#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Former Russian employee Greg Hallett – Queen Elizabeth is a Rothschild & born to Druidic Freemasonic Jew Winston Churchill


This article is a collection of allegations made by author Gregg Hallett an alleged historian who worked for the Russians. Hallett has made multiple claims about the Royal family ranging from paedophilia to illegitimate bloodlines.

Queen Elizabeth & Winston Churchill

Hallett (2011), a former Russian employee, claims that there is another alternative Royal bloodline to the one the public are being shown, and that Queen Elizabeths real father is alleged alcoholic, Freemason and Druid, reported Jew, Zionist Winston Churchill.

Or is it a related idiosyncrasy that bothers those revisionists? I mean the streak that caused Churchill to draw on Jewish – particularly biblical – modes and language, especially regarding the treatment of enemies like Hitler and Mussolini. Are they particularly galled by his penchant for calling on God, despite his rejection of “the Christian or any other form of religious belief” (as he wrote to his mother in 1898)? And with typical Churchillian cunning, he did all that in the name of “Christian civilization”… (That cunning no doubt came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome. )

(Moshe Kohn, 1993).

1920: Winston Churchill (whose mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish – meaning he is Jewish under Israeli immigration law, as he was born of a Jewish mother) writes the following in an article on page 5 of the Illustrated Sunday Herald, dated February 8th

(Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 2007)

Almost half a century after his death, Winston Churchill was honoured in Jerusalem on Sunday with a statue and a tribute proclaiming him a friend of the Jewish people and the Zionist cause

(Harriet Sherwood, 2012)

Hallett (2011) claims “Queen Elizabeth is also the biological daughter of Winston Churchill by artificial insemination, and it was one of the first cases of artificial insemination, and it’s the same for Princess Margaret“.

Hallett (2011) claims “Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wasn’t, she was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid, and she had a child by artificial insemination – it was one of the first cases of artificial insemination – with Winston Churchill as the sperm donor. And that was the only trace of royal blood. Winston Churchill was also the sperm donor for Princess Margaret. So during World War II Winston Churchill used to take Princess Elizabeth when she was 14 years old into the war room, and the other war cabinet ministers used to say “Why have you got Princess Elizabeth here” and Winston Churchill’s reply was “Well, the war might go on for another twenty years, she needs to be briefed”. But really it was, because Winston Churchill was the father of Princess Elizabeth“.


Hallett (2011) also claims that reported paedophile rapist murderer Bill Clinton is British, born in Britain in 1946 to Pamela Digby Churchill and her father in law, reported Jew, Freemason and Druid Winston Churchill.

Hallett (2011) claims that Winston Churchill is the illegitimate son of King Edward VII making Bill Clinton the illegitimate grandson of King Edward VII. Hallett (2011) claims Bill Clinton is the half brother of reported paedophile Queen Elizabeth.

Story (2003) claims that Bill Clinton is the alleged son of Winthrop Rockefeller, which is of the Rothschild bloodline.

Springmeier (2005) writes “The man who just beat George Bush in the Presidential race, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, is a descendent of some Russell’s“.

Hallett (2011) also claims that the royal family and the Rothschild family are one and the same “22nd of June 1815. Now after that the British Royal Family were also in debt to the Rothschilds, and then the Rothschilds took over the ‘Breeding Rights’ of the British Royal Family. So Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who was a head of the Rothschild’s dynasty in England, started to breed with the British Royals, as did his son Lionel Nathan Rothschild“. “So we find that from about the time of Queen Victoria, that the children were all fathered by Rothschilds and were illegitimate, and what I am going to show you, they were also bigamously born, meaning that a lot of the Royals are not Royals at all“. The monarchy “being at least three quarters Rothschild from King Edward VII on, the Rothschilds own the British monarchy, and they own the European monarchies” (Hallett, 2011).


Take claims made with a pinch of salt, allegations made in this article are lines on inquiry and should be taken as such, unless you can confirm them with your own research.


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