#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – A personal rant using my human right of freedom of expression



As the days pass and the politically selected propaganda news headlines continue to rape the country of a soul, the paedophiles crawl from their hiding place under the feet of the Royal family, I am left feeling deeply ashamed I am British and, even more ashamed to be a human being.

Members of the Royal family, Politicians, Intelligence, Police officers, Judges, Lawyers, Journalists, Scientists, Social Services, Teachers, Scout leaders, members of the sea cadets, members of the church, members of Islam, members of Judaism, the Freemasons, celebrities, and more, all deeply involved in the industrial sexual abuses of defenseless children that spans back decades and goes as deep as child sexual murder to the mass graves of children who suffered prolonged torture while being experimented on by the people who run the system.

Pay a Predatory System

British citizens are expected to put their trust in a system that is clearly predatory and not built for the purpose of protecting the vulnerable as advertised, truly setup to prey on people.

People are expected to just ignore the facts that tell us we are paying for a system that is being heavily abused.

The police are paid to protect the people by the people collectively, but they’re not and haven’t been for at least 65+ years, they’re exploiting the people and, protecting the criminals.

The police see everyone as a suspect like the army sees everyone in a war zone as a potential threat, even if they’ve done nothing wrong, they often carry themselves with aggression towards people for no reason.

The police are rude and aggressive, positions are taken up by mentalities molded by the military, where the enemy is someone you are trained to kill. You can’t teach someone to want to kill an enemy in one job, then expect the same people to see the public as an enemy and expect there to be no conflict of emotion or belief.

Ex soldiers should not be police officers, putting trained killers into police positions is asking for trouble.

3000 police officers investigated for racism, police officers changing their statements in murder investigations, drug taking, leaking intelligence to criminals, child abuse, rape, murder, theft, and much much more.

I have zero confidence in the police, and I don’t think I will ever regain that trust in the police as long as I live because of their actions towards innocent people and vulnerable victims.

I hear story after story of police officers ignoring rape victims, not believing victims of child abuse, even joining in on child abuse and, I’m expected to help fund it through taxes, we live in a extremely delusional society.

The intelligence services are worse than the police, they infiltrate paedophile rings, fund them, then use them to blackmail the establishment, all at the expense of the tax payer. Deputy head of MI6 involved in the Paedophile Information Exchange, MI5 & MI6 using tax payer funded children’s homes to supply children for sex and blackmail purposes to politicians. Members of the intelligence services paying to murder children, they’ve done so much it’s hard to know where to begin.

In a short easy to understand sentence, the system paid for by the tax payer is a selection process for a well established paedophile ring.

Trust in Strangers

We’re just expected to put trust in each other without people earning trust first. People are expected to ignore the fact we have countless sexual predators preying on everyone who hold some of the highest positions of power in our lands.

We teach children to not trust strangers, yet we do not follow the same rules that we preach to our young.

We are expected to pay the wages of strangers in politics that go through a selection process created by strangers who we are not allowed to know anything about. We aren’t allowed to have a government provided clearly presented list of politicians religions or Freemasonry membership, yet we’re constantly told about religious extremists and how much of a threat to our society they are.

The strangers in government want us to do as they say but not as they do, they want us to know very little about them, but they want to know everything about us, it doesn’t make sense when you think about it.

Fund Your Own Exploitation

People are expected to put money into a public purse, to fund their own exploitation and the exploitation of others. Pay for innocent people to be murdered for simply trying to speak out about child abuse by police officers and politicians.

The victims of abuse are paying to be abused emotionally and financially, to be bullied or ignored when they report the abuse to publicly paid for police officers, to be locked up in publicly paid for prisons while the publicly paid for police cover-up crimes for the perpetrator.

We are paying politicians to keep advancements in science secret in order to control people while they profit from our misery and hardship. If people think that there’s been no advancement in propulsion and energy technologies then they’re sadly mistaken. The rest of technology has advanced, medicine, computer science, weapons systems, entertainment, but the engine hasn’t advanced very far, it’s an obvious con to anyone with a brain. The people who profit from oil, gas and, coal are clearly ripping people off, but people are too interested in mind numbing repetitive propaganda and disinformation on TV to do anything about it.

We’re paying to be spied on by the same intelligence services funding paedophile rings to blackmail politicians which is then fed back to other politicians who are using the information to exploit people for their own personal gain.

We’re paying for other people to profit from weapons of war under the false narrative of terrorism while families lose out with the lives of their sons and daughters. Every war is against another Muslim country, in my life time all I’ve seen is Christians vs Muslims. Answer me this, when was the last time you witnessed a western country invade anyone that wasn’t Muslim, when was the last time western countries invaded another Christian or Jewish country? You’ll have a hard time answering that question because it doesn’t happen. Christians and Jews are pumping out propaganda daily about Muslim terrorists, it doesn’t matter how many times the media tells me the threat is Muslim terrorists, I can see with my own eyes and decide in my own mind that Christians and Jews are lying to get Atheists and others to fight and pay for their battles. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are religious wars, Christian wars against Muslims. Politicians try to tell people that the wars we are involved in aren’t religious wars, if so then why is the British government and David Camerons cabinet predominantly Judaic.

Why should I have to be led by someone who believes in something that is clearly bollocks and extremist, is it not a form of extremism and terrorism to force people to be led by someone who believes in something that clearly isn’t true. An atheist being ruled by a Christian who believe God made man from the dust of the Earth and made woman from the rib of man, what a load of utter bullshit.

I refuse to accept to be led by extremists, I refuse to pay money for Christians to govern my country of birth when what they believe in is a childrens fantasy story, it is extremely dangerous for people who believe in fantasy to be in control of nuclear weapons.

My consciousness is being restricted by people with extreme views, they restrict information in order to govern over their followers and I’m being forced to participate in that even though I believe their views are extreme.

The bible is a Jewish fantasy, the key player is king of the Jews, how much more Jewish can you get, a book created to control naive people, because if you believe the bible is true then you’ll believe anything.

I can no longer live side by side with Christians and Jews, all of my life I have lived in peace along side them, but their views are small minded fairy tales and they are restricting my evolution as a human being. Christians won’t tell people if aliens exist, because they believe their followers will panic. So I have to have my consciousness restricted because less than a third of the planet believe in something that is bullshit.

How selfish that religious people would restrict the consciousness of people who do not share their beliefs simply to keep control over people who share their religious beliefs. It is terrorism to force someone to be governed by people who evangelically believe in mythology. Christians and Jews forcing their belief system on people is terrorism, because Christians and Jews are aggressive with their religious beliefs, they come to your door and pester the life out of people, putting religious leaflets through the door constantly, preaching bullshit about Jesus, a Jewish Rabbi coming back to Earth when he died thousands of years ago.

If Christians and Jews want to stay on Earth and wait for Jesus then do it, but let the rest of the people who want to get out into the cosmos do it, stop hiding information and dumbing people down just to govern. So some people will panic, just because a small number of people will panic isn’t a good enough excuse to restrict the evolution of a whole species. For Christians and Jews to restrict the consciousness of people and slow the flow of evolution is extremely mentally sick and twisted, anyone attempting to slow the flow of evolution should be assassinated because it is worse than terrorism. Slowing the flow of evolution because of religion or money is the worst form of torture that no man should have to endure, using the bible as a metaphor, it is forcing people to live in hell while you live in heaven, just because you can, it’s an extreme form of selfishness, it’s mental illness.

Emotionally Detach

We are expected to act like nothing is happening and not get angry when we know we are being taken for granted and have been all of our lives up until this point in time and into the future until something changes.

People who are trained to kill people in large numbers are expected to just sit back and not use that training, to let a raging inferno burn bright inside day after day, and not let it interfere with everyday life like we are some type of robot.

We are being expected to be gang raped day after day and not let out the slightest sound, to be a virgin who just takes it by groups of well hung men over and over even though the pain is unbearable.

Play Russian Roulette

We are given the option of drugs to take away the pain, less safe than a game of Russian Roulette. Doctors prescribing drugs that haven’t been tested properly, they just prescribe what their medical books tell them to prescribe without even questioning if they are safe or not. Nobody seems to question who profits from the drugs, it’s the same people who are making and shaping the laws who profit.

Religious Psychiatry

How can a Christian Psychiatrist tell an Atheist what reality is when they believe in something that clearly isn’t true? How can a Muslim, a Jew, or any other religious Psychiatrist tell an Atheist what reality is? Most Psychiatrists are religious, they believe in stories that talk about men riding up to heaven on winged horses, or men coming back to life after being nailed to a cross and dying. How can a religious Psychiatrist tell an Atheist what reality is when an Atheist believes the book the Psychiatrist follows is extreme? How can a religious Psychiatrist decide if a man is sane or not when the books they follow are the definition of insanity? Books that talk about men parting oceans, clear fantasy, are the religious Psychiatrist not as insane as their patients? Followers of scripture have had thousands of years to scientifically prove their scripture is reality, telling people to simply have faith, if you simply rely on faith in your fellow man then you are destined to get hurt.

Let Strangers Decide

We are expected to let people we have never met and never will meet decide how we live, decide what laws we must abide by, while they go off and snort cocaine while they throat fuck children to death.

Don’t Question Anything

We are expected to take in information from Journalists without questioning their motivations or if the articles are credibly sourced. Expected to follow only what you’re told to follow, if you have a different view you’re outcast and name called like being back in the school playground with the trendies who bully.

We have a media that is religiously and politically biased to the extreme, we have Journalist too afraid to question, or too ignorant of life to understand.

Today our media can tell you more about celebrities clothing than they can about anything else.

Journalists would rather keep their well paid jobs and let people suffer than get another job and help set people free.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

I hear daily from people that there isn’t anything they can do about child abuse, if it isn’t happening to them then they don’t want to know.

People are fast to tell you their opinion of what is going on in the world without actually doing any research or having any facts to back up their claims, yet when you have research collected over years and can provide facts they try to make you feel like you’re the one doing something wrong, like you’re the odd one out.

Trendy to Bully

People try to downplay what is happening, attack the information you have, do anything to not have to change their view of reality.

People will make jokes and bully people, sometimes in groups, so they don’t have to deal with the truth, preferring to live a life of fake reality TV shows than actually bother to listen to real life and real events.

Can’t Stay Focused

People have no attention spans anymore, they want to talk about things that don’t mean anything, that don’t make us any smarter, don’t advance our species or our sciences such as Big Brother or X Factor.

People don’t want a meaningful deep conversation about something important such as the bankers ripping people off or the politicians snorting cocaine in the Palace of Westminster.

People just want to tell you nonsense such as Jesus is coming back or the universe is a hologram made by aliens.

People seem to lack the ability to concentrate on anything that doesn’t involve sex, football or, reality TV.

Repetitive Materialism

Child abuse continues because many citizens of Britain are clearly selfish, materialistic, mentally twisted, deeply sadistic sexual deviants who care more about their own gratification than the survival and wellbeing of their species.

Children are being programmed to want, mothers and fathers are giving their children what they didn’t have as children, which is sadly making society worse.

Nowhere to run

If people reach breaking point there’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide, there’s nowhere to explode. Politicians are forcing us closer and closer together while destroying our homeland and expecting people to just take it. The police are so brain washed or ignorant of the reality we share they see us as the enemy when the enemy are the ones they are protecting, and the public are the ones forced to collectively pay for it.

We have no escape from the collective insanity we are forced to live in, the collective purse meant for public services is being abused by politicians to pay for their second homes and to clean out their duck ponds.

Wherever you go there’s always someone there, there’s never anywhere to escape the noise, there’s always someone who wants to destroy the silence, to force themselves and their views into your reality.

Maybe it is time for people to realize that as a species we have to separate, we have to get away from each other not come closer together.

Patriotism for idiots

If I knew what I know now back when I was 16, I would not have joined the armed forces, I would not have been so patriotic, I would not have offered to give my life in service to my country protecting others, because patriotism to the Queen & government is the biggest lie I have come across throughout my time on this Earth.

For Queen and country is the greatest deception of our time, soldiers fight wars and die for their country, yet the soldiers that die are the butt of the jokes by politicians back home.


We have a serious case of bad management throughout Britain, those bad managers are delusional and some think they are literal Gods.

The Political system, police, intelligence, justice system, royal family, child protection, media and more are rotten to the core, working together pumping out propaganda and admit-tingly lying to the public on multiple levels, from child abuse to suppressed science to space exploration.

We need a revolution or a civil war to show people how serious things have become and that we will not just continue to pay to be repeatedly anal raped by groups of strangers with our own dick.

Unless people push back hard and, politicians get physically hurt where literally blood spills, like what happened in Britain’s history when people had had enough, then they will continue on the direction they are heading and continue to push the bar of corruption.

I wanted to do things peacefully, but its got to the point that the system has done and is doing so much bad with public money against the public including murdering British children and citizens, that the only way to show how serious it has got, is to physically knock ten bells of shit out of every politician and public servant and, show them we are not fucking slaves and, we won’t be gang raped anymore. We didn’t choose to be born into this stinking corrupt baby raping hell hole of a planet.

There’s only so much a person can take, if the police and intelligence services aren’t going to do their jobs, then there’s no need for them to be there. The whole system needs brought to its knees and rebuilt because the system that’s in place is ran by corrupt paedophiles out for themselves at the expense of everybody else.

If the politicians aren’t going to do their jobs and think they can take Britain into a New World Order like they did the European Union through paedophile blackmail, then they have no reason to be there. The political structure needs taken down and rebuilt, structures put in place to make sure politicians can’t just give away British sovereignty because their being blackmailed with child abuse.

The Royal family are a bunch of illegitimate child rapists who deserve no less than to be kicked out of their property and sent back to Germany where they belong.

The sooner people wake up and understand that the government is being controlled by child abuse and, you can trim the branches they’ll just grow back, the sooner we can get on with rebuilding Britain the way it should be, democratic for everyone not just a select few.

For anyone thinking that I haven’t tried peaceful methodologies, for the last 6 years that’s all I have done. I’ve been gang stalked, character assassinated, the police won’t listen because the royal family are involved, the intelligence services don’t answer your questions, the politicians hang up the phone and won’t speak with people, the NHS agree that I’m telling the truth and agree with me on multiple issues such as 911 that religious extremist David Cameron calls a conspiracy theory, but they are powerless to do anything. I haven’t spent my whole life being educated in areas such as nuclear weapons and computer science to be called a conspiracy theorist because I believe as do millions of others around the world that 911 & 7/7 was an inside job.

The Chilcot report has been delayed so many times it is obvious that there’s something in the report that people don’t want out. If it really was Muslim terrorists and 911 happened as reported on western news outlets then the report would have been released by now, there would be no reason to postpone the inquiry any longer unless they’re waiting for someone to die such as George Herbert Walker Bush. If Tony Blair and George Walker Bush are innocent then release the report. It is clear to anyone paying attention that there is something in the report that people don’t want the public to know. Because of the actions of Chilcot it is leaving people to speculate and possibly blame innocent people for a crime that changed the lives of everyone on the planet. The west are possibly pushing Russia to war in order to not have to release the Iraq war report among other reasons.



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