#OpDarkSatire – Why don’t we get together and put the elites in concentration camps for re-education


The elites in society have created internment camps for citizens, an idea I think is worth going over in your mind is that we ie former members of the military should get together to create a citizen force to round up the bankers, the elites and, certain pro-globalist journalists, put them in concentration camps for re-education. Those who do not re-educate will be exterminated.

If we mirror the methodology of the elites then we can’t be called terrorists or extremists because then they would be admitting that their methodology is terrorism.

We could force them into civilian work programs because they clearly haven’t done a real days work in their lives, the elites have been born into money through the crimes of their family which gives them a warped sense of reality.

The elites that are re-educated could be sterilized, because the inbreeding has clearly caused problems with the mapping of their neural networks. A better idea which would help in the traumatization process would be to get them to sterilize each other while everyone else waits in stress positions for their turn.

We can also use them to test chemicals on, maybe re-program the female elites as sex slaves for the homeless.

The elites that we keep alive could be implanted with GPS tracking devices that they’ve kindly created so we can track their every move.

We can re-distribute their wealth to third world countries, distributing the hidden sciences to countries who need it most. In fact, we could use the re-educated elites to fetch water, build houses, collect food stores and, other less desirable tasks that people in third world countries normally have to do on a day to day basis.

We should limit their food intake to keep them subservient, an option which I recommend highly is keeping them on a strict diet of human and, animal feces. Another option is to force feed them fluoride, this will lower their IQ and make it difficult for them to put two and two together, it will lower the probability of resistance. Keeping them in small enclosed spaces with restricted ventilation and reduced oxygen supply while pumping tiny particles of aluminum into their living environment will help in lowering IQ, the tiny particles bypass the brains defences with no chance of escape, this idea I’m extremely proud of.

If we repeatedly feed them disinformation over a prolonged period of time it will leave them in a constant state of confusion, this will demoralize them and, decrease the likelihood of resistance.

Another option available to reduce the probability of resistance is to overwhelm the elites mind and, body with fear. Daily torture sessions, water boarding, prolonged stress positions, sleep deprivation and, other methodologies to cause the brain into a lower state of functioning. Other options available include but do not restrict to torture methods such as the removal of teeth without anesthetic, the removal of their finger and, toe nails with pliers, electroshock torture and, bestiality over prolonged periods of time. We could set them alight and, watch them die as they do in the third world simply for fun. We could skin them alive and force them to sleep in salt beds making sure to not go too far so they suffer over a prolonged period of time.

Another option available to instill fear into their minds is to use them for breeding, we can then ritually murder their children in front of them, forcing them to have sexual intercourse with the dead child which will split the mind into compartments, we can then program them into anything we like.

I recommend spying on their every conversation, this will add another layer of defence to resistance. We should stop them from gathering in large crowds, keep them in small numbers, maybe create isolation wings for those waiting to go through re-education.

One of the most important defence mechanisms will be to restrict their ability to give each other ideas, we can achieve this by adding our own specially trained disinformation agents into their ranks.

We need to come up with a way to restrict their travel once re-educated, possibly an explosive collar, which would self destruct if they crossed outside of a predesignated perimeter zone.

If you disagree with the ideas mentioned in this article then you’re a delusional extremist sexist homophobic anti-semitic racist thalidomide Scientologist conspiracy theorist terrorist with a small penis who hates dwarfs.



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