#OpChickenHawk #OpRingRoad – A first hand source of a convicted paedophile giving legal advice in a paedophile boy lover magazine – their advice to eachother is “First and foremost, NEVER, EVER admit, or deny anything”, “keep your trap shut”, “never ever give up your right to privacy”, “Always demand a search warrant”, “Always use caution when meeting new people”


A bit of legal advice

Just a bit of legal advice for anyone who cares to read! I am a convicted “sex offender”, residing in the United States. I was coerced into taking a plea bargain by my “Public Pretender”, to avoid an alleged “long prison term”; only to find out twelve years later that no evidence existed, and had I had a real attorney, I most likely would have been free. I tell you this not to complain, or moan, but so you can believe what I am about to tell you: It does not happen like on the television shows, some people get letters, requesting an interview, others are arrested without so much as a word in advance, no matter the method you action should remain the same. First and foremost, NEVER, EVER admit, or deny anything. If for any reason any law enforcement officer wants to speak with you, you should immediately contact an attorney. So you are sitting in the police station, and being asked questions. Most of the questions are irrelevant to the actual investigation; the officer will try to get you to relax, by asking round about questions at first. You should be extremely firm, even if you have done nothing wrong, ask for an attorney, and say nothing else. Here is the deal, with sex offenses, their does not have to be Physical evidence to get a jury to convict you, so their only has to be suspicion or an accusation made (as in my case). Anything you say, can and will be used against you; no matter how they have to spin or twist it, so just keep your trap shut. If you can not afford an attorney, a public defender will only be appointed after you are charged formerly, so just keep your mouth shut, it will not hurt you to say nothing, while it can ruin you to even confirm your whereabouts. If you are formerly charged, find every reason you can to fire your Public Defender. After you have fired at least three Public Defenders, most States will assign you a real attorney. Now, let’s talk some preventive measures: First and foremost, never ever give up your right to privacy. Always demand a search warrant for your vehicle, home or personal possessions. Always use caution when meeting new people. Scout out potential lawyers in advance, and keep up to date with who specializes in our field. On a final note (I forgot to mention) I committed my “offense” when I was sixteen years old; I was not formally charged until I was twenty! Every state has a “statute of limitations” limiting the amount of time that can pass before you can no longer be charged for an alleged “crime”. Be sure to find out what your state limits are.



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