#OpDateRape – Rockefeller family close friend, Bahai (New World Order) Jew Dr Steven Greer and the Freemasons Pyramid & All Seeing Eye – Is Dr Steven Greer a Freemason & working for DARPA psychological warfare division? Does CSETI stand for See Satans Eye, SET associated with ISIS, symbolic of the Egyptian religions devil?


whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him” (Albert Pike).



ISISNephthysThe Uraeus (/jʊˈriəs/;[1] plural Uraei or Uraeuses; from the Greek οὐραῖος, ouraīos, “on its tail”; from Egyptian jʿr.t (iaret), “rearing cobra”) is the stylized, upright form of an Egyptian cobra (asp, serpent, or snake), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uraeus


In ancient Egypt the heart was the center of wisdom and the dwelling place of the soul…



Providence, “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015).

Annuit cœptis – providence favours our undertakings


Novus ordo seclorum – new order of the ages

Ordo Ab Chao – Order Out of Chaos


The image below is a screen shot from the Consciousness Life Expo where Dr Greer gave a lecture. On the t-shirts of the CSETI staff at the lecture is the All Seeing Eye logo, the Freemasons Pyramid and All Seeing Eye;


GreerPyramid GreerPyramid1 GreerPyramid2 GreerPyramid3GreerPyramid4GreerPyramid5

The image below is a picture of the Freemasons Pyramid and All Seeing Eye printed on the American 1$ bill, it is the same logo as on Dr Steven Greers t-shirt;

US 1$ Bill with the Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye Pyramid with “New order of the ages” or “New World Order

The image below is a picture of the Freemasons Pyramid and All Seeing Eye which is used in the official logo of DARPA, they have a psychological warfare division;

DARPA Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye Pyramid, their moto “scientia est potentia“, “knowledge is power”


Religion & politics breeds extremism, we have been born into a world of religious & political extremists, take Tony Blair, the Bush & Clinton family as examples.

If you see it yet or not, one day the penny will drop, the final goal is a New World Order created by the Freemasons which is a Jewish organization if you check, the Jews are at the center of everything. Who controls the media? who controls Hollywood? who controls the banks? who controls the government? what religion is Rothschild and Soros? What religion was Jesus Christ?

There’s a military operation being played out on the public by the United Nations using the publics money against them to implement a New World Order. The same New World Order the Freemasons are working towards, the same New World Order the Skull & Bones is working towards, the same New World Order the church is working towards, the same one world government the Bahai faith and others are working towards, the same New World Order promised to the Jews after world war 2, the same New World Order Hitler was working towards.

The children are honestly in danger from Freemason, Jewish & Christian Satanist/Luciferian paedophiles & nepiophiles infiltrating positions in society that have public influence in order to manipulate people and their children. Sadistic paedophiles & nepiophiles are extremely manipulative, if they are manipulating people to fuck peoples kids, they’re not going to give a toss about you in the slightest.

They’re saying they’re not doing something when they really are, and naive people are just believing what’s being said which puts the rest of us in danger.

That some Masons are Satanists is indisputable, to enter the Temple of Set, which has mostly Jewish members, you have to be a third degree Freemason, so some Freemasons are Satanist, that’s according to the Temple of Set admission documents.

Many human beings are sick, twisted, manipulative individuals, say one thing to your face while doing different behind your back.

People need to wake up and fast to what is happening around them, you live is an extremely violent society full of sexual deviants who enjoy the suffering of others, sexual sadists. Your governments are full of people with God Complex who rape and murder children using the money stolen from you in taxes.

You have been born into a highly sexually predatory society, we evolved from cannibals who sacrificed children and ate their beating hearts, signs of the sickness we have evolved from can be seen simply by taking note of people walking around in leather clothes, or driving in cars with leather seats. People enjoy wearing the skin of the dead, just because an item may be painted a different colour and treated with chemicals doesn’t change the fact they are wearing the skin of dead animals, people enjoy torturing each other for sexual gratification.

You have been born into a multi layered conspiracy involving a large number of people in positions which make and shape public opinion. Everything is rigged, from the banking to the voting system, from schools to the justice system, from the police to the intelligence services, and a lot more.

This practice of creating circumstances and of creating pictures in the minds of millions of persons is very common. Virtually no important undertaking is now carried on without it, whether that enterprise be building a cathedral, endowing a university, marketing a moving picture, floating a large bond issue, or electing a president. Sometimes the effect on the public is created by a professional propagandist, sometimes by an amateur deputed for the job. The important thing is that it is universal and continuous; and in its sum total it is regimenting the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers” (Edward Bernays, 1928).

We are being force fed secretive society run government propaganda on a daily basis, they say one thing publicly while doing something completely different behind your back. Because people keep coming back they keep doing it, we have low IQ people who don’t understand that when someone punches them in the face it doesn’t mean they’re your friend…

The sad thing is, people who read what is written won’t understand what I have had to go through to get to this point in life. They won’t understand the hurt and emotional pain and suffering I have had to go through to understand what is being done to us. Most people who read this will probably think I’m lying, and then go back to sheep…because it is easier to say I’m lying than deal with what I’m saying…


William Cooper

According to former Naval Intelligence William Cooper in the 1991 documentary Dimensions of Parapsychology “I found evidence, statements as far back as 1917 by people who belong to this secret power group to create an artificial alien threat from another planet in order to unite humanity and bring about the New World Order“.


George Herbert Walker Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush said in 1990 “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective— a new world order— can emerge…. We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders”. In 1991 he said “This is an historic moment…we have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order— a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders”.


Author Ian Taylor

There were many humanist thinkers back in the 1500s who saw the corruption that there was in the church of the day, and they concluded in order to get rid of that corruption there would have to be a New World Order. They had read Platos Republic, Platos Republic in the 1500s was now a popular work and Plato too was a Greek Philosopher living in the 5th century BC, and he too was totally fed up with the corruption that there was in government. He said ‘If we could have a group of wise men who were well paid to rule over people there would be no corruption’, it’s a nice thought, but a rather naive one. We’ve seen such governments today and they are totally corrupt, but nevertheless there are people today many people who think this is a good idea. This then was the agenda, for the humanist thinkers back in the 1500s, but in order to do that they had to first destroy the existing world order. The existing world order based upon the rules of God, through the King, and through the church. But to even suggest this, would have been seen to be heresy in its day and they would have lost their heads quite literally. And so they had to go into a Secret Society, now the Freemasons in that day, these were craft masons, these were the men who actually built the cathedrals of the day, they were highly skilled men, and it was like an early trade union. And they wanted to keep the secrets of their skills to themselves, good reasons for that. And so, the humanist thinkers infiltrated into the craft masonic lodges, and they then became the speculative masons, they were called speculative masons by the craft masons because they wouldn’t of known a square from a compass, they were just the humanists, the idealists, the academics. And so there are within the masonic lodges today two types of mason, the craft mason who is the genuine mason who cuts stone and so on, and then there is the speculative mason and he is the humanist thinker, he’s the person, whos purpose, is to re-build a New World Order” (Author Ian Taylor).


Professor Antony Sutton

Screenshot from 2014-09-22 04:09:19Professor Antony Sutton

According to Sutton (2002) there are multiple theories where Skull & Bones originated, two theories include;

  • The order originated from the Greek Demosthenes who died in 322 BC.
  • It extends from its founding date in America, 32 is in reference to the founding date in 1832 and 2 is the chapter number.

William Huntington Russell arrived in Germany in 1831 where he studied for a year, during his time in Germany it is said that he was introduced to the German predecessor of the Order of the Skull and Bones secret society, said to be the Bavarian Illuminati. Upon Russells return to America in 1832, in December of that year, he co-founded an American chapter with Alphonso Taft under the name the Eulogian Club, according to Sutton (2002) it is the original name of the Skull & Bones.

The objectives of the Order are to gain power, to keep power and to use power for their own purposes. They want to gain political power above all, to create a New World Order, they do this using Hegelian Dialectic, thesis played against antithesis leads to a synthesis, this is probably why other societies are made to cause conflict.

According to Sutton (2002) the objective is global control so an emphasis is put on global thinking, internationalism or globalism. They achieve this objective through the use of world organizations and world law ie the United Nations and the international court. One of Tafts objectives as part of the Order was a world court system and world law, he was focused on the “internationalist” aspect of the New World Order.

Screenshot from 2014-09-22 18:53:07(Sutton, 2002)

The links between The Order and Britain go through Lazard Freres and the private merchant bankers. Notably the British establishment was also founded at a University – Oxford University, and especially All Souls College at Oxford. The British element is called “The Group.” The Group links to the Jewish equivalent through the Rothschilds in Britain (Lord Rothschild was an original member of Rhodes “inner circle”). The Order in the U.S. links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families. There were no Jews at all in The Order until very recently. In fact, The Order has, as Rosenbaum suggests, some definite anti-semetic tendencies. Token Jews (and token blacks) have been ad­mitted in recent years” (Sutton, 2002).



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