#OpTellTale – Sexy Journalist Lee Ann McAdoo interviews outstanding author Theo Paijman on the Vril society


Well in the 19th century and, the nineteenth century was very formative to the way our society has become and, coinciding, or not perhaps, in the nineteenth century we see the absent of a number or occult orders and secret societies who became very influential“.

Now we can even see that influence today, although a lot of us we don’t actually realize it because we are laymen. But if we look slightly behind the way things are today and, if we know what and, where to look for we see little hints, we see symbols, we see all kinds of clues peppered and, left behind by these secret societies and, occult orders for their followers and for a subsequent generations. And what we see then is that, well, a large part of the way society is today as being not only predicted by these occult orders but also steered and, often times with dire consequences. And we must also keep in mind that this new term that, you know, is sometimes floating around in which I find very interesting which is called ‘the break away civilization’. We must realize that the breaking away of on alternative civilization started much earlier than is usually thought of and, originated from these secret societies and, occult orders“.

They were interested in man, well basically they were interested in, in man and, and, that means certain representatives of man, not the entirety of mankind but certain elite members of man to become like God man. We see that for instance in a Victorian novel by an author named Bulwer-Lytton and, he wrote a novel in 1871 and, the novel is called ‘The coming race’ and, it describes some kind of underground race of humanoid beings superior to us and, man. And they harness this incredible energy force which is called Vril. They would also discuss other unseen energetic forces like the Odidic force, like mesmerism, they would discuss ectoplasm, they would hold seances to talk, not only with the spirits of their deceased ancestors, but also to contact extraterrestrial intelligences on other planets. Now all of this was discussed in the nineteenth century, people often have a perception of occultism in the nineteenth century, that is, that it was all some kind of old fashioned, outmoded affair, but it was not. You will be amazed and, astounded what those people did in these Avante Garde circles, the kind experiments that they conducted. It was truly an era of unprecedented discovery and, much of what the occult world is into today still rests upon what was discovered back then. And we must also not forget that if you look at say for instance the UFO phenomenon, the first time that there were large waves of unexplained aerial phenomenon and, unexplained flying objects was in the nineteenth century. So we see an advent an of technology, we see an up surge in strange parts of occultism, we see the proto-UFO phenomenon really taking off“.

Now what do all of these strange mean when you combine them together? We dream of traveling to the stars but as far as we know we don’t know the technical capability of traveling to the stars. Now I always say that if there is a faster than light drive and, if you wanted need, if you wanted to look in man’s history, in our history, where such a device might have been invented, I always saying go back to the 19th century and, start their and, then proceed to the nineteen thirties. Because in that time frame we see Einstein with his fabulous theories and, theorems, we see a lot of scientists with, with truly incredible breakthroughs. In fact even today I have a discussion with people and, we were of the opinion that man back then seemed to be smarter than we are now, because now we are surrounded with all this technology. I mean, I can Skype you, you can Skype me, we can do this interview, but then again nobody actually knows how this technology actually works and, if it breaks down we can’t even repair it, we have to go to the store and, buy new stuff. So in fact yes our technology is maybe better than it was, let’s say different than it was then in the nineteenth century, but at the same time it makes us more, it makes us more as a slave. So I think, coming back to what I said previously in the nineteenth century these people had incredible ideas, they had incredible visions, but they simply lacked the tools and, the means. But what they also had and, that is also one of the functions of occult orders, they had patience. They could plot lines over generations and, that is one of the aims and, the functions or an order. To pass forth the torch, to keep a body of knowledge incorruptible and, to protect it and, to pass it onward to the next generation, or at least to the representatives of the next generation who they deem are worthy of receiving that body of knowledge. And in there, you see now, that currently, some, some stranger our technology are beginning to realize what those people in the nineteenth century actually thought about, so this is interesting“.

There were members like famous British scientist Crookes from England he was a very famous British scientist. In America we have since, American society does not know a nobility but they do know very rich tycoons, there was John Jacob Astor who died on the Titanic, we had a wealthy industrialists in Germany Carl Kellner who even had a number of patents on his name. So we see that the most influential members of the esoteric orders belongs to the upper echelons in society“.

I have been researching the most secret German order that has ever been into existence which is called the Vril Society for thirty years now and, finally I was able to, much to my, to my pleasantry, I was finally able to solve the mystery by gaining access to a secret archive with original documents. Just recently I went to a place in Germany which was a castle acquired by the Dark Lord of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, which was his dark Camelot and, which was to be his center of the world and, it’s all part of my, my research and, this will come out in the book that will be released in February next year and, their we will be reading what the Vril society was really into. They were not into old magic like drawing pentagrams and, mumbling to mumbo jumbo demons, no, their brand of occultism was entirely strange, something we could almost compare to extraterrestrial technology only in that the difference in that it originated here or Earth“.


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