phenomenon, they are;

  • Unexplained Phenomenon
  • Optical Illusions
  • Secret research carried out during the period of the Third Reich

According to the documentary, the UFO phenomenon is mentioned in the German armed forces technical manuals. The worlds first UFO report seemed to confirm this theory. Reported in the New York Times by Reuters on the 14th December 1944, “A mysterious illuminated ball is the latest Nazi air warfare weapon“,  this means that near the end of the second world war Germany was in possession of a secret weapon which displayed all the typical characteristics of a UFO.

The Third Reich had a deep interest in ancient knowledge, some of their ideas were sparked from pre-first world war Vienna, where at the time all sorts of Esoteric, Occult and Sumerian research materials were circulating. Ideas that would later be taken up by the Third Reich, with those ideas the visions of a new and unconventional technology.

A period that witnessed the creation of many new secret doctrines and orders, Templars’ and Rosicrucians, Illuminati and Freemasons, Anthroposophists, Theosophists, Neo-Templars and Armanum. Some of these groups seemed to have awoken from a centuries long sleep, what had awoken them was the pending arrival of the prophesied new age, the change over from the age of Pisces to the Aquarian age. Every one of these groups felt themselves called upon to make their mark on the approaching era.

At the beginning Heretical Theologians, as well as Oriental, Nordic and, Atlantis scholars all worked in concert, fascinated by one goal, the new golden age.

Transcending good and evil, from the beginning of time this concept has triggered a conflict in the spiritual world, between light and darkness, between white and black magic, between occultism and wisdom. Our Earth and its spiritual dimensions, which are the thoughts of humanity, are the mirror of these conflicts. Each time every human being makes a decision he is faced a new with the choice between two paths, the white road of unselfish love or the black road of selfishness which ineluctably leads to doctrine.

Every individual who comes into contact with higher learning considers himself basically good and, yet, the two principles are still within him. Obligating him to examine which thoughts and deeds he will use to serve which power. At the end of time, the twilight of the gods, he will realize that heaven and hell are our own thoughts and actions, good and evil our own invention. Then he can draw on this experience to make the journey home to completeness. The powers of darkness and light serve only one lord, the creator of all things, they have the one goal of availing ourselves of the life experience to create a race of superior beings.

Power without love can only lead to catastrophe.

Back then in Vienna, Adolph Hitler came into contact with all of these secret teachings, he read all the books and other literature he could find on these subjects. Hitler soon evolved a vision where by he realized the world would need to be re-forged to pave the way for a new age, the way was now marked out for the steps he would take.

The soul power that seeks renewal and yet creates destruction.

By the same token, this period would also see the development of positive knowledge which would lead to the creation of a comprehensive technology.

In 1917, four men and a women met in the Viennese cafe SchopenhauerSpiritualistic Medium Maria Orsitsch from Zagreb, student and fighter pilot Lothar Waiz, Orientalist Occultist Officer Karl Haushofer, Occultist Rudolf von Sebottendorf and, from the Order of Knights Templar Prelate Gernot. Their subject was the coming of the New Age, they spoke of secret revelations, the spear of destiny, the magical violet black stone, they discussed the possibility of making trans-medial communication with the ancient Germanic and, Babylonian deities Ishtar, Ostara and, ISIS. And of communicating with distant worlds, not only on this side, but also on the other.

It is quite likely this coffee house meeting witnessed the birth of the secret Thule Society, which in turn later spawned the German Nationalist Socialist Party, the SS, Black Sun and the Vril Society, which in its turn gave a foundation to the occult activities of the Third Reich and, the new comprehensive technology and, the beginning of German UFOs.

The secret infinite power source behind it all was the Black Sun, an infinite beam of light which although invisible to the human eye, is there and very real. Just like the bright illuminating Sun can light up the exterior, the dark Sun can light up the soul of man.

It illuminates the divine light, to this very day the occult philosophy of the Third Reich is veiled under a thick cloud of mystery and secrecy.

Its leaders were drawn from the ranks of the Thule society and the SS, in many ways their ideas differed significantly from the accepted National Socialist party line, their emblem was the Black Sun.

A secret philosophy thousands of years old provided the foundation on which the occult practitioners of the Third Reich would later build. The Black Sun symbol can by found in many Babylonian and, Assyrian places of worship, even the Phoenicians and, the Carthaginians knew of the symbol and, the beliefs that it represented.

The Babylonians and, Assyrian civilizations often depicted the Black Sun, the god heads inner light, in the form of a cross. Assyrian Kings wore an insignia which in no way differed from the one more commonly known as the German Knights cross. This means the origin of this cross is many thousands of years older than Christianity.

We have no way of knowing just what exactly was going on in the minds of the occultists of the Third Reich and, to what mysterious ends their ideas would lead them. Perhaps they believed in the ancient prophesy of the new Babylon which would rise again in some unspecified centrally located country when the Third Sargon would return.

The secret knowledge of the prophesies which the Knights Templar had brought back with them from the orient had been slumbering for centuries, waiting for the time of fulfillment to approach.

In 1919 Orientalist Occultist Officer Karl Haushofer, Occultist Rudolf von Sebottendorf and, Dietrich Eckart to form the Thule Society. This was to be a melting part of various occult orders with a network of connections throughout Germany. The center was to be in Munich, many members of the Thule Society formed themselves an active opposition to the short lived socialist political party of Bavaria.

A political party was founded and, in 1921, Adolf Hitler, a man well known for his occult beliefs, was engaged as a political orator. Inspired by members of the Thule Society, Hitlers plan for a thousand year Reich was born.

The increasing political ambitions of the Thule Society resulted in a number of smaller groups going their own way. One of these groups was the Vril Society, towards the end of 1919 a select group of people, members of both Thule and, Vril societies, met in an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden. Taking a prominent part in the proceedings for the first time was Dr H, O, Schumann, the man whos area of expertise would today be call alternative energy, never the less the leading figure was Medium Maria Orsitsch. A second Medium was also present on this occasion, the 18 year old Sigrun.

Maria Orsitsch presented text she had received from her Spiritual Medium, one in Sumerian Alphabet and, the other in the secret code of the Knights Templar.

Both texts had already been translated, were they messages from the Gods? or tidings from some alien civilization? construction plans for the development of some new advanced technology which would enable mankind to reach for the stars? From now on the members of the Vril society devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the realization of what must be one of the most bizarre ideas that ever occurred in the mind of man. The construction of a time machine that would transport them to the realms of the beyond and, bring them face to face with the Gods themselves.

We don’t know just exactly how far they got with their machine, the experiments carried out lasted almost two years, what we can say for certain is that the machine was the inspiration behind the Vril levitation power unit.

At the beginning of 1924, the machine was dismantled and, taken to Augsburg, in southern Germany for storage, perhaps to the Messerschmitt aircraft factory.

As a member of the Thule Society Rudolf Hess gave a number of lectures and, was amongst others one of the people responsible for the early encouragement this new technology was accorded.

In all things we are able to recognize two principles which decide upon matter and events, light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction. These two principles the creative and, the destructive determine our technical means.

Another advocate of this new technology was Viktor Schauberger, “your propulsion theory is a mistake“, this statement was made by inventor Viktor Schauberger, who is believed to be associated with these esoteric societies. It addresses one of the essential points of the issue, nowadays we would call this the search for an alternative form of energy, back then however there was much more at stake. Namely the quest for another science, of radically different technology, to put it simply we could say implosion instead of explosion. The positive elements amongst the esoteric scholars of the Third Reich were aware that all divine creations have always been creative, never destructive. A technology which results in explosions and is based on the principle of destruction can not therefore really be in keeping with divine intentions.

All internal combustion engines for example whether piston engines or rocket propulsion systems work on the principle of an explosion, in other words with destructive capabilities. Their ultimate effect is sure to be destructive, the environmental damage meanwhile visited on the planet by the technology of explosion including atomic energy, exhaust fumes and, so on, makes it quite clear that the call for a new technology, like the one under discussion back then, is clearly justified.

Viktor Schaubergers experimental flying prototypes worked on the principle of levitation. Esoteric knowledge played an ever increasing role in the search for new sources of energy and, motive power. Such research as there was, was particularly important in the development of electro gravitational and, tachometric propulsion. This seemed to be at the very core of the alternative technology, the energy source of the future, cheap, clean and, independent of raw materials. Two special departments, U13 and, SSE4 were setup, to concentrate exclusively on the realization of this new technology.

The Yohanes Kepala introduced him to the secrets of Pythagoras, Viktor Schaubergers vibratory theories tied in with the traditional teachings of Pythagoras and Yohanes Kepala. The mono-chord an acoustic measuring instrument used by Pythagoras demonstrates to us how the universe was created using sounds which we obtain through a division of the signs. The whole universe was created using this principle of harmonic resonance. Integral numbers in proportional relationship to one another determine the structure of matter. This holds good for the universe, as well as the atom, the periodic law of elements in chemistry, the Mendelian laws of heredity, the laws of leaf arrangement and, botany as well as the formation of crystals, the list goes on. Where ever we have mathematical structures and, proportions we encounter the basic principle of the mono-chord harmonic proportions. Viktor Schauberger used the mathematics of the mono-chord in order to develop and build upon his integral skills and, his knowledge of the inner universe and, its operations. One more thing, his mathematics were not Euclidean. The secret teachings of the Pythagoras were taken up by the Templar order, guarded and, passed on. Viktor Schauberger made use of this knowledge to develop his theories and, in so doing discovered implosion. In keeping with the laws of nature, we can say here Alpha and, Omega, the key note to the overtone going on further to the last tone and ending in the creation of the entire universe. Symbolically Alpha and, Omega represent spirit and, matter, therefore what we have here is something whole. This knowledge therefore makes an all embracing science possible. Implosion is the utilization of the potential of the inner universe within the outer universe. Due to the forces of energy and, evolutionary science, we’ve been able to make great strides in the field of antimatter and with it do away with the effects of gravity” (Harmonical Researcher & Ufologist Eugen Lardy)

In June 1934 my father was invited my the vice Chancellor Adolf Hitler to discuss his work. Hitler wanted to know about his discoveries and, talk about the various possibilities and, what his great plan was. And he said ‘yes, I’m looking for a new technology which must once again harmonize with the natural order of things and, that is my real program’. Shortly before the meeting Hitler as vice Chancellor gave the two deputies his orders, the two had come to discuss Hermann Görings plan. And he said, ‘Viktor Schauberger you will speak with the two vice deputies and, tomorrow or by the latest the day after tomorrow a second meeting will take place’. And he said to the two deputies ‘I find the plan fascinating, yes, we Germans will bring about a whole new science’” (Scientist Viktor Schauberger).

The Socialist came to power the occult societies withdrew into the background. Within the SS the Thule society created a separate secret organization called the Black Sun. The Vril society carried on much as before with its scientific research, according to reports, the Vril society had by the middle of 1934 created its first experimental circular aircraft to be propelled with the anti-gravitational effect, the RFC1. The men responsible for the design and, construction were Dr Schuman and, an engineer from Borkum.

Since 1929 the young Gerti Vogt had been responsible for running the Vril society and, she made herself known to private investors who were prepared to invest in projects that carried an element of risk.

In the meantime the members had become convinced that the mediumistic messaged originated not from gods from the other side but in fact from a highly developed alien civilization within the Aldebaran solar system. The main star in the constellation of Taurus is Aldebaran, could it be that the Sumerian’s whos language remains a mystery to this day were Aldebaranians? If they did perhaps once land in Mesopotamia it is interesting that the inscriptions on the royal tablets tell us when the royal power came down to us from the heavens.

The Vril and, Thule societies were not alone in their vision of space travel in the Germany of those days, Heufer the German national film company released a motion picture called ‘the first woman on the moon‘. The first space rocket was then built by Wernher von Braun and, Hermann Oberth with Heufer movie money.

Many German scientists studied the possibility of traveling to the stars, before the end of 1934 the Vril society had built its first light aircraft, the RFC2 round aircraft. It was fitted with an improved Vril propulsion system and, for the first time magnetic impulse steering. It measured hardly more sixteen feet from end to end, but it worked. It already possessed two typical characteristics of UFOs, the optical blurring of the contours when accelerating and, the colored lights depending on the level power applied, red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or violet. Despite its advanced flying capabilities the RFC2 remained virtually un-noticed by the political leadership of the time. The same fate was to befall the first jet propelled aircraft four years later, the HE138, the HE176 and, the HE280.

Only the SS showed a slight interest in the work of the Vril society, its own Black Sun formation had meanwhile setup research department 4, SSE4 for short, which was responsible for coming up with alternative sources of energy. What is certain is their aim was to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil imports. Never the less, stimulated by Viktor Schauberger and, the success of the latest Vril success, SSE4 now began to construct its own light aircraft. Using Captain Hans Coler’s tachyon converter as a basis and, appropriating many Vril components they developed their own Thule Aero engine.

Towards the end of 1938 they had constructed a small propeller driven light aircraft, the RFC4, with the express purpose of observing how disk shaped objects behave in flight.

By 1939 the SS had already built its RFC5, the first long distance aircraft measuring more than 65 feet and, with a mysterious name Haunebu 1. Under tight security the Haunebu 1 made its maiden flight in all probability in August of 1939. Documents show by 1941 the British had already found out about these top secret SS experiments. In contrast to the simple Vril prototype the Haunebu was a complicated proposition, however, because of the form of its power unit it offered considerably more storage space.

In 1939 Hitler made one of his biggest mistakes, what might have been meant to be a limited military action, the Polish Campaign, led directly to the second world war. Quite contrary to what we might imagine the situation to be, a perfectly organized National Socialist state, everyone did exactly as he pleased, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and, the industrial concerns, all followed their own inclinations.

Competition for armourments contracts became intense, as a result, alternative methods of propulsion found themselves in direct competition with their more conventional counterparts. A sort of compromise was achieved with experimental flying saucers, like the RFC7.

The 26th fighter squadron had been ordered to fly from Kiel to Norway in order to resupply the 30 fighter squadron, the bombard command. On return flight to Hamburg I took a model of my aircraft design with me and taking advantage of the opportunity actually had it forwarded to Ernst Udet the Reich’s industry in Berlin. Udet passed this model onto the research establishment in Peenemünde where tests were later carried out. Over and over again I later heard reports from people who were working in Prague on the construction on flying disks and progress in this field had actually been made. I also knew that Habermohl and Schriever were in possession of my model and, had begun work on its practical applications. Schriever made certain alterations to my plans, where as I was later for certain Habermohl had remained true to my original design. The second prototype was a flying disk, 42 meters long and was built by (??????) Belluzzo in Brezno. This flying disk as I discovered was flown to Spitsbergen in Norway and, should of returned to Reklame in directional beam with an unknown transmission frequency and, code word. However, due to a bad landing in Spitsbergen it was damaged and, was unable to complete the return flight home. After that I drove to the hills just outside Prague, where the secret testing group was supposed to be located. I had my Leica A camera with me when suddenly I saw such a flying saucer. I was wounded at the time so I know it was November, December, although the test flight was not due to take place until the following February. Someone had made an unscheduled test flight and, this is what I saw coming towards me. It had no wings, absolutely none, I took a photo and wound on the film, but it was already directly over me and, I took a second photo and, I could see it, it was a flying gyroscope, a flying saucer” (Andreas Epp).

Apart from the conventionally powered flying saucers to be seen at this time, there were indeed other UFOs cruising the skies. A small Vril RFC2 had been in service as a reconnaissance aircraft since the end of 1940. This rare photograph shows an RFC2 in the skies over the Southern Atlantic on the way to a rendezvous with the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis in the waters of the Antarctic, individual sightings of the first RFC6 Haunebu 2 were also reported.

In July 1941 work began on this Schriever/Habermohl flying gyroscope, a jet propelled vertical take off like aircraft. By the end of 1942 the first practical tests could begin, however there were serious design faults in the first prototype. The same year Dr Richard Miethe began work on a turbine driven light aircraft, the RFC17, this was to be discus and, not saucer shaped. The Italian scientist Giuseppe Belluzzo soon joined this project, followed shortly after by Schriever and, Habermohl, they worked together to produce a functional reliable light aircraft.

And so, on the 17th of April 1945 Richard Miethe was able to report to Adolf Hitler ‘today under my direction and, in the presents of three Luftwaffe officers the V7 was tested in the skies above the Baltic. The general characteristics and, attainable performance of the aircraft were as follows; the V7 was a supersonic helicopter fitted with 12 BMW O28 turbo aggregate engines, during the first test flight it reached an altitude of 78,000 feet and, on the second, rose to 80,000 feet. The craft in principle can be powered by unconventional energy sources’.

My background includes remote sensing technology and, the exploration of the UFO phenomenon. Over the years I have had the privilege of being a friend and, colleague of the late American Naval Admiral (??????) who was instrumental in bringing many of the German scientists to the United States at the end of World War 2. As many of you know there was an executive order given by President Truman on August of 1945, August 15th, 45 and, in March of 1946 the state naval war committee authorized the collection of German materials relating to experiments of high technology. The operation known as Paperclip was to bring, sequester German scientists privately to the United States in the hope that the Americans could begin a quick start, a catch up, in the areas of V1 and, V2 testing. Clearly the Germans were involved with the building of what many allies considered a miracle weapons systems. And so I have had the opportunity of looking very carefully at the documents that detail two histories. One the building of the first space city on planet Earth known as Peenemünde and, the bringing over of some of the best technical and, scientific experts in the world, headed by Dr Wernher von Braun which led to the placing of man on the moon. And secondly, a closer look at the lesser known development of what some experts will call the feuerkugel, the fiery ball, or the disc like hovercraft that the Germans were experimenting with during World War 2, which was known to American intelligence and, yet not really appreciated until the Germans began to cooperate with the Americans following world war 2 in a unified effort to advance mankind into space” (Professor J Hurtak).

The allies described the various German flashing flying aircraft that they saw as foo fighters, fire balls. The German name for the typical foo fighter however was fliegende Schildkröte, flying tortoise, because of its resemblance to the tortoise shell on the ground. It had been developed by a specialist technical unit of the SS, in the Vienna suburb of Vienna-Neustadt. It was in fact an unmanned flying probe, its mission was to fly close to enemy aircraft and reek havoc on the electrical circuits, in addition it was equipped with a special type of klystron tube, the SS spoke of death rays.

I was a fighter pilot in World War 2, I, I served as, I crewed 24 years as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, but I was a young fighter pilot in World War 2 and, I was a Captain in the Air Force near the end of the war. And we were, we began receiving reports some time in 1943 of foo fighters, fire ball fighters, they were balls of brilliant light, sometimes brilliant green and, sometimes brilliant orange light, sometimes the size of a basket ball and, sometimes much bigger, that would get in formation with our bombers and, stay there. Nothing, you couldn’t shoot them down, they couldn’t, you couldn’t, no matter what maneuver we went through they stayed exactly in position. I had friends who reported these balls of fire appearing outside of the cockpit of a fighter aircraft only 10 and, 15 feet away and, they did every maneuver they could think of, dives and, roles and, everything, trying to get rid of this ball of fire out there and, it remained in exactly the same position no matter what they did. This represented a technology far superior to anything we had encountered anywhere on the planet before, we thought these objects were being manufactured by the German government because they were our opposition at the time and, we thought they had discovered some new technique because we had already experience other instruments, other vehicles that passed through the bomber formation at very high speed that also had glowing tails. We had close approaches of disk shaped craft, not as close as one would like but following bomber formations. We knew that their rockets had been perfected and, we thought that most of these were simply a further extension of this rocket technology and, we believed that they were all being produced some place by the Germans” (Wendell C Stevens).

Now lets return to those people who right from the start were responsible for this. In the winter of 1942 a new light aircraft circled the Vril testing ground, the Vril 1. A single seater with an overall length of 36 feet, in other words the dimensions of a fighter aircraft, which was what the Vril was intended to be. This is also holds true for the armourments, three 30mm caliber MK108s and two MG17s.

While the Vril 1 was being developed and, constructed, significant strides must have been made in the attempts to make trans-medial contact. There were definite plans already at hand for the construction of a much larger aircraft, the Vril 7. In comparison to Vril technology, the Miethe/Belluzzo and Schriever/Habermohl projects were really still quite conventional.

The hybrid use of this technology, some investigators believe, led to the development of the commonly recognized spacecraft, known as the Belluzzo, Schriever, the Miethe systems. The first, the second and, the third prototypes of which we see here, represent the most commonly seen and, observed spacecraft world wide since 1947. The documentation and, personal experiences with many of the German fuel experts however suggest that as early as 1935 the Germans were aware that there was life and, technology in the universe and were at least indirectly aware of the possibilities of building their own saucer craft which would make them basically, the first to of open the window to contact with other areas of higher evolutionary intelligence. Unbeknown to those involved in Operation Paperclip there were other scientists involved in the development of very advanced systems. From the larger Haunebu systems that were developed in 1939, 42 and, 45, that could carry literally scores of officers, to the Vril system which was a very small vehicle, to a very large interplanetary electro magnetic spacecraft that was at least on the drawing boards that had cabins for sleeping. We have a prospect of a vast system that made use of underground facilities for the preparation and, launching of these most unique saucer craft that literally baffled the Americans and the British” (Professor J Hurtak).

The SS however had a more audacious plan, there were at least on paper plans for a giant Haunebu spaceship with a diameter of over 400 feet and, if the reports are correct there was even a 230 feet long Haunebu 3. Just before the end of the second world war, department SSE4 planned to build its own gigantic UFO space station, it was to have been assembled in the old zeppelin hangers, its name, the Andromeda machine. Weights of more than 100 metric tonnes wouldn’t have posed any difficulty to the Vril gravitational engine.

Where did the inspiration come? If we look back at the history of the ancient near middle east keeping in mind that the German philosophers were some of the best Orientalists, the work of Friedrich Delitzsch, who was one of the foremost Assyriologists, in his book ‘Bibel und Babel’, ‘the study of Babylon and, the bible’, we acknowledge a reference to flying spacecraft. We have the same concepts in the Sanskrit traditions of the Vimāna. The Germans were clearly well aware throughout the history of some 12 to 6 thousand, to 3 thousand, years behind the pan oriental and, near eastern history that these craft did exist and, thus began in the thirties a very intensive effort to try to look at these exotic systems that could cross as it were the space barrier and, open the window to contact with other worlds. Is this very unique scenario the contact with other worlds, that is the most important part of the history of the Third Reich. For how did this type of experiment arrive on the scene, that is to say the genetic experiments? How did this type of experiment arrive on the scene, that is to say the ability to come up so quickly with such a vast category of different space systems of flight navigation? how does this system, of a global science, that is to say that gave German experts the ability to make expeditions to Kashmir and, to the South Pole? Somebody appeared on the scene, obviously there are higher connections” (Professor J Hurtak).

Many expeditions were mounted before and, even during the war, not just in the near east but also as far afield as South America such as this one led by Edmund Kiss and, in the remotest regions of Asia under the leadership of the famous Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. It was the search for traces of a higher knowledge.

My aim was always those unknown parts of Asia and, perhaps more that enticing word ‘unexplored’, over white expanses. Such were the areas of inner Asia and Tibet that I’ve always sorted out, that is to say, that I have always had a feeling and, a belief that in the middle of the desert, where there was not a soul to be found and, where there were no roads, perhaps there could I discover trace of some ancient civilization” (Professor Sven Hedin).

The Vril Society already had its own ordatious plan, they got together around Christmas 1943 for a secret meeting in the German Baltic sea resort of Kolberg. We don’t know exactly what was discussed behind closed doors on that occasion. We do know however that one subject was right at the top of the agenda, Operation Aldebaran, on which the mediums Maria and, Sigrun divulged new trans-medial information. Fragmentary though these trans-medial message are, they never the less enable us to form an amazingly clear picture of their meanings. Even maps and landscapes of distant planets have been received by medial communication.

The Aldebaran solar system is 68 light years away from the planet Earth, the magical medial telepathic agencies of the Thule and, Vril societies have this to report about it. The Sun Aldebaran has two inhabited planets circling it, two together go to make up the Sumerian Empire.

On the 3rd and, 4th of January 1944, a meeting is believed to have taken place between Hitler and, Himmler, the subject of their discussion, the Vril project, the protection of the (?) Vril spaceship [inaudible], In other words, a tunnel that was independent of the speed of light to Aldebaran.

If we look at human history, we see throughout the documents of Sumeria, of Ebla in Syria, even the old testament book of Ezekiel chapter 1, speaks of the wheel within the wheel. So there’s very clear evidence of higher and, parallel evolution throughout history. However it is very clear that the major impact of (?) technology did not occur in 1947 at Roswell, but rather earlier by some 10 to 12 years, in the area of Germany. And on the basis of looking at documents and, talking with former scientists who worked in Germany during the war it is clear that many of the officers saw UFOs in the sky over Germany during World War 2. And even in the region of Peenemünde where the first experiments took place there’s clear evidence that there were advanced electronic eyes and, ears that were watching very carefully the German scientific developments. Clearly and, logically Germany would be the most unique place for a contact that would be made by higher intelligence since it was in the leadership of the scientific industry in the twentieth century” (Professor J Hurtak).

Can we really disregard the possibility there was an alien influence a contact at work at that time? What could this structure photographed on the Vril testing ground in the Autumn of 1943 possibly be? A Vril 7 engine being tested, possibly, but might it also be a spaceship from Aldebaran?

Now we know that in the early parts of the war there were certain factions of the allied forces that did not believe he had a secret weapon and, it wasn’t until the Americans made much emphasis of this that they began to look at this seriously and, indeed did discover that Hitler not only had a secret weapon he had what we would call today a UFO or spacecraft. He had one already off of the drawing board and, flying, and, it was capable of 1200 miles an hour, vertical take off, 90 degree changes and, much like a helicopter and, of course was far superior to anything the allied powers had at that time. Secondly, they knew that they had a second craft about to be up and, going, it was capable of going 2500 miles an hour which was double the original. And, not only did it have the original characteristics of the original craft but it also had a laser weapon aboard it that was capable of penetrating 4 inches of armour. Now needless to say that, that really spooked the allied forces into making a redemptive attempt against him and, bringing him into a state of capitulation” (Former CIA Virgil Armstrong).

What then became of all the secret projects carried out during the Third Reich, there are indeed a whole series of explanations. One is that the most important flying saucer was purposefully sent to the bottom of Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria. Another is that they were concealed somewhere in South America and, in the Antarctic and, not just that, some people actually maintain that there is a German UFO base in the Antarctic and, that many were brought there disassembled by submarines. The most bizarre theory originates from the special department U13, German UFOs are said to have traveled back in time as a result of entering a strange space-time discontinuity where they were then received as the white gods of Ancient Sumerian and, Babylonian legends, amazing tales.

There is however something concrete to go on, why did the allies under Admiral Byrd mount an invasion of the Antarctic?

I would like to say that among the many scenarios of course there was the reality that there were some 30 missing German submarines that came from Baltic port areas at the close of World War 2. These submarine systems had the Voltaire snorkel system which allowed them to stay under water for weeks at a time and, this advanced technology made the German U-boats some of the finest in the world at the time as acknowledged by US naval documents. It is conceivable that some of this advanced technology could have been put on the submarines, spirited out, and with the snorkel system could have made for Argentinian ports and, even the facilities there in Queen Maud Land or in Neuschwabenland. I say this as a strong possibility having seen the film that was seen in 1947 with Admiral Byrd and, Admiral Wood. I had the opportunity to actually see portions of this film and, what struck me was the fact there was a significant military contingent that went down to Antarctica with Admiral Byrd. Why was it necessary to bring some 4000 soldiers, a battle ship, an aircraft carrier and, a support team to go into an area that was purely geological/geophysical exploration. Clearly there were other unknown factors there and, it was up to the Americans to see if they could acquire this missing technology, that is one scenario” (Professor J Hurtak).

After a few day however and the loss of an undisclosed number of aircraft the operation was abruptly terminated. What happened, what mysterious opponent could have repelled the allied invasion so quickly and, decisively, could it have been the few remaining members of the German armed forces, or perhaps even aliens from Aldebaran? Admiral Byrd later explained to the press that in the event of another war, the hard facts were that we would have to reckon with an attack from aircraft that could fly from pole to pole.

Later reports indicated that Admiral Byrd was given eight months and unlimited funding, if he went and pulled this thing successfully off. But we also know that within eight weeks he was totally defeated. Now the supposition at that point was that there was an advanced civilization and, technology, most probably alien, that were with the Third Reich and, the SS who was in Antarctica and, that those great and, developed technologies were used to defeat Admiral Byrd” (Former CIA Virgil Armstrong).

Throughout the world in the ancient manuscripts of lost civilizations we are confronted over and, over again with tales of space traveling Gods who visited our planet to prepare mankind for a new age of knowledge and, wisdom that will come about as a consequence of the next evolutionary step. The occult secret societies of the Third Reich knew of these traditions and, sort ways to make contact with these space traveling Gods who had first arrived in Babylon all those centuries ago.

Nazi Schriever-Habermohl model

According to a documentary called “UFOs and the Third Reich”, the Nazis created a copper coloured, 10 foot wide by 12 foot high, bell shaped, anti-gravity electric propulsion craft which combined futuristic rocket and helicopter technology. Georg Klein a German engineer reported such designs had been developed during the Third Reich. In debriefings British and American bomber crews reported strange sightings over enemy territory near the end of the war, thought to have been test flights of the Nazi Bell.

The documentary explores the possibility of the 1947 Roswell incident being a crash of another Luftwaffe flying saucer known as the Schriever-Habermohl model, where Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl were engineers. Centered in Prague between 1941 and 1943, captured eyewitnesses claimed to have seen the Schriever-Habermohl model which was produced in Prague fly on multiple occasions. According to an engineer who served as a consultant to the Schriever-Habermohl project, Joseph Andreas Epp, 15 prototypes were built in total. The plans for it were taken to America at the end of the war in order to stop information falling into the hands of Russia and Britain.

In 1943 the technology is reported to have fell into the hands of the Americans, along with 1500 SS V2 rocket scientists who were rescued by American and British Intelligence as well as the Catholic Church through the Rat Lines as part of Project Paperclip.

One of the men said to have been rescued was mass murderer SS general Hans Kammler who was head of construction and defence projects for the Third Reich using Jewish captives from forced labour factories at Auschwitz. Another Nazi last seen in Argentina was Josef Mengeles, according to many victims of the CIAs MKUltra program, Mengele was operating in America.


I believe it’s possible that some people are going through hypnosis and programmed to believe that aliens are using them, the methodologies of hypnosis coming from Nazi scientists who were rescued after World War 2 by British & American intelligence agencies and the Catholic church. Between 1500 to 9000 scientists were rescued via the rat lines including the Angel of Death Josef Mengele and allowed to continue their research and abuse of children in Britain and America.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Using the KISS methodology, I believe it is possible humans are using advanced human technologies. I believe it is possible that some Ufologists are twisting reality to sway public opinion, people who have been abused by British and American military black projects are being made to believe that it is aliens abusing them, in reality it is our own people, 100% terrestrial.

Lies & False Flag Terror

That the British and American governments and intelligence services would manipulate public consciousness is indisputable, an example being Nicholas (2003) and BBC (2003) who report British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), were involved in a psychological warfare operation against the British and American public to sway public opinion to invade Iraq. The operation was called Operation Mass Appeal, it was a campaign aimed at planting stories in the media about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

According to Former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter in his book, Iraq Confidential, “Mass Appeal served as a focal point for passing MI6 intelligence on Iraq to the media, both in the UK and around the world. The goal was to help shape public opinion about Iraq and the threat posed by WMD”. MI6 propaganda specialists said they were able to spread the misinformation through “editors and writers who work with us from time to time”.

Let us never forget Jimmy Savile and the 30 year cover up by the British government and crown of murder and industrial paedophilia who are now in damage control mode, or the 100 year D-Notice by war criminal & alleged paedophile Tony Blair on the Dunblane massacre.

Let us not forget Americas Project Mockingbird, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 911, 7/7, MH370, all examples of false flag attacks committed by our own side on our own people. To think that we live in a world where everything is clean cut is naive.

Manipulated Message

Religion and superstition is being used as a vehicle to spread a manipulated message, and then collective hysteria sets in which is easy to fall for no matter how educated you are. I’m not saying that people aren’t seeing and experiencing a phenomenon such as balls of light, flying disks, flying triangles, bestiality or paedophilia, but what I believe is possible is that people are going through mind control and the alien is a screen for the true abuser/abusers, and missing time is possibly drugs such as Scopolamine which is common in ritual abuse according to victim testimony. The reason peoples stories start at the same time is possibly because people are being programmed with the same story.

Cattle Mutilation

The cattle mutilation phenomenon could be simply blood being used for religious rituals, ritual mutilation is the same MO as UFO cattle mutilation, but some people in the UFO field would rather have you believe that it’s aliens to cover up for ritual abuse either Satanic or Christian.

Men in black

The men in black are simply men which are metaphors of demons, in Christian demonology Satan and/or demons were depicted as black dressed men, often riding a black horse, thats why you get men in black in black cars, it is Satan programming. When depicted as animals demons are colored black. They aren’t actually aliens or demons, they are simply men and evangelicals interpret them as demons which spreads a manipulated message.

Religious Cults

According to the Daily Mail (2014), Labour MP for Camberwell and Peckham Harriet Harman wrote that “The incest taboo is world wide and has a close connection with religious cults and magic“, while working for the Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) in the 1970s.

According to Dr Ellen Lacter children from Satanic & Wiccan cults are abused from birth, they are then abused by large groups of people, this is where some of these groups of people make their money through child pornography.

Dr Lacter says that groups of abusers spend as much time installing mind control into the child that they do grooming the child. Children are made to believe that aliens abducted them as a cover memory for the sexual abuse, abusers going so far as to stage an alien abduction.

Abusers install alternative personalities similar to the partitioning of a hard drive in a dual boot configuration on any computer system.

Organized groups raise their children to be in positions that further the groups agenda, they raise one child to be a journalist, another to be a judge, another a police officer, another a politician, another to own a morgue to get rid of any bodies or mislead in investigations.

For more information on Jewish paedophilia see the following article, available here.

Ritual Abuse Example 1

Dr Lois Einhorn is from a German Jewish family, she was physically and mentally ritually abused by her mother and father, she was forced to torture her sister and animals using methodologies from Nazi concentration camps. She was told by her father when she was a child, that if she spoke out, she would be killed along with her sister and mother.

NaziChildAbuseOne method of child abuse torture is to hang a child by the feet then inflict pain on the child so they can hear the child scream.

(Gaia Militia, 2014)

She grew up in what would appear a typical Jewish family home on the outside with a dark secret behind closed doors, at certain times of year on religious dates she was brought up to participate in sadistic ritual sex torture with family members. She was given choices such as kill pets that she had raised or torture her sister. She was hypnotized and played anti hypnotic tapes specifically designed to block anyone attempting to recover memories through hypnosis.

Ritual Abuse Example 2

On May 1st, 1989, a Jewish woman by the name of Vicki Polin appeared on the Oprah show where she said that she was born into a multi generational satanic Jewish family who participated in devil worship. She was made to participate in incest, ritual abuse, cannibalism and ritual human sacrifice. At certain times of year on religious dates she was also brought up to participate in sadistic ritual sex torture with family members. Vicki says that members of her family bred children to be sacrificed, she was made to kill an infant as a child during a ritual ceremony as a way to gain power. Vicky says that because of the trauma she was forced to participate in, she ended up with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)/Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), that was another purpose of the child sacrifice, to develop DID in the person. She says that her family kept a family tree of the people who had participated in ritual abuse throughout the generations. Vicky also says that other Jewish families participate in ritual sacrifice, although not all Jewish families ritually murder children.

Ritual Abuse Example 3

David Shurter was born December 6th 1966 into a Satanic Jewish family, who forced him to participate in paedophilia, electroshock torture, human sacrifice, ritual torture, bestiality and cannibalism. His father was a high priest in a Satanic coven. Shurter says that Michael Aquino was his main handler, it was Aquino who would do almost all of the torture under the US government MKUltra program. He says that he has met hundreds of victims who were involved in the CIAs MKUltra child abuses.

michal_aquinoChild murdering paedophile transvestite Michael A. Aquino 13th Baron of Rachane (Clan Campbell), Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom

Lt. Colonel, Psychological Operations, First Special Forces Regiment, U.S. Army Retired

(Citation Needed)

At age 10 he was forced to participate in murder, he was buried alive as a child with a corpse, and was witness to other children being buried alive, some of which were left to die.

Shurter had multiple siblings, he says that he believes that his older brother was his families first born sacrifice, he also believes that his sister Cindy was murdered because of what she was about to tell him about past abuses. Shurter had another brother, Steven, who was a paedophile, he was a photographer who would often bring home pictures of dead bodies.

As a child he was taught how to murder children using daggers, he was taught how to cut up and dispose of the bodies. He recalls times when he cut up, up to 3 children in a night, then drink the childs blood. He recalls children being disemboweled and made to watch them die as they screamed.

In 1979 Shurter recalls a time when he was 10 years old, he had a female childhood friend who had gone missing, her father came to Shurters family home looking for his daughter. The man was invited into the house where he was drugged, tied up, dowsed in a flammable liquid and then Shurter was made to set him alight. The man woke up from his drugged state and began screaming, his father took a shovel and stuck it into the mans stomach.

Shurter says that he believes his father was involved in the murder of multiple children after his father told him that he had committed crimes against children. He says that he believes his father was involved in the disappearance of Johny Gosh, Jacob Wetterling, Ricky Chadick, and Eugene Martin. He believes this because his family owned the same vehicles used in the disappearance as well as because of a systematic cover up by the US government and the CIA.

ShurterMissingChildren4 children Shurter believes his father was involved in the disappearance of.

(Gaia Militia, 2014)

Another time Shurter recalls seeing a child being thrown out of a plane while still alive to keep him quiet.

As a child he would play hide and seek, the rule of the game, if you are found, you are murdered. Shurter says, looking back, that the adults knew who they were going to murder, while hiding you could hear the screams of the children being tortured and killed.

Shurter recalls a time in a chapel built by Freemasons where children were sacrificed. Children were either cremated or buried alive with a corpse.

Shurters family had connections to reported child murdering paedophile Warren Buffett. He says that Warren Buffett and George Herbert Walker Bush were deeply involved in the Franklin coverup.

Nazi UFOs & Paedophilia

Mauri (2006) who was raised an Atheist to school teachers in a cult family, was born April 30th 1941 in Sitter city, Utah. In a radio interview on the Grassy Knoll radio show with Vyzygoth, 16th August 2006, she says that in the 1940s she was raised to participate in ritual abuse ceremonies. She was made to participate in bestiality, paedophilia, ritual sex magic, witch craft/Satanism and child pornography. Her brother was made to shoot her, her sister was told that she had to cut her heart out but she was given a pig instead. She was put in a manger and a cow was sacrificed, the blood was used to cover her as part of the ritual. She ended up with MPD/DID because of her experiences.

She was sold by her family and then used and abused as a child by Nazis on American military bases, made to dress up as a grey alien and perform mock alien abductions.

### I believe it is possible America moved from using children for alien abduction to a more advanced method, human animal hybrids https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/ufoovni-disclosure-is-american-humananimal-hybrids/ ###

Mauri (2014) writes “The grey alien is a creation of Nazi innovation. An alien being was needed to accompany the secret advanced flying machines made during WWII in Germany, which after the war developed into the Nazi UFO hoax in America. What was their secret formula in creating the grey aliens? Let’s start with the stocking mask. It turns out the nylon stocking was useful for more than just a gift to the ladies. In fact the stocking mask was the precursor of the ski mask so often used today in many a bank robbery. The stocking contorts the face down to the bones and removes a person’s individual facial features. The ears become just two holes and the nose (on a child) becomes two nostrils instead. The mouth becomes a nonfunctional slit. And the eyes disappear altogether. Why it makes you look almost alien; except for the eyes. One could add a nice pair of WWII army surplus goggles to hide the lack of eyes. Oh wait; if one hides the elastic on the goggles, each lens (which is almond shaped) becomes an eye. Cool! If the stocking is wrapped around the head, covering the hair, the head becomes bigger and bald. Add a little white bath powder to blend it all together. And, oh did I mention that the Nazis liked to use children, specifically little girls. The Nazis were not only innovative; they were cheap. The little grey alien doesn’t even get clothes, but has to run around in the cold night air naked“.

TomatoMan1Tomatoe man – portrayed alien spaceman who crashed In Mexico, about 30 miles south of Laredo, Texas, In July, 1948.

(UfoEvidence, 2014)

The grey aliens were a part of a larger program of mind control, especially of cult-connected members (victims). No one comes back from an abduction with anything good to say about grey aliens because they were a substitute in what used to be “Satan” programming, as in Satan is watching you, only now it’s the greys and they are inserting implants and watching you. Same difference. Both Satan and grey aliens also like animal mutilations, not to mention both are involved in the sexual creation of hybrids, Satan-human and alien-human. Who would like an alien that mimics Satan? Actually I consider that view unfair. When I was a grey alien I just stood there, cold and scared, ready to piss in my pants, if I had been allowed to wear them“.

What are grey aliens good for? They can’t reproduce to make more grey aliens. This is true since they only used prepubescent females and then called them adult males. The Nazis seemed confused on this issue. Maybe the grey aliens had long life spans; which might enable them to travel in their Nazi UFO many millions of light years from home. At any rate they turned out to be enormously popular with the general public and cult alike. Two of the original space aliens, the Venusians and the Greys, were created out of women and children the Nazis already controlled, their army of Beta sex slaves. Sex trafficking and blackmail is one of the big guns in the Nazi war on sanity. With the Earth going to hell as we speak, the Nazis have supplied us with an otherworld salvation, about which we have a choice. We can all form a One World Government to fight the alien invasion, or we can all form a One World Government to follow our alien overlords, its up to you“.

She recalls an event when she was in the desert with other children on chains, she was witness to a child having their arm cut off and thrown in a fire. She recalls another event where she was drowned, sometimes known as O2T torture.

While with the Nazis she recalls a time when she was in a room with other children, someone had their black boot on her chest, saying to her “please or you die, please or you die“. A little boy was complaining at the other side of the room, one of the Nazis got a rifle with a bayonet attached and stuck it into the boy, which killed him.

Mauri (2006) remembers a time when she saw Nazis raping 4-6 year old children while watching recordings of Jews being tortured and murdered in concentration camps, that’s how the Nazi mentality is created, the association of sexual desire with extreme violence.

She remembers a time at Groom Lake when she was made to participate in a UFO hoax with other children. When discussing Roswell she says that she believes the Roswell crash was basically victims of Nazi abuse and fake alien psychological operations.

Jews & Military Abductions

While in a discussion with an alleged alien abductee, by the name of Lisa, from Dr Karla Turners book Taken: Inside The Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, Wilson (2008) recorded the following conversation;

Interviewer Katharina Wilson asked “You state in your journal that despite being raised a Christian, someonepossibly the beings themselveshave told you that you are really Jewish. I read this several times in your journal. I find this very interesting and I was wondering if you could elaborate on this? Does this occur during MILAB encounters, alien encounters or both?”.

Interviewee Lisa answered “I am a Christian and also a Jew. I feel so saddened because I sense I am hated for being both. They told me I am a Hidden Jew. I didn’t know what that meant until I looked it up. It means, ‘Thru the Blood you will be known… [me and others] That is how they will hunt you down“”.

“Then, when I’m with the military [MILAB experience] they call me a Jewish Wench. Years ago during an encounter I was told they would try and find every last one of us through our DNA and that our blood tells so much about who we are. My blood type is B negative, and I believe the RH-negative blood is of importance no matter what part of the human race you are.

Interviewer Katharina Wilson asked “Do you believe there is a relationship between being an abductee and being a “hidden Jew” or is this something that is unique? In other words, are only certain abductees of Jewish descenthidden Jews — or is it possible that all abductees have a hidden bloodline in them? Do you think that is the reason we are being abducted in the first place?”.

Interviewee Lisa answered “I take being told I am a hidden Jew as if it was for my protection and this has been keep secret for a reason. I have also been told, ‘Do not dilute your bloodline’”.

“I believe God has Jews and Gentiles he has selected for his purposes in life. The Bible says ‘…First the Jew then the Gentile. Whether it be blessings or punishments’”.

Military Hologram Technology

According to released Wikileaks emails from intelligence company Statfor;

Re: [CT] (not completely crazy)- The Truth Behind UFO Sightings and the U.S. …

Released on 2013-03-11 00:00 GMT
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Fred, that seems reasonable to me. While I don’t have any first hand
knowledge, I agree with the author that his premise has validity. It ties
in, post facto, with some of our more current sophisticated technology
both in aviation and radar.
Hope all is going well with you. How is your book coming? RMM

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Subject: [CT] (not completely crazy)- The Truth Behind UFO Sightings
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The Truth Behind UFO Sightings and the U.S. Air Force
‘Mirage Men’ author Mark Pilkington discusses how the military used UFO
stories to keep aircraft projects secret

By Alex Kingsbury

Posted: September 16, 2010

Are UFOs a mirage, conjured up by the Air Force to obscure classified
flight projects? In part, argues Mark Pilkington, a British journalist
and filmmaker who writes about society’s oddities. In Mirage Men: An
Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs, he
makes a persuasive case that much UFO-logy canon was started or
encouraged by the government trying to conceal Cold War military
projects. He recently chatted with U.S. News about the origins and
effects of UFO mythology around the world. Excerpts:
Click here to find out more!

How has the UFO story been shaped by the government?

These ideas do generate themselves to some extent, but there is evidence
that they were specifically shaped in some instances. I don’t think this
is some long-running grand conspiracy, I just think that the UFO story
has been deployed and used at times when it was convenient. Just about
everything that is popularly believed about UFOs has been exploited,
shaped, and, at times, generated by people working for the U.S. Air
Force and the intelligence community. The idea that UFOs crashed on U.S.
soil, that the U.S. government was harboring and hiding UFO technology,
that it was denying its citizens the right to know that aliens have come
here and visited-all these things have been deliberately seeded into the

Why would the government “seed” these ideas?

UFO stories are used as a cover story for the flight-testing of
experimental and clandestine aircraft. If you look at the places where
UFO sightings are frequent, they are also the places where the military
tests its experimental aircraft. For the first few years that UFOs
circulated in popular culture after World War II, the public didn’t talk
about UFOs as being alien. Rather, they were talked about as advanced
U.S. or Russian aircraft.

How long has this been going on?

Much of it dates to the first flights of the U2 spy plane back in the
1950s. The CIA’s in-house journal had a story about 10 years ago that
said that one of the functions of Project Blue Book [the official Air
Force investigation into UFOs] was to monitor how visible the U2 was to
people on the ground. Someone would see what they thought was a UFO and
then the Air Force would send someone around to talk with them. Of
course, the Air Force would have a schedule of the U2 flights and be
able to tell if what the person saw was indeed a U2. By talking to all
these supposed UFO witnesses, the CIA could assess how visible the U2

Were the Soviets a target for this?

There are other, more subtle motivations from the U.S. side. One is the
idea of a super weapon. If unfriendly nations believe that you harbor
alien technology that you have integrated into your own weapons systems
and aircraft, then they have good reason to be afraid.

What happened in 1952 over Washington, D.C.?

The first incident took place early one morning in July. It was reported
extensively in the newspapers that a number of unknown objects appeared
on radar screens around Washington. Now, it looks very plausible to me
that the Washington incident was a demonstration of a technology from
the Defense Department, known as Project Palladium, which allowed the
operator to project radar blips onto other radar screens. Later on, the
technology became very sophisticated to the point where you could change
the shape of the blip and its speed and so forth. We go on in the book
at length about the evidence that suggests that the Washington radar
incident was a planned operation.

Do UFO fanatics know it may be they’re duped?

Certainly. I’m not the first person to tell them this. UFO lore has
transcended to what has become a religious matter for many of those
involved. We talk to a man called Bill Moore, who in the 1980s was one
of the most respected people in the UFO community. He was co-opted by
Air Force intelligence to act as a mole passing information to the Air
Force about what people were researching and to pass disinformation back
into the UFO community. When he came clean about all this at a UFO
convention in 1989, people ran out crying into the hallways. But what
happened to the larger UFO lore? Nothing.

Is this a worldwide phenomenon?

The UFO story is a global one, but I think it has its origins in
American culture. Not long ago there was a major UFO wave in Iran. Not
surprisingly, all the UFO incidents happened near the country’s known
nuclear sites. Initially it was odd lights in the sky, then over a few
days, the stories started getting more dramatic. They were describing
small robots hovering in the skies. I read an interesting article
recently that described the impact of the drone use over Pakistan and
Afghanistan. The villagers describe the drones as being spiritual beings
with a life of their own that live in bedrooms in space and come to feed
on women and children. It is fascinating to watch, because I feel like
I’ve seen it all before. It will be different for every nation, as they
develop. Perhaps every nation will get the aliens it deserves.

Sean Noonan

Tactical Analyst

Office: ***

Mobile: ***

Strategic Forecasting, Inc.


American DOD Paedophile Rings

On January 6th, 2011, Anderson Cooper for Jewish propaganda media station CNN did an interview with Senator Chuck Grassley about Department of Defence (DoD) employees involved in downloading child pornography and at that time were possibly still working for the US government and US military. According to Senator Grassley, a sting operation turned up 5200 potential military suspects, 1700 were never investigated first time around four years ago.

Beneath the DoD, are 3 subordinate military departments, they are the Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, and Department of the Air Force.

The DoD has 4 additional national intelligence services that are subordinate, they are the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).


The “big 5” US intelligence agencies

(Gaia Militia, 2014)

Other Defense Agencies include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), all of which are under the command of the Secretary of Defense.

DARPADARPA Information Awareness Office seal – Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye

(Wikipedia, 2014)

Ritual Abuse & Alien Abduction

The following charts are a comparison of ritual abuse and alien abduction;

Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:52:55

Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:53:05

Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:53:16Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:53:21   Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:53:37Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:53:55Screenshot from 2014-11-28 13:18:02

Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:54:03 Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:54:10 Screenshot from 2014-11-28 12:54:16

(Pritchard & Pritchard, 1995)

CIA & Reclassification Program

According to the National Security ArchivesWashington, D.C., February 21, 2006 – The CIA and other federal agencies have secretly reclassified over 55,000 pages of records taken from the open shelves at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), according to a report published today on the World Wide Web by the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Matthew Aid, author of the report and a visiting fellow at the Archive, discovered this secret program through his wide-ranging research in intelligence, military, and diplomatic records at NARA and found that the CIA and military agencies have reviewed millions of pages at an unknown cost to taxpayers in order to sequester documents from collections that had been open for years“.

The briefing book that the Archive published today includes 50 year old documents that CIA had impounded at NARA but which have already been published in the State Department’s historical series, Foreign Relations of the United States, or have been declassified elsewhere. These documents concern such innocuous matters as the State Department’s map and foreign periodicals procurement programs on behalf of the U.S. intelligence community or the State Department’s open source intelligence research efforts during 1948“.

Other documents have apparently been sequestered because they were embarrassing, such as a complaint from the Director of Central Intelligence about the bad publicity the CIA was receiving from its failure to predict anti-American riots in Bogota, Colombia in 1948 or a report that the CIA and the rest of the U.S. intelligence community badly botched their estimates as to whether or not Communist China would intervene in the Korean War in the fall of 1950. It is difficult to imagine how the documents cited by Aid could cause any harm to U.S. national security“.

To justify their reclassification program, officials at CIA and military agencies have argued that during the implementation of Executive Order 12958, President Clinton’s program for bulk declassification of historical federal records, many sensitive intelligence-related documents that remained classified were inadvertently released at NARA, especially in State Department files. Even though researchers had been combing through and copying documents from those collections for years, CIA and other agencies compelled NARA to grant them access to the open files so they could reclassify documents. While this reclassification activity began late in the 1990s, its scope widened during the Bush administration, and it is scheduled to continue until 2007. The CIA has ignored arguments from NARA officials that some of the impounded documents have already been published“.

“Every blue ribbon panel that has studied the performance of the U.S. defense establishment and intelligence community since September 11, 2001 has emphasized the need for less secrecy and greater transparency,” said Aid. “This episode reveals an enduring culture of secrecy in the U.S. government and highlights the need to establish measures prohibiting future secret reclassification programs”“.

On Friday, February 17, Aid and representatives of the National Security Archive, the National History Coalition, Public Citizen Litigation Group, and the Society for the Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR), wrote to J. William Leonard, director of the U.S. government’s Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) asking ISOO to audit the reclassified documents, to return documents to the files, and develop better guidelines for the review of historical records“.

Alien Hoax & New World Order

According to former Naval Intelligence William Cooper in the 1991 documentary Dimensions of Parapsychology “I found evidence, statements as far back as 1917 by people who belong to this secret power group to create an artificial alien threat from another planet in order to unite humanity and bring about the New World Order“.

Military Technologies

Differing Views

Please take into consideration and understand not everyone shares the same viewing port you do while traveling through space time consciousness;

fieldofviewperspectiveDr Steven Greer

Raised a devout orthodox atheist from a Jewish family, an Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society retired Jewish doctor, Steven Macon Greer married to a Jewish woman for 32 years, with Jewish children, worked in Israel for 3 years, a member of the Bahai faith, who believe that;

The unity of the human race, as envisaged by Bahá’u’lláh, implies that:

a world commonwealth in which all nations, peoples, religions and classes are closely and permanently united, and in which the autonomy of its state members and the personal freedom and initiative of the individuals that compose them are definitely and completely safeguarded;

a world legislature, whose members will, as the trustees of the whole of mankind, ultimately control the entire resources of all the component nations, and will enact such laws as shall be required to regulate the life, satisfy the needs and adjust the relationships of all races and peoples;

a world executive, backed by an international force, will carry out the decisions and apply the laws of the world legislature;

a world tribunal will adjudicate in all and any disputes that may arise between the various elements constituting this universal system.

a mechanism of world inter-communication, will embrace the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions;

a world metropolis will act as the nerve centre of a world civilization;

a world language will be either invented or chosen from among the existing languages and will be taught in the schools of all the federated nations as an auxiliary to their mother tongue;

a world script, a world literature, a uniform and universal system of currency, of weights and measures, will facilitate understanding among the nations and races of mankind;

the media will give full scope to the expression of the diverse views and convictions of humankind, will cease to be mischievously manipulated by private or public vested interests, and will be liberated from the influence of contending governments and peoples;

national rivalries, hatreds, and intrigues will cease, and racial animosity and prejudice will be replaced by racial amity, understanding and cooperation;

the causes of religious strife will be permanently removed;

economic barriers and restrictions will be completely abolished;

destitution and gross accumulation of ownership will disappear.

A world federal system, ruling the whole earth and exercising unchallengeable authority over its unimaginably vast resources, blending and embodying the ideals of both the East and the West, liberated from the curse of war and its miseries, and bent on the exploitation of all the available sources of energy on the surface of the planet, a system in which Force is made the servant of Justice, whose life is sustained by its universal recognition of one God and by its allegiance to one common Revelation—such is the goal towards which humanity, impelled by the unifying forces of life, is moving.”

(Bahai, 2014)

Screenshot from 2014-07-19 06:47:02

(Alpha Omega Alpha, 2014)

Screenshot from 2014-07-19 07:03:05(Quillen College of Medicine, 2014)

The image below is a screen shot from the Consciousness Life Expo where Dr Greer gave a lecture. On the t-shirts of the CSETI staff at the lecture is the all seeing eye logo.

GreerAllSeeingEyeDr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramidDr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramid1Dr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramid2Dr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramid3Dr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramid4Dr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

GreerPyramid5Dr Steven Macon Greer with the Eye of Providence on his t-shirt

(Steven Greer)

Since the 1950s Greer says that the intelligence agencies have hijacked the UFO subject, intentionally spreading disinformation, fear mongering, taking racism out into the universe. He claims to have a document from the CIA that talked about approaching Disney Studios to create cartoons that would spread disinformation about the UFO subject using psychological warfare and propaganda.

Greer says that “we are being visited by multiple interplanetary civilizations, they work together, some of them are 10 to the 6th, to 10 to the 7th years more developed than we are, meaning in the hundreds of thousands to millions of years more developed. Others may be a few thousand years down the path from where we are, none of them are hostile, they are all however concerned with our hostility“.

Joshua-Tree-Full-Res-300x225Dr Greer claims this is an alien on the right hand side of this picture

(Disclosure Project, 2009)


Dr Greer claims this is an image of an alien

(Disclosure Project, 2009)


Dr Greer claims this is a picture of an alien

(Disclosure Project, 2009)

He claims Extraterrestrial civilizations are viewing humanity with hope and promise with some trepidation because they have watched humanity for thousands of years go from clubs to nuclear weapons.

Greer claims that the Norway spiral was a warning to President Barack Obama to stay away from the UFO subject after Greer created a briefing for him.

*This doesn’t explain why the alleged spiral was in Norway.

lights_1540569c(Telegraph, 2009)

Greer says that he has briefed such people as child murdering paedophile rapists Illuminati Bill & Hillary Clinton and child murdering bisexual paedophile Barack Obama.

He claims that UFOs that come from other planets or solar systems pull energy from the fabric of spacetime, every cubic centimeter of empty spacetime has enough energy to run the planet for a day. He says that certain people in society who profit from things like gas, oil and coal do not want this information coming out because there’s a 600 trillion dollar price tag that they will lose. He says that J P Morgan said that he wouldn’t release such technologies because theres no way to charge people. This mind frame forces people into poverty.

Greer says that he was offered 2 billion dollars by American Army Intelligence in 1992 if he cooperated with the program.

Greer claims that there is an invisible committee of dictators that are keeping us all enslaved, he says that Americans, paedophile rapist child murderer Bill Clinton, rapist Dick Cheney, paedophile ritual child murderer George Herbert Walker Bush and Admiral Bobby Ray Inman are members of a committee he calls Majestic 12. Greer says he knows a lot of the members of Majestic 12 and has met them.

Greer says that two thirds of the Majestic group want the disclosure of Extraterrestrials & Zero point energy, the final third do not, and they are the ones who kill people, they worship destruction, they want world war 3, they want to see the world go through a collective death experience.

Greer claims that humans have been making Programmed Life Forms (PLFs) and man made UFOs since the 1950s, he says that reported paedophile Stan Romanek witnessed a PLF in his home, not a real Extraterrestrial.

Stan Romanek ET(Romanek, 2005)

Greer says that over the years trillions of dollars of American tax payer money has gone missing, unacknowledged projects also raise money through the international drugs trade. Greer says that the United States has lost control of its unacknowledged projects since the 1950s.

He says that Dulce New Mexico is a genetics lab, where Greys and Reptilian aliens come off a conveyor belt, they are robotic artificial intelligence, they have integrated circuits in the neural complex. Greer says these robotic aliens are put on fake UFOs and abduct people, he claims that there are real Extraterrestrials apart from this. Greer says that there are American servicemen working in abduction squads as part of black projects who abduct people from around the globe.

*America has been abducting people and children from their homes and raping them, making them have sex with animals, some have ended up dead.

Greer claims that he uses Remote Viewing to communicate with Extraterrestrial guidance systems out in space, what he calls Linear Thought Sequencing.

He claims that there is an Extraterrestrial spacecraft being tracked around the planet Saturn. He claims he is constantly being tracked by National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellites.

Greer says that he has had extraterrestrial contact several thousand times, he said the key to contact is to “know that I am God”, “be still and know that the divine being is within you“.

*This is the same mind frame as Satanists, they believe that they are God.

Greer claims when Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 landed on the moon, there were Extraterrestrial vehicles crowded in the Sea of Tranquility.

He claims that a secret government are planning to fake an Extraterrestrial invasion, everything has already been planned and put together, it was fully operational in 1974, and that all world leaders would be fooled.

Greer provided multiple videos and photos as evidence of his claims, the image below is a snapshot of one video that allegedly shows three to four flashing lights in the sky from March 14th 1992, Greer claims the event was witnessed by 40 to 50 people yet provides no witness testimony to backup his claims.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 21:26:49(Steven Greer)

He claims that an Extraterrestrial dematerialized out of the craft and materialized in the car park but provides no hard evidence that the car park event occurred and provides no witness statements as corroboration. In my honest opinion I have nothing more than power of suggestion to go off. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still image provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

Greer provided a photograph of a disk allegedly moving at 500 miles per hour, he says from a woman trained in the CSETI protocols. Allegedly computer analysis was done on the photograph which according to Greer concluded it was a large, metallic object, 30 feet wide and 15 feet tall. She allegedly felt the beings first and then grabbed her camera and took the following image. There was no more information provided like who the woman was or any further insight.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 21:31:13(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I have nothing more than power of suggestion to go off. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still image provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event. The object looks similar to the craft presented by Jew Billy Meier and Bob Lazar, the later is currently of unknown religious denomination. There is conflicting opinions on both Meier and Lazar, I personally do not believe Meier, in my opinion he fits the profile of a Jewish disinformation agent just like Bahai Jew Dr Greer. Also, Meier is an abusive man according to his own family, so I find it ridiculous that beings so spiritually evolved would chose someone who abuses people. Jew Stanton Friedman believes Bob Lazar is a fraud, yet Boyd Bushman recommends Lazar, so you end up with conflict. If the craft in the image provided by Greer is real it is more than likely a human made weapons platform being used to exploit the public.

The next image was provided by Dr Greer in still image video format who claims this is a picture of a crop circle that appeared on the land of the farm belonging to the family of the man who sold Dr Greer a farm.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 21:18:10(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I have nothing more than power of suggestion to go off. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The following image was provided by Dr Greer in still image video format who claims this is a picture of a dematerialized Extraterrestrial called Kindness and the soul of his dead friend Shari Adamiak from 2001. Shari Adamiak was allegedly murdered by Majestic 12, multiple members of Greer’s team allegedly caught cancer and he claims to be the only living member from the old days. The blue light is said to be the Extraterrestrial and the red glow he claims is the soul of his dead friend. The lights were caught on camera after a visit to a Shaman cave.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 21:36:31(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I see nothing but lights, I have no access to the original image or camera, I have Greer’s story to go off and this isn’t good enough, I have nothing more than power of suggestion. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next image, which was taken from video format, Greer claims is a trans-dimensional Extraterrestrial communication probe that can interface with thought from 2006. He says that it was sent down from an Extraterrestrial craft that he could see in the sky to scan the members of the group he was with.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 22:47:14(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I disagree with Dr Greer and believe this is nothing more than a moth caught on a low-speed camera, if a high-speed camera was used you would see this clearly, this is nothing more than power of suggestion. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next two images are snapshots from a lecture of Dr Greers where he shows in video format moving lights in the night sky that he claims are Extraterrestrial spacecraft. The object is presented as a spacecraft emitting a glowing light that moves across the sky, the emitting light starts off dim before getting brighter and then dimming again.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 22:56:01(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 22:58:04

(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I believe this is nothing more than a US military black project advanced weapons platform and Dr Greer knowns this. I believe Dr Greer is a US military operative or involved with the military industrial complex in some way, I believe it is his job to continue on the Extraterrestrial explanation of the craft in the sky. I believe some but not all of the witnesses are genuine, they are seeing structured craft or being abducted, they are being mentally and physically abused, but I believe it is humans doing the abductions and I believe Dr Greer knows this, I think he is manipulating the witnesses and the public. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next images are similar to the previous, they show an object in video format appearing to move across the sky which starts off dim then gets brighter and then dims again, Greer claims this object is an Extraterrestrial spacecraft with an alleged Extraterrestrial inside that he calls Kindness.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 23:10:17(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 23:10:32

(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I believe this is nothing more than a US military black project advanced weapons platform. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next image is of three lights that flash on and off in a gradient manner in the shape of a triangle in front of some trees, Greer again claims this is an Extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Screenshot from 2014-08-04 23:15:23(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I believe this is nothing more than US military black project weapons or special effects being staged at a planned location against the general public to steel money from naive people. It will be impossible for you to make any real judgments from the still images provided and both you as well as I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next images were taken in 2010, they were provided in still image video format by Greer who claims that they are pictures of an Extraterrestrial being, that moves through the group and enters a woman through her crown chakra.

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:34:56(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:37:48

(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:38:53

(Steven Greer)

In my honest opinion I find it to be a huge leap to speculate this is an extraterrestrial when nobody except the camera witnessed the event, therefore in my opinion it is probably a camera issue. It is impossible for me to make any real judgments from the still images provided and I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next image is what Greer believes is an Extraterrestrial called a light being with a halo, he said it appeared on a beach in front of him.

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:42:37(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:45:50

(Steven Greer)

In my opinion, if this image is even real, it is more likely to be a US military hologram being used to manipulate the public. It is impossible for me to make any real judgments from the still images provided and I hold no emotional memory to the event.

The next images Greer says were taken in England at the site of a crop circle, he says that they are Extraterrestrials moving from Astral to linear space time.

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 01:05:54(Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 00:57:45

(Steven Greer)

Again if these images are real, they are either US military hologram technology or US military black project space craft. It is impossible for me to make any real judgments from the still images provided and I hold no emotional memory to the event.

Greer claims that the next image is strange because there is a blue light surrounding the table and strange streaks of light appear when there is no where for light to appear from, the candles had gone out at this point. The image was taken in the same site as the previous two images.

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 01:00:46(Steven Greer)

Greer claims that the alleged Extraterrestrials are attracted to the Puja, Sanskrit and mantras they are using. I do not see anything strange in this image what so ever, this could be an insect of some sort caught on low speed camera. It is impossible for me to make any real judgments from the still images provided and I hold no emotional memory to the event.

Dr Greer believes that the fictional island of Atlantis mentioned by Plato in Timaeus and Critias was real, and that there are objects on Mars such as pyramids that are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years old.

The next image is of the main menu screen from Greer’s presentation, notice the A in contact, it is the Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye, it’s always subtlety done.

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 01:30:20 (Steven Greer)

Screenshot from 2014-08-05 01:30:20-1

(Steven Greer)


(Unknown Binding, 1989)


According to the Jewish EncyclopediaThe Jewish medieval commentators hold the “Kesil” to have been either the Arabic “Suhail” (= Canopus) or Sirius. On the plural, in Isa. xiii. 10, see Jensen, l.c. (note also his suggestion that “Kesil” is a generic name for “comet”)“.

Kimah” (Job ix. 9, xxxviii. 31; Amos v. 8) is the “Hen” (Luther) with her brood. Etymologically, the name signifies “a heap,” and is thus very appropriately descriptive of the cluster, now known as the Pleiades, in the zodiacal sign of the Bull“.


Stern (l.c.) argues that “Kimah” is Sirius. In the Talmud occurs this statement: “But for the heat of Kesil, the world could not endure, on account of the excessive cold of the Pleiades, and vice versa” (Ber. 59a; B. M. 106b). “Kimah” is qualified as a planet (; Ber. 58a); the etymology is, of course, fanciful. The setting of the Pleiades is said to have been the cause of the Flood (Yer. Ta’an. i. 64a, at foot). According to Abu al-Walid, “Kimah” is the Arabic “Al-Thurayya” (= Pleiades). Ibn Ezra reports that his predecessors held it to be a group of seven stars in the tail of the Ram, but he believes it to be a single star, “the left eye of Taurus.”“.

In Job xxxviii. 31 A. V. occurs the puzzling phrase “the sweet influences of Pleiades” (R. V. “cluster of the Pleiades“; margin, “chain”); , as shown by the parallelism with the “bands of Orion,” and the expression “canst thou bind,” is a transposition of (“chains” or “fetters”). Some mythological allusion is probably hidden in the expression.”“.

Ḳimḥi’s explanation, that the reference is to the ripening of the fruit (“Kesil“), or the reverse (“Kimah“), is plainly too rationalistic, notwithstanding the Talmudic authority he quotes or the opinion of his father (under )“.

What “Mazzarot” (Job xxxviii. 32) may be is still unsettled. Perhaps it is identical with “Mazzalot” (II Kings xxiii. 5). If so, it might designate Saturn or the seven planets. Stern (l.c.) would have this strange expression denote the Hyades. Ewald, for the passage in Job, claims the reference to be to the Northern and Southern Crowns, corresponding to the “chambers of the South” (“Teman”) in Job ix. 9. Others have suggested the constellation of the Southern Ship, characterized in an Arabic translation as the “heart of the South”; others again suggest Sirius. Friedrich Delitzsch leaves the problem open, simply transliterating the Hebrew (see his “Hiob,” p. 169, note to verses 31 et seq.). It has also been held to designate the Zodiac“.

According to Schrader (Schenkel, “Bibel-Lexikon,” v. 398), the constellation of the Dragon is mentioned in Job xxii. 13 (R. V. “swift serpent“); but this is very problematic. Winckler has suggested to read for “Nadgalot”; in Cant. iv. 4, 10, “Nergalot”; i.e., the Twins (Gemini; see “Altorientalische, Forschungen,” i. 293)“.

According to Springmeier and Wheeler (1996) when discussing the Star Sirius and the All Seeing Eye “The All-Seeing Eye is used to represent the planet Sirius. Sirius is important to the Hermetic magicians, and some of the programmers are deeply into hermetic magic. Satan is said to come from Draco or Sirius, esp. the dog star Canis major. Masonic programming may well have the “blazing star” portrayed in the programming as a pentagram, with the name Sirius. Sirius may represent the Master, the creator of the system in some systems where the programmer is steeped in Masonic philosophy“.

Story (2003) had this to say about SiriusIlluminised Freemasonry, as Heimbichner so succinctly explained, ‘is a nursery of Luciferianism from which promising candidates are selected, while others are left forever in the dark, content to exploit their old-boy connections, play their charity charade and exchange arcane hand-signals with judges, lawyers and jurors for mutual benefit of the guilty’“.

This ‘in-your-face’ temporary ‘supremacy’ of occult Masonic Illuminism in the United States is replicated many times daily as Americans handle their $1.0 bills, or travel by train past the gargantuan, monstrous Washington Memorial Temple at Alexandria. The image on the $1.0 bill is the insignia of the Illuminati, containing the ‘eye in the triangle’, the esoteric meaning of which is the Eye of Set-Sothis-Shaitan (Satan) represented astronomically as Sirius and anatomically as the anus“.

Quoting directly from Maze Ministry website, when discussing the star Sirius it writes “Ultimately, the pentagram can be traced back to being a symbol of the star, Sirius (from the Greek “scorching”). Albert Pike, premiere Mason and master occultist of 19th century America, identified the “blazing star” which is at the center of every Masonic lodge as the star, Sirius.(2)”.

SiriusDisclosure(Disclosure Project, 2014)

Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens and is part of the constellation Canis Major (“Great Dog”).(3) For this reason, among others, it is called the “dog star.” Because of its brilliance, it was worshipped by the ancient cults of both Sumer and Egypt as a god. It was the center of the stellar tradition in Sumeria.

canismajor(Harvard-Smithsonian, 2000)

This cult was so evil and debauched that later rulers, including the pagan pharaohs of Egypt, did everything they could to wipe it out; destroying its temples and defacing its obelisks and monuments.(4)”.

The Star of Set

Sirius was known to the Greeks as Sothis and to the Egyptians as Set.(5) Set is the Egyptian religion’s devil,(6) and is represented as a dog-headed man.(7) He is called by Masons and Rosicrucians the “Argentinium Astrum” or Silver Star, and is the patron of the highest three degrees (or spheres) of the magical Tree of Life.(8) His evil reputation extends back in literature to the time of the Greek writer, Herodotus”.

cseti1(Gaia Militia, 2014)

Sirius rises due east in Egyptian latitudes. Hence, it is known as the “Eastern Star” among occultists because of its prominence and magic power.(9) Masonic lodges and most occult lodges are oriented toward the east because of the esoteric belief that their power ultimately flows from Sirius or Set. Today the emblem of The Order of the Eastern Star is an inverted pentagram”.

“The ancient worship of Set was so vile and debased that most pagans even shied away from it. It has only come to the fore again in the past two centuries or so, and involves acts of homosexuality and bestiality. The celebrated Satanist, bi-sexual and Freemason, Aleister Crowley did much to bring Set’s worship back into prominence through his anti-Christian Thelema Cult which still exists to this day—40 years after Crowley’s death.(10)

CrowleyJewOTO(Story, 2003)

Set’s (or Satan’s) power is invoked or “turned on” by the inverted pentagram, and there are literally dozens all over the Salt Lake Temple! Those who visit the “Christus” room of the Salt Lake Temple Visitors’ center are unaware that as they view the statue, they are surrounded from behind, by a ring of inverted pentagrams”.

“The magical use of the inverted pentagram is to draw the kingdom of Satan into manifestation on earth, to implement Satan’s power more fully in the lives of those invoking it, and in the lives of people everywhere. It can thus have no other use than that of black magic!“.

(Spencer, 2014)

Rockefeller & Rothschild Family

SiriusDisclosure1(Disclosure Project, 2014)

According to the US government population clock there are 7 billion plus people on the planet, out of 7 billion people, Dr Greer chose a member of the Rockefeller family to help him disclose aliens. The Rockefeller family are said to be of the Rothschild bloodline and according to Springmeier (2005) both bloodlines are part of the Illuminati.

Price Tag

I personally believe Dr Greer is a Jewish disinformation agent, I believe it is possible that it is his job to subtly lead people away from the US military, he charges $3335 or £2039.69 a time for him to train you in how to communicate with alleged Extraterrestrials that he claims he has contacted thousands of times yet never provided 110% proof of the existence of Extraterrestrials. What Greer does is then take your money, and get you to sit in silence while the US military fly over your head. I believe it is a US military hoax, but real people are being killed to carry out the hoax.

Once you understand humans do kill other humans in ways beyond imagination, that humans like to watch other people suffer and will pay big money for it. People enjoy masturbating to dead people, to animals, while watching children being tortured and murdered, you need to understand this to understand the lengths people would go, just because you may not carry out such disgusting acts, doesn’t mean others don’t, naive people are being exploited which is created through the education system. Humans on our planet enjoy watching children being cut up while still alive without drugs and listening to them crying and screaming in pain, they enjoy dominating them, inflicting extreme pain sexually arouses them, do you truly understand this? Children are skinned alive without drugs to release chemicals into the bloodstream which is then consumed and reportedly gives off a high, then add on top the chemical sexual arousal.

Am I the only person who thinks this is a disgrace to charge people £2039 to speak to Extraterrestrials if they are really here? Am I the only person who thinks that this is a US military con man making money? He hasn’t mentioned any of the human mutilations which is twisting the truth just like suspected US government shill Linda Moulton Howe who claims the 1988 Guarapiranga Reservoir human mutilation was Operation Orange. Operation Orange didn’t core someones anus out or suck out their internal organs while the person was still alive.

CSETI (2014) states “1st time trainees: $3335 for 6 nights lodging and meals (continental breakfast, noon day meal, dinner), training materials (Dr. Greer’s contact training program) , tuition. If you already own the Contact Training Program, then the cost is $3200“.

“Old timers” – Those who have attended at least one training previously, very limited number of spaces – $1850 – for 6 nights lodging, meals and tuition“.

Most rooms (1st come 1st serve ) basis are private rooms with private baths“.

There are doubles with private baths available and there are a few folks who will have their own room but have to share a bath. Once you have registered you will be given contact information for the retreat center manager who will make the room assignments“.

The retreat center is 1 ½ hour drive from the Phoenix airport or about ½ hour drive from the Tucson airport. We will give the website and actual venue after you have registered. For privacy reasons we want to keep the venue confidential so that only retreat participants know where we will be“.

(CSETI, 2014)

Screenshot from 2014-09-04 17:49:15The time to travel the distance between Phoenix & Roswell would be minutes in the type of craft reported

(Bing Maps, 2014)


The true story of what UFOs are in our sky and what the victims of alleged alien abduction are experiencing is much worse than the average person can grasp it seems, a mixture of being naive through education and indoctrinated through religious scripture gives us a disadvantage to those in places of power and influence.

The real story of who is abducting people from their homes and molesting their children is being covered up to protect the Jews.


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