#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Retired Police Detective Sergeant Ray Savage – I believe Ella Draper she was speaking 110% truth – Detective Superintendent Peter Coles “the Satanic abuse of children is no doubt a reality”


DetectiveSuperintendentPeterColesI accept there is, the Satanic abuse of children is no doubt a reality, I haven’t personally experienced it but I accept it as a reality” (Detective Superintendent Peter Coles).

As one police officer of 20 years, I had the opportunity of actually sitting with the mother in this case for 3 hours. I can absolutely tell you with my experience of interrogation over 20 years period as a former detective sergeant she was speaking 110% truth. I know there’s been no investigation, there’s been no proper police statement taken from this woman because of the way she’s been harassed. I also know that we have child abuse in this country to epidemic levels. I was on Saturday sitting with a former MP from the Home Office who categorically stated to me that we’ve got now about 1 in 10 children being abused, and we have a police force that’s in denial”. “It comes from Senior levels, we now need to recognize this and start acting on it to change the ethos of what is wrecking so many childrens lives and costing so much deprivation and degradation to the way we live on this planet“. “We have a former Home Office minister who has said that we’ve got 1 in 10 children being abused, and it is going on now, it’s not historic, it was historic, but it’s happening now. And Ella and those 2 childrens case is not unique, I sat with her for 3 hours and what she shared was 100% truth. And I know, no police officers have properly investigated this” (Retired Police Sergeant Ray Savage).


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