#OpZion – IS/ISI/ISIL/ISIS Belief System, ISIS believe “JEWISH RABBI” Jesus will come to Earth at Damascus and, then go to their aid when they’re encircled by the forces of an anti-messiah type figure in Jerusalem


IS/ISI/ISIL/ISIS Belief System

According to the RAND corporation, ISIS reportedly believe in the Salafi jihadism or Jihadist-Salafism international religious and political ideology which is said to be based on a belief in violent jihad and the Salafist religious movement of returning to what ISIS members call “true” Islam (Jones, 2014; Moghadam, 2014).

Reportedly scholar Gilles Kepel coined the terms “Salafist jihadists” and “Jihadist-Salafism” in 2002, to describe “a hybrid Islamist ideology“, said to have been developed by international Islamist volunteers in the American created, trained, advised, supplied and, funded Afghan anti-Soviet jihad (Kramer, 2003; Livesey, 2005).

The Salafi movement is often described as being a hybrid of Wahhabism, a branch of Sunni Islam, although Salafists consider the term used by Hillary Clinton “Wahhabi” disrespectful (Lacroix, 2008).

For more than two centuries, Wahhabism has been Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith (PBS, 2015).

In an interview on CNN with Atlantic’s contributing editor Graeme Wood by Anderson Cooper, Cooper asked Wood “when you say it is a death cult, it’s solely geared towards the end times, general apocalyptic verifications?“. Wood replied “well the Apocalypse is a very important frequently occurring element of their rhetoric, so they believe this is going to happen. And they also believe, by the way, that before they finally achieve victory when Jesus comes back and, comes to their aid, that they will actually almost be diminished to nothing. They believe that there will only be 5000 of their fighters left and, then Jesus comes and, saves the day for them“. Cooper then asked “they believe Jesus will save the day for them?“, to which Wood replied “yes, at Jerusalem, that Jesus will come to Earth at Damascus and, then go to their aid when they’re encircled by the forces of an anti-messiah type figure in Jerusalem and, then Jesus will come to their aid and save them“.

Video: https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/isis-believe-in-jewish-rabbi-jesus-christ-isis-are-a-jew-worshipping-bisexual-paedophile-death-cult-created-by-jew-worshippers-from-the-west-they-occupy-mesopotamia-considered-to-be-the-cradle-of/

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