#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – The Cook Report – Nepiophiles Michael & Lillith Aquino & 6 cases of paedophilia – Presidio Daycare – Temple of Set in Britain – Worship of Lucifer – Satanic/Sadistic Ritual Child Abuse & Human Sacrifice – Men in black hoods – Children eating shit & drinking blood – Incest & Sodomy – Nottingham Child Abuse – Detective Superintendent Peter Coles “the Satanic abuse of children is no doubt a reality”



DetectiveSuperintendentPeterColesI accept there is, the Satanic abuse of children is no doubt a reality, I haven’t personally experienced it but I accept it as a reality” (Detective Superintendent Peter Coles).

15 year old Natalie from London endured 3 Satanic rituals a week for 10 years by a Satanic coven, she said on the Cook Report “The star in the circle that was on the floor us kids used to stand in, and the lady who used to like be in charge was at the front on the altar and the other people used to come in, in black robes with hoods and used to come in you know chanting and they went round the circle and then a, an animal would be killed” (Victim Natalie).

Natalie’s mother knew nothing about her daughter ordeal, Natalie was living with her grandmother at the time and she was one of the abusers, Natalie’s mother said “She was made pregnant and the child was allowed to grow to a certain age and then they aborted her baby and done a sacrificial table, they sacrificed the knife born child, not fully developed, what people call a fetus but as a mother I call them a child from day one” (Natalie’s Mother).

They used to talk about Lucifer, he used appear and be there and they used to say that it was for him. And I thought he was a normal person, you know, just another person you know, who was there, but now I know well he was a spirit or something” (Victim Natalie).


One of the symbols of the goddess Astarte was a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus.

Lucifer – “another name for Satan“. “literary The planet Venus when it rises in the morning” (Oxford Dictionary).

Astarte was worshiped in Syria and Canaan beginning in the first millennium BC, she came from the same Semitic origins as the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. Astarte was worshiped by the Jewish King Solomon, the man at the heart of Freemasonry, according to Freemason Albert Pike, the Freemasons worship Lucifer, according to multiple Jewish sources, the Jews worship Lucifer, Freemasonry and Satanism is Jewish.

Judaism came first, then Christianity offshoot from Judaism, then Catholicism offshoot from Christianity, Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi known as king of the Jews, worshiped as Satan by some according to Satanist Aleister Crowley. Christianity is Jewish and so is Catholicism as well as the Jesuits.

Freemasonry has the Kabbalah at its core which is Jewish, Freemasonry is Jewish, King Solomon was Jewish, a direct descendant from Judah one of the 12 sons of Israel. Solomons temple is a Jewish Temple, Hiram Abiff the Jewish son of a widow of the tribe of Naphthali is presented as the chief architect of King Solomon’s Temple.

Lucifer is a Jewish concept which was backtracked and connected to ancient Gods from other religions, Satanism is Jewish. Anton LaVey the creator of the Church of Satan was a Zionist Jew, most members of the Temple of Set are Jewish.


But in San Francisco we discovered Michael Aquino is not all that he seems, for a start he’s a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and a specialist in Psychological Warfare holding a top secret military security clearance. Army investigators here at the Presidio base in San Francisco have now formally accused him of ritually abusing young children from the bases day care center. Indeed one young girl says she was horribly abused by both Michael and Lillith Aquino at their nearby home“. “But as the police report shows and the Aquinos know full well, the victim of that attack did identify them both as her abusers to her parents, to her therapist and to the army. Some of that ritualistic abuse is alleged to have taken place at the Aquinos home at 2430 Leavenworth Street near the Presidio base. What’s more, since that original disclosure at least 5 other children have made identical allegations” (Roger Cook).

AquinoCharge AquinoCharge1

They were taken to a daycare centre where Michael Aquino and several other adults molested them. They did rituals, they wore robes, there was chanting, there were candles, they sodomized my children, they made them do all kinds of things I guess. And they’ve also told the Army investigators that they’ve been inside his house and they disclosed what the inside of his house looked like” (Victims Mother).


Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity. Aquino, alleged to have recently retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an Army psycho­logical warfare section which drew on his “expertise” and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homo­sexual pedophilia and murder“.

DeCamp, J, W, (2005). The Franklin Coverup. A W T, Incorporated. United States of America. https://wikispooks.com/w/images/8/8e/The_Franklin_Cover-Up.pdf Accessed 11/12/2014


There was one instance where Colonel Michael Aquino came to a motel room and he got from Larry King a suitcase and it was filled with barathons and cash, there was millions of dollars in that thing, it was for the Iran Contra. Embassy Row in Washington DC, they had parties there, on the surface they looked like all on the up up, then the party was over with and there’d be few guys who would stay after, they would have a sex party, this was at Kings house” (Russel Nelson, 2005).

He had another photographer that was shooting the kiddy porn, the gay porn, the snuff films. I did say snuff films, that’s where they would actually kill somebody and have it on film. They would sell the tapes to wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money. This is where I got approached on various occasions to do these things, and I wanted no part of this and one person which was the later Hunter Thompson”. “He was introduced to me by Larry King, and he offered me a hundred thousand dollars to shoot a snuff film or actually Larry offered it to me but it was through him. Larry really pressured me to do it and I wouldn’t do it and he had this other photographer who was doing these things for him” (Russel Nelson, 2005).

He would have one party that was the social gathering, you would bring the wife and sometimes even the kids. Then after that there would be a few people that would stick around or come back and they would have a separate party and that was these sex parties. Your wildest dreams and worst nightmares, yes that’s what went on. They would get these kids from the street, he’d offer them a life, they didn’t realize that he was going to take them to president. Reagan, had been there, and I’ve seen the Bushs, there was various people that I’ve seen, the one that’s sitting in the Whitehouse right now, I would not trust that man with anything, he’s a snake in the grass” (Russel Nelson, 2005).


I have made this very public, it’s revolving around the case of, missing child case of Kevin Collins, and if anybody looks it up on the Internet they still say it’s an unsolved case.

I’ve been to law enforcement in San Francisco, I made a mention of this for the first time in 2003, while i was in jail for another issue and I thought I would be on death row.

I myself Peter Alexander Chernoff am one of 3 people that have witnessed ritualistic murders of child during the 80’s up here during the 80’s.

The other one is David Shurter and the third person is Paul Bonnacci who was made well know in the book by Senator John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-up“ (Peter Alexander Chernoff).

I can tell you from past experience and what I know from other sources, also first hand, is that they go way out of their way to dispose of bodies“ (Peter Alexander Chernoff).

I am one of 3 people that has publicly acknowledged being involved in ritualistic murder of child up in Bohemian Grove“ (Peter Alexander Chernoff).

At the Bohemian Grove, I was involved in a rather private ritual Catholic, Nazi, Satanic, in nature. A service, a working if you will with 9 relative and unknowns at the time so to speak. A most unique killing ritual table with 9 retractable long thin sharp knives, blades”.

Young Catholic Kevin Collins snatch off the streets of San Francisco was sacrificed as he lay on the table knives were brought up through him. And after this each participant buoyed by the others, rose to prominence, leaders of the minions, princes unto Mammon. I called it 9 knights, 9 arms, 9 blades“ (Peter Alexander Chernoff).

The participants apart from one or two I didnt mention are, Willy Brown, Arlen Specter, Barney Frank, Roger Mahony the LA Cardinal, Ratzinger who is now the pope, Robert Byrd, George Bush senior otherwise known as George Scherff”, “and Warren Buffett, and the Master of Ceremonies was Dr Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino“ (Peter Alexander Chernoff).


Screenshot from 2015-08-21 02:31:59 Screenshot from 2015-08-21 02:32:10 Screenshot from 2015-08-21 02:32:50http://davidshurter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Doug-Millar-vs-Lt.-Col.-Michael-Aquino.pdf


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