#OpChatShit – Waking up to heartless cruel American disinformation agents spreading fantasy stories destroying British peoples psychology – Donald Marshall, the Queen kills & eats children in cloning stations, molests children in the woods in Canada – celebrities are clones used for sexual pleasure of the elite – human sized “Vril” lizards live in the Earths core – David Wilcock is a molestation victim – David Icke is a lizard host & a friend of Queen Elizabeth – Alex Jones attends lizard cloning station


There are people in society possibly military and/or organized criminals working together creating fantasy stories to destroy peoples perspective of reality, their patriotism, their religious dogma, family traditions, national sovereignty, etc, while an organized inbred group of scientific criminal sadist elites with their brown nosing submissive minions in shadow are attempting to create a one world government. The pope with his Jewish religion is calling for a one world government, members of the American &, British Government are calling for a one world government.

There is a multi-armed multi-generational conspiracy, if you think there isn’t, given the mountain of information & disinformation which is available as examples then possibly, you’re not truly spending enough time to dig deep enough over a prolonged period of time to fully understand the situation from every angle. Whatever way the data sways, true or false, is equally as important, the boolean value determines the authors role in the conspiracy, either telling lies or telling the truth.

Surely for the well being of the human species psychology, considering consciousness is shared, people who intentionally twist reality to portray a mythological outcome should be taken to account.

The Royal family, members of the police, military and, intelligence, journalists, & so called VIPs, are deeply involved in paedophilia that is indisputable, but the whole reptilian story people are pushing is simply that, a story. I think the story is created by German Jewish & Nazi Freemasonic paedophiles as a mind game to discredit people, possibly, it is a way to make people feel defenseless, to make people feel in fear while a predatory society sucks you dry of sexuality and, any money you may have. The targets of the sadistic elite throughout time are like in the wild, those who show signs of weakness, such as the lost, injured, weak &, vulnerable.

Fear is a mind killer, it can stop people fighting back methodically & rationally. Fear of each other stops people from getting together &, keeps people divided. Some of the opinions you’re about to hear, in my opinion, specifically attempt to make people paranoid of each other by creating what I believe are myths that attempt to lead one to believe alien creatures are using the consciousness of human beings as a host.

If you think it is possible for a lizard to inhabit a human body without physical evidence of the event then more fool you.

Science is advancing daily, the scientific elites of the military intelligence industrial complex are involved in cloning human animal hybrids for warfare purposes that is fact, but not how certain people would have you believe, a large proportion of what is being said on the Internet is disinformation & misinformation, redirection, intentional time wasting to demoralize, exaggerated fantasy stories, Psychological Warfare, what the public label as fear porn.

How a small dominant group of people control a large submissive group of people is done using Psychological Warfare, the small dominant group simply makes itself appear larger than it really is to the large submissive group, which is in part done by telling mythical stories.

An example of a fantasy disinformation story in my opinion can be found by a Mr Donald Marshall, speculating, Mr Marshall is more than likely a drug addict telling stories for drugs, being paid by someone for his troubles, possibly the tax payer.


Do not for one second think that I believe in everything that is written or said on this site.


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