#OpChickenHawk #OpEricGill – BBC Radio Deeside DJ Roy Norry was involved in the sexual abuse of young boys – BBC paedophile 9/11


Members of predatory paedophile gang convicted of string of North Wales child sex attacks dating back to the 1970s and 1980s

Five men are due to be sentenced in September following a two-month trial at Mold Crown Court

Operation Pallial. From left: Mark Grainger, George Phoenix, Roy Norry, Edward Huxley and David Lightfoot
Operation Pallial. From left: Gary Cooke (aka Mark Grainger), George Phoenix, Roy Norry, Edward Huxley and David Lightfoot

Five men including a former radio presenter, policeman and wrestler have been convicted of a string of sex assaults involving a North Wales paedophile ring in the 1970s and 1980s.

Following a two-month trial at Mold Crown Court, the final verdicts in the case were returned on Thursday.

The court had heard how a predatory group had operated in the Wrexham area and at a house in Brymbo belonging to former wrestler and sex shop operator Gary Cooke – who is also known as Mark Grainger.

Boy was ‘pimped out’

Boys as young as 10 were sexually abused and passed around the group, although not all the defendants were part of that group, said prosecuting barrister Eleanor Laws QC.

Troubled boys and young teenagers would congregate at the home of Cooke at his then home in Kent Road.

Gary Cooke, aka Mark Grainger

They would watch pornographic movies, be plied with drink, were given the drug amyl nitrate – a relaxant which is also known as “poppers” – and would then be sexually abused. On occasions they were given money, the court was told.

Children were also taken out in cars to various addresses and to Snowy’s Bar in Wrexham, which belonged to David Lightfoot. There, they would be given free drinks and be subjected to sex attacks.

David Lightfoot

The main complainant told the court he was “pimped out” to men.

Radio DJ Roy Norry – who worked on BBC Radio Deeside, BBC Radio Clwyd, BBC Radio Merseyside and independent radio Marcher Sound – was a lodger at Cooke’s house.

Marc Roy Norry arriving at Mold Court
Roy Norry

The court heard he was involved in the sexual abuse of young boys that visited the house.

Grooming parties

He accepted he was a lodger and saw lots of young “chickens” – his name for Cooke’s boys – at the house, but claimed he was never involved in sex abuse.

The court heard Norry also abused the complainant in a caravan.

George Phoenix was another lodger at Cooke’s house and worked as a taxi driver.

George Phoenix

The prosecution said he was present when young boys were being plied with drink at Cooke’s house and at Lightfoot’s and that he was present in and around the “grooming parties” held at Cooke’s house and had sexually assaulted the main complainant on one occasion.

It was alleged Cooke found them, punched Phoenix and then threw them out.

Phoenix said it had simply not happened, but he was found guilty by a jury.

Former Met police officer and civil servant Edward Huxley, who worked at the local army barracks, lived in a what the complainant called a “posh house” in Caia Road and took the complainant to a restaurant. It was claimed that sex abuse then took place at Huxley’s home.

Edward Huxley

Huxley said that he had never even met the complainant – but he too was convicted.

A total of six complainants gave evidence during the course of the trial and the defendants denied all the allegations.

Five men to be sentenced in September

Cooke, 64, of Galway Road, Leicester, was convicted of a total of 16 charges.

Lightfoot, 72, of Parklands View, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, was convicted of nine charges.

Norry, 55, from Hamilton Road, Connah’s Quay, was convicted of six charges.

Phoenix, 63, of Windsor Road, New Broughton, Wrexham, was found guilty of the one indecent assault charge he faced.

Huxley, 70, who at the time worked as a civil servant at Wrexham Barracks, was convicted of two charges of indecent assault.

The five men will be sentenced in September.

Two found not guilty

Two further men – Keith Stokes, 62, from Quarry Hill, Farndon, Chester and Roger Griffiths, 76, of Coed Eva Lane, Wrexham – were cleared of all charges against them.

Of the defendants, all but Gary Cooke gave evidence in their own defence.

The jury was told that Cooke was not giving evidence because of memory problems.

Cooke, Lightfoot and Norry have been remanded in custody pending sentence – while Huxley and Phoenix were bailed.

Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/members-predatory-paedophile-gang-convicted-9573678


The BBC hasn’t released the true extent of the paedophile ring working within its ranks. 1997 BBC Personality of the Year and presenter of the BBC programme Crimewatch, Jill Dando died because of it. Paedophiles & sex offenders in the BBC that are publicly known, minus the missing staff who aren’t famous & names haven’t been mentioned;

  1. Roman Catholic convert Eric Gill (Zoophile paedophile) [Link]
  2. Roman Catholic Satanist Jimmy Savile (Necrophiliac paedophile) [Link]
  3. (Suicide) David Smith (Paedophile) [Link]
  4. Gary Glitter (Paedophile) [Link]
  5. Rolf Harris (Paedophile) [Link]
  6. Freddie Star (Paedophile) [Link]
  7. BBC Executive (Paedophile) [Link]
  8. Michael Souter (Paedophile) [Link]
  9. Simon Warr (Paedophile) [Link]
  10. Stuart Hall (Paedophile) [Link]
  11. Chris Langham (Paedophile) [Link]
  12. Fred Talbot (Paedophile) [Link]
  13. Jonathan King (Paedophile) [Link]
  14. Chris Denning (Paedophile) [Link]
  15. Rob Turner (Paedophile) [Link]
  16. John Nathan-Turner (Paedophile) [Link]
  17. Gary Downie (Paedophile) [Link]
  18. Roy Norry (Paedophile) [Link]
  19. Lee Travis (Sex offender) [Link]
  20. Malcolm Muggeridge (Sex offender) [Link]
  21. Sir Huw Wheldon (Sex offender) [Link]

Using the Kinsey scale or Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale to grade the types of sexuality of the attackers within the BBC;

From the data accumulated this far, when set out on a table split into groups of sexuality of offender, the data can be broken down into three main ratings, they are rating zero, three, and six.

Nine people were involved in sex offenses involving female victims who I gave a rating of zero, they were sex offenders Lee Travis, Malcolm Muggeridge and Sir Huw Wheldon. Paedophiles Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Rob Turner, Freddie Star and, Eric Gill.

Of the nine people involved in sex offenses involving female victims, five of the attackers crimes were of a paedophile nature, they are Eric Gill, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Rob Turner, Freddie Star and, Stuart Hall.

Eleven people were involved in sex offenses involving male victims who I gave a rating of six, they were sex offenders David Smith, an anonymous BBC Executive, Michael Souter, Chris Denning, Jonathan King, Fred Talbot, Chris Langham, John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Roy Norry and, Simon Warr.

Of the eleven people involved in sex offenses involving male victims, all of the attackers crimes were of a paedophile nature.

One person was involved in sex offenses involving both male and female children who I gave a rating of three, he was sex offender Jimmy Savile.

Out of the only example thus far of rating three, the attacker was also reportedly involved in having sex with dead bodies.

Out of the nine examples thus far of rating zero, of the four attackers who have crimes of a paedophile nature, one of the attackers was involved in crimes of an incestuous nature. That single attacker was also involved in sex with family pets, he was Eric Gill.

So far, out of the data released and gathered, out of all known offenders of rating zero, three and six combined, twenty one offenders thus far, only four of the religions are known, three offenders coming from the Roman Catholic religion, one of those a Roman Catholic Satanist. One a Christian Calvinist Methodist.

Two people lost their lives who had connections to the BBC, they are Jill Dando and David Smith. Out of the two deaths, one was murder and one was suicide.



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