#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper #OpCrazyIvan – Bill Maloney – Barristers, psychiatrists, police officers &, secret services involved in child abuse & child murder – Jimmy Savile has been complicit in the murder &, the torture &, the making of snuff movies of children – procuring children to pass on to Edward Heath – Haut de la Garenne


Child abuse is not just about old men in dirty old coats“, “with Jimmy Savile we’re talking about politicians coming into the affray, we’re talking about Secret Service people coming into the affray. There were Secret Service people going to Haut de la Garenne and politicians from other countries and, they were abusing children and, some of them were paying to murder children, babies, what ever they could get. The young girls who were there, a lot of them if the guys would go there and they wanted to have sex with the young girls they wouldn’t want to wear a condom, so some of these could get pregnant as well” (Bill Maloney).

Barristers, psychiatrists, police officers, secret services“. “I believe that Jimmy Savile has been complicit in the murder and the torture, and the making of snuff movies of children. He’s at Haut de la Garenne for God sake, Jimmy Savile was at Haut de la Garenne. He had association with the Krays, him and the Krays, this is Jimmy Savile as well that was procuring children to then pass on to Ted Heath, Edward Heath“. “Jimmy Savile, he was a regular visitor to Haut de la Garenne and, what the national media seems to be trying to do, is to sanitize this, to water it down by putting people up like Freddy Star, Cliff Richard, it is not just those people. We have to start looking at people like Prince Andrew, Prince Andrew, one of his best friends his name is Jeffrey Epstein. Now Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire financial dealer, now, he’s got a financial company, but if you want to invest in his company you have to have a billion. Someone went to him with $750 million and he told them to go away“. “Jeffrey Epstein was put in prison for child abuse images etc, two weeks after he came out of prison he was walking through Central Park in New York with Prince Andrew, practically holding hands“. “Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein were very close friends, and erm, Jeffrey Epstein was unbelievably allowed to land his own private air craft in our military airfields, unheard of, and he would often have children with him, and then he would go to see Prince Andrew“. “We have this link with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, now, Prince Andrew and Jimmy Savile, they were friends, because Jimmy Savile moved up to Glencoe” (Bill Maloney).

In a radio interview on Louise Collins radio show liberty tactics Maloney (2014) stated that “We have an international paedophile ring thats been operating in every democratic government on our planet, theres also been connections to the middle east, all over the world. We are looking at the killing of children we are going back to a guy called Sidney Cooke which those who are initiated into the subject will understand. We are looking at the torture of children, we are looking at snuff movies“. This is partially backed up by Barrister Michael Shrimpton in the UK at least, who stated in an Internet TV broadcast with Journalist Sonia Polton on The Peoples Voice when asked if he is aware of any paedophiles currently in the British government “Oh yes there are several in parliament at the moment, and they are being blackmailed” (Shrimpton & Polton, 2014). Shrimpton goes on to say that German intelligence are currently blackmailing British politicians who are using weaponized paedophilia to control politicians. Gerrish (2014) gives the explanation for this while semi quoting Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret, he said that “governments love paedophilia because paedophilia is the means by which people can be totally controlled“.

According to Bill Maloney “our victim was forced to film a snuff movie, forced by Sidney Cooke, this is our witness the main witness because he doesn’t want to go too far with the police and the secret services, if you like, that are involved. This is a very precarious position, we are talking about royalty, and I’m not just talking about this country (UK) I’m talking about all over the world, every sovereign country, everywhere“. Maloney also believes that “You can put it down to a religion, a Satanic religion“. “This is not a sexual thing, the killing and the making of snuff movies, the trafficking of children, the raping the torture of disabled children, it is, I don’t know what word to use, I just see it as a Satanic religion“.



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