#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – List of famous Kabbalists, Satanists/Luciferians, Paedophiles and mind controllers by David Icke & Christopher Story (Edited version)



This document is an incomplete list of “alleged” Illuminati (Nickname for The System), their paedophile, mind control programmer, child murderer and ritual abuser associates as claimed by David Icke & Christopher Story. This list also incorporates paedophiles associated with people mentioned by Icke and Story reported in the mainstream media.

To me personally the Illuminati is a nickname for the system & the Intelligence services, the Freemasons have a history with the original Bavarian Illuminati and the Royal family are related to members of the Illuminati, that’s why I use the term Illuminati. The Freemasons control the systems, Intelligence agencies & religions which control you as a person, the Freemasons are subservient to the Royal family.

Before reading on understand you have Christian Satanism so when a person says they are Christians they aren’t lying to people, they just leave off the Satanist part. The visualization of the hierarchical structure is none existent here.

Some people won’t even know they are being used and are simply associates or work for a company owned by people on this list.

Just because people are on this list doesn’t mean the allegation against them are true. My investigations are ongoing and incomplete, this is a list of lines of inquiry that I have been bombarded with, so don’t jump to conclusions, in some instances they are simply allegations made by people.

I do not necessarily believe the allegations made personally, but the allegations have been provided for other researchers looking to see what is being said by people in the alternative media and in books.

This list goes hand in hand with the following images for your illumination https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/jimmy-savile-ted-heath-and-queen-elizabeth-ii-pictures/


*OoG = Order of the Garter, 33rd degree Freemasons pledge allegiance to

*S&B = German Skull & Bones Secret Society

*OTO = German Jewish Ordo Templi Orientis


  1. House of Rothschild: German Secular Jew ancestry. Alleged Illuminati Kabbalists Satanists/Luciferian, child sacrificers & torturers of children.
  2. Queen Elizabeth II: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, child sacrificer. Friend of the Rothschilds. OoG. Has many paedo connections including Savile, Jew Jeffrey Epstein, Jew Ghislaine Maxwell & many many more. Linked to multiple mysterious murders.
  3. The Queen Mother: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile child sacrificer. Has many paedo connections including Savile, Edward Heath, Paul Kidd & many many more.
  4. Prince Philip: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Freemason Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, child sacrificer. Friend of the Rothschilds. OoG. Has many paedo connections including Savile, Jew Jeffrey Epstein, Jew Ghislaine Maxwell & many many more.
  5. Prince Charles: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile child sacrificer. OoG.
  6. Prince Andrew: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile child sacrificer. Has many paedo connections including Savile, Jew Jeffrey Epstein, Jew Ghislaine Maxwell, Muammar Gaddafi, Tom Cruise & many many more.
  7. Princess Anne: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, child sacrificer.
  8. Lord Mountbatten: German (Alleged Jew) ancestry. Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile child torturer. Linked to Kincora boys home & has multiple other paedophile allegations. Involved in O2T & molestation of disabled kids.
  9. Paul Kidd: Nine year royal butler. Ran a paedophile ring while working for the Queen.
  10. Ross Thomas: Paedophile. Former Windsor Castle Steward.
  11. Jonathan Rees-Williams: Paedophile. Queen Elizabeths former choir master.
  12. Dr Stephen Palmer: Sexual deviant. Former Royal Navy Ex-chaplain to Queen Elizabeth.
  13. Patrick Gilbert: Paedophile. Friend of Queen Elizabeth.
  14. Reginald Forester-Smith: Incestuous paedophile. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeths photographer.
  15. Lance Corporal Mark Neal: Paedophile. Queen Elizabeths Elite Household Cavalry.
  16. Lance Corporal Simon Davies: Paedophile. Queen Elizabeths Elite Household Cavalry.
  17. Keith Harding: Paedophile. Friend and clock restorer for members of the royal family, was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.
  18. Viscount William Slim: Paedophile. Queen Elizabeths representative in Australia.
  19. Anthony Blunt: Politician. Royal relative. Alleged child killer. Linked to Rothschilds & Kincora boys home.
  20. Winston Churchill: Politician. Druidic Freemason Jew Christian, alleged Satanist.
  21. Edward Heath: Politician. German Jew ancestry. Christian, alleged Satanist, paedophile child torturer murderer. Links to paedo Royals, Haut de la Garenne, Brothel Madam ‘Ling-Ling’, Savile, Jaconelli, Pierre Trudeau, the Paedophile Information Exchange & more. OoG.
  22. Margaret Thatcher: Politician. Christian. Covered up industrial paedophilia & child murder with MI5. Linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange.
  23. Tony Blair: Politician. Illuminati Roman Catholic (Christian) Kabbalist Freemason, alleged Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile. Worked for MI5.
  24. William Hague: Politician. Alleged paedophile.
  25. Gordon Brown: Politician. Alleged paedophile. Likes boys and girls.
  26. John Major: Politician. Alleged paedophile.
  27. Harold Wilson: Politician. Alleged paedophile.
  28. Clement Attlee: Prime Minister. Freemason. Paedophile. Linked to Royal Family. OoG.
  29. John Hunt: Politician. Paedophile.
  30. Lord Boothby: Politician. Paedophile. Linked to the Krays paedophile ring.
  31. Tom Driberg: Politician. Paedophile. Linked to the Krays paedophile ring.
  32. Jeremy Thorpe: Alleged paedophile. Links to Harold Wilson & Edward Heath.
  33. Peter Mandelson: Politician. Alleged paedophile. Friend of the Rothschilds.
  34. David Cameron: Politician. German Jew ancestry, Queens relative, Harriet Harmans cousin. Illuminati Christian, alleged mind controlled Satanist, paedophile. Friend of the Rothschilds. Allegedly had sex with a pigs head which symbolically represents Satan. Linked to lots of paedophiles.
  35. George Osborne: Politician. Christian. Submissive sexual deviant. Involved with cocaine & black dominatrix.
  36. Boris Johnson: Politician. Christian. Cameron relative. Rothschild friend. Links to paedophiles. Cocaine abuser. Writes pro-paedophile literature.
  37. Harriet Harman: Politician. Cameron relative. Involved with the Paedophile Information exchange.
  38. Jack Straw: Politician. Jewish ancestry. Changed law to silence child abuse victims. Brother is a paedophile.
  39. Grevile Janner: Politician. Jewish ancestry. Freemason/Luciferian. Links to Cameron, Queen, Blair, Ken Clarke & more. Paedophile.
  40. Lord McAlpine: Politician. alleged Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile.
  41. Sir Peter Morrison: Politician. Paedophile.
  42. Maurice Oldfield: Former director of MI6. Linked to Kincora boys home.
  43. Sir Peter Hayman: Former deputy director of MI6, 330th member of Paedophile Information Exchange.
  44. Jimmy Savile: Radio DJ. Jewish ancestry. Roman Catholic (Christian) Satanist/Luciferian Nepiophile Necrophiliac. Worked at BBC. Links to Royals, Haut de la Garenne & others. Friend of many many paedos.
  45. Peter Jaconelli: Politician. Paedophile, linked to Jimmy Savile & Edward Heath.
  46. Leon Brittan: Politician. Lithuanian Jew ancestry. Paedophile involved in child torture murder. Head of UK police, Special Branch & MI5.
  47. Malcolm Rifkind: Politician. Jew ancestry. Alleged paedophile according to former RAF Gordon Bowden & others.
  48. Cyril Smith: Politician. Unitarian (Christian) Freemason from GCHQ paedophile lodge Mercurius Masonic Lodge, No. 7507. Sadistic paedophile linked to Michael Horgan the High Priest of Satan, Edward Heath & others.
  49. Kenneth Clarke: Politician. Allegedly took children to Dolphin Square to be drugged & raped. Linked to many paedos including Janner, Savile, Heath, Brittan & more.
  50. Edwina Currie: Politician. Jewish ancestry. Allegedly molested a 13 year old male child at drug sex party.
  51. Esther Rantzen: Presenter. Jewish ancestry. Linked to multiple paedos including Savile, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn & child drug parties. Worked at BBC.
  52. Douglas Hurd: Politician. Children allegedly electroshocked & bestiality raped at his cottage. Kids transported to Bohemian Grove from Hurds cottage.
  53. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn: Politician. Paedophile.
  54. Sir William van Straubenze: Paedophile. Linked to Kincora boys home.
  55. Sir Laurens van der Post: Paedophile. Royal family friend.
  56. Enoch Powell: Politician. Christian. Allegations of Satanic/Luciferian Ritual Abuse.
  57. Rt Rev Peter Ball: Religious Figure. Admitted paedophile sex offender. Prince Charles close friend.
  58. Harbinder Singh Rana: Sex offender. Royal family friend.
  59. Max Clifford: Public Relations. Paedophile. Friend of Christian Jew Simon Cowell & allegedly has links with the Royal family.
  60. Lord Justice Fullford: Judge. Queen Elizabeth’s legal advisor. Backer of Paedophile Information Exchange.
  61. Gary Glitter: Singer. Paedophile. Links to Jimmy Savile & others.
  62. Patrick Rock: Politician. Paedophile. Aide of David Cameron.
  63. Matthew Byrne: Paedophile & sadistic rapist. Friend of David Cameron.
  64. Benjamin Britten: Paedophile. Royal family friend.
  65. Peter Righton: Paedophile involved in child murder. Child protection expert.
  66. Charles Napier: Treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange. Links to Righton & Thatcher etc.
  67. Sydney Cooke: Paedophile child torturer murderer. Links to Savile & Westminster Ring.
  68. Michael Horgan: Paedophile High Priest of Satan. Links to Westminster paedophile ring, Cyril Smith.
  69. Aleister Crowley: Freemason & Satanist. OTO. Paedophile child torturer & sacrificer. Worked for MI5. Links to British establishment.
  70. AC/DC: Satanic Rock Band.


  1. Prince Bernhard: German ancestry. Roman Catholic (Christian), alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian paedophile child murderer.
  2. Queen Beatrix: German ancestry. Roman Catholic (Christian), alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian paedophile child murderer.
  3. Prince Friso: German ancestry. Christian, alleged Illuminati paedophile child murderer.
  4. Joris Demmink: Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, paedophile.


  1. Juan Carlos I: Alleged Illuminati.


  1. Adolf Hitler: German Jew ancestry. Roman Catholic (Christian). Reported Satanist/Luciferian Germanic Pagan, involved in child sacrifice. Reportedly killed 6 million Jews, numbers debatable.
  2. Henry Kissinger: German Jew ancestry. Alleged Illuminati & alleged Satanist/Luciferian, mind controller, child torturer. Reported paedophile. Reported homosexual rapist in Vietnam.


  1. Stalin: Freemason. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian.
  2. Mikail Gorbachev: Freemason. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian.
  3. Vladimir Putin: Christian. Alleged Jewish ancestry. Royal Arch Freemason. Might be related to all European Royals. Reported odd behavior with little boys.


  1. George H. W. Bush: Politician. German Jew ancestry. Freemason Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, nepiophile child killer. S&B, OTO. Allegedly like little boys & girls.
  2. George W. Bush: Politician. German Jew ancestry. Freemason Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, S&B, rapist & paedophile. Allegedly likes little boys.
  3. Bill Clinton: Politician. Freemason Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, serial rapist & paedophile. Links to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Triad paedophiles (Ng Lapseng, Ted Sioeng, Charlie Trie), Ron Burkle, Dan Laseter as well as much much more.
  4. Hillary Clinton: Politician. Freemason Christian Kabbalist, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian/Witch. Mind control abuser of children. Linked to multiple paedophiles, helped cover-up Howard Gutman’s child abuse with Obama.
  5. Barack Obama: Politician. Paedophile. Involved in paedophile entrapment. Funded by multiple paedophiles not restricted to Terry Bean & Howard Gutman. Brother is a paedophile, raised by a communist paedophile.
  6. Michelle Obama: Allegedly involved in paedophile entrapment.
  7. Al Gore: Freemason Christian, alleged Illuminati Satanist/Luciferian, rapist.
  8. Gerald Ford: Politician. Christian, alleged rapist.
  9. Ronald Reagan: Politician. Freemason Christian, alleged Illuminati Satanist zoophile paedophile. Links to Presidio Daycare, Satanists Michael & Lillith Aquino & Larry King
  10. Nancy Reagan: Paedophile. Attended paedophile parties with Ronald Reagan.
  11. Madeline Albright: Politician. German Jew ancestry. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile.
  12. Harry S. Truman: Politician. Freemason. Alleged Illuminati.
  13. Jimmy Carter: Politician. Christian Freemason.
  14. Richard Nixon: Politician. Christian, alleged rapist.
  15. Lyndon B. Johnson: Politician. Christian.
  16. John F. Kennedy: Politician. Roman Catholic (Christian). Alleged user for sex of mind controlled slaves.
  17. Dick Cheney: Politician. Christian, alleged Satanist/Luciferian. English, Welsh, Irish & French ancestry. Alleged torturer of children.
  18. Robert C. Byrd: Politician. Christian, alleged Satanist/Luciferian, mind controller, paedophile torturer of children.
  19. Senator Sam Nunn: Politician. Alleged IlIuminati. Washington DC.
  20. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Politician. Christian. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian.
  21. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr: Politician. Alleged llluminati Satanist, CA politician & slave abuser. Los Angeles, California.
  22. Ted Kennedy: Politician. Roman Catholic (Christian). Alleged abuser of mind controlled slaves.
  23. John D. Rockefeller: Businessman. German ancestry. Christian.
  24. Winthrop Rockefeller: Businessman. Alleged Illuminati kingpin, porn dealer and father of Bill Clinton.
  25. George Soros: Businessman. Jew. Alleged paedophile child killer.
  26. David Rockefeller: Businessman. Alleged senior Illuminati.
  27. Rockefellers: German ancestry. Christians. See Rothschilds.
  28. Donald Trump: Businessman. Alleged IlIuminati. New York. Linked to Jewish paedophile Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Cosby & others.
  29. Warren Buffett: Businessman. Paedophile. Involved with paedophile Larry King, allegedly involved in the ritual sacrifice of Kevin Collins at Bohemian Grove.
  30. Larry King: Paedophile child killer. Involved in snuff movies. Links to GHW Bush & Buffett.
  31. Hunter S. Thompson: Journalist. Paedophile. Involved in snuff movies. Links to Larry King.
  32. Lt Col Michael Aquino: Religious figure. Satanist/Luciferian, alleged nepiophile torturer murderer of children. Head of Temple of Set which has many Jewish recruits.
  33. Lillith Aquino: Jewish name. Satanist/Luciferian, alleged nepiophile torturer murderer of children.
  34. Anton LaVey: Religious figure. Zionist Jew. Created the Church of Satan.
  35. Billy Graham: Religious Figure. Scottish ancestry. Evangelical Christian, alleged Satanist/Luciferian.
  36. Ezra Taft: Religious Figure. Alleged Satanist, ‘Church of Jesus Christ’, Utah.
  37. Jeffrey Epstein: Businessman. Jew. Royal family friend. Linked to Blair, Clintons, Mandelson, Trump etc.
  38. Ghislaine Maxwell: Businesswoman. Jew. Royal family friend. Linked to Blair, Clintons, Mandelson, Trump etc.
  39. Peter Grace: Business leader and alleged llluminati operative. Washington DC.
  40. Habsburgs: Family. German ancestry. See Rothschilds.
  41. Mary Astor: German ancestry.
  42. Astor’s: Family. German ancestry. See Rothschilds.
  43. Clifford Dupont: British ancestry. Christian.
  44. DuPont’s: Family. See Rothschilds.
  45. Andrew W. Mellon: Christian.
  46. Mellon’s: Family. Scotland. See Rothschilds.
  47. Bob & Bill Bennett: Lawyer. Alleged Satanists/Luciferian, mind controllers, paedophile torturers of children. Linked to Bill Clinton.
  48. Henry Ade: Alleged CIA and drug dealer and Monarch slave abuser
  49. Willie Whitelaw: Alleged Satanist/Luciferian.
  50. John Baily: Alleged slave abuser.
  51. Don Barnes Benson: Alleged slave abuser, sometime in County Sheriff Office in Maryland.
  52. Wilbur D Bowers: Ipsimus in Illuminatus, Alleged Monarch programmer and CIA drug-dealer.
  53. Charlie Brown: Air Force Intelligence, alleged murderer & Monarch slave abuser. Tennessee.
  54. McGeorge Bundy: Illuminatus. New York.
  55. Hank Cochran: Alleged CIA drug kingpin. Tennessee.
  56. Brad Day: Alleged slave abuser, coke pusher. New Mexico.
  57. Jim Drake (and son): Alleged slave abusers and porn/drug operatives. Florida.
  58. John Gavoruhk: Police chief allegedly working or worked for the llluminati. Allegedly protects Monarch programmers/handlers. Florida.
  59. Vaughn D Hestbeck: Alleged Monarch abuser and Danish cocaine distributor. Florida.
  60. Alex F Houston: Alleged Satanist and CIA Monarch programmer. Tennessee.
  61. Ed G Hummell: Alleged Monarch programmer. Oregon.
  62. Kreskin: Alleged occultist. New Jersey.
  63. Velton Lang: Alleged white slavery and drug runner. Tennessee.
  64. Charles Manson: Satanist, alleged Monarch slave & slave handler. Corcoran Prison.
  65. Wayne Cox: Satanic High Priest, Monarch handler, serial killer. Louisiana.
  66. Diane Martin: Alleged CIA drug dealer and Monarch slave abuser.
  67. Lloyd McKee: Alleged drug dealer, Monarch slave abuser. New Mexico.
  68. Mike McQuinn: Alleged slave handler, money launderer. Miami, Florida.
  69. Hal Meadows: Alleged Director of CIA near-death mind-control programming center.
  70. Jeff Merritt: Alleged CIA drug runner and slave abuser. US Virgin Islands.
  71. Earl O’Brien: Alleged CIA Monarch abuser. Michigan.
  72. Tommy Overstreet: Alleged CIA operative and white slavery expert. Tennessee.
  73. Dr. Herbert H Reynolds: Alleged Illuminati. Baylor University CEO. Waco, Texas.
  74. Ken Riley: Alleged CIA, Neo-Nazi, Loretta Lynn’s handler/road manager. Tennessee.
  75. David Rorick (a.k.a. Dave Roe): Alleged Satanist, white slavery. Tennessee.
  76. Ivan Rose: Alleged CIA, White slavery, Monarch abuser. Pennsylvania.
  77. Dr. Michael N Ryan: Allegedly one of the US Illuminati’s cover-up doctors who patches up controlled abused slaves. Tennessee.
  78. Dan Smith: Car and alleged drug dealer and slave abuser. West Virginia.
  79. Jim Stevens: Alleged Monarch slave abuser and drug runner. Florida.
  80. Bob Tanis: Alleged CIA and Air Force Intelligence Monarch abuser, Mafia criminalist and pornographer. Michigan.
  81. Russell Train: Alleged IlIuminati, Club of Rome. Washington DC.
  82. Darcy Vanderpool: Alleged Monarch programmer. Las Vegas.
  83. Jimmy Walker: Alleged Monarch slave abuser/pornographer. Georgia.
  84. William F. Buckley Jr: Author. German ancestry. Roman Catholic (Christian), alleged Satanist/Luciferian child killer.
  85. Uri Geller: Jew. Paedophile. Friends with every paedophile going. Child Groomer. Alleged Mossad.
  86. Jerry Lee Lewis: Musician and alleged Monarch slave programmer. Tennessee.
  87. Bob Hope: Comedian. English ancestry. Life-time asset of British Intelligence, mind-controlled slave handler.
  88. Michael Dante (Michael Vitti): Actor. Alleged Monarch slave abuser & porn maker. California.
  89. Peter Fonda: Actor. Montana.
  90. Jane Fonda: Actress. C/O Fonda Films. California.
  91. Shirley MacLaine: Actress/author/New Age occultist. California.
  92. Billy Warlock: Actor. Los Angeles. California.
  93. Tom Cruise: Actor. Scientologist. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian. Alleged bisexual paedophile.
  94. Bill Cosby: Actor. Serial rapist & paedophile. Drugged women & children for sex. Friend of Bill Clinton.
  95. Jack B Greene: Musician. CIA and alleged white slavery and Monarch slave abuser and country entertainer. Tennessee.
  96. Ronnie Prophet: Musician. Alleged Satanist and Monarch slave runner Tennessee.
  97. Kent Westberry: Songwriter, Satanist and alleged white slavery. Tennessee.
  98. Englebert H Humperdink: Singer. California.
  99. Merle C Haggard: Singer. Alleged slave abuser and country singer. California.
  100. Boxcar Willie: Singer. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian, paedophile.
  101. Kris Kristofferson: Singer. German ancestry. Works with Michael Aquino. Alleged torturer & mind controller.
  102. Willie Nelson: Singer and alleged monarch slave handler. Texas.
  103. Dolly Parton: Singer. Alleged Satanist. Tennessee.
  104. Charley Pride: Singer. Country singer and alleged slave abuser/white slavery. Texas.
  105. Michael Jackson: Singer. Jehovah Witness (Christian), paedophile. Links to Royalty, UK/US Politicians.
  106. Beyonce: Singer. Alleged Satanist, child programmer.
  107. Jay Z: Singer. Satanist, child programmer. OTO.
  108. Miley Cyrus: Singer. Alleged Satanist, child programmer.
  109. Eminem: Singer. Alleged Satanist, child programmer.
  110. Rihanna: Singer. Christian. Alleged Satanist, child programmer.
  111. Lady Gaga: Singer. Satanist, child programmer.
  112. Madonna: Singer. Alleged Satanist and Monarch slave, Kabbalah & Illuminati promoter. Bisexual.
  113. Grateful Dead: Satanic cult rock band and alleged Illuminati cocaine distributors. New York.
  114. Alabama Country Music Group: Alleged Satanists & Monarch slave handlers.
  115. KISS: Jewish Satanic rock band. California. Child porn found on computers.


  1. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV: Alleged Satanist and leader of Ismaili Muslims.
  2. Francois Mitterrand the late: Alleged Illuminati, close friend of the Rothschilds and President of France.


  1. Pierre Trudeau: Politician. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian, rapist of mind controlled women, paedophile zoophile. Linked to Royals, Edward Heath, Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush & others.
  2. Brian Mulroney: Politician. Alleged Satanist/Luciferian, rapist of mind controlled women.


  1. Mohammed Al Fayed: Businessman. Sunni Islam, alleged Satanist/Luciferian, allegedly involved in child sacrifice.


  1. Pope Ratzinger: Religious Figure. Roman Catholic. Paedophile child sacrificer.
  2. Pope John Paul II (a.k.a. Karol Wojtyla), the late: Religious Figure. Alleged Iluminati and Freemason, Vatican City.
  3. Silvio Berlusconi: Politician. Sex offender. P2 Freemason/Luciferian.


  1. Rolf Harris: Paedophile. Worked for the BBC. Links in to Royalty & Savile.


  1. Muammar Gaddafi: Politician. Sunni Islam Freemason/Luciferian. Bisexual paedophile. Into watersports (pissing). Kept sex slaves. Friend of Prince Andrew, Tony Blair and many many more.

Illuminati Companies

  1. Air America: CIA front airline.
  2. Berea, O.H. & Jackson, MS: Oklahoma, USA
  3. CargilL Inc.: Large grain cartel allegedly run by the DIuminati, Minnesota, USA.
  4. Dungeon Master, Desmodus Inc.: Hard gay porn, s. & m. publisher, San Francisco, USA.
  5. Eli Lilly & Co.: Alleged IlIuminati drug firm: Lilly Corporate Center, Indianapolis, IN, USA.
  6. Evergreen: Worldwide CIA containerisation/ transportation front.
  7. Machinery International, Inc.: CIA front: Richardson, Texas, USA.
  8. Rothschild Paediatric Group: Two locations in Louisiana, USA.
  9. Southern Air Transport: CIA front: Florida, USA.
  10. Summit Aviation: CIA front: Summit Airport, Middletown, Delaware, USA.
  11. Google: Jewish owned. Works with Intelligence agencies & governments to cover-up child abuse involving politicians & Royalty. Incestuously linked to David Cameron & BBC.
  12. Facebook: Jewish owned. Works with Intelligence agencies & governments to cover-up child abuse involving politicians & Royalty. Linked to Rothschilds.
  13. Twitter: Jewish owned. Works with Intelligence agencies.
  14. The History Channel: Satanic Jewish channel, pushed All Seeing Eye, Extraterrestrial Hoax, Snuff Paedophiles.
  15. A&E TV Network: Owns history channel, destroys research linking politicians to paedophiles, helps coverup Satanic ritual abuse.


As mentioned in the introduction I do not necessarily believe everything that is written the information has been provided for research purposes. Use your own judgement and research to verify what is written. We are at war, understand this fact, war is psychological as well as physical.


Learn more about paedophile child snuff rings https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/jewish-paedophiles-and-snuff-movies-the-london-tape-beat-meier-dmitri-vladimirovich-kuznetsov/

View pictures of paedophiles and the royal family https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/jimmy-savile-ted-heath-and-queen-elizabeth-ii-pictures/

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Learn more about people trying to murder you and your family https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/proof-someone-is-trying-to-damage-the-human-body-brain-and-cause-cancer-to-kill-people-slowly/

Learn more about Freemason paedophile rings https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/international-freemason-paedophile-rings-america-britain-france-holland-jersey/

Learn more about the paedophile ring thats been operating inside the British and American intelligence agencies https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/opilluminatuspiedpiper-northamptonshire-police-helping-cover-up-unitarian-paedosadist-with-satanic-royal-connections-mp-cyril-smith-scandal-because-of-his-royal-connections-force-said-secur/

Learn about the Nazi origins of the European Union https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/opzion-margaret-thatchers-former-economics-advisor-christopher-story-hitlers-european-union-a-common-european-currency-a-pan-european-bank-called-europa-bank-and-thus/

Learn about Nazi UFOs https://jewishpaedophilia.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/optelltale-nazi-flying-disk-prototypes-andreas-epp-testimony-eugen-lardy-testimony-adolf-hitler-hermann-gorings-gerti-vogt-maria-orsitsch-lothar-waiz-karl-haushofer-rudolf-von-sebottendo/


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