#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – DISGUSTING DISINFORMATION NEWS REPORT – One of the worst most biased news reports I have ever read in my life by so called journalists Richard “Dick” Pendlebury & Stephen Wright for the Nazi newspaper the Daily Mail – A file related to Heath and Paedophile Information Exchange group discovered missing


The more articles I read from the Daily Mail the less I trust them, this article is a disgrace, I wouldn’t even call it journalism, it is a perfect example of people trying to control the paradigm. It is the most biased, article I have ever read. I will be making sure in future when the article is from Richard “Dick” Pendlebury & Stephen Wright not to even bother reading it because it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The more I read from the mainstream media, the less I want to read because their reporting style is disgusting, you’re better off ignoring the media and going straight to the victim yourself. Dick & Wright might as well have dug up Heaths body for an orgy with kids, that’s how biased this article was, it is simply disinformation. Heath was a Nazi, the Daily Mail;

The Daily Mail is a British daily middle-market[2][3] tabloid newspaper owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust.[4]

First published in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe, it is the United Kingdom’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper after The Sun.[5]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Mail

Lord Rothermere was a friend of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, and directed the Mail’s editorial stance towards them in the early 1930s.[32][33] Rothermere’s 1933 leader “Youth Triumphant” praised the new Nazi regime’s accomplishments, and was subsequently used as propaganda by them.[34]

32 – Griffiths, Richard (1980). Fellow Travellers of the Right: British Enthusiasts for Nazi Germany, 1933-9. London: Constable. ISBN 0-09-463460-2.

33 – Taylor, S. J. (1996). The Great Outsiders: Northcliffe, Rothermere and the Daily Mail. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson. ISBN 0-297-81653-5.

34 – Giles, Paul (2006). Atlantic republic: the American tradition in English literature. ISBN 978-0-19-920633-9.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Mail

I would read this article with care if I was you, it has a bad taste about it, it doesn’t feel like it is about truth anymore but about disinformation. They’re using the “conspiracy theorist” line, a weaponized term used by paid shills in the media to discredit. That’s all the media do these days, if you don’t accept their version then you’re a “conspiracy theorist“. The writers of this article are probably Christians, Catholics or Jews, because it is those extremist beliefs systems who use such terms.

People need to understand when I say Catholic, Christian and Jew, I’m not referencing people at the low levels of society, I’m referencing the upper levels, the lower levels of society are victims of their surroundings. So if you’re a normal person in the street when I say “extremist belief” it doesn’t mean you personally, think of it more on an intellectual level. I call my own family extremists, my whole family are Christian and Catholic, I was raised a Christian, I joke with my sister about her belief in Jesus.

People in the media self admit they are part of the 1%, it is the minions of the 1% that supply the lower levels in society with their news. As an example, I see mind controlled David Cameron as a religious extremist, but I don’t see Brian Gerish of the UK Column as a religious extremist, even though they share the same religious belief system. I see mind controlled witch Hillary Clinton as a religious extremist, but I don’t see Lou Collins as a religious extremist.

The article claims “no evidence of any orchestrated attempts by officials over three decades to cover up child abuse“, what a load of rubbish, the simple fact it took 35 years to come to light is proof in itself there was a cover-up. To say there wasn’t a cover-up is a “conspiracy theory“, if you think there was no cover-up then you’re clearly an extremist idiot delusional dishonest disinformation agent. The media have been complicit in the cover-up, they didn’t report anything until their hand was forced. Everyone knew what was going on and tried to get the media to report but they chose not to and now things are coming out they are trying to control the narrative and play the moral high ground.

What do the mainstream media think people are, the Home Office has admitted that it just so happens that it can’t find 114 “potentially relevant files” relating to the paedophile scandal. That alone is enough proof that there is a cover-up, that paedophiles are still being protected, that there is still a paedophile ring working in the government & the BBC, if you say there isn’t then you’re a liar. The paedophile ring didn’t just suddenly disappear, the paedophiles say themselves in their own boy lover magazines “First and foremost, NEVER, EVER admit, or deny anything“.

One of Britain’s most influential paedophiles Keith Harding was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies. Security services infiltrated and funded the Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to blackmail establishment figures. Criminal gangs infiltrated the police through the Freemasons under Operation Tiberius to corrupt the police.

In the case of Cyril Smith alone MI5 and Special Branch officers putting pressure on police to drop investigations, Police received at least 144 complaints by victims against Smith yet the authorities blocked any prosecution. Child porn was found in Smith’s car but police were ordered to release him. Special Branch detective held a gun to the head of Chris Fay. Former Lancashire police officers, Greater Manchester police officers and Metropolitan police officers all knew. Thames Valley detectives knew. Special Branch knew. Even former prime minister Margaret Thatcher had been warned about Cyril Smith being a paedophile. A video of Cyril Smith molesting a victim was used by the police as a training video for other officers.

In the case of Esther Baker the police joined in on the abuse, when blatant child molester Prince Andrew was messing with underage girls, his security detail turned a blind eye even though they knew Epstein was a paedophile.

The Head of the police, Special Branch and MI5 Leon Brittan was a paedophile, the deputy head of MI6 Sir Peter Hayman was a paedophile, Lord Mountbatten was a paedophile. Sir Anthony Blunt blunt was a paedophile and a Russian spy. Director of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield was involved in Kincora child abuse. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn was a paedophile, Jewish Freemason paedophile Greville Janner was being protected, as well as a list of over 200 others.

North Wales Childrens home abuse was quickly hushed up by the media because of the Freemason links, the reporting on Jersey has been none existent. Melanie Shaw and allegations of child murder isn’t being reported. All allegations against Kenneth Clarke haven’t been reported on. Even all the allegations against Edward Heath haven’t been reported.

The police censored Jimmy Savile transcripts, everyone knew Jimmy Savile was a paedophile, even the psychiatrists and paedophile patients at Broodmoor knew Savile was a paedophile, in fact he was a baby rapist, his youngest victim was only 2.

The police have been denying the existence of snuff movies and ritual abuse even though everyone knows who has a brain that snuff movies do exist and ritual abuse is going on. It is extreme evangelic views that hide the abuse, thinking the world is beautiful and everyone is good when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The paedophile Information Exchange was twice gave amounts of £35,000 in Home Office funding between 1977 and 1980.

The Dunblane massacre has a 100 year D-Notice on it which was committed by a man blatantly sexually attracted to little boys, who shouldn’t have been given a firearm, I could go on and on and on.

That’s just a small list of examples that there was a cover-up, maybe I will write a real article with just how much there was a cover-up. These journalist clearly believe their own bullshit, anyone who’s been following along and doing their own investigations into the Westminster paedophile ring will know the following article is pure %110 disinformation from journalists who clearly haven’t been following along or reading what their own News Paper has been putting out over the last few years. The journalists who wrote this article are delusional if they think there was no cover-up and need a psychiatric evaluation, seriously. I have years of newspapers printed out that proves there was a cover-up, it is indisputable to anyone who has actually been watching the story unfold every day, for years.

I don’t even want to waste anymore time talking about it, read with care and avoid these Journalists where possible is my advice. They’re not very well researched and they’re spreading complete bullshit, the British government and police are a bunch a sexual deviants who have ritual sex with children and animals while snorting large amounts of cocaine and watching porn, some kids are raped to death.

Whatever this articles says and the other paedophiles in government, Edward Heath was a homosexual paedophile and the media are full of shit, more on the side of the child abuser than the victims. When journalists mention the police, they can’t play the moral high ground anymore, the police are riddled with sex offenders, criminals, idiots, drug abusers, racists and religious extremists with god complex who cover-up child abuse. The police are as corrupt as the media, walking about with the symbol of child sacrifice and Lucifer on their head gear, the victims of child abuse are afraid of the police because they’ve been involved in it.

Before you read the main article you might want to read what German Journalist and Editor Dr Udo Ulfkatte said;

Well I, I’ve been a journalist for about twenty-five years and I was educated to lie to betray and the not to tell the truth to the public. But seeing right now within the last months how, how far, how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia, this is a point of no return and, I stand, I am going to stand up and say, um, it is not right what I have done in the past. To manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia and, it is not right what my colleagues do and, have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany all over Europe“.

The reason writing this book was that I, I am very fearful of a new war in Europe and, I don’t like to have this situation again because war is not never coming from itself, there is always people behind it to push for war and, this is not only politicians this is Journalists to“.

And I just have written in the book how we have betrayed in the past our, our readers just to push for war and, because I don’t want this anymore, I’m fed up with this propaganda. We live in a banana republic and not in a democratic country, where we have press freedom, where we have human rights, when we. If you see the German media especially my colleagues who day by day write against the Russians who are in transatlantic organizations and, who are supported by the United States to do so. People like me I got, I became honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma in the United States, just why? Just because I wrote pro-American, I wrote pro-American. I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, by the CIA, why? Because I should be pro-American, I, I’m fed up with it, I don’t want to do it anymore and so I, I’ve just written a book not to earn money, now it will cause a lot of trouble for me just to, to give the people in this country, Germany, in Europe and, all over the world, just to give them a glimpse of a view what goes up behind the closed doors“.

Yes, there is many examples for that, we, if we go by just back to history, if you go into the year in 1988, if you go to your archives you will find in March 1988 that there was a, a, in Iraq, in a sub, in Iraq the Kurdish people have been gassed with poisoned gas, that is known all over the world. But in July 1988 they sent me to a town called Zubaydat, that is on the Iraqi/Iranian border. There was, it was war between the Iranians and the Iraqis and, I was sent there to photograph how the Iranians have been gassed with poisoned gas, with German poisoned gas, you call it LOST and Sarin, mustard gas made by Germany, they have been gassed and, I was there to make photographs how these people have been killed by poison gas made from Germany. When I came back to Germany there was just one small photo in a newspaper, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine and, there was one small article, not writing how impressive brutally, how inhuman, how terrible it was to kill half, to kill decades after the end of the second world war people with German poisoned gas“.

So this was a situation, I feel misused, for, for, for having been there and just to give a documentary what has been done, but not been allowed to cry out to the world what we have done behind closed doors. Up to today it’s not well known in the public that it was German public gas, there have been hundreds of thousands of people gassed in this city of Zubaydat“.

Now you ask, what have I done for intelligence agencies? So please see, most of the journalists you’ll see in foreign countries they claim to be journalists and, they might be journalists, European or American journalists, but, many of them like me in the past are so-called non official cover, that’s what the Americans call that. I have been a non-official cover, non-official cover means what? It means you to work for an intelligence agency, you help them if they want you to help them. But, they will never, never, when ah, when you, when you are, when you are locked, or when they find, when they find out that you are not only a journalist but a spy to, they will never say ‘oh this was one of our guys’, they will not know you, that means non-official cover. So I have helped them in several situations and, the, I feel ashamed for that too now. Like I feel ashamed that I have worked for very recommended newspaper like the Frankfurter Allgemeine because I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans not to report exactly the truth. But I just imagined in my car while I was driving to this interview I just tried to work out in my brain what would have happened if I would have written a pro Russian article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Well I don’t know what would have happened but we were all educated to write pro-European, pro-American, but please not pro-Russian. So I am very sorry for that, but this is not what I understand for democracy and, for press freedom, I’m very sorry of for that“.

Well Germany, yes I understand your question very well, Germany is still a kind of a colony of the United States, you’ll see that in many points. Like the majority of the Germans don’t want to have nukes in our country, but we still have American nukes, so we are still it kind of a colony of the Americans. And being a colony it is very easy to approach young journalists through what is very important here is transatlantic organizations, all journalists from really respected and recommended big German newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, they are all members or guests of those big transatlantic organizations. And in these transatlantic organizations you are approached to be pro-American and, there is nobody coming to you and, say ‘well we are the central intelligence agency, would you like to work for us’. No, this is not the case how it happens, what they do these transatlantic organizations is ah, they invite you, they invite you for seeing the United States, they pay for that, they pay all your expenses and everything. So you are bribed, you get more and more corrupt because they make a good contacts. You won’t know that those good contacts are lets say non-official, non-official covers or officially people working for Central Intelligence Agency or other American agencies. So you make friends, you think they are friends and, you cooperate with them, they try, they ask you ‘well could you do me this favor, could you do me that favor’ and, so your brain is more and more brainwashed through these guys. And your question was is this only the case with German journalists, no I think it is especially the case with British journalists because they have a much closer relationship, it is especially the case I with israelis, ofcourse with French journalists, for a part, not that big as with German or with British journalist. It is the case for Australian journalists, for journalists from New Zealand, from Taiwan, from well, there is, there is many countries. Countries in the Arab world like Jordan for example, like Oman, the Sultanate of Oman, there is many countries where this happens, where you, where you find people to the, to claim they are respected journalists, but if you look behind them you’ll find the, they are puppets on a string of the Central Intelligence Agency“.

I’m sorry for interrupting you, I’ll give you one example, sometimes the intelligence agencies they come to your office and, want you to write an article. I’ll give you an example, not from strange other journalists, from me myself, I’ve just forgotten the year, I just remember that the German foreign intelligence, Bundesnachrichtendienst, it is just the on a sister organization of the Central Intelligence Agency, it was founded by the American intelligence agency. So one day the BND, this German foreign intelligence agency came to my office at the Frankfurter Allgemeine at Frankfurt and, they wanted me to write an article about Libya and about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. I had absolutely no secret informations regarding Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, but they gave me all the, these secret informations and the, they just wanted me to write, to, to sign the article was my name. I did that but, it was an article that was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine that originally came from the Bundesnachrichtendienst, from the German foreign intelligence agency. So do you really think that this is journalism, intelligence agencies writing articles“.

Oh yes, that article I, I have reprinted it partly in my book, that article was how Libya and, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, how he secretly tried to build a poison gas factory, I think in Rabta was the name, yes. And I got all those information, it was a story that was printed worldwide two days later, but it I had no information on that, it was the intelligence agencies that wanted me to write this article. But this is not the way journalism should work that intelligence agencies, that they decide what is printed and what not“.

If I say no I give you an example from, a very good example if you say no. Well we have a, a rescue unit in Germany with helicopters for traffic accidents, it’s called, they call themselves the Yellow Angels. There was one guy who, who didn’t want to cooperate, he was a pilot of the helicopter service of the Yellow Angels in Germany, this guy said no to the foreign intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst when they approached him and wanted him as a non-official cover to work for are the German Foreign Intelligence Agency and, just to pretend to be somebody from the, the Yellow Angels. So what, what, what happened was that he lost his job and, the cop in Germany they, the judge decided that they were right because the, such a guy could not be trusted. He was kicked off his job because he didn’t cooperate with the foreign intelligence service, so I knew what would happen if I would not cooperate with intelligence services“.

Well, well I have had, let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times my house was house searched because I was accused by the public prosecutor, the German public prosecutor, I was accused of leaking state secrets, leaking secrets of states. Six times house searched, well they, they hoped that I wouldn’t do that ever again, but I think it’s worth that the truth will come out one day, the truth won’t die. And I don’t mind what will happen, I’ve had three heart attacks, I have no children, so if they wanna bring me to court or to prison, so it’s worth for the truth“.

If the authors Richard “Dick” Pendlebury & Stephen Wright happen to pass by, my advice to you is, go get another career because you’re shit at journalism…


A vanished file and troubling claims about Heath and young musicians: There’s no smoking gun. But after a week of shocking headlines, the Mail’s unearthed fresh allegations

  • Edward Heath was linked to allegations of historic paedophile abuse early this week 
  • Claims have also been made of a cover-up by members of the British political establishment
  • A file related to Heath and Paedophile Information Exchange group discovered missing
  • Now new sex allegations have emerged centring on European Community Youth Orchestra

The late spring of 1978, and in a sunlit rehearsal hall a stout, shirt-sleeved figure, familiar from a quite different setting, is conducting a new orchestra of young musicians.

Roaring and flailing as his proteges run through Ode To Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, former British prime minister Edward Heath is clearly in his element.

‘That’s much better strings … much better!’ he enthuses. Afterwards, he tells a television crew which had been filming the event: ‘The orchestra here has a saying — “Tell them the Community isn’t only about the price of fish: it is about Beethoven and Brahms.”’

Heath the musician: Rehearsing the 107 strong European Community Youth Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall

Heath the musician: Rehearsing the 107 strong European Community Youth Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall

An odd comment you might think, if you did not know the political context. The ensemble in question was the European Community Youth Orchestra, and it was about to embark on its inaugural tour of EEC capitals. It was to be a flagship for pan-European cultural co-operation.

The 135 musicians, some of whom were as young as 14, were drawn from the then nine member nations. Heath, an enthusiastic amateur musician who had led the United Kingdom into the European Community five years before, was the orchestra’s founding president. He would also be its guest conductor for that tour and several tours to come.

Today, the orchestra he helped found — now named the European Union Youth Orchestra — goes from strength to strength. But the reputation of the man himself, who died aged 89 in 2005, is being posthumously trashed. Early this week, Heath’s name was formally attached to the wide-ranging allegations of historic paedophile abuse and cover-up by members of the British political establishment.

Within days he had become the focus of investigations by no fewer than seven different police forces examining historic allegations — Hampshire, Jersey, Kent, Wiltshire, Thames Valley, Gloucestershire and the Metropolitan Police — after it was claimed that the early 1990s trial of a Wiltshire brothel madam was dropped when she threatened to claim in court that rent boys had been supplied to the ex-prime minister. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is to examine the allegation, made by a former senior police officer.

Seven police forces are investigating after it was claimed that the early 1990s trial of brothel madam Ling-Ling was dropped when she threatened to claim in court that rent boys had been supplied to the ex-prime minister
Seven police forces are investigating after it was claimed that the early 1990s trial of brothel madam Ling-Ling was dropped when she threatened to claim in court that rent boys had been supplied to the ex-prime minister

Seven police forces are now investigating after it was claimed that the early 1990s trial of brothel madam Myra Ling-Ling Forde (right) was dropped when she threatened to claim in court that rent boys had been supplied to the ex-prime minister (left)

The barrister who was to prosecute the brothel keeper — a Filipina called Myra Ling-Ling Forde — confirmed in a letter to The Times on Thursday that she had indeed made the threat, but it was not the reason the trial was halted.

Earlier in the week, it emerged that a man had also claimed that in 1961, when he was 12 years old, he had been raped by Heath at the politician’s Mayfair flat. A further allegation that Heath was part of a VIP paedophile and child murder ring that operated in London’s Dolphin Square was subsequently aired.

In an intriguing development, the Mail learned this week that a file relating to Sir Edward and the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange group is one of those missing from official Government records.

It is among 114 missing files concerning child abuse identified by an independent review of how allegations were handled by the Home Office.

The title of the missing document, ‘Edward Heath MP [redacted] RE: PIE’, refers to the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Investigators discovered that the file disappeared more than 25 years ago after being moved to a Westminster record centre. They concluded that there was no evidence of any orchestrated attempts by officials over three decades to cover up child abuse.

But the unexpected absence of the file raises questions about the exact nature of the connection between Heath and the PIE group.

Forde was subsequently convicted in 1995 of running a brothel full of underage girls from this Salisbury property

Forde was subsequently convicted in 1995 of running a brothel full of underage girls from this Salisbury property

The only surviving record of its existence, a brief index, suggests it is linked to an individual Parliamentary question. Officials suspect the document was destroyed during a routine purge of documents after it was moved to the Queen Anne’s Gate record centre in March 1990.

One of the most remarkable manifestations of this week’s hue and cry was the sight of a senior Wiltshire police officer making a televised appeal for ‘victims’ to come forward and ‘suffer in silence’ no longer, from outside the gates of Heath’s palatial former home in the shadow of Salisbury Cathedral.

Such grandstanding was criticised yesterday by Britain’s most senior policeman, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who said he did not believe Heath should have been named while unproven allegations were being investigated.

Today, we shall examine the credibility or otherwise of this ever-expanding swirl of rumour and allegation.

Suffice to say they are now being chased by internet conspiracy theorists as well as those multiple police forces — the latter anxious not to repeat the mistakes or failures which saw men such as Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith MP go unprosecuted when there was clear and extensive evidence of paedophile activity over several decades.

In the course of the Mail’s own investigations this week, further new allegations of sexual abuse and possible official cover-up concerning Sir Edward have come to light. They centre on his relationship with the European Community Youth Orchestra.

Music lover Heath, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra, helped found  the successful European Union Youth Orchesta

Music lover Heath, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra, helped found the successful European Union Youth Orchesta

A retired senior police officer, who served with several southern forces including Wiltshire, told the Mail that there were ‘always rumours’ about Heath, the former MP for Bexley.

The policeman — a widely respected officer with a distinguished career — asked that due to the sensitivities of the Heath investigations, he remain anonymous. He told us that the rumours did not come with any specific evidence against the former PM.

But he went on: ‘The exception were several allegations made against him in his role with the European Youth Orchestra. I understand there were credible claims that Heath indecently assaulted young people on tours to the Continent which he was leading.

‘These tours took place in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

‘It was never clear how old the victims were, or exactly what happened, and what was alleged was not at the top end of the scale of criminality.

‘Why these were never investigated I cannot say. I suspect it is because they took place overseas and the victims were from other countries.’

As Heath, the son of a carpenter, rose through the ranks of the Tory Party on the way to becoming leader, the prickly and enigmatic bachelor became the subject of gossip concerning his private life and sexual orientation. In his 1998 autobiography, The Course Of My Life, Heath intimated that he had once been close to a young woman called Kay Raven. Separated by war service and work, he explained, she suddenly announced that she was marrying someone else.

Early this week, Heath, who died in 2005, was formally attached to the wide-ranging allegations of historic paedophile abuse and cover-up by members of the British political establishment

Early this week, Heath, who died in 2005, was formally attached to the wide-ranging allegations of historic paedophile abuse and cover-up by members of the British political establishment

Heath wrote: ‘I was saddened by this … I had taken too much for granted.’

This was the only suggestion of a close personal relationship.

Others believed that he was in fact homosexual but had suppressed his inclinations in order to advance his career, given that homosexual acts between two consenting adult men over the age of 21 were only decriminalised in 1967.

By then Heath had turned 50 years of age, had been an MP for 17 years and Leader of the Opposition for two. Britain was not ready for an openly gay MP, let alone prime minister.

A 1993 biography, published while Heath was alive, explored the subject but decided there was no ‘positive evidence’ that Heath was gay.

After his death, others were bolder. In 2007, Brian Colemen, a gay Tory member of the London Assembly, alleged that in the 1950s Heath had been warned by police to stop picking up men in public lavatories, though he did not produce evidence to support the allegation.

Yet Heath’s official biographer, Philip Ziegler, wrote that he found there was no evidence of homosexual leanings. In fact, the politician could well have been ‘asexual’.

Madam Ling-Ling was once described by a judge as being a ‘thoroughly unscrupulous’ person, when she was jailed for forcing children as young as 13 to work after school in her brothel, a mile from Sir Edward’s mansion, which he bought in 1985

Madam Ling-Ling was once described by a judge as being a ‘thoroughly unscrupulous’ person, when she was jailed for forcing children as young as 13 to work after school in her brothel, a mile from Sir Edward’s mansion, which he bought in 1985

What is not disputed is Heath’s love of music. Critics said that his attempts to master playing the organ and conducting an orchestra betrayed his chilly self-importance. (Two of his eight Desert Island disc choices were recordings of his own conducting, and when on an official visit to Rome, he gave as a present to the Pope recordings of himself with the London Symphony Orchestra.)

After losing power in 1974, Heath continued to explore ways of combining his politics with his music. The solution came in the form of the Youth Orchestra, which was first mooted in 1976. ‘I had long felt the need for the Community to extend its activities beyond political and commercial affairs,’ he wrote in his autobiography. ‘This is possible with music because it is a single common language.’

Auditions were held in the autumn of 1977, with Heath on the panel of judges. More than 1,000 young Britons aged between 13 and 22 applied for a place. In the end, they made up almost one-third of the complement of the first orchestra.

At each concert in that first tour, Heath conducted the overture, which consisted of the national anthem of the host country and the anthem of Europe, Ode To Joy.

So could he have assaulted some of the young musicians, as the former police officer suggested this week?

The Mail has contacted a number of British former members of the early orchestra, none of whom recalled being aware of anything untoward involving their famous conductor.

One violinist who joined at its inception described Heath as a remote figure whose Special Branch protection officers discouraged the young musicians from approaching him off stage.

Of course, Heath being a very private man did not mean he was necessarily hiding an outrageous secret. Nor did being gay mean that he had a predilection for underage boys. Indeed, much of what has been alleged this week is questionable in the extreme. But that is not to say there may not be some truth in some of the allegations.

Former Fleet Street journalist Alun Rees, who spent 20 years investigating the PIE, told this newspaper that Heath’s name had appeared in a dossier of Westminster paedophiles compiled by the controversial Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, who made a number of allegations about sex abuse among the political elite during the 1980s.

Meanwhile, award-winning local journalist Don Hale, long-time editor of the Bury Messenger, says that he was approached in 1984 by Labour Party grandee and child protection campaigner Barbara Castle, with what he understood to be a feature from the Magpie magazine published by the PIE group.

Sir Edward Heath is pictured with paedophile Cyril Smith, a former MP for Rochdale, in Leeds in 1975

Sir Edward Heath is pictured with paedophile Cyril Smith, a former MP for Rochdale, in Leeds in 1975

It was, he told us this week, ‘about Heath offering weekend trips for boys from Jersey on his yacht. Heath had a number of racing craft named Morning Cloud.

‘She deliberately showed me this and asked what I thought. I was a little confused and asked her “You don’t mean [this is true]?” — and she nodded, and said yes.’

Again, not conclusive.

Heath took up competitive yachting in the mid-Sixties, on the advice of Tory image-makers who wanted him to have public interests which went beyond classical music.

As the Mail reported this week, the timeline of his involvement with sailing undermines the claims of the man previously mentioned who says he was raped in 1961 by Heath in a London flat in which yachting pictures were hung on the walls. Heath did not take up the sport until years after the alleged rape.

Allegations that Heath may have taken boys aboard his yacht now appear to be at the centre of the Jersey police interest in him.

Ocean wave: At the helm of his yacht Morning Cloud in 1975, months after being ousted as Tory leader

Ocean wave: At the helm of his yacht Morning Cloud in 1975, months after being ousted as Tory leader

A public inquiry into historic abuse of children within the island’s residential care system began last year. A police investigation had recorded 553 alleged offences, more than half of which were committed at Haut de la Garenne Children’s Home.

The internet is now awash with sensational allegations that Heath invited boys from Haut de la Garenne for pleasure trips on his boat. Once aboard, they were abused and, the more outre accusers say, murdered and their bodies thrown overboard.

Yesterday’s Daily Mirror carried a report about a woman named Linda Corby, who claims that in the early 1970s she saw 11 boys aged between six and 11 — from the notorious Haut de la Garenne home — board Heath’s yacht, but that when they returned hours later from a sailing trip, only ten children disembarked.

Ms Corby, an author, claimed that when she went to the police to make a statement a few days later, along with a local politician who had also been a witness, officers told her ‘someone above’ had told them not to investigate.

It is not clear if there is any independent evidence to back up her claim.

One person who could not be relied upon to give truthful evidence is the woman who sparked this week’s furore, the former Salisbury brothel keeper ‘Madame Ling-Ling’, who is alleged to have threatened to expose the former prime minister as a paedophile — a suggestion she denies.

She was once described by a judge as being a ‘thoroughly unscrupulous’ person, when she was jailed for forcing children as young as 13 to work after school in her brothel, a mile from Sir Edward’s mansion, which he bought in 1985.

A former associate of Madame Ling-Ling called her a ‘compulsive liar’.

Yesterday, Myra Ling-Ling Forde — aka Madame Ling-Ling — confirmed she was due to be interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives. Speaking outside her flat in North-West London, she went on to claim that she had a cache of papers containing ‘all the names’ which she would make available to investigators.

The 67-year-old initially said she had been told not to speak about the scandal.

She continued: ‘I was told strictly by my solicitor, because I can’t — I am going to be interviewed by Scotland Yard.’

Asked if the interview was in connection with the Ted Heath probe, she replied: ‘Yes.’

‘They will know everything because of the papers’, she continued. ‘Not newspapers. Papers from the trial. I have them all in a pile, a pile of papers from when I went to court. All the names and everything.’

Sir Edward Heath (pictured as leader of the Conservative party in the 1960's) was a very private man but that did not mean he was necessarily hiding an outrageous secret

Sir Edward Heath (pictured as leader of the Conservative party in the 1960’s) was a very private man but that did not mean he was necessarily hiding an outrageous secret

One is minded to believe that when she was facing trial in 1992, she brought the rough and ready survival instincts of the Manila back streets from which she emerged to bear on a sleepy English cathedral city and a famous man who had long been a target of rumour. And yet now those rumours won’t go away.

A few days ago, a second retired police officer contacted this newspaper. Though because of the sensitive nature of the unfolding investigation he did not want to be named, he recalled being at a CID course at the Hendon police college in June 1978 — the time that Heath was embarking on the first youth orchestra tour.

His class was being addressed by a lawyer from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (then Sir Thomas Hetherington).

The speaker having invited questions from the floor, one officer, known to be a detective sergeant in Special Branch — the police arm of the security services — stood up and asked: ‘As we have a file on Edward Heath, why hasn’t he been prosecuted for young boys?’

The man from the DPP hastily ducked the question, the former detective recalls.

This week, the questions about Sir Edward Heath came thick and fast. Yet it should be reiterated that nothing which has yet been unearthed amounts to solid evidence that the former Tory leader committed any offences whatsoever.

Now, with seven police forces investigating historic claims, we must wait to see what other allegations will be levelled against this enigmatic man.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3189951/A-vanished-file-troubling-claims-Heath-young-musicians-s-no-smoking-gun-week-shocking-headlines-Mail-s-unearthed-fresh-allegations.html


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