#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Why the Duke of York Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson can’t be taken serious

Every time a paedophile scandal breaks in the media you alway get the denial from the attacker, friends and family of the attacker come forward to blow smoke up the backside of the attacker, and finally the victim is generally ridiculed.

When Prince Andrews underage orgy with minors headlines came to public awareness, one of the first people to come to Andrews defence was Duchess of Debt Sarah Ferguson. She said that she “knows what it feels like to have salacious lies made up about you“.

Screenshot from 2015-01-04 23:29:01


Ferguson also said the claims about Andrew and Jewish paedophile sexual sadist Jeffrey Epstein were “shockingly accusatory allegations” and they amounted to a “defamation of character“. I wonder if Ferguson thought at least once while her head was up her backside, while living off the $20,000 a year from her divorce settlement, about any of the sentient beings which happen to be victims. And how they actually felt later, after what appears to be, being degraded as a female by being made to masturbate old men probably using lubrication from the massage and then having to participate in group sex with other minors for money.

While appearing on US TV, Ferguson said “the American people know my integrity” and by extension that of Andrew.

SarahFergusonKillerDuchess of York Sarah Ferguson, left, with her personal assistant Jane Andrews who was convicted of the murder of her boyfriend Tom Cressman in 2000

Is this woman living in a dream world, why would the American people think Ferguson has integrity, does Ferguson not remember 2010, “500,000 pounds when you can, to me, open doors,“? or back in 1996 when she owed more than $4 million to British bankers Coutts and Co, after refusing to pay her bills.

Ferguson admitted in 2009 that she was roughly $889,000 in debt after her American based lifestyle company, Hartmoor collapsed. An undercover journalist posing as a businessman caught her on video selling time with Prince Andrew for £500,000, allegedly behind his back in 2010.

In light of disclosure of the video in the media, Ferguson said “It is true that my financial situation is under stress however, that is no excuse for a serious lapse in judgement and I am very sorry that this has happened“.

Ferguson expects the public to believe in her, when she says that Prince Andrew is a good person. Ferguson is a failed business woman and a person who has already been found to have had a “serious lapse in judgement“, after selling out the person closest to her.

Ferguson herself is one of Jewish paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s contacts, she received £15,000 from the paedophile to help her out with her debt problem. It is possible the money she received from Epstein came from paedophilia.

SarahFergusonGhislaineMaxwellSarah Ferguson with Jewish paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell

Many people will just see Andrew’s connections with Jeffrey Epstein and that’s it, well let me fill you in on one or two others.

First off, Andrew had a 16 year relationship with Jewish paedophile & sexual sadist Jeffrey Epstein, and when they allegedly severed links Andrew was still in contact with reported Jewish paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell. Who reportedly took photographs of children with their legs spread for Epstein’s catalog of girls. See, Epstein obviously likes to control little girls, it sexually arouses him to control and abuse children, and people in general.

With books like ‘SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude–Principles, Skills and Tools’, ‘Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners’, and ‘SM 101: A Realistic Introduction’, it is obvious Epstein is into dominance and submission, he gets sexually aroused by keeping slaves. He gets sexually aroused by preying on vulnerable people, and probably has fantasies about abusing young women using restraints, also take into consideration he is a convicted paedophile.

The Queen mother has child sexual abuse allegations against her, according to independent film director Bill Maloney, a female victim from Jersey alleges the Queen mother played about with her when she was a child. The Queen mother has links to paedophile 9 year royal butler Paul Kidd, necrophiliac sadist paedophile Jimmy Savile and sadistic Unitarian paedophile Cyril Smith, to name a few.

Sexual sadist and bisexual paedophile Lord Mountbatten was into drowning little girls while raping them, he liked to hunt children on royal property, he was connected to the on going paedophilia cover up at Kincora boys home involving the British intelligence services, had links to paedophile sailors and enjoyed anally raping working class children.

Prince Andrew is also related to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, another reported sadistic paedophile who allegedly hunted children, allegedly shooting a child. See Holland Therapist Toos Nijenhuis’s testimony.

He is related to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who allegedly pays for children to be murdered, she allegedly has connections to a paedophile ring known as the Octopus Syndicate or Ndrangheta according to a woman known as Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. Another important case to consider while absorbing the Van Blijenburgh and Queen Beatrix testimony is the testimony of a victim of bisexual sadistic paedophile Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink.

Prince Andrew is related to the Queen mothers reported paedophile child murdering cousin, Russian spy Sir Anthony Blunt. He allegedly liked to murder children through suffocation by getting their throat raped by groups of men.

Andrew had links to the Queen & Queen mothers paedophile butler Paul Kidd, who ran a paedophile ring while working for the royal family, even taking one of his victims to meet with the Queen.

Lets not forget Jimmy Savile, the fixer for the elite, the necrophiliac sexual sadist Roman Catholic Satanist paedophile of Jewish decent who molested dying children, supplied children to former sadistic paedophile Prime Minister Edward Heath from Haut de la Garenne. Savile was a close friend of the Royal family, he was a mentor to Prince Charles, acted as a kind of marriage councilor between Charles and Diana, he had links to Prince Andrew.

Andrew also had links to bisexual paedophile Muammar Gaddafi, who was a sexual sadist into sexual violence, water sports and rape of underage boys and girls. One victim tells how she was whipped, then raped over and over, sometimes being urinated on during the attacks.

Prince Philip is himself a doubtful reported paedophile by author Greg Hallett who claims Lord Mountbatten molested Prince Philip and Prince Charles. Hallett worked for the Russians, he claims Prince Philip is a paedophile and so is Prince Charles, he writes it in his books and openly makes allegations on interviews with Dr Jim Fetzer.

Former child actor Ben Fellows recorded & reported to British police allegations involving Tom Cruise and a 14 year old boy, to which the police officer replied he had heard other allegations against Tom Cruise. Prince Andrew is a friend of Tom Cruise, he has been photographed with cruise on multiple occasions.

Prince Andrew has connections with paedophile sexual sadist child murderers George Herbert Walker Bush and Joseph Ratzinger. Bush linked to paedophile Larry King according to Senator John DeCamp, he has been seen at paedophile parties by Rusty Nelson a photographer, he was deeply involved in the franklin cover up, as was reported paedophile child murderer Warren Buffett. Bush received a blow job multiple times from little boys, he liked both black and white boys to suck his penis according to Paul Bonnacci and echoed by Greg Hallett. He is alleged to have anally raped the 3 1/2 year old baby daughter of Cathy O’Brien until the childs rectum would bleed, the child would become ill and show flu like symptoms after spending time with Bush. There is allegations by Peter Alexander Chernoff against Bush of child murder, along side Ratzinger, Michael Aquino and Warren Buffett. Former FBI agent in charge Ted Gunderson has openly made allegations about Bush being a bisexual paedophile, Johnny Gosch’s mother Noreen Gosch has also made allegations, as has Jew David Shurter who also mentioned Warren Buffett, radio host Jeff Rense, as has Bob Chapman and many other.

Lets not forget the German Evangelic Jewish Christian Cabbalistic Freemasonic Satanist Bonesman George Walker Bush, likes kissing the 14 year old son of a judge according to Greg Hallett.

Andrew has connections with paedophile rapist and sexual sadist Bill Clinton, boasting a place in the Order of DeMolay Hall of Fame, who, as well as having contacts with Jeffrey Epstein, has connections with many paedophiles. They include but are not restricted to German Evangelic Jewish Christian Cabbalistic Freemasonic Satanist Bonesman George Herbert Walker Bush, German Evangelic Jewish Christian Cabbalistic Freemasonic Satanist Bonesman George Walker Bush, German Cabbalistic Jew Henry Kissinger, Scottish Freemason Gordon Brown, Freemasonic Cabbalistic Roman Catholic convert Tony Blair, German Jew Madeline Albright, Jew Ghislaine Maxwell, Triad child prostitution rings and Dan Lasater who gave cocaine to 14 year old children before sex. Clinton has at least 23 allegations of sexual assault, of those 23 assaults, one is allegedly on a minor in Australia in 2001 according to Forensic Economist David Hawkins and US Marine Pilot Field McConnell.

Andrew is related to Ashkenazi Jew Christian David Cameron, who is allegedly linked to hundred billion pound fraud, multiple sadistic paedophiles, sadistic rapists and paedophile ring cover ups.

Theres the unanswered questions that still remain of where Prince Andrew and Jimmy Savile were the night of Alisa Dmitrijeva‘s death.

Who knows the depravity that has truly gone on in the grounds of the royal families properties across the globe and throughout time, or what happens at the parties they frequent, we the common people may never truly fully understand the nature of the beast.

Why would Ferguson for one second think that the people of the world see her for anything else than what she is, a liar, who has contacts with the same paedophiles Prince Andrew has.


Learn more about CIA Agent Virgil Armstrong, Brotherhood of the Snake, the Hebrew Brotherhood, Illuminati, Atlantean brotherhood, NAZI SS UFOs, Thule Society, Vril Society, Black Sun, Third Reich, Templars, Babylon & Ishtar, Sumerians https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/cia-agent-virgil-armstrong-illuminati-nazi-ss-ufos-thule-society-vril-society-black-sun-third-reich-templars-babylon-ishtar-sumerians/

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