#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Allegations against Queen Elizabeth II for child snatching another child not including the 10 alleged from Canadian Catholic residential schools – Sylvester Stallone is allegedly involved in the production of animal porn with little girls



This article quotes directly from Brice Taylor, where Taylor claims Queen Elizabeth II has taken her child without consent while under the influence of mind control being used as a sex slave. Taylor has never been prosecuted for any of her allegations, if they were false she would have been sued for slander.


My name is Brice Taylor and I’m a 48 year old native Californian. Until 1995 I suffered from a debilitating condition known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). In 1985 I embarked on the long a tedious painful road to recovery. Through years of therapy and deprogramming I completely reintergrated my multiple personalities back into my uniform core self and through the grace of God I am alive today to convey to you my true life experiences. This account of my remembrances will be so shocking and amazing that you may feel you have entered the Twilight Zone“.

BriceTaylorBrice Taylor

Until 1985 really I thought I was living a perfect life, I thought I had a perfect childhood, I thought I had, you know, perfect parents and family and that my family that I married were perfect, it couldn’t have been further from the truth“.

My multiple personality condition resulted from what I had first thought in 1986 was solely sexual and ritual abuse, but as I began to remember and heal, more of my hidden past, I realized ritual abuse was merely the mind control trauma base my paedophile father and others used to condition me for participation in project Monarch the Central Intelligence Agencies white slavery operation“.

BriceTaylor5Brice Taylors paedophile father

Mind control sex slaves are created by starting with a child from birth and inducing trauma which for me was done in the form of being sexually abused and then satanically abused within a church and then also at home where I was put through a trial of Satanic rituals which means there were blood rituals done where I was forced to witness animals and people being sacrificed and then things such as in the church I was sexually abused by the minister there. And a lot of it was a cover for pornography and then child prostitution that was, looked like I was going to choir practice, but once the doors were closed to the area where we did that we were taken down to the basement and it turned into kiddy porn where we were being filmed” (Brice Taylor).

BriceTaylor4Brice Taylor

After I fled from California I began having vivid detail memories of being used as a sex slave to some of our nations highest level government officials. Among them were John F Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and top entertainment professionals such as my owner Bob Hope. The truth is that there are slave auctions that very elite people attend to be able to own and buy the best mind controlled slaves that money can buy. Frank Sinatra was Bob Hopes friend and he actually was the person that was in charge of me a lot when I was in Los Vegas when I was on assignment, I would be taken there to be prostituted to Elvis or to some of the other entertainers there during the shows, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Junior and all types of different situations.

Bob-Hope,-John-Wayne,-Ronald-Reagan,-Dean-Martin,-and-Frank-SinatraPaedophile Zoophile Ronald Reagan with sex slave abuser Bob Hope, Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

And I would be taken to different parties where they were, where they were at, where, then I was prostituted or they would make some pornography or something. The theme of the pornography filmed by Sylvester Stallone was sex with dolphins, and he was filming a lot of these young girls with the dolphins and that was actually pornography that was shared with a lot of people later on. They filmed us over years with all sorts of animals, I mean it was gross. There was a film that was made when Kelly was a very little girl it was called ‘mommy and me’ and it was just incestual themes of all sorts of inter-familial sex and during the time all of this was happening I was under total mind control and so was Kelly, we didn’t even know any of this was going on, we were just puppetted like robots to do these things” (Brice Taylor).

BriceTaylor6Brice Taylor & daughter Kelly

I know that some of my perpetrators were actually known Satanists and some of them were not, I know that Sammy Davis Junior actually painted his little finger nail with red nail polish and was actually was part of a Satanic group” (Brice Taylor).

AquinoLaVeySammy Davis Jr, Luciferian Michael Aquino & Zionist Jew Satanist Anton LaVey

In a series of meetings that took place before Reagan was president he took me to England where we had private meetings with the queen. During those meetings I over heard them talking about my genetic structure and the blood line that would house that genetic bloodline and she was very interested in having Ronald Reagan be the father of that child. They decided that I would be impregnated for later breeding within the Royal family. It’s an experience that still causes me a lot of pain and although I was under mind control and wasn’t really aware of this for years consciously the full ramifications of this, I had thoughts about this baby and I was depressed and I was sad and I wanted him back and I cried for months afterwards. They kept saying that this would further American diplomatic relations with the UK and that I was serving my country at the highest levels by making this contribution. but the truth is it was not my choice and I didn’t make a willing contribution of my own child and I’m hoping that my child, my son, will know who he is and will wake up” (Brice Taylor).

BriceTaylor10Brice Taylor

I would just like to tell the queen of England that whether a person is under mind control or not that no-one has a right to take a child from someone and if she didn’t know I was under mind control that I would understand but, I would just appeal to her as a mother and ask for her cooperation in this situation that I could at least be reunited with my son” (Brice Taylor).


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