#OpSoulSearch #OpDedra – 12-year Royal Navy veteran Petty Officer who risked his life for Britain Roamel Crichton’s 13 year old daughter who is fighting for her life suffering bone cancer has been booked on a flight back to Caribbean island of St Vincent after being refused NHS treatment that could save her life – British servicemen’s patriotism is misplaced




Why are they deporting my sick daughter? Royal Navy sailor who risked his life for Britain is told child, 13, cannot be treated on NHS for bone cancer

  • Petty Officer Roamel Crichton’s daughter Dedra, 13, is battling bone cancer
  • Teenager lives on Caribbean island of St Vincent where her father was born
  • British citizen Mr Crichton rushed Dedra back to UK for urgent treatment
  • But officials booked her a flight home saying she was not entitled to NHS treatment

During his 12-year Royal Navy career, he has patrolled war zones and rescued drowning migrants.

But when Roamel Crichton’s teenage daughter desperately needed help in her fight against cancer, officials responded by preparing to deport her.

Dedra Crichton, 13, who lives on the Caribbean island of St Vincent where her father was born, needs emergency surgery and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with bone cancer last month.

Petty Officer Roamnel Crichton
Dedra, 13, is battling bone cancer

Desperate: Petty Officer Roamnel Crichton (left) says his daughter Dedra (right) is ‘fighting for her life’

After local doctors told her father to seek ‘urgent’ treatment overseas because they lacked the resources, Petty Officer Crichton rushed her back to the UK where he lives as a British citizen after moving here in 2003 to join the Navy.

But despite initially being assured by medics that they would help Dedra, her planned surgery was abruptly cancelled and officials said she would instead be sent home as soon as possible because they had discovered she was not entitled to NHS treatment.

Dedra was booked on a flight home yesterday, but it was postponed at the last moment because the authorities could not find anyone to travel with her. Her father has been told she will be deported in the next 24 hours.

Mr Crichton, who lives in Portsmouth, said: ‘I’ve put my life on the line for this country for years and they couldn’t help my daughter who is fighting for her life.

‘I’m scared that she won’t make it through the flight. She’s very scared. She is in constant pain and spends the night screaming in agony in the ward.

Mr Crichton took Dedra to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London (pictured) where he said medics were ‘immediately alarmed’ by her condition

Mr Crichton took Dedra to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London (pictured) where he said medics were ‘immediately alarmed’ by her condition

‘I don’t understand. She is my dependent and I’m a British citizen. Many people cheat the system to be here, but I have always been completely honest. It feels like the price of my honesty is to face potentially losing my daughter for ever.’

Mr Crichton, 36, was serving on HMS Bulwark, helping to rescue migrants crossing the Mediterranean, when he learnt that his daughter was seriously ill.

He was granted emergency leave to return to St Vincent where Dedra is looked after by her maternal grandparents. When Mr Crichton arrived, he was told Dedra was in ‘urgent need’ of chemotherapy and surgery not available in St Vincent.

The pair flew into Gatwick last Wednesday, but Dedra was stopped by immigration officials who took her passport and said she would have to return to the island within a week because she was not a British citizen.

Mr Crichton took Dedra to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London, where he said medics were ‘immediately alarmed’ by her condition. They booked her in for surgery the following morning.

He said: ‘The first doctors we saw were great and told her “we’re going to look after you and make sure you walk out of here”.

‘But then officials started investigating and we were told she’s not British and may not qualify for NHS treatment.’

Mr Crichton was told on Monday that Dedra would be flown back to St Vincent at the first opportunity.

A spokesman for the Royal Free Hospital said: ‘We can confirm that our clinical team has been discussing the provision of [Dedra’s] future care with other specialist hospitals. The Royal Free Hospital does not provide children’s cancer care.’

The Home Office said: ‘We do not comment on individual cases.’


NHS chiefs recently launched a crackdown on health tourism which costs taxpayers up to £2 billion a year.

The Department of Health told hospitals in April that they had a ‘legal obligation’ to ensure they identified anyone not entitled to free treatment amid concerns the system was being abused.

Trusts which fail to charge so-called health tourists can be hit with financial penalties worth thousands of pounds depending on the costs of their care.

Visitors to the UK, including those staying with family who are residents and citizens, tourists and people here on business, are meant to be charged for any NHS procedures.

A notorious example of health tourism was Nigerian Bimbo Ayelabola, who flew to Britain while pregnant with quintuplets and had £200,000 worth of NHS care.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3130533/Why-deporting-sick-daughter-asks-Royal-Navy-sailor-risked-life-Britain.html


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