#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Pentagon & Child Rape – America is putting other countries children at risk by not investigating paedophiles in its ranks – Americans should be denied access to foreign countries due to their stance on allowing paedophilia


IRS should take a closer look at child porn industry finances


Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) knows that insanity is the Pentagon refusing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports of employees, many of them with top security clearances, doing child porn on Pentagon computers using .mil email addresses. The Pentagon didn’t think the investigation was “a priority.”  Senator Grassley knows insanity is America’s United States Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder refusing to prosecute his own Assistant United States Attorney caught doing child porn on Department of Justice computers.

Insanity is the documented child trafficking rings occurring now in Vermont and Maine, apparently protected by judges and police, the national crisis of American federal and state employees engaged in child porn the Obama Administration is ignoring, and the fact that child trafficking and child porn are the fastest growing crimes in America.

Peter Townshend is correct money drives the crime. Global child porn profits range from $3-20 billion. Molesting a child in front of a live webcam can earn a criminal $1,000 a night.  Half of all global child porn is now produced in America, with an estimated ten new images of children posted daily.  In Kittery Maine one very small bust yielded, over a five year period, $6.1 million in “door fees” and 12 million in “prostitutes” earnings. This child trafficking venue, the Danish Health Club, was managed and protected by a former Maine police officer.

How much of the billions generated by the sexual torture of our children are being laundered by the banks? We do not know because British investigators, rather than ask if banks were laundering money from powerful Russian-English pedophile rings as Townshend claimed, shamed and silenced Peter Townshend instead.

None of the media, that I’ve seen, asks the question: are British banks laundering money for Russian-British child trafficking rings? If so, which ones and how much money is being cleared? My recent opinion piece in Forbes explains why it makes solid economic sense for America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to focus on the child porn industry due to the massive money laundering.
Peter Townshend is not insane. What is insane is that no one listened to him. Perhaps Senator Grassley will invite Pete Townshend to provide Congressional testimony so we can hear what Pete Townshend was trying to tell the world: bank may be laundering child porn profits.

Peter Townshend, nine years of silence was more than enough. Our children need your powerful voice now. Will you join me in asking the IRS and Great Britain’s Inland Revenue to open investigations into American and British banks laundering child porn profits?  Senator Grassley, White Knights like Peter Townshend are desperately needed to expose the child trafficking industry. Will you invite Pete Townshend to Congress to tell his story?

There are real children behind the billions of dollars and Sterling pounds in the global child porn industry; children who are being destroyed. The world needs to hear this now if our children are to have any future at all.

Handrahan is a professor at American University’s School of International Service researching the national and international security ramifications of America’s child porn industry.

Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-a-budget/260731-irs-should-take-a-closer-look-at-child-porn-industry-finances



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