#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Bilderberger MP Kenneth Clarke took children in a minibus from children’s homes down to Dolphin Square where they were drugged and abused – Clarke was also a friend of nepiophile necrophiliac involved in child murder Jimmy Savile, homosexual paedophile involved in child murder Edward Heath and, Jewish paedophile involved in child murder Leon Brittan as well as others


Generated by  IJG JPEG LibraryClarkePhilipQueenClarkeBlairPaedophile Kenneth Clarke with paedophile Tony Blair

My opinion on Kenneth Clarke apart from what is in the media is based on stuff that’s been brought to us at protests. Unfortunately at protests you had different people come to us who said Kenneth Clarke used to take a minibus from children’s homes down to London and, they used to stay in a flat over the weekend, be abused and, come back. And they’d be totally messed up from the drugs that had been forced upon them. Then, I actually got one that said to me where Kenneth Clarke took them was a block of flats behind Pimlico Station, he said there was a big square court yard in the middle. That square courtyard I can positively identify as being Dolphin Square. Dolphin Square is at the heart of the Westminster investigations. I gave this information to Operation Daybreak the, the lot that are looking into Nottingham’s sexual abuse allegations. Not content that Nottingham police would do anything with it, because we have a cover-up situation here in Nottingham between the councils and the police, I contacted Operation Midland at the Metropolitan Police and they in turn will hopefully be contacting the National, National Crime Agency” (Child abuse victim Mickey Summers).


In an interview with award winning film producer Bill Maloney, former child actor Ben Fellows reported that while he was working for the Cooke Report he was given the task to pose as a 15 year old boy and he would be introduced to British politicians to see what would happen because they knew British MPs like little boys. Fellows reports that he was molested by MP Kenneth Clarke who touched his penis, the same Kenneth Clarke that was Health Secretary when Jimmy Savile got the keys to Broadmoor secure hospital. The molestation was caught on hidden camera and watched by producers of the Cooke Report who failed to inform the police of Kenneth Clarkes sexual attraction towards children. Fellows states that John Major knew about the Cooke Report investigation, so he got Carlton Communication to buy Central Television to get hold of the Cooke Report tapes, the tapes of Kenneth Clarke molesting Ben Fellows in London’s most successful parliamentary lobbyist Ian Greer of Ian Greer Associates office.

CarltonCommunications(BBC, 2000)

The tapes were acquired by Carlton Communications, it was John Major who asked Carlton Communications a client of Ian Greer to do him a favour which was buy Central Television, to get hold of the film footage. Fellows reports that it was David Cameron who got the tapes of Kenneth Clarke molesting Ben Fellows, David Cameron worked for Carlton Communications and was Michael Greens right hand man. Fellows also stated that David Cameron was covering up a paedophile ring and he would take a lie detector test to prove he is telling the truth.



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