#OpTellTale – Is Tony Dodds source in ‘Alien Investigator’ actually talking about ‘PetMan’, Americas robot project being used to hoax the world into thinking there’s an alien threat? – Have the American military created a living cyborg from human and robotic parts? – Paedophiles John Major, Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan



It is my hypothesis that the (alleged) Extraterrestrial field is a cover for American humanoid robots of some sort, either mechanical, electronic, biological or a combination (If not simply story telling). The reason I believe this may be possible is for multiple reasons, three of those reasons follow.

Militarization of genetic science

It is already reported fact that the US military has begun the militarization of genetic science and are genetically engineering human animal hybrids for war. DARPA is already funding research into methods that can let humans control mammals through electronic impulses to the brain, and through genetic modifications to the nervous system. According to British Engineer Richard D Hall while talking about Extraterrestrials in the documentary ‘The human mutilation cover-up‘, while talking about the same source as former British police officer Tony Dodd in his book ‘Alien Investigator’, which follows, the source said “Anything connected with the nervous system is what they take“.

DNA from Earth

Derrel Sims is a former Military Police Officer and CIA operative, he says he has over 38 years in Alien Abduction research, he is said to be a world expert.

Sims believes that there is an alien organization that works similar to an intelligence agency, he says the aliens are entities designed for the purpose of interaction with mankind. The aliens are different models from the same manufacturer, the entities are manufactured, designed, cloned or hatched. In other words, the entities have gone through a development life cycle. Sims says that the DNA comes from planet Earth. He says that the entities are secretive, very deceptive, they lie and they lie consistently. Which is what humans do from childhood.

The DNA coming from planet Earth is backed up by Peter Khoury, an Australian security guard who said while discussing what he claims is scientifically tested DNA evidence from a sexual encounter with an alleged Extraterrestrial “the analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type, a rare Chinese Mongoloid type, one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except from African pygmies and aboriginals“.

Military Terrestrial Robotics

According to former British police officer Tony Dodd in his book ‘Alien Investigator’ one of his sources commented about the alleged Reptilian Extraterrestrials, he said “It appeared to be attached to a box which was connected by a thick cord to its back. The box had flashing lights“. He also said while talking about the typical grey alien “instead of hands and feet it had small round stubs, which my contact described as like ‘little cherries’“. What Dodds source seems to be describing is a humanoid robot like PetMan;

PetMan1 PetMan2 PetMan3 PetMan4 PetMan5 PetMan6 PetMan7 PetMan8

The full transcript of the article reads as follows “Another trusted contact, with whom I have had several conversations, has given me details of a quick-response team set up during Margaret Thatcher’s government, and as a result of her co-operation with President Reagan. This team again made up of elite forces, was on permanent stand-by to attend the sites of any UFO landing or crash, carrying bleepers which would summon them any time they were needed. Helicopters were permanently ready to ferry them to the scene of the crash. Their role was to seal the site from the public if necessary evacuating any civilians living within the sealed perimeter. They set up two cordons, a tight one around the actual UFO and a wider one to isolate the whole area within several hundred yards“.

They also attended sites of animal and human mutilations, which shocked and horrified them; as my contact said, they could accept the horrors of war, but they were not accustomed to seeing such brutal wounds on animals and humans in peacetime“.

It was the secrecy surrounding the whole of their operation that made him feel it was his duty to alert the public to what was going on. Unfortunately, the first contact he made was with an inexperienced young UFO enthusiast who secretly recorded their conversation. This young man played the tape to other UFO researchers and talked about it at their meetings: he was very naive, because within days a mysterious fire broke out in his office at home, and all his files were burnt. He realized he was in over his head and contacted me, he sounded terrified. His wife was so frightened she moved out and left him; luckily they are now back together again. But he made it clear that he wanted nothing more to do with this investigation, and passed it over to me“.

The soldier had also decided it was a mistake to talk, and he was very wary of me when I first contacted him. I had to send him photographs of my driving license and proof that I had been in the police before he would agree to talk to me. He told me he had discussed me with his colleagues from the quick-response team, and they had agreed to him helping me, as long as it was very discreet. They all shared his feeling that the public were being kept in the dark“.

They attended crash scenes across Europe, including Spain and Germany. They were not supposed to make any recording of what they saw, but he has photographs of some of the mutilations, and also a piece of debris he picked up at the scene of a crash. At one site in Spain there were several human bodies spread around the site of the crash, all naked and without body hair, and all mutilated by having limbs etc cut off”.

They also saw dead aliens, of more than one type. The most terrifying was large and reptilian, looking like a seven-foot-tall lizard only with arms and legs. It appeared to be attached to a box which was connected by a thick cord to its back. The box had flashing lights. This type of alien has been reported before, not just to me but to other researchers. Although a lot less common than the ‘grey’, it is obviously around the earth in sufficient numbers to be consistently seen, and we have plenty of reasons to believe that it is, unlike other types, not friendly towards the human race. Another, much smaller, alien seen at another site was a typical ‘grey’, except that instead of hands and feet it had small round stubs, which my contact described as like ‘little cherries’“.

At each scene they attended they were aware of Americans, possibly Canadians, who did not fraternise with them or even talk to them. My contact remembers, particularly, the brusque way they were treated by these people: typically, for British forces, one of the first things they established at each scene was a field kitchen to serve tea, and when they offered cups to these men they were ignored. On one occasion, though, one of the Americans did speak. A local policeman had turned up at the site of the crash, and was ordered away. He refused to go, saying that this was not military land and he was within his rights, as an officer of the law, to know what was going on. After a brief exchange, in which the policeman stood his ground, one of the Americans turned to the British troops and said, ‘Shoot him.’ The instruction was repeated forcibly enough for the soldiers – and the policeman – to realise it was serious, at which point the policeman hastily withdrew“.

I asked if they had ever needed to use their firearms, and my contact told me they would shoot at bushes and large clumps of grass within the containment area, to make sure there was nobody there. They carried Geiger counters as part of their issued kit. On one occasion my contact was within five feet of a crashed object, and he and several others ended up in hospital being treated for severe blistering, so bad that he still has some scars“.

At one site they saw a shiny tube, about four feet long, which looked as though it was made of chrome, but it was glowing all over. Nothing was ever explained to them, which they feel resentful about, especially as the job they were doing was obviously dangerous. My contact saw enough to make him take the whole UFO phenomenon very seriously indeed. He said to me: ‘I tell you this, Mr Dodd, there is no way I will let my children out on country lanes after dark.’ I am still researching the work of this quick-response team, which has since been disbanded, by John Major’s government, on the grounds of cost. Again, all those who were part of it are bound by secrecy, and stand to lose a lot of protection and pension if they are found to have leaked information. The one who came forward did so out of an overwhelming feeling that they had been involved in something so big that it should not be kept secret. Officially, of course, no such team ever existed” (Former Police Sergeant Tony Dodd).


We have to understand people come in generational waves, the older people aren’t so familiar with technology as the younger generations. What the older generations may be experiencing is what the younger generation are building. Military science is far more advanced than mainstream science in certain areas. Before we say it is Extraterrestrial, let us first make sure we have exhausted every other avenue. It isn’t about muddying the water for anyone, it is about getting to the truth. The human race is filled with psychopathic sadist religiously extreme liars who have sex with and murder children as well as animals. Just because someone says it is aliens, doesn’t mean it is, and doesn’t mean I don’t want to believe, but we have to look at every possibility first. We are at war, we have multiple countries trying to hoax each-others populations to destabilize trust between the people and the government, which isn’t hard because they do it themselves. Remember we have globalist extremist terrorists trying to create a one world government where they are in charge of everyone and everything. In order to destroy the peoples faith in the current system they have to cause friction, they have to break the people, they do this by causing the people to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The soldiers get PTSD through war, the public get it through psychological warfare through news and media, false flag terrorism such as 9/11 and 7/7, as well as other methodologies including creating fake threats such as global warming. We are under a multi-pronged attack which we’re paying for through taxes by members of the intelligence and military community, which is way beyond the scope of this article. If you think for a second people wouldn’t do such a thing, or you think people don’t want to kill you simply for being born, then move to Iraq and see how fast your safety bubble bursts.


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