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Bro. Cyril Smith of The Mercurius Masonic Lodge, No. 7507(1)

Bro. Cyril Smith

Bro. Cyril Smith After 35 years in which Fleet Street ignored the fact that Sir Cyril Smith MBE was a predatory paedophile, the Daily Mail decided on its front page last Saturday that there had been a “Monstrous Cover-up”.

Private Eye’s first detailed account of Bro. Smith’s Masonic crimes appeared as long ago as May 1979 (issue 454). That more people have not taken the crimes seriously before now is saddest of all for Smith’s youngest victims – pupils at a residential school for boys in Rochdale called Knowl View who were abused by him in the 1980s and 1990s.

After decades of denials Freemason dominated Rochdale council began to reassess Knowl View school in 2012 after Chris Marshall alleged that he was forced to perform a sex act with Smith on school property while another “well-dressed man” looked on.

More than a dozen former pupils are also identified as abuse victims of other men in internal council reports. They too have never received justice.

In January Rochdale council appointed Andrew Warnock QC to appraise its supervising role in the school which was home to dozens of boys aged between eight and 16. Warnock reports next month. A parallel investigation by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has now identified 11 suspects connected with the school.

St Edmund’s Church, Rochdale

Freemason church, Rochdale

A church dedicated, not to Jesus Christ, but the Freemason god, Jahbulon

St. Edmund’s Masonic Church, Rochdale

Horrific reports

Victims can be forgiven for not feeling reassured. GMP has now been looking at Knowl View for 20 years and has secured but a single conviction. Meanwhile Warnock’s review is confined to examining Knowl View’s history from “the late 1980s to the mid 1990s” which may mean vital truths about the preceding decades remain buried.

For example, Warnock will consider a series of horrific reports made by Phil Shepherd, a health worker who visited Knowl View in 1991, and a consultant clinical psychologist who investigated the school in 1992. These reveal that “up to a third of the residential pupils have been involved at some stage in serious sexual incidents”. They describe how boys in the senior dorm were sexually attacked over a period of two nights by a paedophile called Rodney Hilton in 1990. And they reveal that pupils in their early teens were working as rent boys.

Kerb-crawling paedophiles

According to former pupils who have spoken to Private Eye, such problems began years earlier, however. For example, one former pupil alleges that Hilton abused and beat him on school property – specifically in the woods adjoining the grounds – in the early 1980s: a period outside Warnock’s remit.

Another former pupil, Michael Seed (the Franciscan friar who would later persuade Tony Blair into the Catholic faith), describes a “well-organised contingent of rent-boys, selling their bodies to kerb-crawling paedophile homosexuals” in his memoirs. He joined Knowl View in 1970.

While Warnock’s appraisal concerns events beginning in the late 80s, the real question is why problems were not addressed long before. For Knowl View’s earliest history is even darker – and Smith was not the only founder of the school to be suspected of child abuse.

From the earliest stages, Bro. Smith was assisted by a Conservative councillor and Freemason called Bro. Harry Wild. In the late 1960s, Smith and Wild chaired Rochdale’s powerful education and children committees and started Knowl View together, delegating the power to appoint staff to the governing body on which they would later serve.

Operation European

Police investigations into Bro. Smith, which began in the mid-1960s and were shut down in 1970, identify Wild as his “close associate”. The file police prepared in 1969 states: “Councillor Harry Wild has been viewed with suspicion regarding his association with young men and boys at Rochdale.” In the decades that followed, that suspicion only grew. By the 1990s, after Wild stood down from the council, he was targeted by Operation European, another Greater Manchester Police child abuse investigation.

In 2000, the Manchester Evening News reported the allegations after GMP’s chief constable intervened to prevent Wild’s appointment as high sheriff of Greater Manchester. Wild told the paper that his community work made him vulnerable to “mischievous claims”: “Of course, one has to consider the type of boy at Knowl View – low-grade really.” Just like Bro. Smith, he was never convicted and Bro. Wild died, aged 80, in 2001.

How much of this Warnock is prepared to acknowledge will be known next month; but even if he could examine the full length of the school’s life, some victims can never receive justice. One council report confirmed that, aged 14, Ian Broomhead was raped by Rodney Hilton during the overnight intrusion into the senior dorm. He fought back on the second night and continued to fight after he left Knowl View.

With the assistance of the school’s social worker, Martin Digan, and health worker Phil Shepherd, Broomhead began proceedings against Rochdale council. His case was reported by Louise Jury in the Independent. She obtained Broomhead’s only interview, anonymised on publication, in 1995.

‘Under the bedclothes’

“It was physical force,” he said of Hilton’s attack. “He threw me against the wall, threw me around the room. He threatened to kill me if I told anybody.” Afterwards Broomhead lay in bed terrified, hearing other pupils screaming but no staff were on duty. He raged against Hilton: “If I saw him now I’d kill him”; against the school: “Before I went there I had a life. I don’t have one now”; and against Rochdale council: “I want to go to the Black Box [a nickname for Rochdale’s old municipal offices] and just blow the whole lot of them.”

By coincidence, Broomhead’s solicitors were the Masonic Molesworths Bright Clegg, which advised Bro. Cyril Smith when police originally investigated his abuses in the 1970s. The senior partner at the firm, Bro. John Kay, had also known Smith since birth. Bro. Mark Walker, the junior who was passed Broomhead’s case, was never told by his client that he had also been abused by Bro. Cyril Smith while at Knowl View.

Broomhead did, however, admit it to AIDS worker Phil Shepherd: “Ian told me that he was touched by Cyril Smith,” Shepherd told the Eye. “He would go round putting his hands under the bedclothes when the lads were in bed at night. He was getting access. I said at the time that, if Bro. Cyril Smith was involved, then other councillors would be involved.”

‘Close to suicide’

At that time Rochdale council said the “necessary action” had been taken but the pupils in Broomhead’s era were horribly damaged. Several interviewed for this article receive regular psychological treatment. Many have criminal records.

“I’ve been close to suicide,” Ian Broomhead said in his interview with Louise Jury, “and I’m extremely lucky I haven’t gone to prison.” He died of a drug overdose ten months later. He was 20 years old.

Last week, the current leader of Rochdale council, Bro. Colin Lambert (an employee of Bro. Jim Dobbin MP), pledged that he will “not stop until the truth is out”. The sentiment is fine; but for Ian Broomhead is far too late, and no one in Rochdale believes a word Bro. Lambert says.

(Copied from Private Eye #1364, 18 April – 1 May 2014, page 29)

Source: http://unsigned-letters.com/Rochdale/Smith/


Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ

ONE OF Britain’s most influential paedophiles was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies.

PUBLISHED: 19:10, Sat, May 23, 2015 | UPDATED: 19:35, Sat, May 23, 2015


Arrivals at the new GCHQ established the lodge

Keith Harding, former membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie) was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in 2011.The child molester, who died last summer, presided over ceremonies and rituals from an ornate throne.Harding was convicted of an indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 and classified a Schedule-1 offender, which meant the offence remained on his criminal record all his life.

His name was also on a list of about 400 Pie members seized by police in 1984, the year the organisation disbanded.

The Sunday Express revealed earlier this month how Harding met MPs Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan in the 1980s when he ran a north London antiques store.

Thirty-five years ago he appeared alongside paedophile television presenter Jimmy Savile in a Christmas special of Jim’ll Fix It.

The lodge boasts of its Government Communications Headquarters heritage on its website.

A source close to Harding revealed: “The Mercurius Lodge is known as the Spies Lodge because it was set up by GCHQ and over the years many intelligence officers have become members.“These are people trained to find out sensitive information and yet none of them had any idea of Keith’s background and past convictions.“They even voted him the highest honour by making him Worshipful Master.

“Keith felt the Freemasons were somewhere he finally belonged, he called them his “brotherhood”.

“When he died last year, they arranged his funeral and made sure the ceremony started at midday because the time apparently has significance within Masonic ritual.”

Spies displaced from London and Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, where the German wartime Enigma code was cracked, set up the Mercurius Lodge in 1957.

It meets at the Grade IIlisted Cheltenham Masonic Hall, purpose-built in 1823.

Harding ran the Mechanical Music Museum 10 miles away in Northleach after moving  from London in 1987.

In 2013, he organised a trip to the museum for Freemasons and their families.

A photograph shows Harding wearing a Masonic apron, collar and medals during a ceremony a couple of years ago.

The Mercurius Lodge last night declined to comment.

Detectives probing historical sexual abuse allegations revealed on Wednesday they are investigating 1,433 suspects, including 135 from the entertainment industry, 76 politicians, seven sportsmen and 43 from the music industry.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/579523/Paedophile-Mason-lodge-GCHQ


French Satanic paedophile ring Marc Dutroux


Toos Nijenhuis Freemason & church paedophile ring


Jew David Shurter American Satanic Freemason paedophile ring


Councilor Keith Gregory North wales care homes Freemasons paedophile ring


Jersey Freemason paedophile ring

We have the barrister Michael Shrimpton who was, he was a barrister for many years, but he also was an officer for MI5. Now Michael Shrimpton has, I think it was put up about a year ago, and he is talking about Ted Heath who was the Prime Minister of this country and his boat, his sailing boat the Morning Cloud and, bringing children from places like Haut de la Garenne, taking them away on holiday, disabled children etc etc and, just being thrown overboard. Now this is what someone like Michael Shrimpton is coming out with. Now Michael Shrimpton was a good barrister and he was an MI5 officer, now nobody is questioning him, nobody is taking his video down, because what he is saying is true” (Bill Maloney).

I’m Michael Shrimpton my day job is barrister, I used to be an immigration judge many years ago, my other job is as an intelligence and national security consultant, I’ve just written my first major book ‘Spy Hunter’. We weren’t getting anywhere in the intelligence community, we were being blocked persistently and consistently in London and Washington and it seemed to me that only by bringing public pressure to bear on politicians could you actually get anywhere. It is extraordinarily frustrating, intelligence is about speaking truth to power, but if there’s nobody in power able to act on the intelligence then it’s a little bit pointless gathering it in the first place. There are people still alive who are still alive involved in the paedophile scandal, and I’m obviously not going to name them on a radio program. But the most prominent paedophile associated with the Savile ring was a man called Edward Heath, who you may recall was Prime Minister and, took us into the EUC. And Heath was recruited as something that Christopher Story published in 2005, something which was confirmed to me by General Obis? Markus Wolf of the DVD and the Stasi. Heath was recruited by the Germans in 1937, I’ve said this in ‘Spy Hunter’. Heath was into little boys and Savile was supplying them, a number of these boys were taken out of the Haut de la Garenne home in Jersey, Savile was taking children from a childrens home with support from German assets in Jersey. Remember the Germans used to run Jersey and, whenever the Germans overtake somewhere there’s always a stay behind intelligence organization. German assets didn’t pull out of Jersey in 45, only German troops marched out, though surrendered, the German intelligence operation in Jersey stayed on after 45. Jersey was very important to the Germans because of offshore financing, because we do a lot of our offshore financing through Jersey, the banking in Jersey is quite interesting. And, what was happening was that childrens homes in the Channel Islands, particularly Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, children were being taken from these homes, boys in the case of Edward Heath as he was gay and, a paedophile, were being taken onto his yacht the Morning Cloud. There were in fact several Morning Clouds but there was one in particular which won the Sydney Hobart yacht race which was eventually sunk in the English channel from memory. But it was the boat that was sunk on which most of the abuse took place, Savile was actually going out to, he went down to Jersey, he was actually taking boys, there was another man involved as well but, Savile himself took boys from the childrens home where he was a guest or welcome, onto the boat, so he was taking boys out onto Morning Cloud. Now since Heath was well known and, since the boys, we’re talking young men, depends how you define child, but as a lawyer one would define, normally we define children as under the age of 14, which is the age of criminal responsibility, they were about that age sadly. But they were old enough to know who were abusing them, it was quite clear in most cases they weren’t willing to be abused and, even if they were, at that age we don’t regard consent as informed consent, defined in America, in the United States I’m afraid as statutory rape. The boys were murdered and thrown off the boat, now a very courageous Jersey police officer who was aware of the paedophile rings, was aware that boys were being supplied to politicians and, key figures in Jersey, knowing that children had gone missing from the nursing home, there’s no dispute about that, the police in Jersey were aware that they had missing kiddies. Their theory which is quite perfectly reasonable theory was that they must be buried in the grounds, and I think if you look at the files you will see there was an attempt to find their remains by digging up the grounds. Was it Lenny Harper? It’s been some time since I have looked at the files on this, but if you told me it was Lenny Harper I wouldn’t dispute that for a moment, what I do know is this police officer was very competent, very courageous, because he was up against a cabinet office backed paedophile ring and, the investigation he was conducting was at some professional risk and, indeed I suspect his life was also at risk at one point. Because he was getting close to some very uncomfortable truths for certain people in the cabinet office, GO2 in London and, certain people in Jersey in the German network which is, even today there’s still a German network in the Channel Islands. His theory that the boys had been buried in the grounds of the nursing home is a perfectly reasonable one, a good copper, good theory, but wrong. The boys were in fact being taken to a boat, it happened to be Edward Heaths boat, or yacht and, they were murdered and thrown over board, so there’s no point sadly in looking for their graves, they don’t have any graves except the sea. That’s why the BBC and, the cabinet office have been so keen to protect Savile, that’s why the cabinet office in the 1980’s were willing to back Savile to the point of giving him a position of authority at Broodmoor which is an absolute, you know you don’t put a paedophile in charge of Broodmoor, it’s just like putting a lunatic in charge of the asylum or a drunk in charge of a brewery, or David Cameron in charge of a government, no offense intended. The cabinet secretary at the time, who thankfully is no longer with us, Hunt, was also a paedophile, was in on this, met Savile, now he was Catholic, met Savile, as did a very nice man the late Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Basil Hume, Basil was not a paedophile, but knew Hunt and, had a shrewd idea, he wasn’t stupid, he had a shrewd idea of what had been going on and, I have no doubt was told to keep a lid on it. Hunt was in on it, so the cabinet secretary at the time was in on it, was aware of what was going on, was aware he had a Prime Minister who was involved not just in abusing young boys but was murdering them as well. It’s quite possible that there was a crew man on the yacht who did the actual murder, I’m not saying Edward Heath necessarily bashed the boys on the pogo and, tossed them overboard, he may have had somebody to do that for him but he was certainly guilty of murder under English law as an accessory or on a joint enterprise basis. The cabinet secretary of the day knew that we had a Prime Minister who was vulnerable to charges of murder at the Old Bailey, bit of a national security mess and, the cabinet secretary as you can well imagine was very keen to keep a tight lid on things. Hunt of course was working for the Germans and, was very keen on British membership of the EUC and, it was Hunt and, Heath between them who were responsible for Britain going into the EUC along with another German spy, exposed in ‘Spy Hunter’ called Tony Barber“. “If someone is inclined in that direction and, you can supply them with boys then you have a hold on them, or girls, there’s nothing worse for a politician than being exposed in the murder and, sexual abuse of young people and, if you’ve got a politician who is abusing and, killing young girls and boys, boys or girls, then you’ve got a hold on them, this has been a standard German intelligence tactic for decades“. “We’re the good guys, MI5 and, MI6 don’t do murder, obviously occasionally it’s necessarily to take people out but that is always done by independent contractors, we are the good guys” . “I am in favor of the British and, I’m certainly, count myself as a patriotic Englishman, I am a British man. Yes, but we are the good guys and, one of the reasons why we are the good guys is because we don’t approve of the killing children. We would never get British intelligence setting up a shooting like the Sandy Hook shooting in the United States which again was setup by the Germans via Mexico and, a bunch of crazy Mexican drug gangsters rolling up to a school and, shooting up the kiddies, it was just absolute nonsense, the British intelligence would never, never touch an operation like that with a barge pole“. “If a German, lets take the assassination of David Kelly, that was done by the GO2 which is the German operation in London and, you’ve got German assets inside Thames Valley police for example. Where you’ve got Brits working for the Germans then you, my view is you blame the Germans, you don’t blame the Brits, because the Germans are paying them or blackmailing them. Paedophilia is a, a wonderful means if you’re a hostile intelligence agency blackmailing politicians, the reason it’s particularly disgusting, quite aside from the element of sexual abuse and coercion and corruption of young people, that’s disgusting in and of itself. But what makes it particularly vile and, we saw this in the Madeleine McCann case and that’s why the Madeleine McCann case was so heart breaking and tragic, if the children are and, I’m afraid with paedophilia we sometimes have babies being abused but, if you’re not talking babies, if you’re talking toddlers who are able to recognize the people who are abusing them, since the people, there’s absolutely no point in doing it unless the politician is high profile, since you’re talking about people who are on television people who are high profile, you have to murder the children in order to protect your asset. So for the Germans it was essential that the boys who were taken onto the yacht there was a death ride, when Jimmy Savile was taking, lets say a 14 year old boy down to Morning Cloud, handing him over to Edward Heath or a member of the crew on the yacht it was a death ride, that was that boys last journey on Earth. Because there was no way in the world recognizing Edward Heath that he could be allowed back on shore. And Savile must have known this and, that’s partly why Savile was probably deeply into religion, you often find this in fact, that where people get involved in murder their consciouses start to eat at them and they suddenly turn to religion late in life, Savile, Savile certainly there were signs that he did that. The quite nice thing about human beings is we generally find murder very difficult, it’s a lot more difficult to do than you might think reading spy novels. He’s also, I’m sure Edward Heath, because you’ve got to murder the kiddies in order to protect your asset supplying of children to paedophile politicians is an extremely messy murderous dangerous business. The case of Madeleine McCann as I reveal in ‘Spy Hunter’, it was in my report to the joint intelligence committee which was put on the website disgracefully by the Daily Mirror a few years ago, in the case of Madeleine McCann she was going to be abused by a senior member of the European Commission in Brussels whos name is known to British intelligence, I can’t identify him in ‘Spy Hunter’ but I do know who it is and, there is no way Madeleine could ever be returned alive to her family because the danger would be that even at her tender age of 4 she would recognize him and know who was abusing her, so the Germans had to murder her and, they eventually did sadly in December 2008” (Michael Shrimpton, 2013).

In mid-October 2005, ‘International Currency Review’ exposed the late Sir Edward Heath, the British Prime Minister who died on 17th July 2005, as having been a long-term Abwehr agent. The expose revealed that ‘within a matter of days of Heath’s death on 17th July 2005 at the age of 89, the Editor of this service received two separate confirmations, both from British intelligence sources, that Edward Heath was a long-term agent of German (Nazi) intelligence. In fact Edward Heath betrayed his country for 60 years – the longest penetration in history. To remain undiscovered for 60 years is an achievement without parallel in the sordid history of geopolitical intelligence’. ‘Edward Richard George Heath became a member of the Oxford Ring, based at Balliol College, consisting of himself, Roy Jenkins, Geoffrey Rippon and Arthur (Madron) Seligman, who were together at Oxford University’. All were recruited through or by a German intelligence agent working inside the College – Arnold Toynbee. Roy (‘Woy’) Jenkins (subsequently, Lord Jenkins of Hillhead) later became the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Wilson’s Labour Government and thereafter the President of the European Commission (EC), while Geoffrey Rippon was the co-signatory together with Edward Heath of the United Kingdom’s Treaty of Accession to the European Communities in January 1972, which led to Britain becoming a member of the EEC on 1st January 1973. Notwithstanding this, in February 1972, the Second Reading of the EEC legislation in the House of Commons was approved by a majority of only eight, ‘in an atmosphere that degenerated into fisticuffs’. ‘Arnold Toynbee’s recruitments became the most successful German intelligence penetration operation ever directed at the United Kingdom, with three members of the Oxford Ring playing central roles in forcing Britain, predominantly against its will, into the German-sponsored European political and economic collective’, which, as is partially reviewed on pages 567 et seq., is a hotbed of corruption. ‘Both Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon received secret payments in exchange for their signatures on the accession document, setting the scene for subsequent corrupt payments for similar services rendered by some of their successors. For the odious intergovernmental system of secret, intelligence-managed ‘Black Operations’ geopolitical ‘facility fees’ or special corrupt payments, was already well established at the beginning of the 1970s’. According to (he Author’s ongoing researches, it has become the norm. ‘Edward Heath was a German (Nazi) agent who became Prime Minister of Great Britain. As soon as he was unexpectedly voted into power in 1970, he immediately set about to fulfil his secret instructions to bamboozle the British people and the House of Commons (which he did by perpetrating a number of gross lies that have since been exposed) into pleading for and accepting membership of the secretly German-sponsored political collective. And the initiators and directors of this project were the superior brains at the Madrid-based Nazi International, a.k.a. the German Geopolitical Centre, reviewed below’ [see pages 573 et seq.]. ‘The Author remembers actually standing inside Downing Street, as it was possible to do in those days, and watching the newly elected Prime Minister entering Number 10 in triumph on the day of his election, 18th June 1970, after securing a narrow victory over the Labour Party led by Harold Wilson, having started at a clear disadvantage in the opinion polls. The so-called ‘Conservatives’ won office with an overall majority of 30 seats’. ‘Heath first entered the Westminster Parliament with a tiny majority of 133 votes in the then marginal seat of Bexley, which he held until he belatedly retired from the House of Commons in 2001. According to the obituary published on 18th July 2005 in ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘in his maiden speech29, he attacked the then Labour Government for its very negative response to the Schuman Plan to create a single European market in coal and steel’. When Harold Macmillan became Prime Minister some 13 years earlier in 1957, he celebrated his victory with Edward Heath over a dinner of oysters and champagne at the Turf Club; and in 1960, Macmillan brought Heath into the Cabinet as Lord Privy Seal, responsible for negotiating the United Kingdom’s first application to join the European Economic Communities. Harold Macmillan, like Edward Heath, has now been internally exposed by intelligence sources as a secret agent of the German Abwehr (Department of Defence, or military intelligence apparat)’. ‘Heath was an agent of the super-secret German DVD – or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst – the ultra-covert Continuum of Nazi International intelligence developed from the Abwehr and the Gehlen Organisation, one component of which had established itself as the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1943, when the leading German Nazi officials realised there was at least a 50% chance that Germany might lose the war. The DVD organisation itself was set up by Admiral Canaris in 1944’. ‘The DVD is so secret that its finances are hidden (that is, it is financed by ‘Black Operations’ resources) and there appear to be no traces at all of this service being funded by the German taxpayer, precisely because it is funded clandestinely’. ‘And what will cause very great astonishment outside intelligence services around the world is the location where the DVD is based: DACHAU, the town that gave its name to the notorious concentration and Holocaust extermination camp’. ‘While ostensibly visiting the Salzburg (music) Festival in 2003, Sir Edward Heath travelled to Munich and Dachau, where he was alerted by the DVD that his life-long service to Germany’s covert Nazi intelligence community had been uncovered by British investigators. A UK intelligence source reports that he literally blew a fuse when this warning was delivered – which is to say, he suffered a pulmonary embolism’. ‘Plans to interrogate Heath were blocked at Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) level and by Number 10 Downing Street’. One of the Author’s special friends commented: ‘No surprises there’ – given that MI6 is headed by an operative allegedly considered to be an asset of French and German intelligence’. It has since been established that this also, in mid-2006, applied to the head of MI5. Like most of his post-war predecessors, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was alleged to have been compromised on several levels. ‘The super-secret covert Black Nazi DVD acts with the approval of the German Government, and ‘owns’ the German Chancellorship, beginning with the postwar Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who was an asset of the German Abwehr before its collapse. It follows that the German Government is, at any point in time, actually the instrument of the secret Nazi International Establishment, the main blueprint of which was intercepted by the Allies in the early 1950s’. (It is also a fact that the ‘overt’ or ‘White’ German foreign intelligence service, Deutsche Bundesnachrichten Dienst, reports directly to the German Chancellor, as well). This has all been covered up as a consequence of the extensive penetration of the CIA and, indirectly through the French connection, of MI6, in later years‘” (Christopher Story).

In Germany, the organisation has been described as a seditious totalitarian ‘psycho-terror’ group intent upon global domination, and engaged in money-laundering and financial crimes. German courts have recently upheld the official electronic surveillance of Scientology for reasons of national and internal security, and the protection of the state and its democracy. The Author has included this information not least in order to provide a context for the following observation. The ultra-secret (no longer) Black intelligence service of the Nazi International, based appropriately in Dachau, known by the initials DVD (for Deutsche Versicherungs Dienst or Deutsche Verteid-igungs Dienst, meaning either German Insurance (in the sense of insuring the future of Nazism) Service, or German Defence Service (with the same connotation) was, the Author discovered, hardly known about at all in Germany itself as late as September 2005. The Author’s exposure (in International Currency Review, Volume 30, Number 4, distributed in October 2005) of this organisation’s existence, and that the late Sir Edward Heath, the former British Prime Minister was a long-term Abwehr agent, may have changed this situation. DVD is basically the successor intelligence service to the Nazi Abwehr, and has served ever since as the ‘Black’ (hidden, wholly unaccountable) intelligence service of the continuing covert Nazi International. The DVD is not financed by German taxpayer funds, but the German Government (at Chancellor level) approves its actions. It is therefore by no means incongruous that the overt German structures should, for instance, have raised serious objections to the Satanic cult called Scientology and all its evil baggage, not least since Germans are by no means ignorant of the ghastly activities of Heinrich Himmler and his death scientists. In the United States, Scientology’s compound, located near Hemet, in California, has been labelled ‘armed and dangerous’. In other words, this is quite clearly a psycho-control instrument of criminalised counterintelligence, although this reality is disguised by an ‘agreement’ with the US intelligence community” (Christopher Story).

Marchetti & Marks, (1974) said “There exists in our nation today a powerful and dangerous secret cult — the cult of intelligence. Its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its patrons and protectors are the highest officials of the federal government. Its membership, extending far beyond governmental circles, reaches into the power centers of industry, commerce, finance, and labor. Its friends are many in the areas of important public influence — the academic world and the communications media. The cult of intelligence is a secret fraternity of the American political aristocracy. The purpose of the cult is to further the foreign policies of the U.S. government by covert and usually illegal means, while at the same time containing the spread of its avowed enemy, communism. Traditionally, the cult’s hope has been to foster a world order in which America would reign supreme, the unchallenged international leader. Today, however, that dream stands tarnished by time and frequent failures. Thus, the cult’s objectives are now less grandiose, but no less disturbing. It seeks largely to advance America’s self-appointed role as the dominant arbiter of social, economic, and political change in the awakening regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. And its worldwide war against communism has to some extent been reduced to a covert struggle to maintain a self-serving stability in the Third World, using whatever clandestine methods are available“. “This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. It’s membership is composed of those in the power centers of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labor. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence – including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally“. “Socially as well as professionally they cliqued together, forming a sealed fraternity. They ate together at their own special favorite restaurants; they partied almost only among themselves; their families drifted to each other, so their defenses did not always have to be up. In this way they increasingly separated themselves from the ordinary world and developed a rather skewed view of that world. Their own dedicated double life became the proper norm, and they looked down on the life of the rest of the citizenry. And out of this grew what was later named — and condemned — as the “cult” of intelligence, an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence that held it to be above the normal processes of society, with its own rationale and justification, beyond the restraints of the Constitution, which applied to everything and everyone else“.

According to German Journalist and Editor Dr Udo Ulfkatte “Well I, I’ve been a journalist for about twenty-five years and I was educated to lie to betray and the not to tell the truth to the public. But seeing right now within the last months how, how far, how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia, this is a point of no return and, I stand, I am going to stand up and say, um, it is not right what I have done in the past. To manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia and, it is not right what my colleagues do and, have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany all over Europe“.

The reason writing this book was that I, I am very fearful of a new war in Europe and, I don’t like to have this situation again because war is not never coming from itself, there is always people behind it to push for war and, this is not only politicians this is Journalists to“.

And I just have written in the book how we have betrayed in the past our, our readers just to push for war and, because I don’t want this anymore, I’m fed up with this propaganda. We live in a banana republic and not in a democratic country, where we have press freedom, where we have human rights, when we. If you see the German media especially my colleagues who day by day write against the Russians who are in transatlantic organizations and, who are supported by the United States to do so. People like me I got, I became honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma in the United States, just why? Just because I wrote pro-American, I wrote pro-American. I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, by the CIA, why? Because I should be pro-American, I, I’m fed up with it, I don’t want to do it anymore and so I, I’ve just written a book not to earn money, now it will cause a lot of trouble for me just to, to give the people in this country, Germany, in Europe and, all over the world, just to give them a glimpse of a view what goes up behind the closed doors“.

Yes, there is many examples for that, we, if we go by just back to history, if you go into the year in 1988, if you go to your archives you will find in March 1988 that there was a, a, in Iraq, in a sub, in Iraq the Kurdish people have been gassed with poisoned gas, that is known all over the world. But in July 1988 they sent me to a town called Zubaydat, that is on the Iraqi/Iranian border. There was, it was war between the Iranians and the Iraqis and, I was sent there to photograph how the Iranians have been gassed with poisoned gas, with German poisoned gas, you call it LOST and Sarin, mustard gas made by Germany, they have been gassed and, I was there to make photographs how these people have been killed by poison gas made from Germany. When I came back to Germany there was just one small photo in a newspaper, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine and, there was one small article, not writing how impressive brutally, how inhuman, how terrible it was to kill half, to kill decades after the end of the second world war people with German poisoned gas“.

So this was a situation, I feel misused, for, for, for having been there and just to give a documentary what has been done, but not been allowed to cry out to the world what we have done behind closed doors. Up to today it’s not well known in the public that it was German public gas, there have been hundreds of thousands of people gassed in this city of Zubaydat“.

Now you ask, what have I done for intelligence agencies? So please see, most of the journalists you’ll see in foreign countries they claim to be journalists and, they might be journalists, European or American journalists, but, many of them like me in the past are so-called non official cover, that’s what the Americans call that. I have been a non-official cover, non-official cover means what? It means you to work for an intelligence agency, you help them if they want you to help them. But, they will never, never, when ah, when you, when you are, when you are locked, or when they find, when they find out that you are not only a journalist but a spy to, they will never say ‘oh this was one of our guys’, they will not know you, that means non-official cover. So I have helped them in several situations and, the, I feel ashamed for that too now. Like I feel ashamed that I have worked for very recommended newspaper like the Frankfurter Allgemeine because I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans not to report exactly the truth. But I just imagined in my car while I was driving to this interview I just tried to work out in my brain what would have happened if I would have written a pro Russian article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Well I don’t know what would have happened but we were all educated to write pro-European, pro-American, but please not pro-Russian. So I am very sorry for that, but this is not what I understand for democracy and, for press freedom, I’m very sorry of for that“.

Well Germany, yes I understand your question very well, Germany is still a kind of a colony of the United States, you’ll see that in many points. Like the majority of the Germans don’t want to have nukes in our country, but we still have American nukes, so we are still it kind of a colony of the Americans. And being a colony it is very easy to approach young journalists through what is very important here is transatlantic organizations, all journalists from really respected and recommended big German newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, they are all members or guests of those big transatlantic organizations. And in these transatlantic organizations you are approached to be pro-American and, there is nobody coming to you and, say ‘well we are the central intelligence agency, would you like to work for us’. No, this is not the case how it happens, what they do these transatlantic organizations is ah, they invite you, they invite you for seeing the United States, they pay for that, they pay all your expenses and everything. So you are bribed, you get more and more corrupt because they make a good contacts. You won’t know that those good contacts are lets say non-official, non-official covers or officially people working for Central Intelligence Agency or other American agencies. So you make friends, you think they are friends and, you cooperate with them, they try, they ask you ‘well could you do me this favor, could you do me that favor’ and, so your brain is more and more brainwashed through these guys. And your question was is this only the case with German journalists, no I think it is especially the case with British journalists because they have a much closer relationship, it is especially the case I with Israelis, of course with French journalists, for a part, not that big as with German or with British journalist. It is the case for Australian journalists, for journalists from New Zealand, from Taiwan, from well, there is, there is many countries. Countries in the Arab world like Jordan for example, like Oman, the Sultanate of Oman, there is many countries where this happens, where you, where you find people to the, to claim they are respected journalists, but if you look behind them you’ll find the, they are puppets on a string of the Central Intelligence Agency“.

I’m sorry for interrupting you, I’ll give you one example, sometimes the intelligence agencies they come to your office and, want you to write an article. I’ll give you an example, not from strange other journalists, from me myself, I’ve just forgotten the year, I just remember that the German foreign intelligence, Bundesnachrichtendienst, it is just the on a sister organization of the Central Intelligence Agency, it was founded by the American intelligence agency. So one day the BND, this German foreign intelligence agency came to my office at the Frankfurter Allgemeine at Frankfurt and, they wanted me to write an article about Libya and about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. I had absolutely no secret informations regarding Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, but they gave me all the, these secret informations and the, they just wanted me to write, to, to sign the article was my name. I did that but, it was an article that was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine that originally came from the Bundesnachrichtendienst, from the German foreign intelligence agency. So do you really think that this is journalism, intelligence agencies writing articles“.

Oh yes, that article I, I have reprinted it partly in my book, that article was how Libya and, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, how he secretly tried to build a poison gas factory, I think in Rabta was the name, yes. And I got all those information, it was a story that was printed worldwide two days later, but it I had no information on that, it was the intelligence agencies that wanted me to write this article. But this is not the way journalism should work that intelligence agencies, that they decide what is printed and what not“.

If I say no I give you an example from, a very good example if you say no. Well we have a, a rescue unit in Germany with helicopters for traffic accidents, it’s called, they call themselves the Yellow Angels. There was one guy who, who didn’t want to cooperate, he was a pilot of the helicopter service of the Yellow Angels in Germany, this guy said no to the foreign intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst when they approached him and wanted him as a non-official cover to work for are the German Foreign Intelligence Agency and, just to pretend to be somebody from the, the Yellow Angels. So what, what, what happened was that he lost his job and, the cop in Germany they, the judge decided that they were right because the, such a guy could not be trusted. He was kicked off his job because he didn’t cooperate with the foreign intelligence service, so I knew what would happen if I would not cooperate with intelligence services“.

Well, well I have had, let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times my house was house searched because I was accused by the public prosecutor, the German public prosecutor, I was accused of leaking state secrets, leaking secrets of states. Six times house searched, well they, they hoped that I wouldn’t do that ever again, but I think it’s worth that the truth will come out one day, the truth won’t die. And I don’t mind what will happen, I’ve had three heart attacks, I have no children, so if they wanna bring me to court or to prison, so it’s worth for the truth“.


mcalpine_1 mcalpine_2 mcalpine_3 mcalpine_4—————————————————————————————————————————

Lord Janner was still director of his firm THREE WEEKS ago, it emerges as damning dossier alleges police chief allowed peer to molest young boys

  • Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she ruled the Labour peer’s dementia meant he would not be prosecuted
  • Yet less than a week earlier, the former Labour MP was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd
  • Janner, 86, stood down as a director of the company on April 10, six days before Miss announced would not be charged with 22 child sex offences

Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said his dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom.

Yet less than a week earlier, the Labour peer was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd.

In official documents lodged at Companies House, he listed his occupation as: ‘Working Peer, Writer, Lecturer.’

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Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse

Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse

The company, which manages Janner’s £2million home and seven other flats in his luxury north London development, had reserves of £8,350, the latest accounts show.

Janner, 86, stood down as a director of the company on April 10, six days before the chief prosecutor announced he would escape being charged with 22 child sex offences.

It follows the revelation Janner transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year, and four months after a similar raid on his home.

Now it can also be revealed the alleged paedophile used his holiday home on the south coast to entertain teenage boys, according to former neighbours.

The Labour grandee was a regular visitor to the flat in a discreet gated block with stunning sea views until it was sold last year.

The peer bought his two-bedroom holiday apartment in the upmarket East Cliff area of Bournemouth in 1987.

One former neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He was sometimes seen at the flat with much younger boys in their teens or early 20s.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said Lord Janner's dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said Lord Janner’s dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom

At the time it was definitely noticed, but no one talked about things like that in public back then.’ Janner’s flat was on the seventh floor of a large clifftop block with views over the sea and the building’s outdoor swimming pool.

Neighbours said the peer, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009, was seen ‘coming and going’ as recently as last year.

A long-term resident said: ‘[Janner] was always in and out, in and out. Always in a hurry.

‘I last saw him in 2014. He seemed exactly the same, no difference to his health – very busy. There is a wonderful community here but I don’t think he made friends with anyone.’

Former Bournemouth mayor Anne Filer, who is a leading member of the town’s Jewish community, said she never heard even a ‘whisper’ of concerns about Janner’s behaviour.

The peer owned a share of the freehold for the seaside flat until March 1996, when he transferred it to his wife Myra and daughter Marion, official records show.

Less than a week before the announcement he wouldn't be charged, Lord Janner was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd

Less than a week before the announcement he wouldn’t be charged, Lord Janner was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd

His wife died at the end of that year, and the apartment is thought to have passed into his daughter’s ownership before being sold in June last year for £300,000.

Leicestershire Police declined to comment on whether they were looking into Janner’s activities in Bournemouth, saying only that their inquiry remained a ‘live investigation’.

Meanwhile, the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said it was carrying out its own investigation into Leicestershire Police’s response to complaints of abuse by Janner and others made in 1991, 2001 and 2006.

Another of the peer’s alleged victims has come forward to describe how he was abused at a working men’s club in the 1970s.

The man said Janner befriended him when he was eight by buying him ‘pop and crisps’ while his single mother was at work.

But within months the then-Labour MP allegedly began sexually assaulting him in a ‘secret room’ at the club.

The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the abuse continued until he went to secondary school aged 11.

‘I have flashbacks of things that happened. I can see his face and his smile and his smirk in my head. I can’t get it out of my head,’ he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Janner’s family have issued a statement insisting he is ‘entirely innocent of any wrongdoing’.

Rape Of Justice 

Evidence doctored. Witnesses threatened. The damning child sex abuse dossier that alleges Lord Janner was allowed to molest young boys by one of Britain’s highest ranking police chiefs

Guy Adams investigates   

Then MP Greville Janner with young schoolchildren when he was President of the Board of Deputies and lay leader of the British Jewish community

Then MP Greville Janner with young schoolchildren when he was President of the Board of Deputies and lay leader of the British Jewish community

The tale of corruption and criminality is so sinister that it might have been plucked from the plot of a late-night TV drama.

At its heart is a famous politician with a dark secret: he has for years been living a vile double life as a prolific abuser of children.

His crimes are known to the forces of law and order in the city that he represents. Yet the local police chief, a close friend and fellow Freemason, works to ensure that he is never brought to justice.

At one point, when the ‘untouchable’ Parliamentarian is threatened with exposure, in a messy court case, local detectives falsify criminal evidence in an effort to protect him.

Soon afterwards, the politician sends ‘heavies’ to knock on the doors of witnesses, in the hope of intimidating them into staying silent.

Then allies in City Hall instruct staff to shred documents that might result in his repellent activities becoming public.

Finally, the police chief launches an organised campaign to destroy the reputation of a brave whistle-blower who is attempting to expose the whole, stinking business.

As a result, the abuse continues unchecked, on an industrial scale. Dozens, if not scores, more vulnerable children are abused. Many still bear the scars to this day.

At the heart of the alleged conspiracy to protect Lord Janner is Michael Hirst (pictured). He was the Chief Constable of Leicestershire for much of the 1980s

At the heart of the alleged conspiracy to protect Lord Janner is Michael Hirst (pictured). He was the Chief Constable of Leicestershire for much of the 1980s

Corruption being a two-way street, the politician, meanwhile, helps funnel public money to the very police force whose bosses are helping him stay out of jail.

Sounds appalling, doesn’t it? But these deeply disturbing events have not been taken from a fictitious crime novel or TV script.

Instead, they are contained in a dossier of legal documents which outline events that took place in a British city during the 1980s and 1990s.

That city is Leicester. And the politician is Greville Janner, the Labour Peer and former MP who has in recent weeks been accused of countless child sex crimes, over a career that spanned four decades. His family have strenuously denied any such wrong-doing.

The fate of the 86-year-old is at the centre of a political storm after Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, decided that he should never be tried for his alleged crimes, which include 16 indecent assaults, and six counts of buggery, against nine children, because he is suffering from dementia.

In light of the ensuing controversy, which has seen more than 30 extra victims come forward, the aforementioned legal dossier, which I obtained a copy of this week, makes explosive reading.

Comprising dozens of letters, affidavits, witness statements and hundreds of pages of court papers, it offers a contemporaneous take from someone close to the case on how he believed Janner both committed his vile crimes and got away with them.

At the heart of the alleged conspiracy is a man called Michael Hirst. He was the Chief Constable of Leicestershire for much of the 1980s, and went on to become a director of the private security company Group 4.

According to the legal papers, which date from the early 1990s, Mr Hirst just happened to be ‘very close friends’ with Greville Janner. Both men, the dossier alleges, were Freemasons.

As a result of their relationship, it claims that Janner was protected from prosecution — even though his ‘activities with young boys’ were ‘well known by police’.

Although they knew that the MP had ‘been at it for years,’ junior officers said he was ‘never arrested, because strings are always pulled up above’.

Kelvyn Ashby at his home in Syston, Leicestershire.  Mr Ashby investigated Greville Janner in 1991

Kelvyn Ashby at his home in Syston, Leicestershire.  Mr Ashby investigated Greville Janner in 1991

In return, the documents claim, Janner repeatedly ‘stood up in Parliament asking for more money for Leicestershire constabulary.’ They also suggest that Janner’s criminal activities spanned several towns, regions and police jurisdictions.

In the market town of Coalville, for example, he ‘was involved setting up young homosexuals with flats in Agar Nook [a deprived housing estate] with the East Midlands Housing Association, and then calling round for payment in kind’.

At Leicester’s Holiday Inn, where the MP often stayed, the documents claim a witness ‘remembered the management closing the swimming pool to hotel guests, allowing Janner to swim in the pool with a young boy’.

In London, where he lived with his wife and children, and spent most weeknights, the papers allege that ‘the Met [police] at Notting Hill have a file relating to Janner and young boys’.

As far away as Scotland, an alleged victim approached staff at Edinburgh West Police Station in July 1991 and ‘made allegations of being buggered by Greville Janner while … on holiday for two weeks in Scotland alone with Janner’.

At this point, it should be stressed that the incriminating version of events outlined in the papers was compiled by one man.

Though it dovetails with much wider evidence about Janner’s alleged crimes, and seems at times to be forensically detailed (with statements and affidavits from multiple supporting witnesses), it was never properly tested in court.

The author was Ian Henning, a legal investigator (and former police officer) who had once worked on the defence team of a notorious convicted paedophile called Frank Beck.

Mr Beck, a former Liberal councillor and children’s home manager from Leicester, was, in 1991, given five life sentences, plus a further 24 years jail, for abusing youngsters in his care.

Owing to the severity of the crimes (police claimed Beck had abused 200 victims), the evidence at his trial was deeply shocking.

Lord Janner's Hampstead home. He transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year

Lord Janner’s Hampstead home. He transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year

The trial also revealed a sensational side plot in which a witness claimed to have been repeatedly abused by Janner during the 1970s, when he’d been aged between 14 and 16.

The witness, by the time of the court case a married father of three in his 30s, gave a credible account of being subjected to a terrifying sexual assault at the MP’s London home, while Janner’s wife and children were away.

He claimed to have then had an illegal sexual relationship with Janner which lasted for almost two years.

The man showed the jury affectionate letters from the MP, talked of being given expensive presents by him and told how he’d been taken to the Houses of Parliament, Labour HQ, and a string of expensive hotels.

Their abusive relationship only ended, he claimed, when he moved into a home run by Beck, who forbade him from seeing the MP.

Defence lawyers therefore attempted to use his testimony to argue that Beck was a protector, rather than abuser of boys. They described him as a ‘fall guy’ who was being prosecuted to protect the MP. The jury, of course, disagreed.

But after the 1991 conviction, Ian Henning, an employee of Leicester law firm Greene D’Sa, remained convinced of Beck’s innocence, and Janner’s guilt. He began working on an appeal.

It had the support of prisoners’ rights campaigner and Labour peer Lord Longford (who also believed in Beck’s innocence) and was to be handled in court by Anthony Scrivener, a QC famed for representing the Guildford Four (whose convictions were quashed after being wrongly jailed for 15 years for blowing up two pubs in the Surrey town in an IRA bombing campaign).

The documents quoted on these pages were all produced by Henning for that appeal.

As well as advocating Beck’s innocence, they offer a hair-raising, first-hand take on both Greville Janner’s alleged involvement in the case and its purported cover-up.

One of the papers is a witness statement written in 1993.

In it, Henning claims that during the run-up to Beck’s 1991 trial, junior police officers repeatedly told him that they were also investigating Janner for alleged child abuse.

‘On more than one occasion, police officers said “you must be the only bloke in Leicester who doesn’t know what he [Janner] gets up to”,’ it reads. ‘Police officers would be challenging and vociferous in making remarks such as “oh, it’s well known,” or “I’ve known about him for years”.’

The same police officers also claimed the MP was being protected by Chief Constable Hirst, Henning states.

Often, they would remark that ‘Janner and the chief constable are close personal friends’, or ask: ‘Why do you think that he [Janner] keeps standing up in Parliament asking for more money for Leicestershire Constabulary? No other Leicester MP does.

Sir Loader appalled at decision to not prosecute Janner (related)

Labour Peer and former MP Lord Janner has in recent weeks been accused of countless child sex crimes, over a career that spanned four decades

Labour Peer and former MP Lord Janner has in recent weeks been accused of countless child sex crimes, over a career that spanned four decades

‘One remark repeatedly made to me by numerous police officers while referring to Janner was “you’re in Leicester now and anything to do with Greville Janner will be covered up”.’

And so it proved.

Elsewhere in the 1993 document, which runs to 38 pages, Henning tells how, on May 11, 1990, detectives visited the home of Jennifer Lesiakowski, a former care home resident who alleged that she had been raped by Frank Beck.

They took a statement, and persuaded her to give evidence for the prosecution at his trial.

‘In her statement, [Lesiakowski] made reference to Greville Janner MP,’ Henning writes. ‘However, on May 17, 1990, the police officers returned to Lesiakowski with a typed copy of her original statement in which all reference to Greville Janner had been edited out.’

The documents also talk of how murky efforts began to be made to silence the alleged male Janner victim who intended to speak for the defence at the 1991 trial (and was by then living in Barnsley, South Yorkshire).

‘[He] was approached on two occasions by people who stated that they were representatives of Greville Janner and warned of the consequences for the witness, his wife and three young children if he attended any court hearing,’ Henning’s statement continues.

Henning says: ‘I assisted the witness to report these threats to the South Yorkshire and Leicestershire constabularies, as it was a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice and frightened [the victim] and his family.’

As a result of the sinister visits, the victim moved home. But attempts to intimidate him continued.

‘During October 1991, [the victim] told me [Henning] that the tenants who moved into his old address answered a knock at their front door to two men who stated that they had been sent by Greville Janner to warn [the victim] not to give evidence in the Beck trial.’

These shady figures weren’t the only people apparently attempting to protect Janner in the run-up to Beck’s trial, however. So, too, were Leicester social services, in whose homes many of Janner’s purported victims had lived.

With regard to the man intended to testifty in court, Henning claims that ‘all mention of Greville Janner had been removed from [his] Social Services file.’

‘The “Befriender” record, which regulations require be affixed to the inside of the front cover of all Social Service files, detailing any period a child spends away from the Children’s Home with a “befriender”, was missing.’

Other files which might have exposed Janner’s abuse of other children were simply destroyed.

‘In early February 1991, I received information that files relating to the children who had attended the Beeches Children’s Home during the “Beck era” had been taken by the gardener to County Hall, where a council employee … had shredded them,’ Henning writes.

Lord Janner (right) sponsored Lord Carey of Clifton, who was previously Archbishop of Canterbury, on his introduction into the House of Lords in 2002

Lord Janner (right) sponsored Lord Carey of Clifton, who was previously Archbishop of Canterbury, on his introduction into the House of Lords in 2002

Eventually, two of the relatively junior detectives working on the case — named as Mick Creedon and Kelvyn Ashby — were told by their superiors to drop all inquiries into the MP.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that initially both Detective Inspector Ashby and Detective Sergeant Creedon intended to arrest Greville Janner,’ reads a different legal paper, compiled by Henning in 1991. ‘But as time progressed, using their own words, “we were prevented from doing so by higher ranking officers”.’

Both Ashby and Creedon have recently confirmed that version of events. Creedon — now Chief Constable of Derbyshire — says the decision to stop investigating Janner ‘was taken by people more senior than me’. Did those ‘senior’ people include Chief Constable Hirst?

Creedon has so far declined to name names to the Press, though he may be more forthcoming to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is believed to be investigating this affair.

As for Hirst, he is unable to pass comment, having died. But his widow, Ruth, denies that he was either a Freemason or a particularly close friend of the MP.

‘I think Michael thought Janner was guilty,’ she said this week. ‘I don’t know who made the decision not to arrest [Janner] but I suspect it was somebody higher up than Michael.’

One thing Hirst certainly did preside over, however, was a bizarre and — in retrospect — very sinister attempt to silence Ian Henning in the months and years that followed the Beck trial.

It began in late 1991, when Leicestershire police announced that Henning would no longer be considered a ‘suitable person to attend an interview of a suspect or person in custody at a police station’.

In a letter to Henning’s law firm Greene D’Sa, they added that the force had written to both the Law Society and the Solicitors Complaints Bureau to have Henning struck off, on the grounds that (among other things) he’d improperly briefed the media about Janner’s involvement in the Beck case.

Henning, who denied that allegation, was then arrested. His house was searched and several documents and items of evidence relating to Janner seized, never to be seen again.

It took ten months for police to announce that no charges would actually be filed against him. In the meantime, he won leave to seek a judicial review of the decision to ban him from doing legal work in police stations.

‘My arrest was a response by the Leicestershire Constabulary to bully, threaten and intimidate me into silence,’ he wrote in papers prepared for that case.

‘Why are the Leicestershire Constabulary so interested in the welfare of Greville Janner. Is he a client of the constabulary?’

A good question. But one that would, sadly, never be asked in court.

In May 1994, Frank Beck suffered a fatal heart attack at Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire, forcing his appeal to be abandoned.

To this day, many friends believe Beck was innocent, and Janner guilty — though others say there is ample evidence that both men were guilty, and were in fact accomplices.

Eighteen months later, Henning’s judicial review was also abandoned.

He, too, died suddenly and unexpectedly, in a road accident in December 1995, aged 57, before the case could be heard.

‘Ian never saw justice,’ his widow, Dee, told me this week. ‘He had absolutely no doubt of Janner’s involvement in paedophilia, and believed to the end that things had been covered up, and covered up far too easily.

‘We don’t know how many children suffered as a result of that cover up. But at least we are finally starting to see his crimes laid bare in print. Janner may never be prosecuted, but I think Ian would see that as the next best thing.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3064947/Lord-Janner-director-firm-THREE-WEEKS-ago-emerges-damning-dossier-alleges-police-chief-allowed-peer-molest-young-boys.html


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Learn about Nazi UFOs https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/optelltale-nazi-flying-disk-prototypes-andreas-epp-testimony-eugen-lardy-testimony-adolf-hitler-hermann-gorings-gerti-vogt-maria-orsitsch-lothar-waiz-karl-haushofer-rudolf-von-sebottendo/

Learn more about Satanic/Luciferian bisexual paedophile Aleister Crowley https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/opilluminatuspiedpiper-33rd-degree-freemasonic-satanic-jew-aleister-crowley-the-bisexual-paedophile-who-wrote-paedophile-literature-discussing-the-sacrifice-of-children/

Learn more about paedophile child snuff rings https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/jewish-paedophiles-and-snuff-movies-the-london-tape-beat-meier-dmitri-vladimirovich-kuznetsov/

View pictures of paedophiles and the royal family https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/jimmy-savile-ted-heath-and-queen-elizabeth-ii-pictures/

Learn more about the British police https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/how-much-do-you-think-you-can-trust-the-british-police/

Learn more about people trying to murder you and your family https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/proof-someone-is-trying-to-damage-the-human-body-brain-and-cause-cancer-to-kill-people-slowly/

Learn more about Freemason paedophile rings https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/international-freemason-paedophile-rings-america-britain-france-holland-jersey/

Learn more about the paedophile ring thats been operating inside the British and American intelligence agencies https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/opilluminatuspiedpiper-northamptonshire-police-helping-cover-up-unitarian-paedosadist-with-satanic-royal-connections-mp-cyril-smith-scandal-because-of-his-royal-connections-force-said-secur/



4 thoughts on “#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – International Freemason & Satanic paedophile snuff rings worth 300 billion euros – America, Belgium, Britain, France, Holland & Jersey – Cannibalism, murder, gang rape, extreme torture & mutilation of children on a daily basis for money & religion

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