#OpTellTale – 1947 – 509th Bomb Squad Savage M Dodson – Denied access to a hanger at Roswell where he normally had access


509th Bomb Squad Savage M Dodson

SavageDodsonRoswellThe name is Savage Dodson, I was a young GI, twenty two years old at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947. My job out there was in technical supply, and that job included taking care of what we called fly away kits. One day the base supply called me and said ‘we have some fuel injection pumps for your fly away kits’, and I said ‘ok, Ill come up and pick them up’. So I went to base supply in a weapons carrier and picked up four fuel injection pumps. When I came back by the the supply unit I told my friend and buddy there that we worked together, I said I’m going up to the hanger where the fly away kits are to put these injection pumps in there. I drove up to this hanger and backed the weapons carrier up to the personnel door and got out. With my key I was about to open the door, I noticed there was an individual over here but I had not paid any attention to who he was or what he was doing. And the guy said ‘Hey serg…where you going’, I said ‘I’m going in the building here to put some fuel injection pumps in our fly away kits’, he said ‘you can’t go in there’. Well I didn’t paid a great bit of attention to him I just kept walking with my key, and I got almost to the door to insert the key and he said ‘I said you can’t go in there’. Then I looked at him to see who he was, I noticed he had on an MP arm band and he had a 45 on his hip. I said ‘you and who else said I can’t go in there before I solve this’. He said ‘me and this’ , and padded that 45 on his hip. Well you don’t really argue with a person with a 45 on his hip, so I said ‘ok’. I turned around, put the key in my pocket, got in the weapons carrier, went back down to the section, and told my friend H T White, I said, he said ‘I thought you were going to put those injection pumps in the fly away kit’. I said ‘I was but there’s some guy up there with a 45 on his hip and won’t let me in the building’. We passed it off, thought more of it. Three days later base supply called, we had some more parts up there for the fly way kit. I went up and got that, added the fuel injection pumps that I was there with three day earlier, went up there, walked in, no problem. So why did the man keep me out of that building at that particular time? I do not know. I may be wrong, but why else would I be kept out of that building when I was going in on a daily or weekly basis any time I wanted to go (509th Bomb Squad Technical Supply Savage Dodson).


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