#OpSoulSearch – Are human beings abducting people from their homes, removing their nervous system & brain, using the nervous system & brain for research purposes in an effort to live forever


Ever since I watched the film Avatar I have been fascinated with the concept of the film, a beautiful love story that focuses on the ability of human beings to control another body by connecting to its nervous system. The film ends with the transfer of one soul from one body into another. I am not the only person who has such dreams, other people have dreams of living forever;

Larry Page is just one of a crop of influential wealthy businesspeople that have poured millions into immortality research lately. But while Calico tackles how to slow down our physical decay, many futurists believe that the key to extending human life isn’t the body, it’s the brain“.

These thought leaders in cybernetics gathered this summer in New York City for the Global Future 2045 International Congress, organized by Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov. Itskov grabbed headlines for claiming humans will download digital copies of themselves into android avatars by 2045—just how a Cylon downloads its consciousness into the next copy when it “dies.”“.

Futurist and transhumanist Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering, suggested at the event that we’ll be able to transfer the entire human mind to a computer within four decades. “Based on conservative estimates of the amount of computation you need to functionally simulate a human brain, we’ll be able to expand the scope of our intelligence a billion-fold,” Kurzweil said at the conference” (Neal, 2013).

While day dreaming of extended life I also have an interest in finding life outside of Earth, while programming software I often have lectures on in the background by military men discussing the possibility of Extraterrestrials having already visited our planet.

One of the areas I am interested in is the alleged human mutilation issue, which according to many highly educated individuals exists. While listening I came across the following information;

Derrel Sims is a former Military Police Officer and CIA operative, he says he has over 38 years in Alien Abduction research, he is said to be a world expert.

Sims believes that there is an alien organization that works similar to an intelligence agency, he says the aliens are entities designed for the purpose of interaction with mankind. The aliens are different models from the same manufacturer, the entities are manufactured, designed, cloned or hatched. In other words, the entities have gone through a development life cycle. Sims says that the DNA comes from planet Earth. He says that the entities are secretive, very deceptive, they lie and they lie consistently. He says that anyone thinking that there is flying saucers and aliens, that these beings are here to test out the cosmic atmosphere of Earth, and think they have done that for 6 to 8 thousand years, and haven’t worked it out yet, need to get their head examined. Sims says that it is much worse than we ever imagined.

So according to Sims and many others we have some type of being whos DNA comes from planet Earth abducting people who works like an intelligence agency, which leads me to think it is an Earth based intelligence agency.

In another lecture with British Engineer Richard D Hall he had the following information to share;

According to Richard D Hall he interviewed a former NATO special forces soldier who amongst many things told him that extraterrestrials are abducting humans and some humans are allegedly being mutilated. The alleged NATO soldier also told him injuries are the same as animal mutilation wounds, internal organs removed as well as the brain. Anything connected with the nervous system is what they take. The bodies lacked blood, they chose out of the way remote locations to carry out human mutilations, they knew where to go and where to take from, places where the people would not be missed for a long time, bodies including adults and children.

Given the two examples amongst thousands of others which say similar things, while taking into consideration people are researching extending the life of the human being, is it not more likely that an Earth based intelligence agency while researching extended life are abducting people, stripping out their nervous system and brain and, using those body parts for the research of extended life technologies?


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