#OpZion – Margaret Thatchers former Economics advisor Christopher Story – The national revolutionary subversion process – 4 stage Soviet/Leninist ideological subversion methodology: Demoralisation, Destabilisation Crisis and ‘Normalisation’


Screenshot from 2015-08-04 18:20:45The national revolutionary subversion process, based on details revealed by the Soviet defector Yuriy Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman), using his own knowledge of KGB strategy and details conveyed to John Barron, [the author of ‘KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents'[1974] and ‘KGB Today: the Hidden Hand'[1983], Hodder and Stoughton, London], by the GRU-KGB officer Stanislav Levchenko, who had attended the Soviet Academy of [Leninist] Sciences’ Oriental Studies Institute with Bezmenov. The chart, which has been elaborated by this Author on the basis of new information, shows the four stages of Soviet/Leninist ideological subversion: Demoralisation, Destabilisation Crisis and ‘Normalisation’. Source: ‘Soviet Analyst’” (Christopher Story).



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