#OpLibertyBell – American police, intelligence and military are clearly out of control, murdering innocent people for no reason, raping the public purse, claiming threats to national security they created, what the American people need is team work, structure and a little military discipline


The American people are clearly under threat from their government, from their police force, from their intelligence services and from parts of their military, maybe it is time for the rest of the world to pitch in and give the American people a helping hand, a little moral support.

The American people are up against military discipline, in its most basic form, simply practiced team work. If the American people want to gain control of their government they simply have to learn to work together as teams.

Within eight weeks a civilian can transform from an undisciplined civilian into a highly disciplined soldier. It only takes one disciplined individual with a little know how to start a team that can branch like a tree to create more teams.

Organization is the hierarchical structuring of men and women into a state so as to offer some sort of disciplined team work capability for whatever purpose. As an example, military organization is hierarchical, a hierarchy is an arrangement of people in which the people are represented as being one above the other. For visualization purposes, I created a simple visualization diagram as an example of a simple team working in a hierarchical structure;

StructureIt is common to refer to the building blocks of a military as commands, formations and units. In a military context, a command is a collection of units and formations that fall under the control of a single officer. In the example provided above that single officer may be the section leader.

Simply put, most armies around the world have a common organizational structure similar to the following stripped down list;

  • Fire and maneuver team – 2 men
  • Fireteam – 4 men
  • Squad – 8 to 12 men
  • Section – 12 to 24 men
  • Platoon – 26 to 55 men

In order to reduce the probability of infiltration by current military and intelligence forces, it may be best to keep your structure small, secret, specialized and manageable rather than large in number, open to everybody, full of soldiers who are jack of all trades, master of none. Once you are satisfied with the structure you have created you can then branch out and possibly increase the size of your team. Better still, you could hand over responsibility of your structure to someone you trust or train them in the simple methodology of how to create a team in a hierarchical structure, like branches of a tree.

In order to work well as a team you need to eat, sleep, train, shower and live as a team. Activities that help build a well disciplined team include, but do not restrict to, such things as building rafts, obstacle courses, marching in formation, hiking, problem solving, learning how your enemy works, shooting in military exercises and learning the ins and outs of your weapons of choice, camping out in the woods, map reading, and other activities that help in bonding. Bonding is important to build trust in one another, to know each others strengths and weaknesses, the last thing you want is someone who is going to run away at the first sign of conflict.

The architecture of the Internet is distributed, it has no central point of failure which was part of its original design, if one part fails, information can simply be re-routed around the effected area and communications can continue as normal.

It may be worth taking lessons from history, pulling ideas from other areas such as the architecture of the Internet. If you decide to put together a team of people for whatever reason, you can then connect up with other teams of people and share knowledge, maybe create a cross country distributed backbone, a network, of like minded people who have similar values. Over time bridges are built and bonds are made, regular group meetings and training sessions will keep everyone on the same page singing from the same hymn sheet. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where lets say a tyrannical government has imposed surprise martial law and the people around you are rushing around in a confused state.

The mentality of repetition used in a factory environment can be borrowed which will help focus minds in a time of crisis. Keep things simple, don’t over complicate, use peer reviewed methodology and science.

The American government is out of control, so are the police and intelligence services, anyone outside America can see what the American government are doing to the American people and peoples of other countries around the world. It is going to take the American people to stand up against tyranny if they want a better future for their children and grandchildren, good luck dear truth seeker. :p



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