#OpThinkTank – I do not trust the British government, I have zero faith in the bankers, I do not trust the royal family, I have lost all faith in the mainstream media, I do not trust the police or intelligence services


I have lost all faith in the British government and, British politicians to do the right thing. I feel like I am being conned by paying taxes. I believe the elections were rigged and, David Cameron should not be in the position he is, I do not trust David Cameron as a person. Every time I see David Cameron on TV it makes me frustrated, the same goes for Tony Blair, the Bush family and, the Clintons.

I have lost all faith in the media to report the truth, every article I read I can no longer say with confidence that the article is factual. Take the BBC as an example, it lies to its viewers on a daily basis, it is extremely biased, it is riddled with child abusers, paedophile art and, is out of touch with its viewers. The Daily Mail was created by Hitlers friend, the Sun is owned by a man with links to child abusers. Journalists are being paid by the intelligence services to spread propaganda and, lies about people to discredit them in order that the public can not find out the truth about reality.

I have lost all faith in the police and, the intelligence services to do the right thing, it’s just cover-up after cover-up using national security as an excuse to protect paedophile child murdering politicians. The police and, intelligence services are controlled by the Freemasons and, when you attempt to put in petitions to make Freemasonry membership known you’re denied the right. The police are walking around with the symbol of child sacrifice on their head gear if you take the time to research where the emblems originated (Astarte, Ishtar & Baal).

I do not believe anything that is being broadcast into my home on a daily basis, it’s intentionally misleading and, riddled with disinformation. There’s never anything interesting on TV, programming is done to do just that, program people, it’s a weapon.

People are mind controlling people to use as slaves and, weapons to spread disinformation and, fantasy stories, this includes British and, American intelligence agencies.

Corporations are in bed with the government, companies such as Google are intentionally destroying peoples research which has taken years to gather, they’re banning people from using their services to discuss politicians and, child abuse.

I do not trust the American political structure, the American police and, intelligence services, I feel more under threat from America than any other country on the planet. I feel like America is more of a threat to me than ISIS because it was America who created ISIS in the beginning according to American politicians and, military leaders.

I do not believe anything that comes out of NASA or SETI.

I no longer trust American science because it is being manipulated for political and, financial gain.

I can not watch American films anymore because their full of subliminals and, Freemasonic Satanic symbolism. American music videos are full of subliminals and, Freemasonic Satanic symbolism, the artists all turn out to be Satanists.

Everything that I once believed about humanity and, society was a fantasy, people are so selfish and, materialistic they care about nobody but themselves.

We have criminal politicians walking around even though they’re guilty of genocide and, war crimes. The media is pushing these people in our faces like they are Gods which causes frustration on a daily basis.

You have government investigations which are rigged from the outset, the conclusion has already been decided.

You have social scientists and, social engineers intentionally manipulating people. You have politicians who admit that all politicians lie to the public.

The government is extremely religiously biased, you have people pretending to be one religion when they’re really another.

You have Depression, Cancer, Dementia and, Alzheimer causing chemicals being put in peoples food and, water as well as fine particles of aluminum being sprayed over peoples homes which damages the brain and, memory. You have Mercury in the water used to cause mental health issues and, intentionally confuse peoples sexuality. You have asbestos in British schools which causes cancer, put in by blackmailed sadistic paedophile Cyril Smith. You have Wifi which increases the risk of Cancer and, can damage female children stopping them from having children. Mobile phones cause cancer. If you think it ends there you would be wrong, women living down wind of nuclear power plants are having their risk of breast cancer increased. Pesticides used on vegetables and, fruit, all linked to cancer. Then you have genetically modified crops (GMO), intentionally created to damage the DNA of the human being. For anyone who gets depression caused by the chemicals in the water or the trauma of life, the medication prescribed is also linked to cancer.

You have people telling lies about global warming in order to get money from people.

You have people trying to create a one world government purely out of selfishness while claiming they are doing it in the best interests of the human race when it’s not.

You have people being secretly sterilized as part of a eugenics movement and, people being experimented on.

People are creating tracking devices to be implanted under peoples skin.

You have people saying aliens live amongst us and, then the government is ignoring what is being said which creates frustration, mistrust and, hatred of the government.

You have people trying to start wars to make money and reduce the population of the planet.

The bankers are rigging the stock markets, foreign exchange rates and, anything else they can in order to part money from the public while being protected by the inbred politicians and, members of the intelligence services.

We live in a sick world where the norm is a society on antidepressants traumatized by life, we are being forced to hate our reality just so selfish people can benefit from mental health.



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