#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Who am I, what are my qualifications, why do I fighting every day?


I served three years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service trained in tactical and strategic weapons systems on Vanguard-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), Trafalgar-class nuclear-powered attack submarines and, Swiftsure-class nuclear-powered fleet attack submarines, I was based at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Faslane in Helensborough, Scotland. I was security cleared to Top Secret Atomic Codeword and spent time on some of the most top secret military bases in Britain. I was trained in the triad (Pseudonym), all departments of Nuclear Weapons, an Operator Maintainer Weapons Submarine (OMWSM), trained in the Lockheed Trident II D5 SLBMs, Spearfish torpedo and the Tomahawk land-attack missiles. My final assigned task was the navigation of Nuclear weapons, my assigned submarine was Vigilant port crew, while in dry dock I was assigned to the Fire Control Team loading weapons onto submarines and, as a driver for officers in military training. I was trained in the SA80 Assault rifle, fire fighting (HAVOC), electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, guidance systems, as well as other training which is beyond the scope of this document. While at HMS Dolphin doing my Submarine Escape Tank Training (SETT) I was a member of the tri-service rugby team where I played alongside military officers from all services including doctors and, surgeons.

QualificationsAfter leaving the Royal Navy because of promotion issues due to lack of man power, I have had multiple jobs, I was a spray painter for the BMW mini, I am a qualified forklift driver, I attended two years at college training in music production, I attended a college course in criminal psychology, I have a computer science degree in Computer Hacking and, Security System Design, as well as many other qualifications and, work experience. Some of the companies I have worked for in IT include but do not restrict to Microsoft, Apple, Hospitals, Councils, Colleges as well as others.

The reason I am fighting every day is because after years of working and, training to serve and, protect the public, it was made known through military contacts I have and, then through mainstream and, alternative media, that all of my childhood hero’s including but not restricting to Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and, Michael Jackson have been raping and, molesting children. To add to that, I became aware of multiple paedophile rings in the British and, American intelligence services, the police, the British and, American governments, the British & Netherlands royal family and, others.

When I made my oath to the British public to serve and, protect, I entered into a contract with the British people that I would lay down my life to protect them, their families, their freedoms, their right to believe in anything they wanted. After years of deep study, working more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for roughly 6 years, I have had no choice but to come to the conclusion that while I gave an oath to protect the public and, their families, certain members of our society who we put in place to protect us, have no commitment to us as we do to them. In fact, the very people we think are there to protect us and, our families, are the ones selfishly doing the abuse, for power and, rank. That abuse involves not only the rape and, murder of British children, but also the intentional targeting of our people with chemicals that increase our risk of dying and, catching deadly diseases. The British government has been and, still is experimenting on the public in breech of the Nuremberg Code while the media, bribed by the intelligence services, targets people who bring attention to issues.

I feel deeply betrayed, I feel deeply hurt, I feel deeply saddened, I feel ashamed of my government and its key institutions which guide public life. To end this post, writing this article made me cry, because I took my oath deadly serious and, because I am aware of what is happening, I am being targeted by my own side.

One last thing, why do I call this blog JewishPaedophilia, simply put, not out of racism, but to raise awareness of an issue that needs addressed and, brought to light, because Jewish children matter, as do Arab children, as to Christian children, as do all children. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.


The reason the articles are sometimes rough and, scatter brain is because I hate writing, but I am being forced to write in order to help my fellow man. Understand we are at war, war is psychological as well as physical, war is being inflicted upon us by members of our own side who are deeply religious and, deeply extreme in their views. To hopefully bring some sort of peace of mind to those who are angry and, upset, we have all been lied to, doctors, nurses, police officers, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. Just because a person is a psychiatrist or psychologist, just because a person may have tonnes of qualifications, doesn’t make them any more intelligent or any less susceptible to lies, I know this for a fact. If you don’t know what the word propaganda means, I suggest you learn for your own sanity.



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