#OpZion #OpSwindle #OpDateRape #OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Retired Police Superintendent Trevor Colman – Paedophiles Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair have given away control of Britain to Hitlers European Union by distorting and suppressing the truth, the British media has been complicit – New World Order Conspiracy



Well very briefly, about seven, seven or eight years ago I went to a political meeting and suddenly discover that our own politicians in Great Britain had given away our country to a group of unknown an unaccountable foreigners to run the UK. I then became very much involved as an activist with the party, the UK Independence Party and, since that time I’ve made a number videos and films as well as writing a fair bit of stuff to tell the people of this country exactly what has happened. The reason we’ve got to this very perilous state of affairs is because of the fact that almost everything has been hidden from the British public. The politicians of all three major parties have distorted and suppressed the truth and the press and media been complicit as well. And so the current campaign that I’m working on now is a campaign of education as far as the public is concerned. We’re using billboards, posters, leaflets, the Internet and other supportive material to educate the public as to precisely what is happening. If we don’t succeed in this somewhere within the next five years the country that you know as Great Britain will cease to exist, the British nation as a separate entity will cease to exist and we should be governed by the European Commission in Brussels and we should just be 12 regions of the European Union. But we’re hoping that by democratic means and by telling the British public the truth about the European Union that we can prevent this happening. I’m only too delighted to be able to talk to people throughout the world and especially in America about what is happening to our country because I know you care for democracy as indeed do we. So I hope that you will look into what is happening to us because if it isn’t stopped with us it’ll go around the world in this one world conspiracy could well involve America as well. But please if you can help us, do so, but do so on a democratic lawful basis and we will be pleased for any help you can give us“. “Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair as well as Harold Wilson have given away control of our country to the European Union by signing up to some five treaties and also agreeing to the EU Constitution. If that Constitution is ratified then we will cease to exist as a separate nation” (Retired Police Superintendent Trevor Colman).



The Serious Fraud Office has agreed that tax payers money should not be handed to a criminal enterprise, excuse me, what this means is that the Serious Fraud Office has been told that funds belonging to the tax payer are being handed to a criminal enterprise“. “It’s worse than that, it gets worse, the reason it’s worse is that the British Government, is handing over your money, our VAT money, to a criminal enterprise, but excuse me, the Serious Fraud Office has stated that this is a criminal offence. It therefore follows, not only that the European Commission is a criminal enterprise indefinitely, because it cannot correct its accounts, it also follows that the British Government is engaged in defrauding you the tax payer on an ongoing basis and, will continue to do so. The British Government is engaged in criminal fraud, it is a co-conspirator and, an accessory to the fact of handing over British tax payer money to a criminal enterprise” (Christopher Story).


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