#OpDateRape #OpZion – Satanic History Channel – Pyramid & All Seeing Eye – Jewish Satanists are trying to program people


In ancient Egypt the heart was the center of wisdom and the dwelling place of the soul…



Providence, “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015).

Annuit cœptis – providence favours our undertakings

PyramidGeometryNovus ordo seclorum – new order of the ages

Ordo Ab Chao – Order Out of Chaos




history-logo-august-30-2011-2Jewish owned History Channel Logo

history-logo-august-30-2011-2-allseeingeyeJewish owned History Channel All Seeing Eye

screenshot-from-2014-09-04-115220The Devil on Jew William J Byrnes Jacket


All Seeing Eye crop circle


All Seeing Eye on Bahai Jew Dr Steven Greers t-shirt

Jews own Americas banking system

Jews own American Intelligence


Learn more about Jewish Freemasonic Satanic extremism https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/celebrities-and-satanism-left-eye-of-set-or-saturn-and-right-eye-of-horus-or-lucifer/

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