#OpZion – Jew David Ben Gurion Look Magazine January 1962 – all other continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force – In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind



NewYorkTimes1940(New York Times, 1940)

NewYorkTimes1940a(New York Times, 1940)


AdolfHitler12_5_1931_Landwirtschaftshalle_JeverAdolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary and reportedly died on the 30th of April 1945. Raised in a Roman Catholic family, Hitler’s father was reportedly Alois Hitler (possibly Frankenberger), an anti-clerical Roman Catholic and his mother reportedly Klara Pölzl, a devout Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism being an offshoot of Christianity, which is an offshoot of Judaism, according to two passages of the Bible Jesus was king of the Jews as well as being a Jewish Rabbi.

According to Nazi official Hans Frank, Alois’s mother was employed as a housekeeper for a Jewish family and the 19 year old son of the family Leopold Frankenberger had fathered Alois. This would explain why after Saliva samples were taken from 39 of Hitlers relatives a chromosome found in Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews was found, although some historians dismiss the claim despite mounting evidence that Alois’s father and Hitler were of Jewish stock, because there is reportedly no record produced of Leopold Frankenberger’s existence.

Throughout his life Hitler was a Nazi Christian Satanist and Occultist with a variable belief & personal spiritual struggle throughout life, more religious throughout the early part of his life than towards the end. He was outwardly Christian and deeply religious in the 1920s and early parts of the 1930s, in 1937 Hitler was still a member of the Catholic Church although had fully discarded his belief in the Judeo-Christian conception of God. In 1945 Hitlers sister Paula was recorded as saying “I don’t believe he ever left the [Catholic] church. I don’t know for sure“. Hitler often spoke of his belief in a German Almighty Creator, a Lord, a Savior, a Lord and Savior, a God, a Lord of Creation, of World Spirit, a creator of the universe, a supreme force and an eternal Providence. At least three million members of Hitlers Nazi Party were registered as either Roman Catholic (offshoot of Christianity) or Evangelical Protestant Christians (offshoot of Judaism), 155,000 Nazi soldiers were Jewish.

Hitler was surrounded by and influenced by Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Satanists, Knights Templar, Freemasons, Luciferians, Satanic Occultists of the Vril society and the Thule Society, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, scientific illuminists of the A∴A∴ and Ordo Templi Orientis, Anthroposophists, Theosophists, Neo-Templars and Armanum to give examples. He was involved with people who participated in ritual sex magic as well as human and child sacrifice. Hitlers Chief of the Nazi Party chancellery Martin Bormann was an open Satanist.

Hitler reportedly supported the Deutsche Christen church, he is said to have believed Jesus was certainly an Aryan not a Jew and Jewish apostle Paul falsified the message of Jesus, he believed in the survival of an Aryan humanity. He believed “the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours“.

Hitler was reportedly a secretive person, he was a fierce opponent of the Vatican hierarchy, he is said to have used religion tactically as an instrument that could be useful for social engineering.

Throughout the duration of the Third Reich Hitler opposed the Jewish perspective of Christianity, he believed it was founded on lies and myths, in perpetual conflict with itself, he believed Jewish Christianity had corrupted the entire world of antiquity. He spoke of how the Jews believe Jesus was the son of a whore and a Roman soldier. He believed Aryan Jesus wanted to act against Jewish world domination so Jewry had him crucified.

Near the end of his life Hitler is said to have believed he was more than a man, a Messianic figure, he was said to have been secular, materialist, scientific and an anti-judaic-religion atheistic Germanic pagan and believed in natural law of selection by struggle and survival of the fittest, he believed God and nature to be the same thing, he believed in sun-worship.


story-christopherJust as there has been no true discontinuity of Soviet strategy – only a Leninist discontinuity, designed to confuse the West, to entice it to ‘converge’ with the East to collectivise security, and to disarm – so, since the First and Second World Wars, has there been no discontinuity of German strategy. It may be helpful to remind ourselves here of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s useful distinction between a policy and a strategy. He points out that whereas a policy is overt, a strategy contains within itself a hidden, secret dimension designed to ensure the strategy’s success. German plans for European hegemony can be traced back to the 19th century and were clearly understood by Western observers at least until the early 1950s. In an article entitled ‘The World Germanica’ published in the New York Herald Tribune dated 31st May 1940, Dorothy Thompson wrote: The Germans have a clear plan of what they intend to do in case of victory. I believe that I know the essential details of that plan. I have heard it from a sufficient number of important Germans to credit its authenticity…. Germany’s plan is to make a customs union of Europe, with complete financial and economic control centred on Berlin…. Territorial changes do not concern them, because there will be no Trance’ of ‘England’, except as language groups’1. In 1942, the actual blueprint of Hitler’s ‘European Union’ was published in the form of a compendium of papers presented by leading German industrialists, academics and officials under the stern direction of the Reichswirtschaftsminister und Prasident der Deutschen Bundesbank, Dr Walther Funk. The document was entitled ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (European Economic Community)2. Copies of this rare book survive, for instance, at the British Library, and at the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin. The policy issues covered by the Nazi compendium were largely the same as those contained in the modern European Union Collective’s Maastricht Treaty and its derivatives: a common European currency, a pan-European bank called ‘Europa Bank’ and thus a common monetary policy, a common agricultural policy, a common European industrial policy, a common employment policy, a common European transport policy, and a common European trading policy. As the Second World War progressed, the possibility of defeat occurred to the less blinkered among Hitler’s planners, prompting a Nazi decision to make secret preparations for a long-range plan to continue the prospectively lost war ‘by other means’ (politically). Indeed, precisely such a development was accurately predicted by the brilliant Dutch Ambassador to Washington, Dr Alexander Loudon, a man with a deep knowledge of German history, who observed in a radio address at the end of 1943: ‘The Germans will do exactly the same thing as they did in 1918. In case of defeat, the Nazis and the Gestapo will go underground in order to prepare for the next war’3. The ‘next war’ is indeed being waged fiercely today – ‘by other means’. In 1942, detailed planning was initiated in Berlin to establish a covert powerful Nazi International. Writing in the Hearst Press, Burnet Hershey, its foreign correspondent, reported in a despatch from Lisbon published on 25th January 1943 that he had observed an ‘influx of Nazi officials into Spain and Portugal’. Hershey wrote that ‘every talk I had with the Germans in Lisbon made that fact clearer. They may be defeated on the battlefield, as they were in 1918; but they expect to win again at the peace table as they did in 1919’. ‘Of course, they will sacrifice Hitler as they sacrificed the Kaiser; but the old gang- the generals, the big industrialists, the phoney professors of mis-education… will try to go underground again to lay the eggs for another war of German conquest’4. A year later, The New York Times’ correspondent, Harold Denny cabled in a despatch from Madrid that ‘heavy new increments of German agents have been pouring into Spain in recent days in an obvious effort by Germany to save what she can of a situation that has gone badly against her. A thousand Gestapo agents and other German representatives have appeared in Madrid alone in the past fortnight. Significant additions to the German population have been noted in other parts of Spain…. In Madrid, German spies swarm in the big hotels in such numbers that even casual visitors cannot help noticing them’5. On 13th April 1944, the New York Herald Tribune gave details of huge sums deposited by high Nazi officials and industrialists in American and neutral banks. And on 19th July 1944, the US Office of War Information reported that ‘Swiss bankers are alarmed about the huge sums transferred recently by Germans to Swiss and Portuguese banks…. They are of the opinion that these monies will serve one day to finance the resurrection of the Third Reich’6. Newsweek magazine further reported, on 19th October 1944, that, according to diplomatic advisers based in Buenos Aires, ‘German technicians and military experts are believed to be reaching the country incognito by devious routes’. And on 15th January 1945, Newsweek declared that ‘many of the men that Himmler sent to Spain and Argentina to carry out Nazi plans for postwar survival, carried passports under false names and later were reported dead in Germany. All have had framing in Nazi political methods’” (Christopher Story).

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, in June 1945, the Allies captured certain documents entitled the ‘Generalplan 1945’, among the files of the shortlived Doenitz Government based at Flensburg. The documents, signed by Grand Admiral Doenitz and Field Marshal Keitel, included a paper grandly entitled ‘Europaische Friedensordnung’ (‘The European Peace-Order’), which displayed a close resemblance to the ideas that were later promoted by Dr Adenauer in pursuit of a Germany-centred united Europe. Point 5 of this plan called for a ‘European Union on a federalistic basis’; Point 10 called for a ‘Commonwealth between Germany, Bohemia and Moravia’; and Point 12 demanded the ‘economic integration of Europe’” (Christopher Story).

It was summarised in a document, intercepted by Western intelligence, distributed by the Nazi International in 1950 to its various satellite centres, including Bonn, Lisbon and Buenos Ares, since known as the ‘Madrid Circular’, which asserted: ‘We must not forget that Germany has always considered orientation towards the West as a policy of expedience, or one to be pursued only under pressure of circumstances…. All of our great national leaders have constantly counselled the long-range policy of close cooperation with the East…. The so-called American democracy does not deserve the sacrifice of the bones of even a single German soldier…. What Germany needs in the future is not democracy but a system of statecraft similar to that of the Soviet dictatorship which would enable the political and military elite in Germany to organise the industrial capacity of Europe and the military qualities of the German people for the revival of the German race and the re-establishment of Europe as the power centre in the world’. This ‘Madrid Circular’- prepared by ‘former’ Nazis based in Madrid whose colleagues invaded the Adenauer Government’s structures to such an extent that, when asked in the Bundestag how many top Nazis were employed in the German Foreign Office, Dr Adenauer replied that there were 134 of them – also contained statements such as the following:’… we will surely gain the undisputed leadership in Europe, not excluding Britain. In such a roundabout way we would be able to establish the foundation for future world leadership’13. The ’roundabout way’ – or the secret strategy – in question represented the perverse, continuing, relentless pursuit of Pan-German European hegemony ‘by other means’, that is, behind the Hitlerian ‘mask of federalism’. By concurring with and facilitating the de facto fulfilment of Lenin’s scheme to destroy the nation state by means of the collectivist ‘merging of nations’, Germany would realise her own full nationalistic and even racial potential: as Hans Eichel, the German Finance Minister, told The Daily Telegraph on 17th January 2002 [see page 29], ‘since the end of the Second World War the official raison d’etre of the nation state in West Germany was that that nation state was not the future…. The new thinking was that united Europe was the future’. Would the United Kingdom now kindly accept this intended settlement as a fait accompli, without further ado?” (Christopher Story).

The European Union Collective conforms largely to the design of the plan for a European Economic Community (‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’) which was developed by leading National Socialists under the chairmanship of the Reich’s Economics Minister and President of the Reichsbank, Dr Funk 22. The Nazi plan for European union was consolidated in a book published in Berlin, also entitled ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’, consisting of essays by leading Third Reich industrialists under Dr Funk’s direction23. The facsimile reproduced on page 161 is taken from the front page of this Nazi compendium, published in 1942: the copy was located at the Berlin Staatsbibliothek, but the author has separately photocopied the complete text of the single copy held by the British Library, which was published in 1943. The further facsimile on page 163 shows the book’s first Contents Page. Issued in Berlin by the Association of Berlin Business People and Industrialists [Industrie und Handelskammer zu Berlin] in academic association with the Berlin School of Economics [Wirtschafts-Hochschule Berlin], the publication consists of a compendium of papers by prominent bankers, industrialists and economists on the subject of the project in hand the establishment of a German-controlled ‘European Economic Community’. The Table of Contents and Chapters of this volume confirm that the Nazis were indeed planning the establishment of a European Economic Community (collective) complete with a common agricultural policy, a common exchange rate system and monetary policy, common industrial and trade policies, a common transport policy, and a powerful European Central Bank (Europa Bank) dominated by Germany. In 1941, an American visitor to Britain, Allan Nevins, working at Oxford Universify, described precisely what the Nazis were preparing. As early as 1941, he had deduced that Hitler was organising his conquests into a United States of Europe. The predominantly industrial Reich had been enlarged by the annexation of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, parts of Belgium, Alsace Lorraine, Northern France as far as the Somme, and Western Poland. All European industrial production was to be regulated in minute detail from Berlin, from where Soviet-style central planning was to be directed, and all trade was to be controlled by means of a regional multilateral clearing system which Germany had already established. ‘Cooperation’ was to be formalised by means of complex, oppressive, collective legalistic agreements the coercive model employed by the European political collective today24” (Christopher Story).

By 1970, the Nazi blueprint for economic and monetary union had been firmly incorporated into the hidden plans of the Brussels Commission of the European Economic Community – as was made clear when secret Cabinet papers revealed under Britain’s 30-year rule were released into the public domain on 1st January 2001. These showed [see also page 32] that the ‘Conservative’ Government led by Edward Heath suppressed evidence that British membership of the ‘Common Market’ could lead to political and monetary union. A British Foreign Office document dated 9th November 1970 exposed the debate at the Cabinet in Number 10, Downing Street: ‘The plan for economic and monetary union has revolutionary long-term political implications, both economic and political. It could imply the creation of a European federal state, with a Single Currency…. It will arouse strong feelings about sovereignty’. In assessments of these revelations, commentators were unanimous that the Heath Government had deliberately misled the British people, and that if they had known the truth, they would never have voted YES at the fateful British referendum on EU membership in 1975. Baroness Castle of Blackburn, the formidable Cabinet Minister in the Labour Government of Harold Wilson, exploded: ‘We always knew that Heath had been dishonest He kept patronising us by telling us our fears were misplaced. But now the truth is out. If the British people had known this, they would never have voted Yes’” (Christopher Story).

Trevor_Colman_400x400Well very briefly, about seven, seven or eight years ago I went to a political meeting and suddenly discover that our own politicians in Great Britain had given away our country to a group of unknown an unaccountable foreigners to run the UK. I then became very much involved as an activist with the party, the UK Independence Party and, since that time I’ve made a number videos and films as well as writing a fair bit of stuff to tell the people of this country exactly what has happened. The reason we’ve got to this very perilous state of affairs is because of the fact that almost everything has been hidden from the British public. The politicians of all three major parties have distorted and suppressed the truth and the press and media been complicit as well. And so the current campaign that I’m working on now is a campaign of education as far as the public is concerned. We’re using billboards, posters, leaflets, the Internet and other supportive material to educate the public as to precisely what is happening. If we don’t succeed in this somewhere within the next five years the country that you know as Great Britain will cease to exist, the British nation as a separate entity will cease to exist and we should be governed by the European Commission in Brussels and we should just be 12 regions of the European Union. But we’re hoping that by democratic means and by telling the British public the truth about the European Union that we can prevent this happening. I’m only too delighted to be able to talk to people throughout the world and especially in America about what is happening to our country because I know you care for democracy as indeed do we. So I hope that you will look into what is happening to us because if it isn’t stopped with us it’ll go around the world in this one world conspiracy could well involve America as well. But please if you can help us, do so, but do so on a democratic lawful basis and we will be pleased for any help you can give us“. “Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair as well as Harold Wilson have given away control of our country to the European Union by signing up to some five treaties and also agreeing to the EU Constitution. If that Constitution is ratified then we will cease to exist as a separate nation” (Retired Police Superintendent Trevor Colman).

story-christopherThe Serious Fraud Office has agreed that tax payers money should not be handed to a criminal enterprise, excuse me, what this means is that the Serious Fraud Office has been told that funds belonging to the tax payer are being handed to a criminal enterprise“. “It’s worse than that, it gets worse, the reason it’s worse is that the British Government, is handing over your money, our VAT money, to a criminal enterprise, but excuse me, the Serious Fraud Office has stated that this is a criminal offence. It therefore follows, not only that the European Commission is a criminal enterprise indefinitely, because it cannot correct its accounts, it also follows that the British Government is engaged in defrauding you the tax payer on an ongoing basis and, will continue to do so. The British Government is engaged in criminal fraud, it is a co-conspirator and, an accessory to the fact of handing over British tax payer money to a criminal enterprise” (Christopher Story).


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