#OpSwindle – Bisexual Communist Manchurian Candidate Barry Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document” – Evangelical Anglican German Ashkenazi Jew David Cameron is openly cooperating with the drone king Communist, Saul Alinsky lover, terrorist &, repetitive liar of unknown religion &, origin, Mr Cocaine who smoked pot, Barry “Bisexual Bath House” Obama, whos brother was banned from Britain for sex offences on minors, raised by a Communist paedophile &, cared for by a transgender prostitute


Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, Arizona

In a radio interview broadcast Sunday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio affirmed he is “pretty well convinced” President Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” stated Arpaio. “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced it’s a fake document.”

The famous sheriff was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

Listen to “Aaron Klein Radio” clip of Joe Arpaio discussing Obama’s birth certificate:

The subject of the interview was Arpaio’s reaction to the controversy surrounding statements about Mexican immigrants made by presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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During the interview, Arpaio brought up the birth certificate.

“I thought we have freedom of speech in this country,” stated Arpaio when asked about the decision by Univision, NBC and Macy’s to cut business ties with Trump and reports the city of New York is reviewing its contracts with the billionaire’s businesses.

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“And he’s running for president. He has a right to voice his opinion.”

Arpaio added that Trump “did talk about the birth certificate in the past.”

“You know I’ve been working on that. So I don’t know. I guess you got to be politically correct when you run for office,” he said.

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Trump and Arpaio both have claimed Obama’s birth certificate may be forged. Arpaio’s office has been investigating the birth certificate since 2011.

Arpaio’s statements prompted Klein to ask for an update on his team’s investigation into the long-form birth certificate document, posted April 27, 2011 as a PDF file on the White House website.


Arpaio told Klein that “once again nobody wants to look at it right now.”

“So it’s not my problem. I did my job.”

Obama’s qualification for president as a “natural born citizen” has been challenged in court since before he was first elected in 2008. The White House finally relented in 2011 and posted a birth certificate, but Arpaio’s investigative team concluded it is a forgery.

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Arpaio’s appointed lead investigator on the birth-certificate case, Mike Zullo, has been promising the release of “universe-shattering” information regarding the document.

“When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering. This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine,” he told WND in a December 2013 interview.

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Zullo has testified that the White House computer image of Obama’s birth certificate contains anomalies that are unexplainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document.

See some of Zullo’s evidence:

Zullo has noted that Reed Hayes, a document examiner who has served as expert witness for Seattle law firm Perkins Coie – the firm that flew an attorney to Honolulu to personally deliver two paper copies of the birth certificate to the White House – has concluded in a signed affidavit that the document posted on the White House website is “entirely fabricated.”

The White House also has never verified the authenticity of a letter purportedly sent by President Obama to the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu in which he declares the center to be “the place of my birth.”

A letter purportedly signed by Barack Obama indicating the president's claim he was born at the Kapiolani Center for Women and Children in Honolulu.

There also remains a mystery as to why Obama is using a possibly fraudulent Connecticut-based Social Security Number, when he and his parents never resided in the Constitution State.

Source: http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/sheriff-joe-affirms-obamas-birth-certificate-fake/



Revealed: Barack Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny who made him laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick

  • Evie, 66, cared for future Commander in Chief she called Barry in late 60s
  • Offered job after she impressed Obama’s mother with steak and rice
  • When family left Indonesia, she became a sex worker and now lives in a slum

Barack Obama’s former nanny has been revealed as a gay transgender man who made the future president laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick.

‘Evie’ cared for the boy she called Barry when his mother Ann Dunham moved to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in the late 1960s.

Openly gay, she would leave the house dressed in full drag – but was very careful that Barack never saw her.

‘He was so young and I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes,’ Evie said. ‘But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.’

President Barack Obama

Cared for: Barack Obama (left) was looked after by transgender man Evie (right) when he lived in Indonesia

Former life: Barack Obama's former nanny Evie, who was born a man but believes she is a woman, pictured on the left of this picture

Former life: Barack Obama’s former nanny Evie, who was born a man but believes she is a woman, on the left of this picture

The nanny, who turned to prostitution after the family left and now lives in a slum, met the future commander-in-chief’s mother at a cocktail party in 1969.

Dunham, who had moved to the country two years earlier with her second husband Lolo Soetoro, sampled Evie’s beef steak and fried rice and was so impressed that she offered her a job.

It did not take long before she was also eight-year-old Barack’s carer, playing with him and bringing him to and from school.

Neighbours recalled they often saw Evie, who believes she is really a woman, leave the house in the evening fully made up and dressed in drag.

But when the family left in the early 1970s, things started going downhill. Evie moved in with a boyfriend. That relationship ended three years later, and she became a sex worker.

She said: ‘I tried to get a job as a maid, but no one would hire me. I needed money to buy food, get a place to stay.’

Poverty: Evie has suffered taunts and beatings throughout her entire life. She now lives in a tiny hut in a Jakarta slum

Poverty: Evie has suffered taunts and beatings throughout her entire life. She now lives in a tiny hut in a Jakarta slum

Young leader: Barack Obama (circled) as a child at his school in Jakarta, Indonesia

Young leader: Barack Obama (circled) as a child at his school in Jakarta, Indonesia

It was a cat-and-mouse game with security guards and – because the country was still under the dictatorship of General Suharto – soldiers.

They often rounded up ‘banshees’ or ‘warias’, as they are known locally, loaded them into trucks, and brought them to a field where they were kicked, hit and otherwise abused.

The raid that changed everything came in 1985.

Evie and her friends scattered into dark alleys to escape the swinging batons. One particularly beautiful girl, Susi, jumped into a canal strewn with garbage.

When things quieted, those who ran went back to look for her. ‘We searched all night,’ said Evie, who is still haunted by the memory of her friend’s face. ‘Finally … we found her. It was horrible. Her body swollen, face bashed in.’

Evie decided, then and there, to live the rest of her life as a man. She ditched her tight, flowery dresses, brocade vest and bras.

Now 66, she said: ‘I knew in my heart I was a woman, but I didn’t want to die like that. So I decided to just accept it. I’ve been living like this, a man, ever since.’

Several longtime residents of Obama’s old Menteng neighbourhood confirmed Turdi had worked there as Barack’s nanny for two years, also caring for his baby sister Maya.

Evie, who like many Indonesians goes by a single name, now lives in a closet-sized hovel in a tightly packed slum in an eastern corner of Jakarta, collecting and scrubbing dirty laundry to pay for food.

She wears baggy blue jeans and a white T-shirt advertising a tranquil beach resort far away in a place she has never been. She speaks softly, politely, and a deep worry line is etched between her eyes.

As a child, Evie was often beaten by a father who could not stand having such a ‘sissy’ for a son. She said: ‘He wanted me to act like a boy, even though I didn’t feel it in my soul.’

Teased and bullied, she dropped out of school after the third grade and decided to learn how to cook.

She made her way into the kitchens of several high-ranking officials by the time she was a teenager.

And then she met Obama’s mother. Evie now seeks solace in religion, going regularly to the mosque and praying five times a day. She said she is just waiting to die.

She added that she did not know the boy she helped raise won the 2008 U.S. presidential election until she saw a picture of the family in local newspapers and on TV. She blurted out that she knew him.

As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth and right, with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce
As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth and right, with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce

As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth (left) and with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce (right)

Her friends at first laughed and thought she was crazy, but those who live in the family’s old neighbourhood confirmed it is true.

‘Many neighbours would remember Turdi. She was popular here at that time,’ said Rudy Yara, who still lives across the street from Obama’s former house.

‘She was a nice person and was always patient and caring in keeping young Barry.’

Evie hopes her former charge will use his power to fight for people like her. Obama named Amanda Simpson, the first openly transgender appointee, as a senior technical adviser in the Commerce Department in 2010.

For Evie, who’s now just trying to earn enough to survive each day on Jakarta’s streets, the election victory itself was enough to give her a reason – for the first time in a long time – to feel proud.

‘Now when people call me scum,’ she says, ‘I can just say: ‘But I was the nanny for the President of the United States!’


Indonesia’s attitude toward transgenders is complex.

Nobody knows how many of them live in the sprawling nation of 240million, but activists estimate seven million.

Because Indonesia is home to more Muslims than any other country in the world, the pervasiveness of men who live as women and vice versa often catches newcomers by surprise.

They hold the occasional pageant, work as singers or at salons and include well-known celebrity talk show host Dorce Gamalama.

But societal disdain still runs deep – when transgenders act in TV comedies, they are invariably the brunt of the joke.

They have taken a much lower profile in recent years, following a series of attacks by Muslim hard-liners.

And the country’s highest Islamic body has decreed that they are required to live as they were born because each gender has obligations to fulfil, such as reproduction.

‘They must learn to accept their nature,’ says Ichwan Syam, a prominent Muslim cleric at the influential Indonesian Ulema Council.

‘If they are not willing to cure themselves medically and religiously’ they have ‘to accept their fate to be ridiculed and harassed’.

Many transgenders turn to prostitution because jobs are hard to find and because they want to live according to what they believe is their true gender.

In doing so, they put themselves at risk of contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2110437/Revealed-Barack-Obamas-gay-transgender-prostitute-nanny-cracked-trying-mothers-lipstick.html


Barack Obama’s brother stopped from entering UK after lying to police over sex allegations

The half-brother of President Barack Obama was refused an entry visa to Britain after lying to police officers about an accusation of sexual assault.

The deception occurred in November when Samson Obama, who lives in Kenya, was in Britain staying with his mother, who lives in Berkshire.

He was questioned by police about the alleged assault – which he denied  – but during the investigation he used a false name and he later received a police caution.

When he applied for another visa, hoping to visit Britain last week, he was refused.

Barack Obama with his brother Samson , left, in 1987 in Nairobi before he went to Harvard

Barack Obama with his brother Samson , left, and brother Ben, right, in 1987 in Nairobi before he went to Harvard

The news will be embarrassing to the US President, who had given his younger half-brother a personal tour of the White House in January when he attended the historic inauguration.

Samson, 41, and Barack, 47, are  sons of Barack Obama Snr, a former goat-herder from Kenya.

Samson’s mother Kezia was Barack Snr’s first wife in Kenya. The President’s mother is Barack Snr’s second wife Ann Denham, a white American from Kansas.

Barack Snr left America in 1965 with his third wife to return to Africa where he rekindled his relationship with Kezia and Samson was born. Barack Snr was killed in a car crash when the President was 21.

President Obama and Samson first met in 1987 when Barack traced his family in Kenya.

Samson’s mother now takes pride of place at family gatherings, after the death of President Obama’s mother in 1995.

It is understood that immigration officers scrutinising Samson’s recent visa application had discovered that, at the time of his arrest in November, he had been living illegally with Kezia in Bracknell for the previous seven years.

Barack Obama

The news will be embarrassing for President Obama

After the alleged sexual assault, Samson told police that he was a binman called Henry Aloo, giving them his mother’s address.

His DNA, fingerprints and photograph were taken. Samson was given a caution for a public order offence but he denied sexual assault.

Detectives did not take any further action over the alleged attack.

Samson returned to Kenya and successfully applied for a transit visa to the UK in order to travel to his half brother’s inauguration in January.

His plane landed at Heathrow during the trip and he spent a night there.

After returning to Kenya again, he applied for a tourist visa to visit his mother in Bracknell, and immigration officials discovered a mismatch.

His fingerprints matched details for Henry Aloo – the name he had given officers in Britain following the alleged sexual assault.

Samson was confronted at the UK Borders Agency office in Nairobi where he was denied a visa on the grounds of deception.

It is understood that Samson denied that the offences related to him and claimed his passport had been stolen.

To support his visa application, Samson is believed to have submitted documents showing that he had a business in Nairobi. Last night it was reported that the documents were forged.

A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said: ‘We oppose the entry of all individuals to the UK where we believe their presence is not conducive to the public good.’

In President Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, he writes of meeting Samson for the first time and how he expressed disappointment that the portable tape recorder Barack brought for him as a gift was not a Sony.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1169385/Barack-Obamas-brother-stopped-entering-UK-lying-police-sex-allegations.html


Now it’s getting REALLY dirty: Outrageous film claiming Obama’s mother once posed for pornographic pictures is sent to a MILLION swing voters

  • The film claims that Mr Obama’s real father is left wing poet and Communist party activist, Frank Marshall Davis
  • 100,000 copies of the DVD, containing extraordinary claims, have already been mailed to voters in Ohio with up to three million more planned to go out
  • As Mitt Romney lags in the polls the material could be potentially damaging for the Obama campaign
  • It has already won the support of Alabama’s Republican Party chairman Bill Armistead
  • Democrat consultant Steve Murphy called the accusations ‘low’ and motivated by race and money

More than a million voters in swing states are being sent an anti-Obama documentary that claims the President’s mother once posed for pornographic photos wearing bondage gear.

The shocking – and totally unfounded – claims made in the DVD represent a new low in the election dirty tricks war today provoking fury among Democrats and likely to trigger outrage in the White House.

‘Dreams From My Real Father’, made by a right-wing film-maker who is a long-time critic of Obama,  includes images of a woman it claims is the President’s mother Ann Dunham clad in leather gloves, boots and a corset posing seductively on a couch.

The film also alleges that Mr Obama’s real father is left wing poet poet and Communist party activist Frank Marshall Davis, and that Ms Dunham’s marriage was a ‘sham’ to cover this up.

Accusations: A video alleging that President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, starred in pornographic photo shoots and that his real father is in fact Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis

Accusations: An outrageous video is alleging that President Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, starred in pornographic photo shoots and that his real father is really Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis (right)

Porn star: 'Dreams From My Real Father' the DVD includes images of a woman said to be Ann Dunham clad in leather gloves, boots and a corset posing seductively on a couch

Porn star: ‘Dreams From My Real Father’ the DVD includes images of a woman its maker says is Ann Dunham, clad in leather gloves, boots and a corset posing seductively on a couch

The extraordinary claims are the latest twist in the debunked ‘birther’ conspiracy which has raised questions over Mr Obama’s past.

But they could have serious consequences as more than one million copies have been mailed to voters in Ohio, a key swing state where Mitt Romney is lagging in the polls.

Some 100,000 copies have also been sent to voters in Nevada and the same number to New Hampshire – with up to three million more still to come.

It has even won the support of Alabama’s Republican Party chairman Bill Armistead who has said: ‘That (the film) is absolutely frightening. I’ve seen it. I verified that it is factual, all of it. People can determine.’

Argument: Tea Party members are suspected to be behind the funding of the DVD and research that went into the website

Argument: Tea Party members are suspected to be behind the funding of the DVD made by Joel Gilbert and research that went into the website

But Democrat consultant Steve Murphy said today: ‘It’s about the lowest thing you can do to accuse, with no evidence, the opposition candidate’s mother of being a porn star.

‘There are two motives behind this – racism and money. It’s a cynical attempt to make some coin and exploit the views of the fringes of mainstream views.’

‘Dreams From My Real Father’ claims that the President’s family history is an elaborate lie.

The real story is that his mother’s marriage to Barack Obama Sr was a sham to cover up her affair with Mr Davis, who Mr Obama has referred to as his ‘mentor’.

Mr Davis supposedly photographed Ms Dunham whilst she was pregnant with Mr Obama and sold the photos to 1950s magazines with titles like ‘Bizarre Life’,  ‘Exotique’, and ‘Secret Pleasures’.

Claims: A website for the DVD entitled, Dreams from My Real Father, compares photographs of a young Mr Davis with Barack Obama's high school photographs presenting them as similar

Claims: A website for the DVD entitled, Dreams from My Real Father, compares photographs of a young Mr Davis with Barack Obama’s high school photographs presenting them as similar

Like father like son? Mr Gilbert did not disclose who funded the DVD project that aims to educate voters of the new 'birther' beliefs regarding Mr Davis' paternity

Like father like son? Mr Gilbert’s DVD claims that Ann Dunham’s marriage to Barack Obama Sr is a ‘sham’ to cover up her affair with Mr Davis (right)

In one the woman – there is no proof offered that she is Ms Dunham – is posing wearing the corset, gaudy earrings and a large necklace with her hair cut short.

In another photo she sits on a couch staring into the camera and in the other she is putting on an elbow length black leather glove.

In a third she is reclining on the couch with her buttocks clearly visible and in others she is naked apart from a pair of high heels.

In the film, a narrator who is supposed to be Mr Obama says: ‘These photos were taken a few weeks before 1960, when mom was about five weeks pregnant with me.

‘Frank then sold the photos to men’s mail-order catalogues.’

Propaganda? 100,000 copies of the video directed by Joe Gilbert were mailed to voters in Ohio claiming that Ann Dunham is not the virtuous woman Mr Obama purports her to be and that she had many affairs while in Indonesia

Obama’s real mother: 100,000 copies of the video directed by Joe Gilbert were mailed to voters in Ohio claiming that Ann Dunham (front, right)) is not the virtuous woman Mr Obama purports her to be

The film also claims that Mr Obama’s grandfather was not a furniture salesman but actually a CIA agent.

The ‘Barack Obama’ narrator says: ‘My election was not a sudden political phenomenon.

‘It was the culmination of an American socialist movement that my real father, Frank Marshall Davis, nurtured in Chicago and Hawaii, and has been quietly infiltrating the US economy, universities, and media for decades.’

The case: Mr Gilbert has not revealed who funded the video Dreams from My Real Father

The case: Mr Gilbert has not revealed who funded the video Dreams from My Real Father

According to the film Mr Obama made regular visits to Mr Davis from the age of 10 where he was ‘indoctrinated in Marxism during his formative years’.

The movie’s director Joel Gilbert said the documentary was the result of two years of research but he is already facing allegations it is a dirty tricks campaign.

Speaking to MailOnline Mr Gilbert claimed that he matched up Ms Dunham to the pornographic pictures by comparing them to her high school photographs at the time.

He and ‘other researchers’ made the connection but he did not employ a photography expert.

Mr Gilbert said: ‘Her teeth matched, her nose matched, everything matched. It’s obvious.

‘People don’t want to hear this because there is a mass hysteria around President Obama.

‘Nobody wants to hear about the gap between what he says and what he wants to do.’

Mr Gilbert also declined to discuss who had paid for the film and would only reveal it was ‘privately funded’.

There is already speculation that Tea Party groups may have been behind it.

Mr Gilbert has been unapologetic about his film and said that he investigated the President because he thought he had a ‘passion for class struggle that did not fit with his background’.

He has said that he turned up ‘convincing evidence that Ann Dunham had an intimate relationship with Mr Davis’ including ’30 photos of her in various compromising states of nudity’.

Mr Gilbert said: ‘Right away I could see that Davis has a striking resemblance to Obama while the Kenyan Obama looked nothing like him.

Target: Since he took office in 2008, Mr Obama has been at the centre of many right wing theories about his background and nationality including one that suggested he might be an alien

Target: Since he took office in 2008, Mr Obama has been at the centre of many right wing theories about his background and nationality including one that suggested he might be an alien

‘Davis was not only the biological father of Barack Obama but also the ideological father.

‘I’ve concluded that the people who were asking: “Where’s the birth certificate?” were asking the wrong question. The real question: “Who’s the father?”‘

In his memoirs Mr Obama has written how his mother, who was from Wichita, Kansas, met his Kenyan-born father whilst they were both studying Russian at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

They married in February 1961 but in August of that year she moved to Seattle to study at the University of Washington.

Bold: Joel Gilbert has accused all major American Television networks and most Cable News networks of gross violations of the Journalists Creed according to a statement on ObamasRealFather.com

Reputation: Joel Gilbert is a Los Angeles based filmmaker known for his rabble-rousing style with films like ‘Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War for Islamic Revival and Obama’s Politics of Defeat’

Mr Obama was born on August 4 in Honolulu before she left.

His long form birth certificate lists a 25-year-old student called ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ as his dad, referring to his father.

Mr Obama Sr is said to have finished his economics degree in Hawaii then studied at Harvard before moving back to Kenya in 1964, the year he and Ms Dunham divorced.

In a separate development the director of the anti-Obama film 2016, which has become a surprise box office hit, has made lurid claims similar to Mr Gilbert’s about Ms Dunham in his book: ‘Obama’s America’.

In the book, which reached no.1 on the New York Times bestseller list, Dinesh D’Souza alleges that she sent her son to Hawaii just so she could cheat on his father with Indonesian men.

According to extracts of the book on the Daily Beast: ‘Ann’s sexual adventuring may seem a little surprising in view of the fact that she was a large woman who kept getting larger.

‘Learning about Ann’s sexual adventures in Indonesia, I realized how wrong I had been to consider Barack Obama Sr. the playboy … Ann … was the real playgirl, and despite all her reservations about power, she was using her American background and economic and social power to purchase the romantic attention of third-world men.’

Since taking office Mr Obama has been the subject of a number of bizarre claims about his past.

Right wing bloggers have claimed that the ‘scar’ on his head was evidence he had undergone some kind of secret surgery.

They suggested it could be anything from a routine procedure to the work of extra-terrestrials.

The birther movement, which was championed by real estate mogul Donald Trump, said that as the President was not from Hawaii it meant he was not eligible to be in the White House.

When Mr Obama released the long form of his birth certificate the issue finally went away.

The issue of Mr Obama’s religion is another point of attack and despite publicly proclaiming his Christian beliefs, some still believe he is a Muslim.

Dreams from My Real Father A Story of Reds and Deception

Outrageous film claims Obama’s mother posed for pornographic…

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2210012/Film-claiming-Obamas-mother-posed-pornographic-pictures-sent-million-swing-voters.html


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