#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Pope Francis has announced a Vatican court to deal with Catholic bishops who covered up child sex abuse


Pope Francis creates special Vatican court to try bishops accused of covering up sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests

  • Catholic bishops who covered up child sex abuse will face sanctions 
  • Pope Francis has announced a special Vatican court to dealt with the issue
  • Later, Pope Francis met Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Vatican
  • President Putin was in Rome after he was snubbed by G7 last weekend 

Pope Francis has created a special court to try bishops suspected of covering up the sexual abuse of thousands of children by Catholic priests.

Bishops can be now be tried for failing to protect children from predatory clergy, under the crime of ‘abuse of episcopal office.’

For years, the Vatican has been criticised for failing to punish or forcibly remove a bishop who covered up for clergy who raped or molested children.

Pope Francis, pictured right, with Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would sanction bishops who covered up child sex abuse in special Vatican Courts, shortly before meeting the Russian leader 

Pope Francis, pictured right, with Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would sanction bishops who covered up child sex abuse in special Vatican Courts, shortly before meeting the Russian leader

Mr Putin, right, was on a rare visit to Europe when he visited Pope Francis, left, in the Vatican 

Mr Putin, right, was on a rare visit to Europe when he visited Pope Francis, left, in the Vatican

Mr Putin, right, was frozen out of last weekend's G7 meeting in Germany due to sanctions against Russia

Mr Putin, right, was frozen out of last weekend’s G7 meeting in Germany due to sanctions against Russia

Putin arrives at the Vatican for a meeting with Pope Francis

Francis has previously been accused of not doing enough to tackle the abuse crisis. This move marks his most significant move yet to hold bishops accountable.

Francis approved proposals made by his specially appointed sexual abuse advisory board which includes British abuse survivor and campaigner Peter Saunders.

Last February, the group said it was focusing on accountability ‘for everyone in the Church — clergy, religious, and laity — who work with minors.’

Saunders said that there many dioceses had ‘an abysmal record’ in the way they responded to victims of sex abuse who reported the crimes.

The proposals were also approved by the Pope’s group of nine senior cardinal advisers. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said canon law already provided sanctions for bishops who are negligent in their duties, but there was previously no system for punishment. Now, with these proposals, ‘the process is defined,’ Lombardi said.

The new tribunal, a section of the Vatican governing department the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, which already examined cases of abuse, is expected to be up and running by the autumn.

The announcement came as Russian President Vladimir Putin met Francis in a rare visit to Europe for the isolated Russian leader amid the ongoing political stand-off.

The meeting comes just days after the G7 meeting in Germany, which excluded former-member Russia, and two weeks ahead of EU talks on extending sanctions against Russia.

The meeting with Pope Francis was Putin’s second and was expected to focus on Ukraine. U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, Kenneth Hackett, said the U.S. would like to see the Vatican increase its concern about what is happening in Ukraine during the pope’s meeting with Putin.

Putin was expected to meet close friend former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi in the evening.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3119113/Pope-Francis-creates-special-Vatican-court-try-bishops-accused-covering-child-sex-abuse-Catholic-priests-meeting-Vladimir-Putin.html


According to a BBC panorama documentary the Vatican have a secret document known as Crimen Sollicitationis or Crime of Solicitation which is a document written in 1962 that tells priests how to deal with priests who solicit sex from the confessional. The document also deals with obscene external acts with youths of either sex ie child abuse.

The BBC report that this document seemed to shelter the paedophile and silence the victim of abuse within the church, an oath of silence or Secret of the Holy Office was written into the document. Priests were ordered to keep the document locked away secret in the church safe, it is an instruction to the investigating priest of how to silence the paedophile, the victim and any witnesses, breaking the oath in the document brings with it a penalty of excommunication from the Catholic church.

According to the BBC it was reported paedophile & ritual child murderer Pope Benedict XVI (Pope Ratzinger) who was in charge of enforcing Crimen Sollicitationis for 20 years.

QueenPopePhilipReported paedophile Prince Philip, reported paedophile Queen Elizabeth & reported paedophile child killer Pope Ratzinger

In the same documentary a former member of the Catholic church who has a doctorate in canon law and five separate master’s degrees Father Thomas P Doyle, who was sacked for criticizing the Catholic Church handling of child abuse said “Crimen Sollicitationis is indicative of a world wide policy of absolute secrecy and control of all cases of sexual abuse by the clergy“.

Father Doyle goes on to say “But what you really have here is an explicit written policy to coverup cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy, to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by church men, you’ve got a written policy that says the Vatican will control these situations and you also have I think clear written evidence of the fact that all they’re concerned about is containing and controlling the problem“.

nowhere in any of these documents does it say anything about helping the victims, the only thing it does is say they can impose fear on the victims and punish the victims for discussing or disclosing what had happened to them“.

There’s no policy to help the victims, there’s absolutely no policy to help those who are trying to help the victims, and there’s an unwritten policy to lie about the existence of the problem”.

“Then as far as the perpetrators the priests when they are discovered the systemic response has been not to investigate and prosecute but to move them, to move them from one place to another in a secret way and not reveal why they are being moved”.

“So there’s total disregard for the victims, total disregard for the fact that you’re going to have a whole new crop of victims in the next place. Now this is not just in the United States this is happening this is all over the world. You see the same pattern and practice no matter what country you go to“.

The Vatican has no child protection policy the only policy they have is to protect the perpetrators, to protect the Vatican, to cover this up, to keep it as deeply buried in secrecy as possible and to prevent as much damage to the institution as possible, so it’s damage control

Patrick Wall was a former Benedictine Monk who was a Vatican approved enforcer of Crimen Sollicitationis says that “I was part of the system that was getting chewed up and being used, deceptively, and it was a real dark night of the soul. Everything that I had trained for, you know well over a decade to do I found out that I wasn’t working for a Holy institution but an institution that was wholly concentrated on protecting itself“.

When a priest was accused of sexual abuse the abuser was slipped quietly away and Father Wall was moved in.

Wall reports that “Most of the cases never saw light of day, hence we were successful. That is really the ultimate definition of success for the church when it comes to a case of sexual abuse of a minor that no one ever finds out about it, that it gets shut down, that it’s kept quiet, if a payoff is needed or some kind of settlement is needed it’s done. We had a $7 million budget in 1996 to do such things, and but the thing we had to have was a confidentiality order, where it absolutely had to be agreed that everything was quiet and you worked with the victims the best you can but the ultimate desire is to maintain stability, peace and calm. And the biggest thing you have to do is absolutely shut down the scandal“.

Former Phoenix District Attorney Rick Romley made the following statement “I will tell you, that the secrecy, the obstruction that I saw during my investigation was unparalleled in my entire career as a DA here in Phoenix Arizona. It was so difficult to obtain any information from the church at all, in fact we knew of certain meetings that had taken place and yet no documentation was ever produced to be able to you know show that, that meeting had ever occurred“.

You know when we started looking at it, I mean it was really interesting. I mean we came across in the, in the Cannes, for the church, there are supposed to be secret archives to where this type of material is to be provided and not given to civil authorities, no matter what the circumstances. We had information that there was an instruction from the denuncial who is Ambassador status to ship all this you know incriminating type of information to him, because under the law we could not subpoena that material because he would have protected status as an Ambassador from the Vatican. I think that that’s really what the story is, is that the Church, the Church’s failure to acknowledge such a serious problem, but more than that, it is not a passiveness, it was an openly obstructive way of not allowing civil authorities to try and stop the abuse within the church, I mean they fought us every step of the way“.

In a video from former Christian Pastor, Anthropologist, Political Scientist Kevin AnnettThe very week that we exposed, if you remember the announcement that came last Monday, when Joseph Ratzinger went to London the first visit of a pope to England in history, on September 16th 2010 he went to Holyrood Council to meet with Queen Elizabeth and they were closeted in there for about a day or two, it turns out that from the same source, we discovered that Queen Elizabeth actually agreed to place all Anglican clergy under the Catholic policy known as Crimen Sollicitationis. That basically orders Anglican priests now along with Catholic priests to coverup child abuse. What she just did by that was violated her coronation oath where she swore to protect the citizens of England. She has agreed now to coverup child rape, this is like an official criminal conspiracy and naturally us exposing that puts them in a really dangerous position, she should under British law now be forced to abdicate she and all her heirs because shes you know completely committed treason in effect“.

Peter Alexander Chernoff had this to say about Ratzinger and child murder at Bohemian Grove “Young Catholic Kevin Collins snatch off the streets of San Francisco was sacrificed as he lay on the table knives were brought up through him. And after this each participant buoyed by the others, rose to prominence, leaders of the minions, princes unto Mammon. I called it 9 knights, 9 arms, 9 blades“. “The participants apart from one or two I didn’t mention are, Willy Brown, Arlen Specter, Barney Frank, Roger Mahony the LA Cardinal, Ratzinger who is now the pope, Robert Byrd, George Bush senior otherwise known as George Scherff”, “and Warren Buffett, and the Master of Ceremonies was Dr Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino“.

According to Annett (2014) while discussing the 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Cult of the Catholic Church “Senior Ninth Circle members include Jorge Bergoglio and Joseph Ratzinger, so-called popes of the Church of Rome, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, two British High Court judges, at least one Catholic bishop in Canada, senior government ministers in Belgium and England, and members of the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families“. “The most recent gatherings of the Ninth Circle occurred in the crypt of Caernarfon Castle in Wales, and within a subterranean vault beneath Marie-Reine-du-Monde Roman Catholic cathedral in Montreal, Canada. At least two of the primary defendants were identified at these recent gatherings, where children under five years of age were ritually killed“.


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