#OpZion – Margaret Thatchers former Economics advisor Christopher Story – Order of the Quest – ‘New World Order’ is misleading, rather ‘Order’ which is to be imposed by the ‘New World’ – United States is the military enforcement arm of The Order – British intelligence officer Aleister Crowley enjoyed “playing with black magic and little boys” – Rothschild Family minion Jesuit-trained Jewish Professor Adam Weishaupt


Crowley (the Beast), and is himself a pedophile and homosexual

(Texe Marrs)



Sophisticates may rightly assert that there is nothing new about any of this. The history we were taught in school (before national history was completely abolished by the manipulators) was already so sanitised as to leave us not just ignorant about how power is exploited and controlled, but brainwashed as well. Some who may prefer the relative comfort of leaving their heads in the sand even insist that because ‘this is the way things are and have always been’, it is a waste of time exposing the evils reviewed, for instance, in this work. By extension, it can reasonably be argued that the title of this book is perhaps misleading, because the ‘New World Order’ global scam is nothing new. And in one sense, this is true.

But any such criticism fails to take account of the real meaning of the slogan ‘New World Order’. The World Revolution is not actually about establishing a ‘new form’ (to cite Lenin) of ‘world order’, but rather about the ‘Order’ which is to be imposed by the New World – by which is meant the United States, which is the military enforcement arm of The Order. The word ‘Order’ is a tell-tale clue as to what is really happening. All secret societies using ‘The Order’ belong to the Illuminati, which in turn is the primary manifestation of a shadowy ‘Order of the Quest’, dedicated philosophically to maximising ‘human happiness’ without God.

The Jesuits call themselves The Order. Opus Dei refers to itself as The Order. The Yale-based Skull and Bones is The Order. The even more reprobate Ordo Templi Ori-entis styles itself The Order. Scratch around for secret societies labelled ‘The Order’, and you will immediately see the significance of the word ‘Order’. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, a former Cistercian monk who was excommunicated because of his homosexual activities and who flew an occult swastika above his castle in Austria in 1907, founded the Ordo Novi Templi (‘Order of the New Temple’) which specialised in merging Luciferian occultism with violent anti-Semitism. According to the Austrian Psychologist Wilhelm Daim, Lanz was the ‘father’ of National Socialism’3- an assessment which falls short of the reality that Fascism was developed many years earlier on behalf of the Illuminati by one of the ‘two Karls’ – Professor Karl Ritter, of Frankfurt University (the other Karl, of course, being Karl Marx, who was briefed to elaborate the dialectical ‘antithesis’ to Fascism – Communism, first tried out in Paris). According to Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, ‘the “SS” symbol was originally used by Guido von List, a close associate of Lanz, who formed the Guido von List Society in Vienna in 1904. The Guido von List Society was accused of practicing a form of Hindu Tantrism which featured sexual perversion in its rituals. This form of sexual perversion was popularised in occult circles by a reprobate British intelligence officer named Aleister Crowley who, according to the Hitler biographer J. Sydney Jones, enjoyed “playing with black magic and little boys”. List was accused of being the Aleister Crowley of Vienna. Like Lanz, List was an occultist; he wrote several books on the magick principles of rune letters (from which he chose the “SS” symbol). In 1908, von List “was unmasked as the leader of a blood brotherhood which went in for sexual perversion and substituted the swastika for the cross”. The Nazis borrowed heavily from List’s occult theories and research. List also formed an elitist occult priesthood called the Armanen Order, to which Hitler himself may have belonged’4.


This further Order, like all the myriad other secret societies using the term ‘Order’, either overtly or covertly, to denote their status, belonged therefore to the system of synarchy (rule, or intended rule, by secret societies) developed by the revamped (Order of the) Illuminati – which was first exposed by the former Illuminist, Professor John Robison, of Edinburgh University, in his classic work ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy’ (1798). These innumerable secret societies represented, and represent today, cells and cadres of the Illuminati who, their Jesuit-trained Jewish 18th century re-founder, Professor Adam Weishaupt, decreed, must always operate under false flags, so that official opposition to and penetration of the llluminati is permanently frustrated. Working to instructions from the Rothschild Family, Weishaupt ‘devised’, Professor Robison explained, ‘an ingenious vehicle for world conquest – a secret Order – which would prove immensely attractive to other mentally superior beings of a similar frame of mind. He called it the llluminati Order, and grafted it, at selected points, onto Freemasonry – like a fungus’. Freemasonry was to be the primary host for this parasitical secret globalist organisation. ‘The Order of the Illuminati’ – promoting ‘free-thinking’ and every abomination from self-murder (suicide) to abortion and paedophilia on the basis of the motto of ‘Do as Thou Wilt’ later promulgated by Crowley, one of its blackest offspring – ‘appears as an accessory to Freemasonry’5.

Freemasonry was selected for this task by Weishaupt because of its established system of Lodges, its initiations by secret ritual, and its structure designed to entice and indoctrinate successive generations of dupes into and through its ranks. Once enticed into this nexus, those rising up the initiation ladder in and beyond the three basic ‘Blue Degrees’, where the exploited Masonic masses congregate, are exposed to occultic and demoniac activities and accordingly open themselves up to infestation or even to possession by evil spirits. As taught by the Jesuits – among whom Weishaupt, though of Jewish extraction, was educated – all members of The Order, and of its sub- Orders, would spy on each other in perpetuity.

Certain 18th century German Masonic Lodges, Robison reiterated, ‘were the nursery or preparation-school for another Order of Masons, who called themselves the Illu- minated, and… the express aim of this Order was to abolish Christianity, and overturn all civil Government…. The Order was said to abjure Christianity…. Sensual pleasures were restored to the rank they held in the Epicurean philosophy. Self-murder (suicide) was justified on Stoical principles’. Abortion was to be encouraged, given the sexual licence secretly advocated by The Order.

And all manner of subtle, gross deception devices, ‘inventions of evil things’ [Romans, Chapter 1, verse 30], abominations and scamming and entrapment tech- niques, with which students of the oppressive intelligence communities are only too familiar these days, were to be developed. One of Weishaupt’s closest associates, criminal court Judge Zwack (Weishaupt’s Illuminati correspondent ‘Cato’), laid these plans out in a document dated 1778, cited by Professor Robison. They included a proposal for the establishment of wife-swapping, woman-sharing and prostitution arrangements, controlled secretly by Illuminati Brothers:

‘It will be of great service, and procure us both much information and money, and will suit charmingly the taste of many of our truest members, who are lovers of the [female] sex’. And given that the essence of Illuminism is dialectical double- mindedness, not least to maximise confusion among the ‘profane’, ‘it should consist of two classes, the virtuous, and the freer hearted (i.e. those who fly out of the common tract of prudish manners); they must not know of each other, and must be under the direction of men, but without knowing it. Proper books must be put into their hands, and such (but secretly) as are flattering to their passions’.

Source: https://jewishpaedophilia.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/the-new-underworld-order-christopher-story1.pdf



Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, was a Jew who became a Jesuit professor and, later, a Mason.

In more recent history, we find that the Jewish cult is responsible not only for the crimes of Illuminism and Communism, but also for such unholy political, social, and religious movements as Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Satanism, and the New Age heresy.

The founder of the Order of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, proves to have been yet another Jew. His father and mother supposedly converted to Catholicism. Their son Adam, became a Jesuit professor and a Freemason. The French Revolution, which he and his Illuminist cronies authored, focused on the destruction of the Christian Church. Priests, pastors, and layman alike were guillotined, bayoneted, shot, drowned and otherwise slaughtered; churches were torched and ruined, and a religion of “Reason,” worshipping a sexual “Goddess of Liberty,” was celebrated. Jesus was cursed everywhere by the Illuminist mobs who scathingly referred to Him as “The Wretch.”

By the time Napoleon seized the French crown and the Illuminati’s revolution had subsided, millions had perished. But the bloodlust of the Jews and Freemasons behind the carnage was not yet satiated. History shows that the conspirators’ intent was to put to death a full three-fourths of the entire population. The genocide was necessary, they reasoned, to bring humanity into “balance with nature.”

This is the same nonsensical “sustainable earth” theory that today motivates the bloodthirsty fiends who founded and manage the Environmental Movement. And once again, when we dig into the journals of history, we discover that Jews are its authors and drivers.

Source: http://www.texemarrs.com/062010/inventors_of_evil_things_article.htm


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