#OpZion – Margaret Thatchers former Economics advisor Christopher Story – In the United Kingdom, German ‘Black’ intelligence has penetrated MI5, MI6 and GCHQ – Tony Blair, allegedly a tool of German/French intelligence, deliberately allowed German ‘Black’ intelligence to distribute cocaine into British schools – Macmillan, Wilson, Heath, and allegedly Tony Blair are/were controlled by German ‘Black’ intelligence


story-christopherIn the United Kingdom, German ‘Black’ intelligence has penetrated MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, via a UK ‘Black’ intelligence outfit labelled GO-2, which actually resides inside MI6. The Author has also begun to expose this entity, which ‘reports’ to DVD in Dachau. GO-2 is responsible for ‘managing’ two drug cartels, and is accordingly ultimately responsible, under the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, allegedly a tool of German/French intelligence, for deliberately distributing cocaine into British schools. Both Britain and the United States have official structures which are divided against themselves, as a consequence of long-range foreign penetrations. It is understood that GCHQ, which ‘reported to’ GO-2, woke up to this dreadful situation upon monitoring the ‘act of war’ allegedly ordered by President Chirac for 7/7, alluded to above. It is also becoming clearer by the day that the following British Prime Ministers were (and/or are) controlled ultimately by the DVD: Macmillan, Wilson, Heath, and allegedly Tony Blair. In Germany itself, the DVD selects the Chancellor, and simply informs him or her of its activities. In other words, German ‘Black’ intelligence, which represents the Nazi Continuum, controls the Berlin Government and represents the custodian of continuing Nazi long-range strategy.

Source: https://jewishpaedophilia.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/the-new-underworld-order-christopher-story1.pdf


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