#OpZion – Margaret Thatchers former Economics advisor Christopher Story – Freemason alleged Satanist & paedophile rapist Bill Clinton is allegedly a CIA operative, as is his witch fake lesbian paedophile wife, Hillary – Alleged Satanist & child molester Dick Cheney was allegedly in charge of the CIA’s notorious MK-ULTRA mind-bending and personality-alteration programme – Boy lover paedophile George W Bush & nepiophile boy lover GHW Bush



Bill Clinton is allegedly a CIA operative, as is his wife, Hillary (whose codename is ‘Queen Melusina’). The codename for Ms. Condoleeza Rice is ‘Velvet Mushroom’. According to a US intelligence operative and other sources, George W. Bush’s Vice President, Richard Cheney was allegedly in charge of the CIA’s notorious MK-ULTRA mind-bending and personality-alteration programme for some years. George Bush Sr., of course, was Director of Central Intelligence before becoming Vice President under President Reagan, and subsequently President. He had remained (at our press date) essentially the most important and powerful intelligence ‘baron’ in the United States ever since – emulating President Mikhail Gorbachev, who remains ‘to this day’ the ultimate boss of the covert Soviet KGB [information provided to the Author by a senior US intelligence source]. Ronald Reagan’s Masonic pedigree, illustrated for instance by his tell-tale Ma-Ha- Bone handshake when greeting President Gorbachev [see Figure 2]13, suggests he will also have had intelligence connections: he was certainly a very senior Mason. Al Gore, Vice- President under President Clinton, and with family connections to Soviet figures, has allegedly amassed intelligence on key US intelligence officeholders as a means of procuring protection for himself and his family, having endured threats from intelligence cadres to one or more of his children (they do this to each other all the time: we are describing an inner chamber of hell here). President Ford, with enveloping intelligence connections and the ‘highest’ Mason ever to have occupied the Oval Office, is mentioned as engaging in depraved activities in a work (written by a CIA Psy-Ops operative, Mark Phillips, who was responsible for the ‘devil in the smoke’ picture taken on 9/11: Figure 3), which describes the extreme depredations of the intelligence community’s psycho- manipulation programmes such as MK-ULTRA, over which, as noted, Vice-President Dick Cheney, with his special experience, allegedly presided14. President George W. Bush Jr. is known to have carried out intelligence missions working directly for his father, and to have managed certain Bin Laden family finances. Since it will be shown that George Bush Sr.’s (DVD) agenda is to accelerate implementation of the New (Under)world Order (N.U.O.) of the German Illuminati, President Bush II may have been meant to be a key imple- THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER 13 menter of the N.U.O., despite reported differences with his father. As the hand signals given at his Inauguration on the occult date of 20th January 2005 [Figure 4, below and Addendum 9, page 732] revealed, it is clear that he serves the interests of the Illuminati.

George Bush Sr.’s Vice-President, Dan Quayle, is a CIA operative who is now extensively engaged in global investment and ‘hedge fund’ activity through, inter alia, an investment fund called Cerberus Capital Management, which specialises in buying up near-bankrupt or failing enterprises in Asia and elsewhere [See Addendum 3, page 679]. Hedge funds buy up such assets because illicit funds need laundering, i.e. ‘place-ment’, more urgently than rate of return: indeed, the fundamental difference between any drug money flows and all normal flows-of-funds is that the drug money pipeline is endless and is always in urgent need of ‘placement’. It is significant that Cerberus was the monstrous watchdog of Hades with 50 heads and a voice of bronze (that is to say, a voice like one who is possessed with devils) who guarded the hideous gate of the Kingdom of Hades in Greek mythology. Sometimes Cerberus had only three heads. Sometimes he bristled with serpents and his evil mouth dribbled black venom. Once a visitor had passed Hades’ guard-dog, he could never re-emerge. So why on earth (or in hell) would anyone want to name a hedge fund after such a hellish underworld monster?

That question, obviously, is answered in general terms by reference to the afore- mentioned self-exposure of the CIA’s heart of darkness. It is also interesting to recall that Huntington, Indiana, where Quayle grew up, was at one stage (and may still be) particularly notorious for its manifestations of wicca and Satanism. As will be shown inter alia in the chapter on the sect of the Illuminati, which controls US and other intelligence services, the proliferation of occultism is a primary dimension of the N.U.O.

This is why video games and other materials disseminated through chain bookstores in the United States and elsewhere have reached levels of murderous obscenity and depravity consistent with Satanic possession and the reign of Lucifer.

Source: https://jewishpaedophilia.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/the-new-underworld-order-christopher-story1.pdf


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