#OpThinkTank – The Freemasons & Speculative Society should be investigated for organized industrial paedophilia and ritual sadistic child abuse as well as murder


Either the police investigate the Freemasons & Speculative Society for being a paedophile ring or the public will be forced into defending themselves from a clear and present threat to society.

Freemasonry is being named time and time again in the context of child abuse and child murder. It is clear by the media ignoring naming Freemasons and down playing Freemasonic Satanism a lot of the time that there is something going on between the Masons, Satanism and the Media, they are becoming one and the same.

The Freemasons are a danger to children and shouldn’t be in public services because they are not working in the best interest of the public as often claimed but in the best interest of themselves.

Now I don’t give my permission and never have to be governed by Freemasons, they have taken it upon themselves to fulfill that task against my consent, I see them as a threat, I don’t care if they claim to be helping people, I don’t want their help, I never asked for it. I do not give my consent to be governed by Freemasons, I do not give my consent to be regulated by police officers who are Freemasons, I do not give my consent to be judged in court of law by peers who are Freemasons and I suggest the rest of the public join together and follow suit.

For someone who isn’t a Freemason or religious, it is extremely smothering to be bombarded by Freemason symbolism on a daily basis without consent. The more the symbolism is forced into my consciousness, the more frustration builds up inside, the greater the hatred boils inside.

Think of it like me coming into your home and taking a huge watery dump in your face every 3 minutes. Then when you go out to the shops I follow you and shout and scream in your face while hanging onto your leg covered in shit. When you sleep at night I’m there beside you keeping you awake by shouting at the top of my voice while shit drips from my mouth. Each time you read the news you can see me pushing my watery shit and other people pushing my watery shit for money because they’re either too stupid to understand the bigger picture, born into my cult or I have indoctrinated people through the exploitation of herd mentality. Every time you put on the radio or hear someone else playing a song all you hear is me screeching out of tone saying my shit Freemasonry, Facebook, my shit Freemasonry, Twitter, my shit Freemasonry, Google, my shit Freemasonry, over and over. That’s what reality has become for me being smothered in Freemasonry symbolism, when you know it’s there and other people don’t notice because they’re either too busy loving themselves and their gadgets often created by Freemasons or simply too stupid to understand because of the chemicals intentionally put in their water to dumb them down.

I’m not a Freemason, I have no allegiance to Freemasonry or any religious or political organization, yet I am being governed by people that I class as extreme in their views, forcing their ideology on people and I’m as mad as hell and I’m really not going to take this anymore.

Like nepiophile child killer George Bush said, we will achieve our goal by conquest or consent, we will not be governed by the law of the Freemason jungle, as Jew Bob Dylan sang, these times are changing.

The Freemasons, Christians, Catholics and Jews have had their chance to govern society, they have proved that they cannot be trusted, they have proved that they are the threat to children and society in general, they have proved they are dishonest, time and time again the historical record shows.

The extremists are the Freemasons, Christians, Catholics and Jews, they then call other people extremists because they refuse to accept their belief system, often resorting to murder in order to maintain their world view. They’re smothering, they’re forceful, they’re deceptive to the extreme, they’re genocidal, they’re fear mongers, they’re science is fraudulent, they’re scientifically restrictive, time and time again the historical record shows.

Now not all Freemasons, Christians, Catholics and Jews are bad people, we must be careful to not over state the threat, it is the higher echelons of hierarchy of said institutions that are the threat. Often they are child abusers working in the shadows, the general man on the street is a victim of his surroundings, born into a bizarre reality more akin to a hell than a heaven.



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