#OpSatansLullaby – British barrister and intelligence advisor Michael Shrimpton on Brazilian street children being murdered in German Nazi Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) child snuff facilities similar to Auschwitz


German intelligence wasn’t shut down in 45 that’s the key to understanding the post war world, that’s why the world is such a mess. Now the McCanns, the McCanns were not involved in the disappearance of their daughter, it was a DVD paedophile ring. In the context of that investigation we came across a child snuff movie facility where they were murdering kids, after their views they get murdered in snuff movies, absolutely vile, disgusting, as bad as anything that was going on in the Third Reich. Straight out of, you know, the worst horror story you could imagine, just as bad as what they were doing at Auschwitz. These poor kids, the graves, the people were weeping at the NSA, they were absolutely in tears. Because they were seeing these pathetic tiny graves of these kids, they were mostly Algerian and Moroccan kids, they were teenage boys, but some were younger. But you could see by the size of the graves that these were kids and, some of them were quite young, because the graves are small and, these kids were being buried around this facility near Toledo. And I think from memory there were 50, there was about 50 graves on one facility only and, that was just one. Now we got that one shut down and, we shut down a paedophile ring in Madrid, I briefed Spanish intelligence. The CNI boys shut down one ring and, made a couple of middle ranking arrests but it’s like a seven headed Hydra, you cut one head off and, another head appears. I wouldn’t query a figure of tens of thousands. We know that hundreds of kids have gone missing out of one city alone, São Paulo. We know the Germans are bringing them across the Atlantic in one of their type, in their type 21 transport u-boats and, they still have this old fleet of u-boats that they use for transport. We know that the Jerry’s are bringing hundreds of kids across from São Paulo speaking Portuguese of course and, they were being brought in through Portugal and, that’s the Portuguese connection to Madeleine McCann. The ring was operating in Southern Portugal because it was mainly concentrating on Brazilian Portuguese speaking Brazilian kids who were being kidnapped in São Paulo, these are street kids that nobody would miss. And they were being fed into paedophile rings operating in Amsterdam, in the Hague, two rings in Brussels and, Paris“ (Michael Shrimpton, 2014).

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