#OpCrystalBall – Prediction: I’ll be dead before I hit 40 and the intelligence services will be responsible


I don’t like to make predictions but I am pretty confident I’ll be dead before I’m 40 and the intelligence services will be responsible, because I can’t stop until I find the truth.


Are we alone in the universe?

What was that beautiful white tear drop with a surrounding blue rim without a trail, wings, propulsion mechanism, flying at low altitude within our atmosphere at tremendous speed, I saw that clear summer night, that wasn’t a shooting star, that wasn’t a weather balloon, that wasn’t swamp gas, that wasn’t a Chinese lantern, that wasn’t a drone, that wasn’t a light house, that wasn’t birds, that wasn’t an Iridium satellite, wasn’t the International Space Station, wasn’t an out of control rocket and, it certainly wasn’t Venus(Lucifer) or any other celestial object?

It was unlike anything I have ever seen, unlike any craft I was trained to observe, so beautiful in colour, pearl white and a navy blue to die for…

ChileUFOSimilar to the Chile UFO

If people are already trying to kill me just for being born, what have I got to lose?




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