#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – William Cooper transcript on Prince Philip & Bohemian Grove – Pagan, Druid or Celtic ceremony wearing black ropes



William Cooper: This is from a book called ‘Philips Dark Secret’ which was published not too long ago, and has some revealing stuff in here about the Royal Family and Prince Philip in particular. And I’m really not interested in Prince Philip and the British Royal family but it’s revealing about what goes on in a little place in California called the Bohemian Grove, that I am very interested in and you should be also.

William Cooper quoting ‘Philips Dark Secret’:Time and again those close to the Royal family have admitted that according to the Royals themselves the sin is not in doing something morally wrong, but in being found out [In other words, the end justifies the means]. In his bid to enjoy his life with as little risk as possible Philip sort to be invited overseas, where he could behave with far more freedom, a favorite jaunt involved the famous Bohemian Grove, deep within the California redwoods. 65 miles north of San Francisco each summer a thousand or more very important persons, VIPs, the decision makers and opinion molders of the Western world, meet in mid-July to relax, attend lectures and debates and enjoy themselves for 3 weeks“.

William Cooper: and they do more than that. They have some very peculiar Pagan religion ceremonies which involves a large fire, an OWL sitting in a tree, all of them dressed in black robes and they burn an effigy of care.

William Cooper quoting ‘Philips Dark Secret’:For decades, the Bohemian Grove retreat was the major social event of Americas male power elite and their overseas friends. And for decades those who attended went in secret, another reason Philip, as well as many others loved to join them. In the 1970s, when Philip visited, members included Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George Schultz, Caspar Weinberger, former presidents Nixon and Ford were also members, as well as many of Americas wealthiest business men“.

William Cooper: I have a photograph ladies and gentlemen, of Bush, Nixon, Ford and Carter, all around the fire dressed in their black robes, circumambulating this fire while burning an effigy of care, an OWL is hanging in the tree and they’re wearing these very strange little amulets around their neck. It’s all very indicative of a Druid or Celtic ceremony. Let me continue this though.

William Cooper quoting ‘Philips Dark Secret’:Former Presidents Nixon and Ford were also members, as well as many of Americas wealthiest businessmen, including David Rockefeller, William Randolph Hearst Junior, Hamburger King Ray Kroc and the recluse Daniel Ludwig. Herbert Hoover called Bohemian Grove ‘the greatest mens Club in the world’. The 2700 acre grove on the banks of the Russian River in Northern California comprises 128 small camps each operated by 20 or 30 members. These camps bare such names as “Wild Oats”, “Woof” and “Toy Land”. The claim to fame of President Reagan’s camp, “Owlsnest”, is a Gin Fizz breakfast, another camp nearby boasted a fine collection erotica. Most of the time members sit around and chat, discuss politics, business and make deals. They also hunt, fish or just stroll around“.

William Cooper: Urinating on trees is one of the big things. Everything I’ve ever read about the Bohemian Grove, is the fact these men will not go to a rest room. They love to urinate on the trees. There’s nothing wrong with that, you know, if you’re out in the woods and you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. But if the rest room is three feet from where they’re standing, they won’t go there. That’s what I’m trying to get at, it’s a ceremony of some kind. Maybe because they have to wear these pin-striped suits, and be so polite and everything in their normal business dealings, maybe it’s just a way to let loose.

William Cooper quoting ‘Philips Dark Secret’:They also hunt, fish or just strole around going from camp to camp for a drink, a meal and a chat. Women are not permitted anywhere near the Grove, even the waiters and kitchen staff are all male. One reason women are banned, is that a number of members ‘jump the river’, when visiting the Grove. They quietly leave the sacred enclave in favor of a treck to nearby Guerneville, more than 10 bars await them in the sleepy rural town, all bursting with high-class prostitutes, who come from all over America and some from overseas, especially for the profitable Bohemia trade. One of the more nortorious such taverns is Northwood lodge operated by a Ugandan named Manu Kanani. He freely admits that girls flood the town solely for the three week bash and earn small fortunes. According to Kanani these were high class girls, no street walkers, these girls were very soficticated, very experienced. Kanani acknowledged that a photographer staying at nearby hexagon house had his arm broken by a Texan rancher when attempted to photograph bar patrons, he also remembers Prince Philip coming to his bar and enjoying one of the girls ‘ofcourse I recognized him’ he said, ‘I’m a Ugandan, I know what the Queen of Englands husband looks like, there were pictures of him all over Uganda’. Convicted San Francisco madam Brandy Baldwin revealed how she supplied prostitutes, champaign and entertainment to Bohemian members ‘I did the Bohemian for ten years, they were such beautiful people, very generous. In the beginning I was working out of motels with just a few girls but it got to be so much fun that I rented a little house in the woods, a beautiful little place, the girls used to bring all their fancy underclothes so they could do little shows and the gentlemen just loved it’, but she had no recollection that Philip ever came to one of her shows“.

William Cooper: There were other overseas parties Philip loved to attend but that is the end of the Bohemian Grove part and I just wanted to sort of acquaint you a little bit with the Bohemian Grove it is for the in crowd of the Illuminati.


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