#OpSoulSearch – Texas, USA, Zoophile breaks his leg having sex with a horse for the third time


Man breaks leg while having horse sex for the third time

Man breaks leg while having horse sex for the third time
The face of a man who likes to pleasure horses (Picture: Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office)

A man has been arrested for having sex with a horse for the third time.

Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, of Texas, US, broke a leg in his attempt to make love to the animal.

Emergency services were called to a barn in Edinburg on February 17 this year after he suffered the injury.

Mr Castillo claimed that he was struck by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter, but officers believe he was kicked by a horse.

He was arrested and taken into custody on June 2 and charged with trespass.

He has served two sentences for sexual behaviour with a horse.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/11/man-breaks-leg-while-having-horse-sex-for-the-third-time-5240869/


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