#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper #OpRingRoad – What Operations am I currently involved in?


The following is a list of some operations I am currently involved in investigating as part of an ongoing research project into the people who make and, shape my reality;

#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Sadistic, paedophile, nepiophile, child murder &, snuff investigation involving the royal family, the Freemasons &, their connections

#OpCrazyIvan – Child murder investigation involving politicians, royalty, police, Intelligence agencies, the Freemasons etc includes human mutilation & the UFO subject

#OpDateRape – An investigation into media lies, propaganda, psychological warfare and, its intentional use of occult symbolism and, numerology to target Christianity, brainwash people and, regiment the public mind

#OpRingRoad – Paedophile investigation involving random cases in society, no connections with each other, simply gives more of an understanding into society & its sexual deviance

#OpSatansLullaby – Nepiophile investigation, people who rape babies

#OpLilith – Paedophilia within Judaism

#OpAisha – Paedophilia within Islam

#OpYeshua – Paedophilia within Christianity

#OpChickenHawk – A naming convention for men who are sexually attracted to boys

#OpAnchorMan – An investigation into sex industry funder George Osborne

#OpRothschild – Used as a naming convention for the Jewish Rothschild family

#OpMurderForHire – Intentional targeting & testing on the human body to cause Cancer, Alzheimers, Dementia and other illnesses

#OpGrimReaper – Intentional targeting & testing on the human body to cause Cancer, Alzheimers, Dementia and other illnesses

#OpTellTale – An investigation into an alleged Extraterrestrial threat probably psychological warfare which involves human death, paedophilia &, child murder, possible cover for human sacrifice by the Freemasons

#OpSatansSunRise – An investigation in Geo-Engineering and its use by intelligence services to reduce the population of the planet

#OpProtectAndServe – An investigation into the Freemasonic British police force and their involvement in organized crime, paedophilia, child murder and, cover-ups

#OpSoulSearch – An investigation into the dark parts of the human being, do people have a soul?

#OpZion – An investigation into lengths extreme people are going to, to create a New World Order

#OpSwindle – An investigation into financial terrorist bankers, selfish people &, companies stealing the tax payers money

#OpDirtyCash – An investigation into the British military being intentionally disbanded & the public being put at risk because of #OpSwindle

#OpChatShit – Calling out those people who are simply spreading obvious disinformation

#OpTeachersPet – A naming convention for interesting facts about history relating to religious belief in the context of #OpIlluminatusPiedPiper &, #OpCrazyIvan

There are other investigations and one off reports which fall under no category and have been given their own operational tag such as #OpVivaExtremism &, #OpAmericanDelusion. Some operations cross over, as an example, #OpIlluminatusPiedPiper, #OpSwindle &, #OpTellTale cross over at times, it’s too complex to explain in this post.

*This list will be updated at a later time once I find my naming convention chart.



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