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1920: Winston Churchill (whose mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish – meaning he is Jewish under Israeli immigration law, as he was born of a Jewish mother) writes the following in an article on page 5 of the Illustrated Sunday Herald, dated February 8th” (Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 2007).


Or is it a related idiosyncrasy that bothers those revisionists? I mean the streak that caused Churchill to draw on Jewish – particularly biblical – modes and language, especially regarding the treatment of enemies like Hitler and Mussolini. Are they particularly galled by his penchant for calling on God, despite his rejection of “the Christian or any other form of religious belief” (as he wrote to his mother in 1898)? And with typical Churchillian cunning, he did all that in the name of “Christian civilization”… (That cunning no doubt came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome. )” (Moshe Kohn, 1993).


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Churchill is a Jewish surname

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Jacobson is a Jewish surname

CJSI, (2015). Consolidated Jewish Surname Index. United States of America. http://www.avotaynu.com/csi/csi-home.htm Accessed 27/12/2015


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Jerome is a Jewish surname

CJSI, (2015). Consolidated Jewish Surname Index. United States of America. http://www.avotaynu.com/csi/csi-home.htm Accessed 27/12/2015


Churchill was allegedly an Anglican Christian, Christianity being an offshoot or form of Judaism, Jesus being a Palestinian Jewish Rabbi and as the Bible says, which is a book about Israel, King of the Jews.



Churchill was a Freemason, which is a Jewish organization “It makes sense to me now why Sir Winston Churchill, a well-known Freemason, was also a member of a Druidic order who apparently took his orders very seriously; he was allied to the two principles, one forming part of the other, by being committed to both openly” (Fiona McLaren, 2012).

The mystical side continued as the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids of Oxford, claiming descent from the Mount Maemus Grove. In 1908, Winston Churchill was an initiate of this sect” (Prudence Jones & Nigel Pennick, 1995).

Winston Churchill was a member, hosting a gathering of “druids” at Blenheim Palace in 1908” (Judith Bamber & Helena Smith, 2003).

1908, the future prime minister, Winston Churchill, added his own name to a long and noble list in the United Ancient Order of Druids” (Vanessa Collingridge, 2007).

In 1908 the young Winston Churchill was initiated into the Order, and by 1933 the Order had over a million and a half members” (Philip Carr-Gomm, 2006).


Winston Churchill sculpture unveiled in Jerusalem

Bronze bust commissioned to recognise contribution made by Britain’s wartime leader to creation of the state of Israel
Statue of Winston Churchill
Randolph Churchill, left, and Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat beside the bronze bust of Winston Churchill. Photograph: Abir Sultan/EPA


Almost half a century after his death, Winston Churchill was honoured in Jerusalem on Sunday with a statue and a tribute proclaiming him a friend of the Jewish people and the Zionist cause.

A large bronze bust was unveiled at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, outside the walls of the Old City, in recognition of the contribution made by Britain’s wartime leader to the creation of the state of Israel. Made from an original cast by Oscar Nemon, whose statues and busts of Churchill are displayed around the world, the familiar profile would “correct a small historic injustice”, said the UK ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould. “My feeling is that in Israel he’s not honoured enough; his story is not told enough.”

The commissioning of the bust by the Jerusalem Foundation followed the publication five years ago of Churchill and the Jews by the statesman’s official biographer, Martin Gilbert. “The book laid out in crystal clear form that Churchill throughout his life was a passionate believer in the cause of Zionism,” said Antony Rosenfelder, a British trustee of the foundation.

He said that it was “astounding” how little recognition there had been in Israel “for a man who, over half a century, did so much not just to ensure Israel’s survival but actually to help the development of the state. This is just a small way of thanking someone for something I think is fairly central to Israel today.”

The ceremony was attended by the former prime minister’s great grandson, Randolph Churchill. “It means a huge amount to our family,” he said.

The bust is situated close to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City and within distant sight of the 8m-high concrete wall which cuts off Palestinian communities in east Jerusalem from the rest of the city. It is also near to the King David hotel, which was bombed in 1946 by Jewish militants when it was the headquarters of the British Mandate authorities. Ninety-one people were killed.

The Israeli historian Tom Segev said that, for some Jews, Churchill’s failure to bomb the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz outweighed his support for the Jewish people. “Accepted opinion today is that he was a friend of Zionism and the state of Israel. But he did not have an emotional attachment. He regarded the whole thing as political,” Segev said.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/nov/04/winston-churchill-sculpture-unveiled-jerusalem



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