#OpEricGill – Paedophile TV network BBC is trying to force all households in UK to fund its operations even if you believe it should be shut down – BBC had prior knowledge of 9/11, Covered up for Roman Catholic Satanist nepiophile Jimmy Savile & other paedophiles, is pro-paedophile and anti victim, has paedophile art made by a man who raped his own daughters & family dog, the font it uses for the words BBC was made by a zoophile paedophile, is controlled by a Zionist Jew, is biased and pumps out propaganda


Now BBC chief wants a levy on every household: Director general throws weight behind idea to replace the licence fee as it will raise more money

  • Tony Hall said there had been a ‘decline’ in number of British programmes
  • Claimed he BBC needed more cash to compete with the likes of Netflix 
  • But instead of an increased licence fee, back Government idea of levy 
  • The current £145.50 TV licence raised £3.72billion for the BBC last year

The BBC has thrown its weight behind the idea of replacing the licence fee with a levy for all households, to raise more money for the Corporation.

Director general Tony Hall said there had been a ‘decline’ in the number of British programmes, and that the BBC needed more cash to compete with the likes of Amazon and Netflix.

But instead of an increased licence fee, he said the Government should introduce a levy paid by everyone regardless of whether they use BBC services.

‘By itself … the [licence fee] agreement won’t restore the fall in original British content, let alone allow it to grow,’ Lord Hall said last night.

‘That’s why we think the Government’s option for a household fee merits further consideration, because it could bring new investment and safeguard the BBC’s support for the creative economy for the long-term.’

The culture, media and sport select committee proposed the idea earlier this year, when it was chaired by John Whittingdale, now the Culture Secretary.

Yesterday was the first time Lord Hall has suggested the levy is preferable to the £145.50 TV licence, which raised £3.72billion for the BBC last year.

It is not clear whether all households would pay the same amount under the levy, or whether it would be means-tested.

Last night, Lord Hall said the BBC needed extra money to make sure the rise of companies such as Netflix and Amazon does not lead to a loss of British programmes.

He added: ‘As the BBC’s spending has fallen, overall investment in original British content has gone down … this is, in real life, what the impact of a smaller BBC looks like.

‘Will Netflix or Amazon make the range and volume of British programmes … these new businesses are unlikely to address the Britishness problem.’

Hall suggested the BBC would need more money to continue to produce British content, and compete against the likes of online providers like Netflix

Hall suggested the BBC would need more money to continue to produce British content, and compete against the likes of online providers like Netflix


Local newspapers have asked for access to BBC video footage to use on their websites.

It comes amid mounting concern that the BBC’s enormous local news operation online is damaging regional papers.

Earlier this month, newspaper groups rejected the Corporation’s proposal for a pool of 100 regional journalists, run by the BBC, which would make material available to papers.

‘We don’t just want the BBC to be handing us morsels like Marie Antoinette,’ a newspaper source told The Independent. ‘We want access to a library so we can decide what video to embed in our sites.’

Johnston Press’s Ashley Highfield said it is ‘hard to avoid the conclusion’ the BBC’s proposals are ‘anything other than BBC expansion into local news ’.

Other local paper bosses said the pool idea was a ‘Trojan horse’ to increase BBC control.

The BBC also set out plans to privatise most of its production operation, providing ‘more freedom to reward success … finding fair ways to incentivise creative talent’. It is not clear whether this means a reintroduction of bonuses for staff, or whether producers would be given a share in the rights to programmes they create.

  • BBC boss Alan Yentob branded the Culture Secretary’s proposal to move its main news bulletin from 10pm as ‘ridiculous’. On Wednesday, Mr Whittingdale had suggested that the BBC move the show so it does not compete directly with ITV’s main bulletin.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3239279/Now-BBC-chief-wants-levy-household-Director-General-throws-weight-idea-replace-licence-fee-raise-money.html


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