#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – The Westminster bestiality snuff child torture murder ring is so horrific, the search terms required to investigate causes Google to block you


Over six years I have been investigating the Westminster paedophile ring involving high level British & American politicians, police officers, members of the intelligence services, members of the royal family and, the Freemasons to give examples. The search terms required are so horrific at times Google blocks you from their service stopping you from using their search engine to investigate;

GoogleBlocksWestminsterChildAbuseSearchTermSearch terms used to investigate the Westminster paedophile ring include but do not restrict to such terms as “MPs snuff child torture murder“, “MPs bestiality baby rape“, “MPs paedophile“, “MPs nepiophile“, “Jimmy Savile necrophilia“, “Royal Family child murder” and other search terms which British and American politicians have been involved in.

I am blocked from Google multiple times a day during my research over the past six years into the Westminster paedophile ring. Because the crimes are so horrific to the extreme, including bestiality, baby rape and child sexual torture murder. It is extremely difficult using current search engine technologies, who just so happen to have connections with politicians involved with paedophilia, to use their services from an investigators perspective. People are being protected at the highest levels not just by the police, politicians, members of the intelligence services, but also corporations such as Google and Facebook.

As computer scientists is there anything we can do in this fight against child abuse? For one, we can make search engines which do not intentionally hinder investigations and cause frustration in people who are already deeply hurt and emotionally damaged by their investigations. More databases need created to collect and store information on politicians and child abuse freely available to the public so people can see the scale of the abuse which is industrial to the extreme. We can create websites that do not require scripts from websites such as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, because these companies are deeply involved in the abuse of children, destroying research and banning people who bring attention to the religious nature of some forms of child sexual abuse and child sexual murder. Automated GUI and command line scripts which can be proxied and daisy chained specifically designed to manually spider websites and, search for information from a text file, such as a word dictionary, wouldn’t go a miss. Software specifically designed for information gathering in the context of child sexual abuse from an investigators perspective would also be helpful. It would also be helpful if companies such as Google and Facebook stopped destroying evidence and research for their friends in high places just to gain power over people in society.

What can the normal person in the street do to help in the fight against child abuse? There is a large amount of information in videos freely available on the Internet that need transcribed into written format. People can also give an in depth descriptive heading to their articles so people can find information easier reducing the time required to manually hunt through large amounts of information.



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