#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Ben Fellows to go on trial later this year, 2015, charged with making a false claim that former cabinet minister Ken Clarke indecently assaulted him in 1994

Solihull actor charged with making false abuse claim against Tory politician Ken Clarke

Former Bill star Ben Fellows faces court date after being accused of perverting the course of justice

Olton actor Ben Fellows
Olton actor Ben Fellows

An actor is due to go on trial later this year charged with making a false claim that former cabinet minister Ken Clarke indecently assaulted him in 1994.

Ben Fellows, 40, of Redstone Farm Road, Olton, Solihull, Birmingham, is charged with perverting the course of public justice on November 30 2012 by making an allegation of sexual assault against the MP.

The case was brought before Mr Justice Sweeney at the Old Bailey last Friday.

The court heard that Fellows would appear for a plea and case management hearing on March 20 with a provisional two-week trial due to start on July 20.

A High Court judge will be appointed for the trial.

Former justice secretary Mr Clarke, 74, has represented Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire as Member of Parliament since 1970 and is contesting his seat at the upcoming general election.

According to entertainment site IMDb, the actor appeared in The Bill in the early 1990s before starring in the TV film Sugar Sugar alongside Doctors and Hollyoaks star Sarah Manners.

Source: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/solihull-actor-charged-making-false-8492118


Solihull actor Ben Fellows charged with perverting the course of justice

West Midlands Police arrested the former The Bill actor at Birmingham International Airport

Olton actor Ben Fellows
Olton actor Ben Fellows

An actor from Solihull is being held in custody after being charged with perverting the course of justice.

Ben Fellows, of Redstone Farm Road, Olton, who is understood to have been living on the Spanish island of Lanzarote in recent months, is due to appear before Southwark Crown Court on December 29.

The 40 year-old was arrested at Birmingham International Airport in the early hours of Monday morning by officers from West Midlands Police on behalf of Metropolitan Police.

The Birmingham Mail understands that the 40 year-old’s charges relate to Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank investigation into a paedophile ring linked to Westminster.

According to entertainment site IMDb the actor appeared in The Bill in the early 1990s before starring in TV film Sugar Sugar alongside Doctors and Hollyoaks star Sarah Manners.

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Police said: “Police arrested a 40-year-old man at Birmingham International Airport at 00.39am today on behalf of the Metropolitan Police.

“The arrested man was detained on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and was transferred to Metropolitan Police custody.”

A spokesman from the Met said: “Benjamin Matthew Fellows, 40, of Redstone Farm Road, Olton, Birmingham was charged on 15 December with committing an act/ series of acts with the intent to pervert a course of public justice between November 14 and 14 December, 2012.

“He appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court on 15 December and was remanded in custody to appear before Southwark Crown Court on December 29.”

Source: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/solihull-actor-ben-fellows-charged-8296809




My hell with Britain’s biggest stars says Ben Fellows

TOURING the exclusive nightclubs of London in a hedonistic procession of binge-drinking and drug-taking felt like heaven to Ben Fellows, then a starry-eyed teenage actor desperate to make a name for himself in showbusiness.

PUBLISHED: 00:00, Sat, Oct 27, 2012 | UPDATED: 01:44, Mon, Jan 26, 2015
Ben Fellows with his wife JuliaBen Fellows with his wife Julia []
For someone from the nondescript Birmingham suburbs being whisked through VIP entrances at some of the capital’s most fashionable hang-outs was alluring and deeply addictive.The drinks were always free and beautiful women would gyrate provocatively in a haze of flashing neon while all around him men – some married – would whisper suggestive comments in his ear before disappearing into the toilets to snort the obligatory line of cocaine.Ben was just 13 when he arrived in London, against his parents’ wishes. Although he stayed with relatives he

was out feasting on a nightly cocktail of champagne and cocaine, unwittingly being paraded like a glittering

under-age trophy.

And it’s only now, as the Jimmy Savile sex scandal engulfs the BBC, that he feels compelled to lift the lid on a culture of depravity and wanton excess that reaches the very heart of Britain’s entertainment industry and shines a light on the corporation which is held so dear by the general public that it is affectionately known as Auntie.

She knew how old I was. I was just 15 for goodness sake but it didn’t seem to matter

Ben Fellows

He didn’t know it at the time but Ben was the newest member of a deeply sinister and secret club in which young and vulnerable innocents like him were passed around and abused like playthings.The leaders of this shameless parade in this plastic world were – indeed still are – household names.Incredibly he says he was bedded by a current female BBC employee working in children’s entertainment when he was just 15 and snorted lines of cocaine with one of Britain’s best-loved stars who is still regularly seen on television.

He was propositioned by married actors and thespians with a penchant for boys and was almost raped in a grubby hotel room by one of the biggest TV stars of the Eighties.

Slowly, he saw friends get seduced by the excitement and thrill of endless parties and backstage passes.They were drawn into a seedy world of rampant sexual abuse, horrific excess and empty promises and although he dabbled for a time at least with drugs he decided to stop the ride and get off.He says: “From the age of 15 I was a regular at Stringfellows, Café de Paris and the Atlantic Bar & Grill. I attended scores of celebrity parties and private functions.

“As a child actor you are not responsible for your actions, you’re naive and vulnerable, so saying no when powerful

industry people are telling you to take drugs was not an option when the implication was that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be hanging around for too long.“The list of extremely well-known actors, casting directors, directors, producers, writers and executives who abused me, or attempted to abuse me sexually, while I was a child actor would make the public sick.”Ben was one of the lucky ones. Many of his friends from his time as a child star are now deeply troubled individuals.

An intelligent man, now aged 37 and a successful filmmaker living in South London, Ben has taken more than 20 years to fully understand the world he once inhabited.

With the help of his beautiful wife Julia and a supportive family he has finally managed to come to terms with the abusive and fickle world of entertainment and showbusiness, a parallel universe that he describes as a “cesspit of predators and paedophiles”.THE BBC EXECUTIVE AND A RIOTOUS HOUSE PARTYOne of the most shocking abuses of trust and power came at a house party thrown by BBC executives and attended by a raft of stars and their hangers on.

It was in Clapham in 1990 that a 15-year-old Ben, who was filming Model Millie for the corporation, claims that he was plied with alcohol and drugs, seduced and then shamelessly taken advantage of by a BBC employee who, incredibly, later worked in children’s entertainment.

As the music thumped, a host of high-profile BBC producers and directors waltzed in and out of the door to mix with a group of wide-eyed underage actors, almost all of whom were high on spirits and drugs.Amid the chaotic scene Ben was introduced to one ambitious BBC employee, a female who was starting to make a name for herself in the world of children’s TV.As the evening wore on and the house became littered with the prostrate bodies of those who succumbed to what was on offer the woman, who was 40, made a startling proposition.

She was fully aware Ben was a vulnerable teenager but the sex-hungry woman, who was at the party with her boss, was desperate to sleep with him.Ben recalls: “She offered to give me a lift back to her place and when we stopped she leant over and slowlykissed me before suggestively saying, ‘Do you want to come in for a coffee?’ Once we were inside her flat it wasn’t long before we were having sex. She knew how old I was. I was just 15 for goodness sake but it didn’t seem to matter. I’m sure it happened all the time.”


The now veteran darlings of light entertainment have made names for themselves with multiple primetime successes, loved by the BBC and always in demand.

What people will be less familiar with are their insatiable appetites for cocaine.

Another male comedy star who regularly appeared on prime time TV invited Ben to an end of production party at BBC Television Centre where anything went including, so it would appear, lines of cocaine.

The culture of drug taking at the corporation during the late Eighties and early Nineties was so prevalent that this man had his drugs personally dispatched by motorcycle courier.

And they were bought on expenses.

Naturally Ben, who was still a young teenager at this time, was encouraged to take lines of the highly-addictive drug at these wild parties.

He says: “I was only a boy of 14 but I thought I was an adult. It was a really heady time. When someone offers you coke at the BBC like this comic did it didn’t seem strange because it was happening all the time.

“The end-of-run parties as they are called are riotous. Often someone would try and do something to you, a grope or similar, and if you didn’t respond they would move on to the next person.”

Although he didn’t witness any horrific rape, sexual assault or molestation (the like of which has been well-documented in the sordid Savile scandal) he did see one doyen of light entertainment take a clutch of young girls back to his dressing room.

On another occasion during a rehearsal for Model Millie Ben claims that he and his child co-stars were invited to a cocaine-fuelled party on BBC premises hosted by two of the BBC’s biggest stars of the time.

“It got very late and I was very drunk. At that point (one of Britain’s best-loved stars) said to me, ‘Do you want to do some coke?’ so we slipped off to a dressing room. The problem was, I was just 15.

“She was so drunk that later in the evening she was walking around with her breasts hanging out.”

And Ben adds: “Prostitutes and escorts coming into the BBC was happening as standard.

“They would get you what you wanted as long as the ratings were being pulled in. The attitude was ‘nothing is going to get in the way of the BBC’.”


The only time Ben says he feared for his life was when a Hollywood icon tried to rape him.

At the time the young actor was appearing in a West End play and as was the norm members of the cast and crew would regularly meet in late-night bars afterwards to relax.

The married British-born screen legend, who was one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in the Eighties, approached Ben in a hotel bar and showered him with free drinks.

He later walked with Ben, who was a little worse for wear, to his hotel and helped him into his room before slamming the door shut.

Ben says: “He came up behind and then proceeded to force himself on me. I was feeling as if I wanted to be sick at any moment but couldn’t move.

“Amazingly, my friend was looking for me as I had disappeared from the bar suddenly and burst through the door as this star was on top of me.

“Then he punched me in the face to make it look as if it was all just a game and the rolling around was part and parcel of it. I thought I was in real danger.”


As a child actor looking for bit-parts in stage musicals and repertory theatre Ben was mindful of being enthusiastic but there were limits as to what he was prepared to do to get a role.

One married icon of the industry groped Ben, he claims, in his office and tried to force his tongue down his throat after he was invited up for a “cosy chat”.

Naturally, in the bitchy world of professional theatre, Ben was discarded when this man’s advances were spurned.

However the incident also ruined his chances of appearing on stage as he was blanked whenever their paths crossed after that.

On another occasion a married, English-born actor stripped off completely naked in his dressing room before saying to Ben: “Tell every famous person you meet what you want to do and how hard you have trained.”

One of the most surprising names to be mentioned by Ben is that of a married, classically-trained stage and screen actor with a long list of credits to his name who preyed on Ben after he auditioned for a minor part in a major West End musical.

The actor, who will be known to millions for his appearance in an iconic movie during the Nineties, met the youngster after the matinee performance of the musical and invited him to come to his dressing room.

He was wearing only a dressing gown but he was fully exposed.

He circled Ben like a vulture as the teenger desperately tried to move from the window, to the door and back again, before he was able to make his excuses and leave.

The BBC was approached for comment but had not returned our calls before The Daily Express went to press.


My opinion on Kenneth Clarke apart from what is in the media is based on stuff that’s been brought to us at protests. Unfortunately at protests you had different people come to us who said Kenneth Clarke used to take a minibus from children’s homes down to London and, they used to stay in a flat over the weekend, be abused and, come back. And they’d be totally messed up from the drugs that had been forced upon them. Then, I actually got one that said to me where Kenneth Clarke took them was a block of flats behind Pimlico Station, he said there was a big square court yard in the middle. That square courtyard I can positively identify as being Dolphin Square. Dolphin Square is at the heart of the Westminster investigations. I gave this information to Operation Daybreak the, the lot that are looking into Nottingham’s sexual abuse allegations. Not content that Nottingham police would do anything with it, because we have a cover-up situation here in Nottingham between the councils and the police, I contacted Operation Midland at the Metropolitan Police and they in turn will hopefully be contacting the National, National Crime Agency” (Child abuse victim Mickey Summers).


Published by CitygTLDs.org

Andrea Davison, former Intelligence operative and child abuse whistle-blower:“I am aware that the following Parliamentarians knew about the elite paedophile ring and the cover-up Willie Whitelaw, John Major, Ken Livingston, Edwina Curry, David Waddington, Michael Howard, Margaret Thatcher, Leon Brittan, Ken Clarke, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Geoffrey Dickens, Alun Michael, Rod Richards, John Merek and William Hague“.

Published by: CitygTLDs.org on Dec 06, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved

Esther Rantzen: My shock over my MP lover’s links to Elm House paedophile ring

  • Esther Rantzen had affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in the 1960s
  • Suggestions he may have visited guest house where children were allegedly assaulted by high-profile visitors
  • Ms Rantzen speaks of her revulsion over his links to child abuse scandal
  • She distances herself from the late Conservative MP who died at 61 in 1995

Esther Rantzen has spoken of her revulsion after learning that a former lover has been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster.

The broadcaster and Childline founder had an affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at a BBC studio in 1966.

But Ms Rantzen has now distanced herself from the late Conservative MP and Solicitor General for Scotland – who died in 1995, aged 61.

Disgusted: Esther Rantzen with youngsters at a Childline event

Disgusted: Esther Rantzen with youngsters at a Childline event

Evidence has come to light suggesting he may have visited a London guest house where children from care homes were allegedly assaulted by high-profile visitors.

Miss Rantzen, 74, played a leading role in uncovering child abuse during the 1980s.

She said: ‘I am horrified and disgusted by these allegations because Nicky was a friend of mine.

‘I had a very brief relationship with him. I always assumed that he was attracted to adult women rather than children.

‘I had absolutely no knowledge of that side of him. However, over the years I have learned that you really never know anyone.’

The former That’s Life presenter was 26 when she embarked on an affair with the married MP after he appeared as a guest on a BBC show where she was a researcher.

She said: ‘When I knew Nicky he was courteous, charming and very fond of women.

‘He was a high-profile lawyer, who lived in a castle and had a very flamboyant private life.’

‘He took me to lunch at the Ritz. He gave me a long-stemmed red rose and ordered Beluga caviar and Krug champagne.

Ex-lover: Sir Nicholas Fairbairn had links to paedophile politicians

Ex-lover: Sir Nicholas Fairbairn had links to paedophile politicians

‘If ever there was an aphrodisiac meal that was it. Nicky took to me to some Lord’s house where he was staying and the rest was inevitable.’

The presenter, who founded the world’s first child abuse hotline, Childline, in 1986, was appalled by the emergence of evidence which suggests that a powerful network of paedophiles may once have stalked the corridors of power.

She said: ‘It is really important that the people who have suffered now recognise that they do have a right to justice. It is not about the culture of the time.

‘Child abuse has always been a crime and, in my experience, there was never a time when it was tolerated. What happened with Cyril Smith was horrific. The whole thing was hushed up and police were taken off cases and prevented from going public with what they knew.

‘It was straightforward, old-fashioned conspiracy.’

Lists of VIP visitors to the Elm Guest House – which hosted parties in the 1980s where vulnerable boys were sexually assaulted after being plied with alcohol – are now being used by police as evidence in their Operation Fernbridge inquiry.

The documents, seen by the Mail on Sunday, state that politicians including ‘N Fairburn’ and ‘C Smith’ visited the property on June 7, 1982. They also state that ‘Fairburn’ had ‘used boys in sauna’ and that photos had been taken of him – as well as Cyril Smith – at the guest house.

Police have confirmed that Smith, the late Liberal MP for Rochdale, who has since been exposed as a serial abuser, was a regular visitor to the address.

Despite the spelling discrepancy there have now been calls for a full investigation which would establish whether Fairbairn was involved.

Sir Nicholas, who carried a brace of pistols on his hip and designed his own flamboyant tartan attire, was forced to resign as Solicitor General in 1982 over a decision not to prosecute in a rape case.


Baroness Butler-Sloss, pictured, feels 'hurt and sadness' over resignation

Baroness Butler-Sloss, pictured, feels ‘hurt and sadness’ over resignation

By Martin Delgado

Baroness Butler-Sloss, chosen to chair the inquiry into historic child abuse, has spoken of her ‘hurt’ at having to resign before she could even take up the role.

The resignation last week came after claims the retired judge’s late brother, Sir Michael Havers, who was Attorney-General and later Lord Chancellor, was involved in a cover-up.

‘I didn’t want to resign but I had to.

‘The victims didn’t have faith in me,’ she said. ‘Now all  I feel is hurt and sadness.

‘I discussed it with loved ones before making my decision, but nobody influenced or pushed me. It’s a pity.

‘Yes, it hurt me.’

The peer was speaking at London’s Piccadilly Theatre at the Jack Petchey Foundation’s Speak Out Challenge.

Peter Saunders, of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: ‘She seems to be drawing attention to her own self-pity. Many victims of abuse will find her remarks insensitive.’

The previous year a House of Commons secretary had tried to hang herself from a lamp-post outside his London flat after they had an affair.

In Who’s Who Sir Nicholas described his pastimes as: ‘Making love, ends meet and people laugh.’

In 2000 the daughter of a prominent Scottish lawyer, who was never  publicly named, alleged Sir Nicholas had been part of a paedophile ring. At the time the claims were angrily rejected by his family.

Sir Nicholas’ eldest daughter Charlotte declined to comment on the latest allegations, stating: ‘There’s nothing I can say. He’s been dead for 20 years.’


Actor found not guilty of perverting the course of justice over claims he was groped by former chancellor Ken Clarke 20 years ago

  • Actor told police the Tory politician groped him during a TV investigtion
  • Mr Clarke completely denied the allegations, calling them ‘preposterous’
  • Police arrested accuser and he has stood trial at the Old Bailey this month
  • Jury finds him not guilty of perverting the course of justice today 

An actor has been cleared of perverting the course of justice by making up a story that he was molested by former chancellor Kenneth Clarke during a cash-for-questions TV sting 20 years ago.

Ben Fellows, 40, from Birmingham, alleged that the leading politician had plied him with alcohol and carried out the sexual assault while he was working undercover for ITV’s Cook Report in 1994.

Mr Clarke insisted he had never in his life ‘had the compulsion’ to grope another man as he dismissed the claim as ‘preposterous’, ‘off the Richter scale’ and ‘like Martians landing’.

After eight hours of deliberations the jury at the Old Bailey found Fellows not guilty of perverting the course of justice between November 14 2012 and December 1 2012.

Ben Fellows has been found not guilty of perverting the course of justice over claims he made that politician Kenneth Clarke groped in 1994

Ben Fellows has been found not guilty of perverting the course of justice over claims he made that politician Kenneth Clarke groped in 1994

Mr Fellows celebrates outside court after the jury's verdict. He said he now intends the rebuild his life

Mr Fellows celebrates outside court after the jury’s verdict. He said he now intends the rebuild his life

There was cheering and waving from his group of supporters as Fellows left the court building.

Speaking outside, he thanked his ‘friends, family and supporters’ who he said ‘kept me going throughout the ordeal of the last two years’.

He described his trial at the Old Bailey as an ‘intense and terrifying experience’, and added that he was ‘completely out of my depth’.

He added: ‘As far as I’m concerned the next few weeks and months are about rebuilding my life and moving on. I shall make no further comment now or in the future about Mr Clarke and the events of 1994.’

The court had heard how in the autumn of 2012, Fellows told national news reporters about the alleged assault when he was 19 years old and stories were published in print and in his own blog.

He went on to make a statement to police officers from Operation Fairbank – the high profile investigation into Westminster historic child sex abuse.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson said: ‘In that witness statement, the defendant said that in 1994, when he was 19 years old, he had been employed as an undercover actor by an investigative journalism programme on ITV, the Cook Report, during a sting operation against Ian Greer, the political lobbyist.

‘The focus of that sting operation was a suggested role by Greer in arranging for politicians to ask questions in Parliament in return for money – or cash-for-questions as it was known at the time.

‘The defendant said in a witness statement that whilst engaged in that capacity he had been sexually assaulted in Greer’s London office by Kenneth Clarke MP.’

In court, Fellows insisted the claims were true
Mr Clarke (right) said the allegations were 'preposterous'

Fellows (left) insisted the claims were true by Mr Clarke (right) said the allegations were ‘preposterous’

When officers investigated his version of events, they concluded they were false and began treating him as a suspect rather than a victim.

The former child actor had also claimed he had been abused by a number of people in the entertainment industry, including a senior female executive at the BBC whom he claimed seduced him when he was aged between 14 and 16.

Fellows, who was described as ‘an inventive and sometimes persuasive fantasist’, claimed he had been invited to a cocaine-fuelled party on BBC premises hosted by two of Britain’s biggest stars of the day.

Giving evidence in his defence, Fellows stood by his allegation against Mr Clarke.

Asked how he felt about it afterwards, he said: ‘It was not upsetting at all. It was weird but not upsetting. To put this in context – this was no more than a minor groping you would get in a nightclub on a Saturday night.’

Clarke, pictured leaving the Old Bailey, strongly refuted the claims from the witness box this week

Clarke, pictured leaving the Old Bailey, strongly refuted the claims from the witness box this week

Fellows told the jury he was upset when police told him that abuse in the showbiz world was just about Jimmy Savile and limited to the BBC.

Asked if he had anything personal against Mr Clarke, he said: ‘No, nothing whatsoever, apart from what happened in that office. I did not take it personally. I was part of the team.’

However, veteran broadcaster Roger Cook told the trial that he had never even heard of Fellows until someone pointed out his blog claiming to have worked on the Cook Report in 1990.

He told the court that particular show was never aired and if there had been any allegations around at the time, it would have been ‘an enormous story’.

Fellows’ defence team suggested that he had been pressured by the police into making a statement and charges followed after his allegations were made public.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3180076/Actor-not-guilty-perverting-course-justice-Ken-Clarke-grope-claims.html



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