#OpAbominationOfHell #OpZion – Nazis killed Jews in mobile gas-chambers disguised as trucks – A newborn baby, snatched from its mother’s arms, was thrown against a column, the mother then shot in the head – Nazi SS game of catching infants on bayonets – Jews burried alive in mass graves


The authoritative account by the world’s greatest ‘Shoah’ expert Eyewitness accounts of the abominations of hell

‘Beginning on May 10, and continuing every Tuesday and Friday, Jews were brought to Minsk from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, then driven by truck towards Maly Trostenets. The trucks were mobile gas-chambers; when they reached the camp all those inside them were dead’.
Page 351.

‘Then the march began. Barbed wire on both sides, in the rear two dozen Ukrainians with rifles. They drew near. Wirth and I found ourselves in front of the death-chambers. Stark naked men, women, children and cripples passed by. A tall SS man in the corner called to the unfortunates in a loud minister’s voice: ‘Nothing is going to hurt you. Justbreath deep and it will strengthen your lungs. It’s a way to prevent contagious diseases. It’s a good disinfectant!’.
Pages 426-427

‘Piled up in freight cars, unable to bend or to budge, sticking one to the other, breathless, crushed by one’s neighbour’s every move, this was already hell. During the day, a torrid heat, with a pestilential smell. After several days and several nights, the doors were opened. We arrived worn out dehydrated, with many ill. A newborn baby, snatched from its mother’s arms, was thrown against a column. The mother, crazed from pain, began to scream. The SS man struck her violently with the butt end of his weapon over her head. Her eyes haggard, with fearful screams, her beautiful hair became tainted with her own blood. She was truck down by a bullet in the head’.
Page 427.

‘The SS seemed to enjoy this bloody escapade. Just then the youngest of the bunch asked his superior if it was all right to catch one of those ‘little Jews’ on his bayonet as it was coming down [thrown from a window above]. His superior gave him permission, and the young SS butcher rolled up his rifle sleeve and caught the very next infant on his bayonet. The blood of the infant flowed down the knife onto the murderer’s arm and into his sleeve. He tried his talent once more, and again he was successful in catching the wailing child on his sharp bayonet He tried a third time but missed and gave up the whole game, complaining it was getting too ‘messy”.
Page 442.

‘There, in the valley, three large graves were already waiting for them. They had been dug out that same day. The old, the sick, pregnant women and small children, two thousand innocent Jewish souls, were shot and brutally thrown into those graves, one on top of the other. Many of them were still alive! For most of the children, they didn’t even waste a bullet They were just thrown in alive. And together with those who were only wounded, finished their lives under the pressure of the human mass…. The larger grave contained a thousand bodies each. We learned of this massacre from the Polish police themselves. They told Moshe Hersh about it in minute detail, because they themselves had taken part in that slaughter. On the following Sunday, they went to church with their families, as if nothing had happened. They suffered no guilt feelings. After all, they were only murdering Jews, with the blessing of their priests, who inflamed them from their pulpits on Sundays’.
Page 445.

*The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy, Martin Gilbert, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, Fontana Press, HarperCollinsPublishers, London, 1987: ISBN 0 00 637194-9


Source: Christopher Story page 658



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