#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Nepiophile Colonel Michael Aquino was linked to paedophile Larry King – Hunter Thompson & snuff movies – Ronald Reagan & the Bushs would attend Larry Kings paedophile parties as well as Bob Hopes paedophile parties


There was one instance where Colonel Michael Aquino came to a motel room and he got from Larry King a suitcase and it was filled with barathons and cash, there was millions of dollars in that thing, it was for the Iran Contra. Embassy Row in Washington DC, they had parties there, on the surface they looked like all on the up up, then the party was over with and there’d be few guys who would stay after, they would have a sex party, this was at Kings house” (Russel Nelson, 2005).

He had another photographer that was shooting the kiddy porn, the gay porn, the snuff films. I did say snuff films, that’s where they would actually kill somebody and have it on film. They would sell the tapes to wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money. This is where I got approached on various occasions to do these things, and I wanted no part of this and one person which was the later Hunter Thompson”. “He was introduced to me by Larry King, and he offered me a hundred thousand dollars to shoot a snuff film or actually Larry offered it to me but it was through him. Larry really pressured me to do it and I wouldn’t do it and he had this other photographer who was doing these things for him” (Russel Nelson, 2005).

He would have one party that was the social gathering, you would bring the wife and sometimes even the kids. Then after that there would be a few people that would stick around or come back and they would have a separate party and that was these sex parties. Your wildest dreams and worst nightmares, yes that’s what went on. They would get these kids from the street, he’d offer them a life, they didn’t realize that he was going to take them to president. Reagan, had been there, and I’ve seen the Bushs, there was various people that I’ve seen, the one that’s sitting in the Whitehouse right now, I would not trust that man with anything, he’s a snake in the grass” (Russel Nelson, 2005).

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