#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – 2012 – a “very organised” paedophile ring operating at the BBC – It was very organised – It was not just Savile, there were other people behind it – These were not famous people – BBC paedophile 9/11


Jimmy Savile: New victims say ‘organised’ paedophile ring operated at BBC

New victims of Jimmy Savile have gone to the police with complaints about a “very organised” paedophile ring operating at the BBC, it emerged today.

The allegations relate to the DJ and several of his associates working at the corporation about 40 years ago.

The victims say they were abused by the entertainer as well as other BBC staff who were not famous TV faces.

Although some of the complaints about the alleged paedophile ring have been referred to Scotland Yard, not all of those making the claims have yet contacted police, their lawyer said.

Liz Dux is leading a legal team dealing with more than 20 victims, most of whom allege they were abused by Savile, who died last year aged 84. Some were also victims of the “paedophile ring” at the BBC, she said.

In response to allegations of a paedophile ring, a BBC spokeswoman said: “We are shocked by allegations that anything of this sort could have been carried out by anyone working for the BBC and would encourage anyone with information on such issues to speak to the police.”

“The calls are coming in by the day, including victims as well as witnesses who saw things take place,” added Ms Dux, of Russell Jones & Walker.

Of the abuses allegedly involving BBC staff, she added: “It was very organised. It was not just Savile, there were other people behind it. Some [victims] were very young and don’t know the identities of the people they were abused by. These were not famous people.”

A handful of the complaints also relate to assaults at hospitals, schools and children’s homes. “Some of these people have been terribly damaged. They are traumatised and their lives have been ruined.”

The fresh details on the alleged BBC paedophile ring came as it was revealed nine serving employees are under investigation for “serious allegations” of “sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct” as the fallout from the Savile scandal continues.

The individuals are either staff members or contributors accused of sexual misconduct from as early as the Seventies up until recently. Some are being investigated by police. Others have been reported to BBC management. The BBC refused to say if any of the employees have been suspended.

Meanwhile, Newsnight editor Peter Rippon — who shelved a film detailing Savile’s abuse — faced fresh criticism after an email emerged claiming he played down the story because “it was 40 years ago” and the girls were not “too young”.

In the email sent last December, Newsnight reporter Liz MacKean wrote: “Having commissioned the story, Peter Rippon keeps saying he’s lukewarm about it and is trying to kill it by making impossible editorial demands.” She reportedly claimed: “When we rebut his points, he resorts to saying, well, it was 40 years ago … the girls were teenagers, not too young … they weren’t the worst kind of sexual offences etc.”

Source: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/jimmy-savile-new-victims-say-organised-paedophile-ring-operated-at-bbc-8224562.html


The BBC hasn’t released the true extent of the paedophile ring working within its ranks. 1997 BBC Personality of the Year and presenter of the BBC programme Crimewatch, Jill Dando died because of it. Paedophiles & sex offenders in the BBC that are publicly known, minus the missing staff who aren’t famous & names haven’t been mentioned;

  1. Roman Catholic convert Eric Gill (Zoophile paedophile) [Link]
  2. Roman Catholic Satanist Jimmy Savile (Necrophiliac paedophile) [Link]
  3. (Suicide) David Smith (Paedophile) [Link]
  4. Gary Glitter (Paedophile) [Link]
  5. Rolf Harris (Paedophile) [Link]
  6. Freddie Star (Paedophile) [Link]
  7. BBC Executive (Paedophile) [Link]
  8. Michael Souter (Paedophile) [Link]
  9. Simon Warr (Paedophile) [Link]
  10. Stuart Hall (Paedophile) [Link]
  11. Chris Langham (Paedophile) [Link]
  12. Fred Talbot (Paedophile) [Link]
  13. Jonathan King (Paedophile) [Link]
  14. Chris Denning (Paedophile) [Link]
  15. Rob Turner (Paedophile) [Link]
  16. John Nathan-Turner (Paedophile) [Link]
  17. Gary Downie (Paedophile) [Link]
  18. Roy Norry (Paedophile) [Link]
  19. Lee Travis (Sex offender) [Link]
  20. Malcolm Muggeridge (Sex offender) [Link]
  21. Sir Huw Wheldon (Sex offender) [Link]

Using the Kinsey scale or Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale to grade the types of sexuality of the attackers within the BBC;

From the data accumulated this far, when set out on a table split into groups of sexuality of offender, the data can be broken down into three main ratings, they are rating zero, three, and six.

Nine people were involved in sex offenses involving female victims who I gave a rating of zero, they were sex offenders Lee Travis, Malcolm Muggeridge and Sir Huw Wheldon. Paedophiles Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Rob Turner, Freddie Star and, Eric Gill.

Of the nine people involved in sex offenses involving female victims, five of the attackers crimes were of a paedophile nature, they are Eric Gill, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Rob Turner, Freddie Star and, Stuart Hall.

Eleven people were involved in sex offenses involving male victims who I gave a rating of six, they were sex offenders David Smith, an anonymous BBC Executive, Michael Souter, Chris Denning, Jonathan King, Fred Talbot, Chris Langham, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Roy Norry and, Simon Warr.

Of the eleven people involved in sex offenses involving male victims, all of the attackers crimes were of a paedophile nature.

One person was involved in sex offenses involving both male and female children who I gave a rating of three, he was sex offender Jimmy Savile.

Out of the only example thus far of rating three, the attacker was also reportedly involved in having sex with dead bodies.

Out of the nine examples thus far of rating zero, of the four attackers who have crimes of a paedophile nature, one of the attackers was involved in crimes of an incestuous nature. That single attacker was also involved in sex with family pets, he was Eric Gill.

So far, out of the data released and gathered, out of all known offenders of rating zero, three and six combined, twenty one offenders thus far, only four of the religions are known, three offenders coming from the Roman Catholic religion, one of those a Roman Catholic Satanist. One a Christian Calvinist Methodist.

Two people lost their lives who had connections to the BBC, they are Jill Dando and David Smith. Out of the two deaths, one was murder and one was suicide.

BBC staff https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/paedophiles-in-the-bbc-organizing-sex-offenders-in-the-bbc/

BBC are linked to a murder https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/1997-bbc-personality-of-the-year-presenter-of-the-bbc-programme-crimewatch-jill-dando-her-murder-the-bbc-paedophile-ring/



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