#OpZion – African American woman tells the truth about us white folk, white people are terrorists & Obama is a puppet


As a white person I agree with the lady, white folk are terrorists, and most white people are racist towards our black brothers and sisters…We enslaved the African peoples in the past, and white people still target them now…white people like to target anyone that isn’t white and, it needs to stop…white people don’t just target African peoples, we also target Muslim, Pakistani, Indian and any other people of darker skin…British people are brought up racist, our grandparents are extremely racist & most of us hate it…


Passerby Screams Live on CNN: ‘White People are Terrorists,’ Obama an ‘Uncle Tom’

Thursday while reporting on the tragic aftermath of the mass shooting live from outside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston Don Lemon was yelled at by a Africa-American woman upset with the coverage.

Right before Lemon is in introduced you can hear the woman off camera shout, “Report the real truth. We are angry. White people are terrorists.”

Once lemon came on the woman went on camera and said several times “Are you angry Don?”

Before they cut away she added, “The President is a puppet. Stop the Lies. He’s an uncle Tom too. President Obama is an Uncle Tom.”

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/06/18/passerby-screams-live-on-cnn-white-people-are-terrorists-obama-an-uncle-tom/



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